Allow me to start off by thanking author Jennifer Pelland for dropping by and offering some insight into her writing process and her delightfully wicked works. As an example, I offer this little gem from yesterday’s Q&A: “Sometimes a pair of words come together in my head and a story follows (”Clone Barbecue” – my story about a rich guy who clones himself so he can see what he tastes like).” Love it! I asked Jennifer where I could read the aforementioned short and she kindly directed me over to:

To those of you missed out on Unwelcome Bodies, why not head on over and check out Jennifer’s work. And, if you like what you read, think about picking up Jennifer’s book.

Well, it’s nice to see many of you enjoyed our second episode, The Seed. What I found particularly pleasing was the number of people who went in expecting to hate the Woolsey character only to be genuinely surprised by how much they liked him in this episode. Well, hopefully you’ll like him even more after next week’s episode, Broken Ties, in which we get a glimpse of his more human side. And to those of you asking about the baby, Kanaan, and whether or not Teyla will face a crisis of conscience once she is confronted with the prospect of returning to active off-world duty – tune in next week for an episode that’ll focus on issues of personal conflict, belonging, self-sacrifice and friendship.

Funny little story about yesterday’s episode. Back in November of last year, before The Seed was given it’s proper title, I wrote the following in a blog entry: “Well, we actuaally started spinning today. Yep, Monkey in the Control Room is coming along nicely. […]. Next week, we start breaking what we know will be the first three episodes of Atlantis’s fifth season: S&R, B&B, and KGS BGT BSK KSB.” The latter was shorthand for The Seed’s working title at the time: “Keller Gets Sick. Becket Gets Thawed. Becket Saves Keller. Keller Saves Beckett.” (which, structurally, was the way the story was going to go at the time). Anyway, I posted the entry figuring no one would be able to figure it out in a million years. Did I say a million years? I meant three hours. Among the fan comments that followed the entry was the following from Michelle who guessed: “S&R – Search & Rescue (too obvious, I know). B&B – Baby & Bathrooms (finally!) KGS BGT BSK KSB –
Keller gets sick.
Beckett gates through.
Beckett saves Keller.
Keller supports Beckett (‘s return)” Holy crap! I felt like the DJ’s on that episode of WKRP in Cincinnati in which they create a seemingly impossible to identify medley in a bid to keep anyone from winning a contest – only to have the second caller through guess it. Well done, Michelle.

Mailbag –

Arctic Goddess writes: “Joe, are you planning on incorporating any classic Scifi books into your book of the month club? I’m thinking, of course of work such as The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury or Arthur C. Clarkes Trilogy of 2001, 2010, etc.”

Answer: Possibly.

Freidag writes: “After reading the spoilers for Brainstorm I find myself wondering why there is a such a concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season. Can you explain the thought behind this Joe? The Shrine, Tracker, and now Brainstorm.”

Answer: Tracker is as much a Ronon or Keller story as it is a McKay story. Yes, other two are McKay-centered, but I hardly think two episodes qualify a “concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season”.

Otoole writes: “I would ask that even if she isn’t available that there would be some way to fix the wrongs done to Carter? Let her fans know how this did/didn’t affect her career.”

Answer: Many fans are interpreting the I.O.A.’s decision to replace Carter as coming about because of a failure on her part but just the opposite is true as evidenced by the team’s conversation at the beginning on The Seed. Under Carter’s command, the human form replicators were destroyed and the wraith severely weakened. At the beginning of season four, she was brought in because the military felt that the dangers the Atlantis expedition faced were too great to allow the city to be run by civilian hands. One year later, she had dealt with those threats, making the Pegasus Galaxy a much safer place, indirectly setting up an opportunity for the I.O.A. to re-assume control of the expedition. In any case, you’ll get to find out all about Carter’s new command position in episode 20.

Lostinspace writes: “I’m curious, what about fellow script writers? Who’s encouraged or inspired you in your work? Which current shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre do you find particularly well written?”

Answer: Tough to say. I enjoyed the old Twilight Zone series as well as various 60’s sitcoms. As for current shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre that I watch – I don’t watch much outside of Dr. Who.

DasNdanger writes: “Though I might be in the minority, I prefer the Wraith more insect/animal-like than human, and this just adds to that image. But it also raises a lot of questions…”

Answer: None of which I can answer at the moment. Stay tuned.

Aeon writes: “Watched the Seed and wondered does Keller have the ATA gene?”

Answer: Nope.

Trish writes: “Also, since Will Waring was involved in this epi, where was the pineapple?”

Answer: If you look closely, it’s among the tendrils in the scene where Sheppard delivers the cure.

Kelly writes: “Why do the ptb delilberately mess with shipper groups. You throw hints one moment between Sheppard and Teyla, admitting that Teyla has a crush on Sheppard and in the next breath you have Teyla fall for some guy we have never heard of. Granted Kanaan was brought in to explain Rachel’s real life pregnancy but why drag it out. And if you intend dragging it out why keep giving hints between Sheppard and Teyla. Why have Sheppard have a romantic dream about Teyla if you planned to explore Teyla/Kanaan.”

Answer: In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy. There are times when two people may share a mutual attraction but be unable to get together due to circumstances.

Inpa writes: “Carson, well I guess it’s answered what they’ll be doing with him this season then, bringing him back from Earth every time…”

Answer: You guess wrong.

87 thoughts on “July 19, 2008: KGS BGT BSK KSB

  1. Watched last nights episode. Really enjoyed it(when I wasn’t being heckled by the goober gallery behind me). Will have to rewatch to pick up on the things I apparently missed.

    I’m going to leave my QOTD for Mark’s visit next week if thats okay.

    Mark- What is the most challenging episode outside of Season 5 that you have worked on thus far in the Atlantis Realm?

  2. Hello Joe,
    When Mark Dacascos came back for Broken Ties, did you ever talk with him about being a judge on Iron Chef? I think you’d make a great judge on that show! And I know the foodies that follow your blog think that too!

    What do you say… wanna be a Judge on Iron Chef??? We can always start a petition to the Iron Chef producers!

    Patricia Lee

  3. …As for current shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre that I watch – I don’t watch much outside of Dr. Who.

    So you do watch Dr Who! You know the commentaries for the second (recent) series talk about Stargate, right? Also wondering, did you watch any of the older series? Any favourite Doctor/companion?

    Because I haven’t seen The Seed I’ve avoided a lot of this entry, but I did want to say thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode, I find it really rewarding to go back through your blog and read about episodes once I have seen them.

  4. Wow, I never give your cute episode titles a second thought. Give me Sudoku and Cross Sums any day… I’m much better at numbers.

  5. *waves*

    Just watched the Seed, and goodness me it was fabby! I loved it to bits, the exploration of the Wraith growth, how it grows, the techy bits, mention of bugs, lots and lots of continuity. I adored it, even liked Keller quite a bit in this, that’s two eps in a row, and did I mention I loved the character bits to, even had a bit of a snuffle at Rodney going down to talk to Carson in the stasis chamber, bless him, see those little bits are just wonderful. 😉

    And I do believe I may be one of those you refered to as changing my mind about Woolsey. I’ll hold my hand up and admit I was wondering if you’d all lost the plot and brought him in. But, y’know. 😉 I really liked him, he seems very much a straight down the line man. Initially seeing things with only certain options, but when push came to shove, he realised that not everything is easy as it looks on paper, and some rules just need to be tweaked now and again. So, yep, I was pleasantly surprised. I do love RP, but Woolsey just never worked for me before, so i’m looking forward to more after a good introduction and a good start. I loved the inspired speech, one liners were fabby, Carson, telling Shep to relax, and Shep’s response. Then Carson with his ‘hives’ and at the end with Ronon and his bruised larynx, and would anyone notice if he couldn’t speak!

    And the whump, oh goodness me, bless your little cotton socks. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Okay that sort of just slipped out, but… *luffs ya* thanks for that, I forsee more chocs in your future…. did you find the other chocs by the way, the ones I lost in the Outsiders set. 😆

    So I did a review, not as long-winded as PG15 you’ll be pleased to hear. 😉 But then i’m not really the chatty type anyway. *cough*

    Oh and I had a bit of an epiphany about Keller and her getting taken over. Now I might be completely way off base here, but the scene reminded me of Spoils of War and the Wraith queen, and it got my rusty brain going, and I think somehow the two are linked in some way. My sleep deprived brain thinks that this organic material, needs to combine with a host, initially a female one, and then converts their DNA into the wraith… obviously, but am I write in assuming that the organism that was affecting Keller was planning to make her into a Queen? It was the voice, and the whole, “I’ve not been given a designation yet.” And the way she was able to manipulate the vines to do her bidding. Again I might be wrong, but i’m also thinking that she would have been eventually able to control the virus in the other people, Shep, Ronon, Rodney, Lorne etc, but the initial link/blending for the organism, had to be female, so it could spawn…. have I completely lost the plot? 😆

    Anyway thanks for a great ep. 😀 Looking forward to next week, I might need tissues, unless you have a spare sweater sleeve I can borrow. 😉


  6. Well the season has just started and I love the team feeling in the first two eppys! But just to play devil’s advocate:

    Freidag writes: “After reading the spoilers for Brainstorm I find myself wondering why there is a such a concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season. Can you explain the thought behind this Joe? The Shrine, Tracker, and now Brainstorm.”

    Answer: Tracker is as much a Ronon or Keller story as it is a McKay story. Yes, other two are McKay-centered, but I hardly think two episodes qualify a “concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season”.

    Considering there’s only one Ronon, Teyla and heck a single Sheppard centered eppy (Vegas) then Rodney having two is a bit of an imbalance. But considering Martin G is writing, its not surprising. I wonder if S&R wasn’t set up the way it was with TLM..if Mr. G would have delivered such a team based eppy if not forced to by circumstance.

    I mean even the mid season two parter seems heavy on McKay and Jackson.

    And “Remnants” doesn’t could for Shep since that’s only 1 of a 3 tier plot line that includes McKay.

  7. Question, when they thawed Carson out he went limp and had to be lifted to a gurney and then came to later on. Did this same thing happen to John in The Last Man? or did old Rodney do some thing to the chamber so John could make it to the gate before the shields were lost.

  8. I enjoyed the ‘Seed’. Thanks for the Shep whump. One comment though. The medical side of the show was alittle suspect. A monitor screaming cardiac arrest and the pateint not even connected to the monitor! CPR was not according to standards. I know these issues aren’t major but they do lend crediblity to a show when done correctly.

    Enjoyed Sheppard’s comment about Ronon not being able to speak. The humor in the show is sometimes very subtle and it is done very well. Thanks for an entertaining episode.

  9. Congrats on The Seed. It went better than I had expected, though Keller in her ‘”pod” didn’t strike me as a great visual. The creepers running amok through the city, on the other hand, had a satisfyingly grotesque quality to them. I have one major gripe with the episode though. I know it’s nitpicking, but it was something jarring enough to bring me out of the story and start screaming at the tv set. Namely, the medical treatment of Sheppard after they tested the antidote on him. I know the writers aren’t medical personnel, and I don’t want a long discussion on the intracacies of shock, cardiac arrest, and the steps needed to overcome those conditions. But There were a couple of bits in the scene that were just plain wrong, such as the dosage of atropine and Carson’s CPR at 3:1. I realize most people won’t pick up on these things, but for some of us they are enough to bring the building tension to a crashing halt.
    On the plus side, I did enjoy Keller’s description of McKay’s attention to the frozen Carson, the way it seemed you were hinting that Ronon might still be harboring feelings towards Keller, and especially I am fascinated by the implications that the Atlantis crew has stumbled upon the secret of making Hive ships. I see this episode as being “The Seed” not so much for what happens in it, as for the potential story arcs it will inspire later on in this season, if not the next.
    Sorry for the medical rant, and my thanks for making Friday nights that much more enjoyable. And as always, thanks for making so many guests available for our Q&A. Here’s hoping you have a great weekend,and a productive upcoming week.

  10. personal thoughts on the episode -the seed

    i found myself confused as to why sheppard was in the infirmary at the end, and so badly injured. had to rewind and watch closely to see how he was hurt. it seemed a bit rushed. also why didnt the tendrils attack him as they had ronon the moment he got out of the jumper?

    what is up with carson becketts hair? is it a wig? and his makeup makes him look like he has had a facelift. is this a deliberate choice to separate his look *the clone* from the original?

    there were so many people on the planet for S$R, how could they confine so many of them and have guards posted outside their rooms? wouldnt it have been smarter to just put them in one place?

    if all the people who were on the planet got infected, then this includes Col Carter,do they explain this in the new SG1 movie coming out in a couple of weeks?

    i liked the new conference table. weird he had it shipped in. dont they make them in the pegasus galaxy?

    i thought wolseys part was well written and well acted. I loved how they stayed true to him and had him walking around with paper files. he always had them before. he shouldnt be immediately seduced by the tech on Atlantis. and he stuck his ground on his choices. i would not have respected him or the part if he became wishy-washy on his leadership. he was not being deliberately ignorant of what he was asking people to do. he had hard choices and he made them and then stuck with them. you may not agree with the choice.

    i liked how rodney was showing his emotions about keller. and keller about him. little glimpses.

    liked radek’s haircut.

    not on my list of favorite episodes, but it ties up loose ends, explains a few things, puts some stuff in motion.

  11. Great episode The Seed, Dr Keller was cool looking in all those nasty blood dreads.
    Everyone gave a great performance! miss the walk on contest, but oh- well.
    Do the Wraith have night vision, with those cat-like eyes?
    Looking forward to Broken Ties, Friday night is good once again, thanks. I do have a life(laughing) 🙂 but great to have Atlantis back on track for my entertainment.

  12. Speaking of Dr.Who… If you had the opportunity to have a hand in that production – would you improve upon?
    I ask because to me, there seems to be something missing (other than quality)

  13. Hey Joe!

    Yep, you have to be very very very crafty when it comes to giving subliminal clues to Stargate fans. There’s always those of us who work hard at decyphering it…and you would be amazed. 😀

    Thanks for the background photos! Jewel Staite actually looks pretty comfortable despite being covered by an alien organism. 😛

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  14. I’ll admit that after watching last nights episode, I am less nervous about Woolsey fitting in. At first when I heard Woolsey was coming I thought OMG what are they thinking, no one likes him in the Pegasus Galaxy. Then I thought well that would work for some good story lines. I did love him in The Return episode, cracked me up.

    I vote for sheppard to have more than one episode centered on him. Oh, wait, you didn’t ask us to vote lol. Darn.

  15. Hey Joe.

    Wow…I feel really out of the loop right now seeing as I won’t get to watch any new episodes until they’re out on DVD here in Canada. Oh well…

    I wanted to know what is the hardest part of your job and why?

    Thanks Joe…and thanks for coming out to say hi to me yesterday…that is the best part of my trip so far!

  16. Hi

    “The Seed” was pretty good. Loved Teyla. I’m enjoying the hints about a possible future relationship between Keller and Rodney (though i still haven’t bought into her character fully).

    My concerns about the episode? What happened to Teyla at the end of this? One minute she’s there, the next she’s not. And why didn’t the tendrils attack John immediately? Was he really still infected?

    As someone who has voiced serious reservations about the appearance of Woolsey, so far I’m buying into it. I still think he’s a terrible personnel manager, but he is open to ideas, he listens to the people around him, he knows he needs Sheppard on his side and Picardo seems to be playing him with a delicate balance of uncertainty and sense of purpose. So, hats off to Mr. Picardo. (Part of me hopes that he remains somewhat of a thorn, though.)

  17. You guys had my family creeped out to go to sleep last night with the growing tendrils filling their minds. We loved the first two episodes, a little weak on the medical side but great stories. We laughed that both times John looked like he was waiting to have a toenail clipped instead of having major surgery or recovering from an attack. Creepy tendrils—we had to watch it again today to take it all in. And thank God we didn’t have to start hating Woolsey full tilt—great ending between he and John.

  18. Joe,

    My turn to weigh in on “The Seed”. I didn’t really care for it the first time I watched it. After rewatching it two more times (live at 10, DVR at 11, and live again at 12 – how’s that for contributing to the numbers?!), I have found I like it better, but it isn’t one of my favorites.

    First, I felt disappointed that we didn’t see any REAL reaction to the news that Carter was being replaced by Woolsey. I envisioned some resigned acceptance from John, because he’s military and it happens. But McKay’s reaction would have been an angry one, if we didn’t have to wait until the month between the news and Woolsey’s arrival to see their reactions – time fades reactions to things like this, and I think it did a disservice to Carter’s time on Atlantis to make it so easy. Oh, well, I guess that’s what fanfic is for.

    Second, I thought it seemed choppy at times. I can’t explain that, sorry, I just did. I felt that Carson’s reunion with the team was a bit cold (no pun intended). I also was not happy that John remained silent when he got onto coms, esp. hearing that Ronon was about to shoot the “plant” that had already attacked Radek. And I thought that leaving Jennifer alone and wake in the dark with that thing taking over her body was beyond cruel.

    On the other hand, I have liked Woolsey since “Inauguration”. I could see that there were redeeming qualities inside this bureaucrat. His heart isn’t totally bound in redtape. I liked his response to Rodney’s snarky “leave him there forever” comment. I loved the way RP played the uncertainty and feeling torn with decisions like allowing Carson to carry the investigation. His face showed it all and it was wonderful. I think he will be a wonderful addition to the cast and his character has a lot of opportunity to grow.

    I also liked the time that was taken to show character interactions. Rodney’s concern for Jennifer. Jennifer’s conversation with Teyla. Rodney’s reaction to being asked to open Jennifer’s door. Carson and Rodney’s conversation, re: “So nothing new”, and Carson’s “relax” to John and John’s response (that was hilarious, by the way).

    Sorry I have prattled on. I am very much looking forward to next week – the previews showing Ronon popping John in the nose made me yell at the television (“Bad Ronon!”). I can’t wait until Carson comes back again.

    I do have one question. It bothered me in S&R and in this ep: Where’s Chuck? He’s become Atlantis’ Walter Harriman and it just doesn’t seem like the control room without him. I hope he isn’t gone for good. Where’s Chuck, Joe?

    Thank you for continuing this forum and for giving people the opportunity to ask questions and post feedback.

    Have a wonderful evening,


  19. Have you ever read “Super Toys Last All Summer Long”? And I second the bid for a classic sci-fi story for BOTMC.

  20. Well done, Michelle.

    I have to admit I’d completely forgotten about my guesses or what episode they referred to, or anything about it! I’d have been even closer if I hadn’t been convinced Carson was going home to visit his mom at the end of The Kindred. Anyway, sorry I scared you. You seem to have an inordinate number of WKRP episodes memorized, by the way.

    So what’s my prize? How about a ticket to the Continuum premiere on the Midway? Since I’ll be there in San Diego and all. 😉

    BTW, as far as McKay eps, bring ’em on!

  21. Right. Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but it’s been driving me nuts like that thing you can’t remember and then you DO remember it but it’s 3 in the morning and you have no one to tell.

    So, instead of asking for clarification, I’m just gonna ask for a yes or no so as not to bug you. 🙂

    Has (in any way, shape, form, blog, mailbag reply, forum post or website news) the issue of Teyla’s son’s name (father/father’s middle name/mother thing) been clarified?

    It’s driving me bonkers and I can’t find an answer anywhere.

    Thank you, Joe!

  22. Loved Search and Rescue and The Seed so far. Poor Sheppard, speared through two eps in a row! Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually amused by the rampant abuse. Joe Flanigan plays pain so realistically. xD

    I have a question though. Was Jason Momoa feeling well during The Seed? He looked kind of under the weather and kind of grumpy. Was it because of the dreads or something?

  23. Wow, no kidding. Go Michelle. I am one of those “never will guess in a million years” people. Though to be honest, when it’s delibrately obfuscated like that, I usually don’t even bother.

    In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy.

    Amen, Joe. I think that’s the perfect answer.

    Great pics, Joe, thanks for sharing! And also thanks for hosting Jennifer–it was a great Q&A. And notes on The Seed, I think that conversation at the beginning was very asute and helped tell the audience a lot about why Carter was being removed. I certainly hope to see Amanda back in the 100th episode.

  24. Hi Joe!!

    Loved “The Seed”. Loved the little hints at the Keller/McKay possible relationship. I have a question about SG-1. In season 9, the episode called “Ripple Effect”, there was the bad SG-1 team. There is one line by their Mitchell that never played out in season 10: “Hey, Mitchell! When the time comes … cut the green one.” Do we ever find out what that means? Also, have you started filming your Las Vegas episode? If you haven’t, I still think you need to have one of your dogs in the episode somehow (held by a pretty girl that Sheppard notices). Just a thought. Have a great weekend!

    Jen 🙂

  25. Ok, Just saw the recording of Fridays episode.

    Some questions come to mind, WTF!?!?!?!

    How did Sheppard flying a Wraith Dart to safety with a baby in his arms and the team in the transport buffer after which the Daedalus blew the crap out of Michaels Hive ship suddenly lead to Teyla mentioning having spoken to Kanaan? Were not all of Michaels followers blown up with the Hive ship?

    Either I missed a huge friggin neon-sign arrow pointing at an overly lit clue or I’m sensing a giant plothole.

    Care to clear things up?

  26. The Seed was another great episode, for all the reasons already stated. You guys have set the bar high for the rest of the season. I am very much looking forward to it!

  27. I just wanted to say I’m loving the news season.
    2 great episodes in a row!
    great work!

  28. Sorry so late waighing in, I’m super-busy with projects at the moment (Stayed up till 5 AM painting ast night! XD)

    I didn’t *dis*like “The Seed”, but I have to admit it wasn’t exactly a fave, either. I’d rank it about midway amongst all the eps, but I have to wonder how much of me feeling that way was because we’d just come off of the awesome “Search and Rescue” — this just didn’t grab me as much as, say, “Lifeline” did last season, wasn’t as thrilling (and somehow the creepiness everyone else is talking about never got to me). And then there’s having soo much Woolsey — perfectly appropriate to do so, of course, and there was a lot of great set-up for his character, but while he *is* at times sympathetic, I still have difficulty watching him, so that kind of spoiled the ep for me too. (Totally my own problem, I know — it’s just depressing, though because I should have felt more elated at the return of Carson that I ended up.) Still, like I said, I didn’t *hate* the episode, I just wasn’t all that excited about it. Sorry! 🙁 I can say that I enjoyed it a bit more with the second watching — maybe it will grow on me further with the third. (Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood in general …)

    Okay, onto what I *did* love …

    Loved Keller’s story about Rodney talking to Carson — I think this nicely set up her starting to see him as a guy she could be interested in, whereas before the beer thing just seemed like pity to me. So I’m coming around on the Rodney/Keller front, and like that, as David suggested in an interview, for once Rodney is liking a girl as an equal instead of through hero worship/putting her on a pedestal. I like that he was kind to her and concerned, but he was still willing to gently chastise her a little about not having told them about what happened to her hand — and then reassured her. That’s a Rodney I think they could all live with, so I have to appreciate how she mellows him out/brings out his caring side without being sickeningly sweet herself, the way Katie was.

    Ronon/Keller, on the other hand, has more spark//fireworks to it, and I like the idea of Ronon with a crush. Love that Ronon insisted on being the one to go after her (kind of metaphoric, that). And ultimately, I guess the McShepper in me would prefer she end up with Ronon (although I find the notion of a One True Trio appealing), which is silly of me since Rodney would never end up with John in the show. XD (I still woulld like to see Harmony age-up to about 30-35, through a time-dilation field or something, and pair *her* with Rodney. XD)

    Loved how, when Woolsey was to arrive, everybody stood up but Rodney, until John gave him that look. XD I adoore the subtle body-language stuff like that. (And Rodney looked really good with his jacket open like that. *Cough*)

    Loved the look Rodney and Keller exchanged when John mentioned the weirdness of some things that happened in the other timeline! XD And Rodney’s statement to her that everything should be okay in this timeline now that John’s here in — be still my McShepper heart! XD

    Actually, Rodney was giving everybody a lot of funny looks this ep! XD Nice to see that he’s learning to keep his thoughts to himself (mostly)! Loved the derisive way he talked to Woolsey, though.

    I have to concede that Woolsey had a point with his essentially telling Keller to try the cure already if there’s nothing more she can test, but I also totally get her caution/reluctance to do so — I’d act the same in her shoes.

    Why did McGillion’s hair look so strange in this ep? It looked … fake, somehow, like a bad dye-job or a rug. I think it was the way it was cut. It was distracting to me (pariculalry since it looked longer than when he had gone into stasis) … Ronon’s wig, on the other hand, looked totally natural! (It is a wig at this point, yes?)

    I kind of wish Beckett had told Teyla that he was glad they’d found her …

    Who was looking after Torren while Teyla was off galavanting around the city? Does she have a baby moniter and carry the reciever around with her everywhere?

    Poor John — fate won’t leave his gut alone!! At least we got some Ronon whump too! Liek how Rodney didn’t seem to want John to go, and looked unhappy when John volunteered to use the phage. I’m surprised that Woolsey allowed John to try the phage, though — I would have thought he would have sonsidered Ronon more expendable. I like thet Ronon so reaily volunteered/seemed so eager to rescue Keller. It could easily be shrugged off he’d do it for anybody, but I had a sense he was especially eager to save *her*. *G*

    I love the idea of the Wraith being able to make a gene therapy for the ATA gene — what wouldn’t Todd do to get that! *G* And the notion that their ships are grown from people is very intriguing! Are they always liek that? Beckett did say that this case was a result of an expeirment of Michael’s, so maybe they aren’t. Heh, I’d love to see the Atlantis computer/mind become developed into a true AI and then see it go head-to-head with a sentient Wraith ship! 😀

    Okay, back to painting I go ….

  29. joe/Answer: “Many fans are interpreting the I.O.A.’s decision to replace Carter as coming about because of a failure on her part but just the opposite is true as evidenced by the team’s conversation at the beginning on The Seed.


    In any case, you’ll get to find out all about Carter’s new command position in episode 20.”

    woo hoo on both parts!! 😀

    sally =D

  30. I’m a Picardo fan, but I wasn’t sure about Woolsey being in charge. He’s great! Strangely, I always see him as a softy, but I hope there’s a lot of command conflicts between he and the team, along with that quirky sense of humor he has, as the season progresses. And it was fun to see Beckett.

    I was also wondering, as you get notes back from the network and studio: (1) Has it ever happened that their comments conflicted in any aspect of a script (structure, dialog, etc.)? (2) If so, how do you resolve that? (3) Do the network and studio each have a dedicated executive or story editor for the show? (4) Who has the final say on the script before it goes into production?

  31. As MajorSal says, re: Carter’s “new command,” wooohooo!


    Thanks, Joe, another great ep. Looking forward to Mark’s guesting too.


  32. Holy crap! I felt like the DJ’s on that episode of WKRP in Cincinnati in which they create a seemingly impossible to identify medley in a bid to keep anyone from winning a contest – only to have the second caller through guess it. Well done, Michelle.

    I loved that episode of WKRP. It’s probably my favourite.

    Cheers, Chev

  33. I just rewatch the seed and I was wondering who did Woolsey reminded me of, at the end when talking about the rules and how they are there for a reason and how he needs to believe in them.

    He reminds me of inspector Javert from Les miserables, a man that follows the rules all the time until he has to break them because is the right thing to do,I think Woolsey will be an interesting character lets just hope he won’t committing suicide by jumping into the River Seine.

  34. Loved “The Seed”!

    I think Jewel did a wonderful job in this episode and I think that Robert Picardo is an excellent addition to the cast. Woolsey is an interesting dude and I’m looking forward to seeing how things transpire for this character as the season progresses. I loved his interaction with Shepard.
    So glad to see Teyla’s baby! Carson is back! Zelenka was there and being his usual awesome self! Rodney visited Carson in stasis……that ripped my heart out!

    As for which actor gets what # of episodes……bleh. Who has time to keep spreadsheets on that information? I like to sit back and just watch the show. I am looking forward to devouring all the episodes in season 5. Bring em’ on!

    PS) Thanks by the way, for the tiny mention of Elizabeth. That was a nice touch.

  35. Just wanted to let you know I thought The Seed was great.

    Liked every character’s part, and it was great to see Zelenka and Beckett again.

    I say bring on the McKay-centric episodes, he’s my favourite and his episodes always seem to be the funniest 🙂

  36. Thanks for reminding me to tell you I liked “The Seed”, Joe. Now I fully understand why Wraith hive ships look so sticky on the inside.

    It was a good episode to introduce Woolsey to command. I don’t think there was anything in his little planner or his rule book to guide him through a mess like this. And knowing this is par for the course in the Pegasus Galaxy means it’s going to be that much more fun watching him try to cope.

    I felt very lonely (or at least, not part of the majority) because I was looking forward to Woolsey taking charge the minute I heard about it. You haven’t let me down. He was great in this episode. I look forward to the rest of the season with him. (Disclaimer: I liked Sam, too. If you’re going to beat me, beat me for not liking Sheppard as much as I like everyone else.)

    Plus, there was Zelenka. That always makes me happy.

    And, not only was it a good episode, but it gave rise to this fun conversation between me and my roommate Carrie.

    Carrie: Beckett’s in stasis with his eyes open. Why are his eyes open? Why didn’t he close his eyes?
    Me: I’d go into statis with one eye open, an Elvis lip, throwing a metal sign.
    Carrie: Nobody would go in there. You’d creep them out. “Her eye follows you around the room. Wherever you go it’s staring at you.”

    This one was the cleanest of the night.

    You should see us watch BSG together.

  37. Just a quickie…

    First – Joe, than you very much Though you can’t answer my questions now, at least you gave me reason to look forward to answers in the future. I really appreciate that. It will also keep me from nagging. And nagging. And nagging. 😛

    I just knew the pinapple had to be hidden among the tendrils, I even replayed the scene several times looking for it because I thought it would be in there, or in the scene with Zelenka, or the one with Ronon. But couldn’t see it. I really need a tv bigger than this 19″ dinosaur.

    Lastly – just got back from Hellboy II. Oh…my. Uhh…looks like Steve has major competition (yeah, creepy as it is, I’ve totally got a thing for pale dead guys now. 😛 ) Prince Nuada reminded me very much of Steve in attitude and style. And the fight scenes – gaaaaaah!! I have my twirly-white-hair fix for the year!!


  38. Yeah, that was ‘thanK you very much.’ I’m having trouble keeping a clear head after so much pasty-white goodness tonight… 😛


  39. I would guess that the writing team is very much enjoying writing for the Woolsey character. He is so early in his development as a leader. He has already stepped across his chicken-shit-edness boundary a bit by being forced to make decisions outside protocol and comfort level, but the road before him is long, very very long.

    It’s similar to the growth of the McKay character, but in Rodney’s case his growth opportunity is in the interpersonal and collaborative areas.

    At the end of the episode Woolsey refers to breaking the rules. Obviously he is having internal struggle living and leading in a world/set of circumstances that are not black and white. What he doesn’t yet understand (and perhaps he’ll get around to it this season) is that if you find yourself having to break the rules on a consistent basis, then the rules you’re trying to follow aren’t the right rules at all.

    Anyway, I feel for the character. I hope his growth progresses at a believable pace. I think there’s lots of opportunity there for some great moments…especially if he and McKay get stuck together for some duration. Two peas in a pod are those two…one pea spouting techo-babble, and one pea complaining about how the pod isn’t regulation size and shape.

  40. I’m baaaaack! I’ve been busy with Avatar: The Last Airbender the last few days, as it’s ending. The last season will be out on DVD near the end of September, perfect time for your hiatus before Season 6. It’s only 61 episodes long, and each is a half-hour episode (so 23 minutes each, give-or-take). So, you know, it’s a good time to, you know, check out the series.

    Because it’s good. Yes. VERY GOOD. DO IT JOE, DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT…woah, deja vu.

    And hey, I watched that Gateworld special where Darren and David interviewed a bunch of you guys on the “red carpet” during the Continuum screening in April, and you said that us fans, if we were in the area, can come on over to your house and enjoy the film on your big screen TV, as long as we call ahead.

    Were you serious? 😉

    The Seed was a solid episode that I enjoyed a lot, though I wouldn’t say I loved it to pieces or place it in my top five. I’d say it was an average Atlantis ep; entertaining, but not HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME like the top-tier eps (The Eye, The Siege, BAMSR, The Last Man, etc.). My long-winded (LOL @ Cheeky :D) review is here.

    And hey, I’ve been defending Woolsey since the beginning! I knew he was going to be awesome, and I was glad that I was proven right! Haha.

    Amz writes:
    So you do watch Dr Who! You know the commentaries for the second (recent) series talk about Stargate, right?

    Cooool…what did they say about Stargate?

  41. Oops, messed up the HTML at the end there. Sorry.

    Well, since I’m here, I might as well beg you to reveal the line in the spoiler poem that relates to The Seed.

    Thank you in advance!

  42. I’ve always thought Robert Picardo was a wonderful actor. I’m glad he’s on the show.

    But can I please ask that you keep the ship out of the show.? We really don’t want or need McKay and Keller a la Jack and Sam. (My comment here is based on spoilers for the ep where Rodney takes Keller to meet his old mentor as his date. (shudder)

    And I am so looking forward to Paul McGillion’s next episode.

  43. Hi, Joe.

    In next week’s ‘Broken Ties,’ is that Ty Olsson speaking with Shep, McKay and Teyla in what appears to be another off world bar (scene was in the MGM Stargate trailer).

    Just curious.

    And Lorne is in the episode.


    (Was very nice seeing Zelenka in ‘The Seed.’ And Paulie of course!)

    Best wishes, Morjana

  44. I didn’t like ‘The Seed’ much. The plot was very boring and predictable, and once again Super-Sheppard saves the day in a rushed and lazy written ending. The character moments saved the episode though (Teyla/Keller, and Woolsey of course). Anyway, what was the line in the poem referring to this episode?

  45. So you’re basically saying that there is an attraction between Teyla and Shep, but due to circumstances, they can’t really get together? Is this kind of like how Sam and Jack couldn’t get together, because of the command order thing? Well, I like it better than Teyla/Random Guy anyway. I hope that if you do keep Kanaan around as a character, he’ll at least become interesting at some point.

    Meanwhile…So you like Doctor Who? You know what would totally work? Doctor Who/SGA crossover. After all, the guy can go anywhere in time and space (and apparently alternate universes, it seems), so why not? You should talk to the BBC, work something out. Because the Doctor visiting Atlantis? That would rock beyond the telling of it.

    So, The Seed was good. Disgusting and nasty, but good. I was getting Pod People flashbacks at the beginning there. Ick. Woolsey isn’t bad. I didn’t go in expecting to hate him or anything, though. And I love how easily Ronon will risk his life for people on his team. One little bit did catch my interest, though, and that was when they were talking about Michael escaping the hive ship before it exploded, saying how someone had stolen a jumper, then Woolsey (was it?) pointed out that someone would have to have the ATA gene to pilot a jumper. Now I totally want to know what’s up with that? Was it something mundane like Michael using some anonymous member of the expedition to pilot it (or it not being Michael who stole it at all), or has he actually found a way to give himself the gene? I strongly suspect the latter. After all, he had clone!Beckett, and Beckett was the one to develop the gene therapy. Makes sense that he’d somehow develop a way to make it work on even a part-wraith. Which would make Michael sort of a human/wraith/Ancient hybrid. The possibilities of that are quite intriguing. I do hope we get an answer to this before too long.

  46. Apologies if this is a bit rambling, I’ve only just woken up but I have to say I agree with Katie in her comment above regarding McKay. Although there was never any doubt that Martin Gero’s directorial debut would be a McKay episode if there are two episodes dedicated to his character and we only see one Sheppard/Teyla/Ronon centric episode in season five surely that is a disparity.

    As someone who loves all the characters, including Rodney (I can’t wait for The Shrine) its still a little disappointing. It could be argued that quality is better than quantity when it comes to screen time but I know from talking to other people that I’m not the only one who feels that the subject matter for Rodney centric episodes tend to be more challenging and allow for more character growth. I’ve even read an interview with David Hewlett where the interviewer asked if the other actors were jealous of the material he is given.

    I don’t want to come across as a bitter fan moaning because they’re not getting their own way but it would be nice to know that the other actors will be given an equal opportunity to shine and that you have as much faith in their abilities as you do in David’s – something that I don’t always feel has happened in the past.

    Hopefully season five will go some way to rectifying that, I do feel that in season four the show took a step in the right direction and allowed for some great character moments for everyone and I hope that trend continues this year.

    May I ask if Brain Storm will feature any of the characters other than McKay and Keller in any meaningful way?

  47. I still didn’t like the fact that Woolsey was ready to send right from the start at something was going terribly wrong. I sure hope that is not ominous foreshadowing I see in the future of a much love character. I for one Am willing to give Woolsey a chance, as long as the little worm doesn’t go on an all out power trip. As for Keller. I don’t like her character nor the fact that she acts more like a college student then a CMO. But I really do like her working side by side with Beckett. As much as i do not like Keller (not Staite, she is okay in my book) I do think that Keller and Beckett do have chemistry. They work well together. I would love to see McGillion come back full time and have Keller be Beckett’s subordinate. I mean Keller didn’t want the job in the first place, I can so see her easily stepping down to allow Beckett back in as CMO and to learn from him. Have him be her mentor. But thats just my opinion.

  48. Just saw “The Seed”, very nice job. It was a nice way to not only introduce (reintroduce) the fans to Woolsey’s style(?) of command, but also a way to introduce Woolsey to life in another galaxy. Gotta love the motivational speech, yeah, that would instill confidence in me (snark).

    I don’t get how John was able to crash the jumper and get to Keller without being attacked, however, I can set that aside for the greater enjoyment of the episode.

    Keller wasn’t annoying at all in this one. The conversation between her and Teyla was very nice and her comment about Rodney visiting Carson was sweet, giving this McKeller fan hope for the future. John’s comment about “strange” things in the future, while looking back and forth between them, makes me think he didn’t reveal that part of the future.

    Getting Carson out of stasis and shipping him back to Earth made perfect sense. Wondered how you were going to explain that.

    Ronan’s look at Rodney, after Rodney (weakly) volunteers to go to deliver the phage was hilarious.

    Couple of questions: Was the name of the drug, The Phage, a homage to ST Voyager and the Vidian plague of the same name?

    Two eps in a row with Shep whump. Please tell me we don’t have to wait all the way til “The Shrine” for McKay whumpers to get some lovin.

  49. Who gets to clean up the city after the tendrils have covered whole sections of buildings? I mean did you see the amount of coverage? It’s gonna take an army of people to go through the place and pull that stuff out of there and then there is the question of getting rid of it! Do you just toss it into the ocean? Maybe they can have a big bonfire on the mainland!!

  50. Question

    In a recent interview Jason Momoa refered to the fact that Ronon and McKay are not friends. I was just wondering is this something the writers planned or is it something which just happened over time?

  51. First of all Joe, I love you for the piece of Shep whump in Seed! That was unexpected and totally exciting! 😀

    One question. Has there been any change in the lighting this season? The actors just seem to look extremely good this season, especially Joe and Rachel… 🙂

  52. Joe M. writes: Tracker is as much a Ronon or Keller story as it is a McKay story. Yes, other two are McKay-centered, but I hardly think two episodes qualify a “concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season”

    Okay, if you say so… But I think we’re both forgetting two very important aspects of season 5. One, the mid-season two part episode with the highly touted return of Daniel Jackson in which McKay is front and center in all the wonderfully anticipated fast talking Martin Gero written scenes and, two, the theme of McKay’s love life which is (nauseatingly so far) playing out over the season once again.

    So, two major character driven episodes The Shrine and Brain Storm, a substantial role alongside Daniel Jackson in the mid season two part episode, First Contact/The Lost Tribe, a love triangle ep with Ronon and Keller, Tracker, and of course a major character developing story arc with Keller playing out over the season. I’d say that’s a pretty heavy concentration on McKay.

    But I’m willing to admit if I’m wrong. If you’d be so kind Joe please walk me through the same for Sheppard.

  53. Hey Joe!

    I’m going to echo Jade’s question re: Teyla’s name for her baby. She tells John she is naming him for her father. But in Rising she states that she is “Teyla, daughter of Tagan” and GateWorld lists Tagan as her father. So who the heck is Torrin?
    Does Teyla have two daddies? An explanation would be greatly appreciated by many fans. Thanks.

  54. The Seed, Another awesome episode!!! Woolsey… I’m not there liking him….yet. I’d like to see him get the same grief he and the IOA gave everyone when they had to break the rules.

    I did notice one interesting detail. Curtains. The scene where Teyla and Rodney were discussing that thing eating the power source, there were curtains on the windows. It had to have been Teyla’s quarters or Rodney got in touch with his feminine side. Interesting detail.

  55. The Seed — nicely creepy without being over the top. Cool to touch on how Wraith ships come to be, too. I found that fascinating.

    Woolsey — yeah, you surprised me there, I liked him right away. I guess I’d seen him previously in an adversarial kind of light, but in The Seed, when he raised an objection or concern, I was right there with him, agreeing. And he made for a sympathetic figure at the end when he quietly expressed his doubts to John. I miss Sam, sure enough, but I think I’m looking forward to seeing the role that Woolsey plays on the team.

    Having a great time so far this season, and looking forward to Broken Ties. Thanks!

  56. Jenny Robin said: “…especially if he and McKay get stuck together for some duration. Two peas in a pod are those two…one pea spouting techo-babble, and one pea complaining about how the pod isn’t regulation size and shape.”

    LOL!! Oh yeah, could sooo see that!!!

    Anyway, I loved The Seed – okay, not as much as S&R, but then that was a season opener!! I thought the scene with Jennifer and Teyla (and baby) at the beginning was great – and I love the image of Rodney talking to Carson while he’s in stasis! The fanficcer in me is squeeing over that!!

    There are so many good bits in this episode, I could write a long, long review…but I won’t. I loved Woolsey and am looking forward to seeing him develop, I loved the ‘B’ team comment (!) and poor Radek getting attacked by the tentacles, and I loved all the little things, like Carson’s response to Rodney’s ‘symptoms’!!

    Just one thing though, what on earth did Caldwell think about having to transport a mahagony conference table to Atlantis?! I bet he was well-pleased at that!!! *grin*


  57. Amen to Kelly’s comments although I appreciate your point as well and I agree that drawing out the angst over the series makes for better drama. The John/Teyla scenes in Search and Rescue were the best part of a fantastic episode. I hope in light of your comments that this storyline will continue to be explored.

    Couple of questions: Why doesn’t Teyla have a problem with Kanaan being a Wraith/Michael-collaborator? I appreciate she told Woolsey the Hybrids were “innocent” but what we saw of his behavior was not. He seemed quite rational and able to make his own decisions every time we saw him. In season one, she said that among her people being called a Wraith collaborator was the worst insult that could be given. Her calm acceptance/avoidance of his behavior in The Seed seems out of character.

    Also that baby does not look like he could be Teyla and Kanaan’s child. Any chance there is something Michael-induced going on with his DNA/parentage and Kanaan is not actually his father?

    Finally, are we going to get to see any John/Teyla or John/Teyla/Torrin interaction? They are best friends yet they rarely interact one-on-one anymore. I’d love to see John and his namesake plus John and Rodney babysitting would be all kinds of awesome.

    Thanks so much!

  58. The Seed is a interesting episode. Like it very much. Especially the seeding of story nuggets for future episodes.

    Just got one question about The Seed episode. What happen to all the creepy wraith growth? Did it slowly disparates into dust. Or the Stargate version of Mike Rowe have a very long term project clearing up the mess. Also how is Atlantis going to repair the damages, as the replicators are not around anymore.

    Where in the timeline does The Seed took place? Personally think the episode takes place about a month after the end of Continuum. There’s big chunk of time between S&R and The Seed.

  59. Hey! Don’t mind one small question? 🙂
    I enjoyed “teamy” feeling and dynamic in first two episodes, but now I’m wondering, where is famous Sheppard & McKay banter and snark? Missed that in these episodes. Please, say that it is NOT the tendency of the all the 5th season? Please?

  60. Okay, I have a few words to add about The Seed too. I’m not going to comment on too many of the negatives – also being in the medical profession I think you already got those in triplicate. Although having seen this “lack of realism” toward the few things in the show that we CAN relate to personally from our real lives really tweaks me. Let me just say why – because even looking back at the first season episodes of SG-1 it really comes across how much respect the creators of that show had for that series, I cant help but see all the short cuts and shortcomings in SGA as a blatant sign that this show – which started of strong with great potential and fantastic characters who had in themselves the potential to really grow… havent. It seemed that everyone went out of their way to make SG-1 as realistic in its foundation as possible but SGA isnt even close to that level of realism.

    This is an observation, not so much a gripe but it feels like you guys are trying to focus on too much at once and are missing the obvious, so nothing feels “fulfilling”.

    Sheppard was the one who dragged me, with great interest, into the show. I wanted to follow this grand thing he possessed and watch how this “foul up relegated to Antarctica” was going to end up being something special in the Pegasus. And frankly, aside from a few moments that remind me of what I liked so much about him in the beginning, I don’t see him as the same character anymore, and he hasnt grown or gotten the attention I was hoping to see. The entire revelation by the writers/producers that “he isnt special anymore cuz everyone has the gene now” sucks. Especially since that’s not even consistent in the show, for example in Adrift.. “how many people in the city have the gene?” answer from McKay “about 20 or so”……. Twenty out of hundreds is not “everybody”.

    Then he gets the gratuitous “save the day” scene that even I thought was over the top. Ronon was in position to be the hero for that episode, why was he cheated?

    I know how people felt/feel about it being looked at as the John/Rodney show, but I’m pretty sure they can stop griping about that now cuz the last person who truly seems to mean anything to the expedition or the Pegasus is the one guy who “they couldn’t go without” in the premiere movie. Now it’s either the Rodney McKay show… or the Teyla/Kanaan show. Be that as it may…..

    I have some kudos to hand out as well.

    The performances in this episode The Seed were very well done by the individual actors.

    Carson – I understand the makeup and the hair was intended to make him look as if he hadn’t aged in stasis in the past 6 mos or so because he was only supposed to be in stasis for 2 mos but I did miss the Beckett do. lolol His loyalty to the city and the team was fantastic, even from a clone. Seeing how much of the real Carson was imbedded in the memories of the clone was comforting.

    McKay – seemed not quite there, much like Sheppard did. But his expressions and the looks he was giving Woolsey in that briefing were awesome!! So believable that he was put out and taking the replacement deep to heart. Awesome.

    Sheppard – He did a great bit in quarantine in his room. His frustration at being confined was almost palpable and I honestly was expecting him to hit Woolsey with the golf club. I think the guard outside the door was on alert as well seeing how quickly he shut John in the room when Woolsey vacated. *grin* Also, Joe F’s performance in the infirmary during the convulsions was great. This guy is a great actor, and he acts believably when given the right material and he’s extremely talented when allowed to show it. Being in the medical profession myself I was actually holding my breath through his seizure… the one thing that got a nod from me was that I was sitting here thinking (because I got the impression, especially after Ronon’s question about “how long is this supposed to last?”) I was thinking “he should just about pass out and stop breathing about now” since you can’t breathe during a seizure of that magnitude and “bam” his heart stopped. So that was good.

    Err not good that his heart stopped but good that THAT was at least a realistic medical moment.

    I also laughed at a few of his comments, and the way everyone congregated in his quarters even though he was supposed to be quarantined as they searched for leadership despite Woolsey being there.

    Woolsey – Fantastic start for Robert Picardo. I hated to see Sam go just as much as I hated to see Elizabeth go but I held my judgement on Woolsey with high hopes and he didn’t disappoint. Woolsey was a great addition in The Seer episode and loved the conflict between him and Sam and John. I also liked his participation in The Return, so I wasn’t reeling over the announcement that Woolsey will be added as a regular. I think this could work well.

    Keller – I think she has alot of growth coming her way for her character and I hope she gets it. I’ve liked her since day one and only hope great things for her. I must say though, leaving her all alone in the dark under those conditions …. wow. I’m not even sure what to say about that. But it brings to mind a question I’ve had in my head since Doppelganger… does Atlantis have a psyche dept anymore cuz after the first two episodes this season alone I think they need one.

    Ronon – FANTASTIC performance for him. IN both this one and in S & R. Way to step up and take the lead. He’s shown a great deal of his leadership capabilities, his determination and strength, not to mention his care and loyalty for John as well as the others. He’s getting some fantastic stuff to do so far and I’m really glad for him. Would like to see the same type of serious material for Sheppard though.

    Teyla – Good for her!! A Command uniform?? Way to go Teyla. Am I the only one who noticed that she was wearing the command red on her uniform? Is this a permanent position for her or was it simply because in absence of a Commander John steps in to Command and we’ve seen that Teyla steps into the SEcond in Command spot. When John and Elizabeth had gone off world in Adrift she was left in charge of the city/ship as .. what? Third in the chain? Good for her. It’s really nice to see Teyla being Teyla.

    A little less of the Kanaan conversations would make me happy but I understand the need… for now.

    Thanks for letting me spout my pov. And I’ve found everyone else’s agreeable or informative as well. GREAT forum here.

  61. Oops and out of all that blathering I forgot Zelenka, who I really really wanted to point out…. so I guess it’s fitting her gets his own separate post. lolol

    Zelenka…. did he visit the fountain of youth or what?? I was shocked and pleased for him. Dont know if it was the new haircut which was complimentary or he just normally does look young and I never noticed before but it was quite apparent in this episode. I”m glad he’s being allowed to step out of McKay’s shadow a bit too. It’s now starting to feel much more like “team work” since the end shows of Season 4.

    One question…… where’s Chucknician? I see Chicknician in his place. What are you guys up to? Or does Chuck have other gigs going on? Will he be back? He’s an Atlantis staple, need Chuck.

    Thanks for letting me spiel.

  62. Favorite WKRP moments —

    Jennifer singing Happy Birthday to Herb, and melting his shorts in the process

    Les Nesman’s “Office”

    Johnny Fever going nuts when the format changed to rock and roll

    “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could FLY!”

  63. The Seed = Throw the book at it! “Bug of the week” was an ok ep, but not a great #2. I liked the rapidly mutating Woolsey personality better, but not enough initial friction for
    me! Too tame, there needed to be more than a couple barbs thrown at Woolsey, after all the history. I can only think it’s because Rodney & John had already spoken to Sam and got the lowdown about what happened. Glad to hear about Kanaan & other Athosians. The best parts were Sheppard crashing the jumper thru a building, subtle humor, deciding to shoot the Keller creature (too bad he didn’t have to), taking one for the team AGAIN, and McKay & Keller getting Beckett out just in time to show how much more competent even a Beckett clone is. Hope to see Beckett’s mum in future ep. We kept expecting to see Keller eat her way out of the red licorice. I can only keep hoping she gets better because I hate to dislike a main character. But it’ll really suck if I have to say that with each passing episode. And look, usually I don’t care about on screen character pairings one way or the other because I have my own opinion about what’s really going on- but I gotta emphatically say McKay & Keller = NO NO NO. I almost wish Shep had blurted it out in the conference room because it looked like the memory was a bad taste in his mouth BLECH & perversely almost enjoyed him looking like he was making a semi-pass at her in the doorway. Change the future? And what was with the rigmarole opening Keller’s door?? c’mon, these guys were easily hotwiring doors 4 yrs ago. Radek & Teyla & Ronon, they were good. I like the kid. I like aggressive assertive Teyla (*really* anticipating The Queen). Appreciated mention of Lorne. Yup, I like Vega. So Chuck’s on vacation?

    I have much greater expectations for next week’s Ronon #3. Preview looks terrific and we will be watching live.

    Thanks Jennifer for the great Q&A & Mr M for inviting her.

  64. Hey Joe!

    Ooookay… We can’t find the pineapple. Allie, Allie’s best friend Melissa, and I looked very closely with no success. We’ll just take your word for it.

    Any chance an actor from Dr. Who can make an appearance in the Pegasus Galaxy? 😀



  65. I was getting excited about season 5 coming to our TVs soon in the UK. My brother decided to have a talk with me about it all.

    He told me Stargate Atlantis wasn’t real, there was no actual stargate, no Wraith and nobody had found Atlantis.

    He went on to say that it was a figment of somebody’s imagination.

    Next he will be telling me that Carson Beckett isn’t real – he must be because I spent all that time trying to save him.

    Anybody want to buy my brother?


  66. Joe,

    After watching “The Seed” my husband and I have a question. Does every Wraith Ship have to have a host, or was that all just part of Michael’s experiment?

  67. S5 so far:

    I enjoyed Search and Rescue, though Shep going on that mission was highly implausible considering his injuries and blood loss. But the hero must go on.

    Regarding Sam: It’s about what I expected. Actually it was better. At least they didn’t replace her with a male military character written with no appropriate experience for the job. I could buy the IOA doing what they did. Putting Continuum after S5 could have been a good idea, but those pesky command details.. <>

    In The Seed, I fully expected to like Woolsey. I thought he’d (hopefully) have some rough/antagonistic edges that would take some time to blunt. Had a blast with the EMH references and thoroughly mocked the Devil’s Snare roots.

    How come (remember that room?) Shep could walk among the vines without them attacking (even twitching!) *after* he was healed? Surely him getting that close the the brain would have triggered something.

    Nice nod to Amanda. “Well, she’s a victim of her own success.” Indeed. That got a (delighted) laugh.


  68. ykickamoocow said …

    In a recent interview Jason Momoa refered to the fact that Ronon and McKay are not friends. I was just wondering is this something the writers planned or is it something which just happened over time?

    You took that a bit out of context. He also said they had a “love-hate” relationship. He was basically saying that MckAy and Ronon are not BFFs (my words, not his) like Ronon and John, and that he thought Ronon fighting over a girl with John would have been more dramatic.

    Katy said …

    But in Rising she states that she is “Teyla, daughter of Tagan” and GateWorld lists Tagan as her father.

    Teyla never actiually said “Tagan” was her father’s name, everyone — including Gateworld and myself — just assumed. “Tagan” could easily have reffered to her mother. Remember, gatworld is not put together by the show — it’s fan-run, and therefore fallible.

    @ ltcoljsheppard and friedag ~

    Please forgive any harsheness in my tione — consider it confusion, not anger. I’m confused as to why you’re acting like John and other characters are being neglected in favour of McKay. There was a tonne of drama around John’s injury in S&R, yet he was still in on the rescue and he had that scene with Teyla in the end. And John had as much presence as McKay did in The Seed — in the gateroom, in the conference room, the talk with Woolsey in his quarters, taking the cure instead of Ronon, then saving Keller instead of Ronon. They showed a lot of McKay in the ep because they’re developing his relationship with Beckett and Keller, but John, Ronon, and Teyla wer in no way ignored! Teyla had the conversation with Keller, she went for help for Keller, she helped Zelenka. Ronon tried to volunteer for the cure and went after Keller. So how is it, based on two eps and episdoe descriptions for just a handful more, this has become the McKay show? Can’t Mckay have a scene without Sheppard once in a while? John’s had plenty of scenes without him! So what if he outdoes Sheppard’s screentime by a minute or two in an ep? The opposite is true in other eps! Just because McKay is getting a lot of scenes (only natural, considering he’s a main character too) doesn’t mean that Sheppard — or Ronon, or Teyla — don’t/won’t get a lot of screentime as well! I think when an ep summary talks about McKay getting into trouble, it’s pretty much a given that the other aspect of the ep will feature the others trying to get him *out* of it. 😉 Teylall have a prominent role in The Queen — will it be “her” show because of that? Or Todd’s, even? Will “Broken Ties” make it Ronon’s show? Why won’t Tracker make it Ronon’s or Keller’s show?

    And Teyla and Kanaan had a total of maybe three minutes together alone in S&R, and there really was less than a minute’s worth of conversation *directly* about him, a handful of lines, in The Seed — um, how is that making it their/his show? How can we have a story if the writers don’t show/tell what’s happening elsewhere once in a while? Is Teyla not allowed — or even expected — to have a life outside of John Sheppard?

    As for Ronon not saving the day, yeah, I could see a legitimate complaint there, but I think it also is very telling of how protective John is of his team and how he’d do anything to keep them safe, to the point of hurting himsef and over-protecting them. Perhaps this will even become a bone of contention between himself and Ronon; who knows? It’s definitely character development — for both of them and their relationship with each other — either way.

    It just seems to me that every time McKay gets a moment of screentime, there’s always people popping up complaining that it’s become *his* show, and doing the other characters a disservice by practically ignoring the things that *they* do. I thought S&R and The Seed both did an excellent job of balancing screentime with everyone. Even Sam had prominent moments, as did Keller and even Zelenka! 🙂

    When people complain about a character having too much screentime (not just McKay, but John or Keller or whoever), it almost always seems to be less of a matter of the character actually *having* more screentime than others, and more a matter of the complainer just not liking the character and wanting to see them as little as possible. Conversely, when the complain is that the character isn’t in the show enough, it often comes off as wanting that character to be the whole of the show, even if it means short-shrifting other characters. This is an ensemble show — the characters one love best will never have “enough” screentime, and the ones one hates will always have too much, regardless of whom you’re a fan/not a fan of. (Me, an ep can featuiure John and Rodney the whole time, liek Harmony, and I *still* wouldn’t consider it enough. ;)) A Shep fan will feel he’s not getting enough screentime because of McKay when a McKay fan will feel the exact oposite about the same episode, and another fan will feel they’re both too prominent while a fan of both of them will resent any moments spent with other characters. It’s all a matter of perspective — I’m sure if you actually counted minutes for each person over the course of the season, they’d come out close to the same.

    I do agree that Zelenka is looking more youthful, though. 🙂

    Also, re: Teyla’s uniform, she has work the commander red in other episodes. even in the first season.

  69. I just want to say, Joe, that so far, season 5 is looking good. I loved S & R and enjoyed The Seed (yes, I admit, I am a McKeller fan and would enjoy seeing that develop). However, my only criticism is that there was no Sheppard/Rodney banter. Hopefully, we’ll see some of that in episodes to come.

    As far as McKay episodes – there are never too many McKay episodes IMHO. But also, IMO, it doesn’t matter which character centers the episode – it’s the quality of the characterization over the quantity of episodes. For example, I enjoyed Midway immensely, more so even than Millers Crossing, which was McKay-centered. Why? Because, in Midway, even though McKay wasn’t in it very much, his characterization – as a competent, gun-toting member of the team who has to make a very difficult decision and possibly kill his friend was beautifully written – great job, Carl.

    Miller’s Crossing, on the other hand, wasn’t a McKay episode on the level of Grace Under Pressure, Tao of Rodney, or Duet IMO. I really can’t explain why. However, the actions of Sheppard really went a long way toward showing another side of him (and his actions are still being debated on forums and blogs).

    I’m glad that the actors seem to get along so well – (read David H’s newest blog entry for some fun times he and Joe F are having on the set) – more so than a lot of their fans.

  70. Hey Joe
    “The Seed” was an unexpected treat for me. I had read the basic plot info and thought it would be too much; with having both Jennifer and Carson dealing with issues. Surprise, it was an amazing episode! I love that McKay (my favorite character by far) had been talking to a frozen Carson and that Jennifer had seen it. I am waiting for John to let it slip about the Keller/McKay possible future.

    ((a random episode idea: when (if) they bring back Sam to Atlantis; an episode finishing up the SG1 stoyline “Moebius”. I’ve always felt there should be more to that, but the series ended (so sad). Have Sasha Pieterse (who played Grace in the episode Grace) come back playing an Ancient who is actually the child of Sam and O’Neil from the alternate timeline of them being in the past on Earth. Have her save Sam in some way. Something along those lines anyway would make it an interesting episode.))

    I’m really looking forward to this season…it is so unknown with all of the characters. I loved Robert Picardo on Star Trek Voyager, so i actually already knew i would like him playing Woolsey again on Atlantis. I am curious to see where the characters of McKay and his sister go this season. I hope that you bring Kate Hewlett back on the show! John seems to be getting hurt a lot, i’m starting to wonder if there is a reason for this, something that will reveal itself in future episodes perhaps. Jennifer (i loved Jewel Staite on Firefly) has proven to be a great addition to the show, please keep her around! I am excited to see her character grow more, maybe become more outgoing and stand up for herself. It is too far off of a balance having Carter leaving, Teyla going “softer” as a mom now, and then having Jennifer as a weaker person (her character needs to get stronger and be able to handle herself in a bad situation, maybe The Seed has done that for her?). There needs to be a stronger female presence. Like Samantha Carter…a girl who can do it all and still look and act like a lady :o)

    Michele Blue

  71. I *think* I found the pineapple…or not. Is it behind Keller as she’s reacting to the shot, when John is about to shoot her? It’s the only thing I can see that looks remotely like a pineapple. Or a gob of goo.

    @ Beverly – I actually found Miller’s Crossing to be more of a Shep episode than anything, simply for what it reveals about his character. In a way, we all know Rodney is going to do whatever he can to save his sister, especially since he does whatever he can to save everyone else – that’s a given. But what that episode revealed about Sheppard was…wow. Sure, Rodney was willing to sacrifice himself to save his sister, that’s easy to do. But Sheppard…Sheppard convinced someone else to give their life to a Wraith, and not just any old Wraith, but the very Wraith who had sucked on him. Sheppard knew exactly how that would feel, he had stared into those same yellow eyes while his life was drained from him…and yet, he was willing to let someone else experience the same thing for the ‘greater good’. It just gave me a lot to think about, whereas what Rodney wanted to do was more predictable. Therefore, though the story focused on Rodney, I think it actually revealed more about Shep.

    @ LadyDulcinea – I basically asked Joe the same question [hive ship ‘host’], and he said he can’t answer it now, but to stay tuned. Hopefully that means we’ll have clarification on the matter sometime this season.


  72. I was wondering if the baby is Rachel’s real baby? The new season i really looking great. Not so sure about wolseys yet, but then again it took a couple of episodes to get to like carter in the first season. (I did miss the opener that last year do to work). I can only see wolseys learning how rule are a guide line and not written in stone, no black and white just shades of gray stuff. I am looking forward to watching his growth as the show moves on.
    Also I was wondering if Keller is how you have decided a wrath ship if made. I read above someone suggested A queen but you had a child growing up to become a queen in another episode. Also there was Major Lauren showing singe of turning stated by Wolsey. So i am leaning toward the creation of a hive ship. If so my mind goes back to the show fare scape. In witch the pilot and the ship is one and the same or at least thats how i took it to be. In another episode their was a passing line that stated the wrath have forgotten how to repair there ships properly. Do to the organic property of the ship and some self repairing ??
    You folks have left many questions I hope you plan on cleaning up this mess for us all. lol… If not Im comming to van cover to give you all a peace of my mind…lol… If i did not have a wedding to go to in Florida i would come to comic con and do it…
    Bottum line it looks like i will enjoy the new season and i am reading the books and enjoying the stargate. connie

  73. Unfortunately in my new place of residence we don’t have the science fiction channel (and haven’t the finances to purchase it at this time) so I’m not sure how to see these episodes. But when I do see them I’ll give you a full report.

    Actually, I have seen 5.1. I saw it naughtily with my friend’s computer and also at Shoreleave 30. Here are my thoughts:

    I really look forward to seeing Rodney’s growth in this next season. It seems like, and this was discussed at the convention as well, in prior seasons Rodney would grow exponentially in one episode but return in the next episode seeming to have not grown much at all. I disagreed with that somewhat, seeing a considerable change in Rodney from season 1 to season 4 but I can see how one couldn’t see the change in individual episodes. (something about Rodney not being the star of the show, I think) I think there are certain aspects of Rodney that will never change, nor should they. Snarkiness, obsessiveness, useless whining. But I’m looking forward to seeing some major perspective changes and how they play out.

    I’m very interested to see the effect of Teyla’s birth on her and the team. I think she was overdue for some sort of further character development. When I first met Teyla I wasn’t sure–she seemed like a stiffer character. But as I’ve watched the series she’s slowly become more and more dynamic.

    I find myself continually sympathizing with Michael despite the villainy that he is. I think it’s fascinating that it’s essentially Atlantis’ fault that Michael exists. It’s a perfect metaphor for creating your own challenges. Careful or you’ll start making parables.

    I wish I hadn’t read the spoiler that Samantha Carter was to leave and Woosely was to step in. It made that scene so much less effective than it should have been. But if I hadn’t known I would have been, “Wait! What! Noooo!”

    The entire birthing sequence was brilliant. I think I caught in the second viewing where Rodney cut the umbilical cord. I didn’t catch it in the first watching. Apparently I need to watch all the episodes on a large screen with 400-900 other people.

    Ronon and Shepherd’s personalities are so fantastic together. At least so it seems to me. They have so much respect for one another. That was a great dynamic to see in the buried sequence and scenes. Very buddy/buddy.

    My only bother was that Shepherd learned too quickly that the rescue party wasn’t Atlantis. While I enjoyed the Simpson references, I thought it was too much of an abrupt realization and a bit of a quick out at the end of that act. Though I do understand that there are certain time restraints to deal with and the meat of the plot was not Shepherd and Ronon’s escape but Teyla’s escape. But it left me a bit…meh…from a writer’s standpoint. Well, maybe more from a fan standpoint. I certainly don’t assume that as a writer I know better than a production company. But as a fan I might have the excuse of being uneducated enough to disagree with the plot.

    That’s my rundown. I’ll give you a rundown of this last episode when next I see it. 🙂 Could be a while. Or who knows…

  74. Joe.

    Loved “SEED”. You really had me worried about Zelenka. When he approached that mess of tantigles I was so yelling for him to watch out. Then Teyla comes in all kick ass and rescues him. It is a good thing I was watching it alone. ; )

    I have tried to get the roomie interested but after four years of living together she still doesn’t see the wonder that is STARGATE. She is a great roomie anyways. ; )

    I am all for Keller/Rodney!!!!!!! That is one funny relationship. I think he finally found someone who gets him, accepts him for who he is and yet won’t put up with any crap. Keep it up. I hope we get to see John’s perspective on Keller/Rodney given that he knows they got together in the Alternative time line. Maybe a slip of the tongue that makes everyone wonder just what he hasn’t told them about that timeline.

  75. @das: And now I’m picturing Joe circling the pineapple in a John Madden voice and saying, “And here you can see the pineapple just as Keller receives her injection.”

    Or maybe Jeremy watches waaay too much American football to the point that I can hear John Madden say anything. 😉

    But thanks for playing “spot the pineapple” with me. The girls and I had fun doing it even if we lost. Jeremy wouldn’t play. He said we are all insane. 😛 He does tend to state the obvious.


  76. First of all, I want to say hi, and telll you that I love your blog and find it extremely interesting.
    I have a few questions,
    1.Who’s idea was it to have the Keller/Mckay thing?

    ……Answer: In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy. There are times when two people may share a mutual attraction but be unable to get together due to circumstances.
    2. Kindalike the Sam/Jack relationship?

    3. How can a dedicated fan keep all the directors, writers, producers, ect. straight? 🙂

    Thanks for any answers you can give!

  77. Hi Joe, I noticed you’ve written ‘Ripple Effect’ and I have a little question: In the AU where Janet and Martouf came from, Sam was on maternity leave, was she married to Pete? Thanks…

  78. Hi Joe, have just started The Android’s Dream, which I think I read about on your site. I’d like to make a recommendation of my own. If you haven’t read it allready, check out the classic “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein. Many people, myself included, consider it to be the definitive science fiction novel. It’s truly stood the test of time despite being written in the sixties.


  79. Beverly said:

    As far as McKay episodes – there are never too many McKay episodes IMHO.

    I wish to sign up to your newsletter. Wise words indeed!

    I was actually looking forward to Woolsey being commander, but now that I’ve watched him on screen…I can gloat about how right I was. Definitely a good idea!

    In fandom (or at least the small corner I’m in) Keller seems to be quite a polarising character and I wonder if that holds true for general audiences or not. At the very least I suppose it’s generated a lot of talk.

  80. “Kelly writes: “Why do the ptb delilberately mess with shipper groups. You throw hints one moment between Sheppard and Teyla, admitting that Teyla has a crush on Sheppard and in the next breath you have Teyla fall for some guy we have never heard of. Granted Kanaan was brought in to explain Rachel’s real life pregnancy but why drag it out. And if you intend dragging it out why keep giving hints between Sheppard and Teyla. Why have Sheppard have a romantic dream about Teyla if you planned to explore Teyla/Kanaan.”

    Answer: In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy. There are times when two people may share a mutual attraction but be unable to get together due to circumstances.”

    Sheppard and Teyla have never shown any mutual attraction. They’ve been too stiff and formal with each other for the past four years to believe that they have any secret desires for each other.

    Teyla has had a child with another man, a man that she apparently loves enough to have carried on a secret relationship for years, and has risked her life and the life of her child to save. For her to suddenly show romantic interest in a man who is NOT her child’s father, while that father is still out there and there is still a realistic chance that Kanaan’s condition can be treated and he can safely return to Atlantis without posing a danger, will only make Teyla look like a slut.

    And for Sheppard to try to pursue a relationship with Teyla, knowing that she still has feelings for Kanaan, knowing that there is medical help for Kanaan, will make Sheppard look like a homewrecker.

    It is well past time for SGA to stop trying to push Sheppard/Teyla. It’s immoral, it’s sexist, it’s racist, it subverts everything that’s been established about these characters, and it has no place on this show.

  81. “Emmy award nominated Stargate: Atlantis Visual Effects Guru Mark Savela will be visiting with us next week and he’ll be bringing visual aids. ”
    Do you start out ideas on paper/head, and then to computer? Did you build your own software to do the VFX ? ? A lot of special training/school or just good at it?
    Is that your bulletin board in one of Joes picture, if so,who thought up- Dept of Waffle Headed Monkey Trumpets(tv division) ?
    CONGRATULATIONS on the Emmy award nomination.
    Awesome visual effects, thanks for stopping by,

  82. No matter how many (or how few) S5 episodes are Shep-centered, will we at least learn more about his past?

  83. “Emmy award nominated Stargate: Atlantis Visual Effects Guru Mark Savela will be visiting with us next week and he’ll be bringing visual aids. ”

    Questions for Mark Savela:

    1.) What prompted you get into the world of Visual Effects?

    2.) If you could name one favourite VFX sequence and/or shot from the first 4 seasons, which would it be, from what episode and why?


  84. Hi Joe!

    Really enjoyed The Seed. Both my hub & I called it a “weird little episode,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Some of the things we noticed, that were also noticed by others were Carson’s hair (made him look like Scotty), how young Zelenka looked, the great exchange between Keller & Teyla at the beginning, Shep getting gutted again(!), the sweeeetness of McKay visiting Statis!Beckett, and how great Woolsey was.

    I was always OK with Woolsey coming on board. Sure, I was sad to see Sam leave – being a longtime SG fan, but I’ve seen the goodness, or at least the heart/honesty in Woolsey beneath his fears/rules/occasional harshness over the years.

    I liked how Woolsey didn’t have an arrival speech and showed up in the Control Room, such a great contrast to Sam’s arrival in Pegasus.

    Hey, did anyone else mention the beautiful new conference table? It’s very nice – I hope the actors/directors like it.

    One reason this ep was “weird” to us was how it was shot/edited. It just felt…different than other Waring eps. Another reason is how many major ideas and plot points were addressed. Soooo much exposition catching everyone up and getting things straightened out so we can go onward and upward for S5.

    As usual, I’ll need to watch it a couple more times to get the full feel for The Seed. 🙂

    Oh! And the suddenness of leaving Keller in the dark, covered in gooey tendrils, was that to not give the Wraith consciousness in her brain any “intel?” It seemed abrupt to leave this poor scared woman stranded alone in the dark with five seconds notice! Were I Keller, I would’ve screamed my head off.

    Creeeeepy episode. 🙂


    P.S. Love the WKRP references! Great show! (Beware of the Phone Cops!)

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