Allow me to start off by thanking author Jennifer Pelland for dropping by and offering some insight into her writing process and her delightfully wicked works. As an example, I offer this little gem from yesterday’s Q&A: “Sometimes a pair of words come together in my head and a story follows (”Clone Barbecue” – my story about a rich guy who clones himself so he can see what he tastes like).” Love it! I asked Jennifer where I could read the aforementioned short and she kindly directed me over to:

To those of you missed out on Unwelcome Bodies, why not head on over and check out Jennifer’s work. And, if you like what you read, think about picking up Jennifer’s book.

Well, it’s nice to see many of you enjoyed our second episode, The Seed. What I found particularly pleasing was the number of people who went in expecting to hate the Woolsey character only to be genuinely surprised by how much they liked him in this episode. Well, hopefully you’ll like him even more after next week’s episode, Broken Ties, in which we get a glimpse of his more human side. And to those of you asking about the baby, Kanaan, and whether or not Teyla will face a crisis of conscience once she is confronted with the prospect of returning to active off-world duty – tune in next week for an episode that’ll focus on issues of personal conflict, belonging, self-sacrifice and friendship.

Funny little story about yesterday’s episode. Back in November of last year, before The Seed was given it’s proper title, I wrote the following in a blog entry: “Well, we actuaally started spinning today. Yep, Monkey in the Control Room is coming along nicely. […]. Next week, we start breaking what we know will be the first three episodes of Atlantis’s fifth season: S&R, B&B, and KGS BGT BSK KSB.” The latter was shorthand for The Seed’s working title at the time: “Keller Gets Sick. Becket Gets Thawed. Becket Saves Keller. Keller Saves Beckett.” (which, structurally, was the way the story was going to go at the time). Anyway, I posted the entry figuring no one would be able to figure it out in a million years. Did I say a million years? I meant three hours. Among the fan comments that followed the entry was the following from Michelle who guessed: “S&R – Search & Rescue (too obvious, I know). B&B – Baby & Bathrooms (finally!) KGS BGT BSK KSB –
Keller gets sick.
Beckett gates through.
Beckett saves Keller.
Keller supports Beckett (‘s return)” Holy crap! I felt like the DJ’s on that episode of WKRP in Cincinnati in which they create a seemingly impossible to identify medley in a bid to keep anyone from winning a contest – only to have the second caller through guess it. Well done, Michelle.

Mailbag –

Arctic Goddess writes: “Joe, are you planning on incorporating any classic Scifi books into your book of the month club? I’m thinking, of course of work such as The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury or Arthur C. Clarkes Trilogy of 2001, 2010, etc.”

Answer: Possibly.

Freidag writes: “After reading the spoilers for Brainstorm I find myself wondering why there is a such a concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season. Can you explain the thought behind this Joe? The Shrine, Tracker, and now Brainstorm.”

Answer: Tracker is as much a Ronon or Keller story as it is a McKay story. Yes, other two are McKay-centered, but I hardly think two episodes qualify a “concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season”.

Otoole writes: “I would ask that even if she isn’t available that there would be some way to fix the wrongs done to Carter? Let her fans know how this did/didn’t affect her career.”

Answer: Many fans are interpreting the I.O.A.’s decision to replace Carter as coming about because of a failure on her part but just the opposite is true as evidenced by the team’s conversation at the beginning on The Seed. Under Carter’s command, the human form replicators were destroyed and the wraith severely weakened. At the beginning of season four, she was brought in because the military felt that the dangers the Atlantis expedition faced were too great to allow the city to be run by civilian hands. One year later, she had dealt with those threats, making the Pegasus Galaxy a much safer place, indirectly setting up an opportunity for the I.O.A. to re-assume control of the expedition. In any case, you’ll get to find out all about Carter’s new command position in episode 20.

Lostinspace writes: “I’m curious, what about fellow script writers? Who’s encouraged or inspired you in your work? Which current shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre do you find particularly well written?”

Answer: Tough to say. I enjoyed the old Twilight Zone series as well as various 60’s sitcoms. As for current shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre that I watch – I don’t watch much outside of Dr. Who.

DasNdanger writes: “Though I might be in the minority, I prefer the Wraith more insect/animal-like than human, and this just adds to that image. But it also raises a lot of questions…”

Answer: None of which I can answer at the moment. Stay tuned.

Aeon writes: “Watched the Seed and wondered does Keller have the ATA gene?”

Answer: Nope.

Trish writes: “Also, since Will Waring was involved in this epi, where was the pineapple?”

Answer: If you look closely, it’s among the tendrils in the scene where Sheppard delivers the cure.

Kelly writes: “Why do the ptb delilberately mess with shipper groups. You throw hints one moment between Sheppard and Teyla, admitting that Teyla has a crush on Sheppard and in the next breath you have Teyla fall for some guy we have never heard of. Granted Kanaan was brought in to explain Rachel’s real life pregnancy but why drag it out. And if you intend dragging it out why keep giving hints between Sheppard and Teyla. Why have Sheppard have a romantic dream about Teyla if you planned to explore Teyla/Kanaan.”

Answer: In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy. There are times when two people may share a mutual attraction but be unable to get together due to circumstances.

Inpa writes: “Carson, well I guess it’s answered what they’ll be doing with him this season then, bringing him back from Earth every time…”

Answer: You guess wrong.

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Mackenzie's Momma

Watched last nights episode. Really enjoyed it(when I wasn’t being heckled by the goober gallery behind me). Will have to rewatch to pick up on the things I apparently missed.

I’m going to leave my QOTD for Mark’s visit next week if thats okay.

Mark- What is the most challenging episode outside of Season 5 that you have worked on thus far in the Atlantis Realm?

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Hello Joe,
When Mark Dacascos came back for Broken Ties, did you ever talk with him about being a judge on Iron Chef? I think you’d make a great judge on that show! And I know the foodies that follow your blog think that too!

What do you say… wanna be a Judge on Iron Chef??? We can always start a petition to the Iron Chef producers!

Patricia Lee


…As for current shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre that I watch – I don’t watch much outside of Dr. Who.

So you do watch Dr Who! You know the commentaries for the second (recent) series talk about Stargate, right? Also wondering, did you watch any of the older series? Any favourite Doctor/companion?

Because I haven’t seen The Seed I’ve avoided a lot of this entry, but I did want to say thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode, I find it really rewarding to go back through your blog and read about episodes once I have seen them.


Wow, I never give your cute episode titles a second thought. Give me Sudoku and Cross Sums any day… I’m much better at numbers.

Cheeky lil Devil

*waves* Just watched the Seed, and goodness me it was fabby! I loved it to bits, the exploration of the Wraith growth, how it grows, the techy bits, mention of bugs, lots and lots of continuity. I adored it, even liked Keller quite a bit in this, that’s two eps in a row, and did I mention I loved the character bits to, even had a bit of a snuffle at Rodney going down to talk to Carson in the stasis chamber, bless him, see those little bits are just wonderful. And I do believe I may be one of those you refered to as changing my mind about Woolsey. I’ll hold my hand up and admit I was wondering if you’d all lost the plot and brought him in. But, y’know. I really liked him, he seems very much a straight down the line man. Initially seeing things with only certain options, but when push came to shove, he realised that not everything is easy as it looks on paper, and some rules just need to be tweaked now and again. So, yep, I was pleasantly surprised. I do love RP, but Woolsey just never worked for me before, so i’m looking forward to more after a good introduction and a good start. I loved the inspired speech, one liners were fabby, Carson, telling Shep to relax, and Shep’s response. Then Carson with his ‘hives’ and at the end with Ronon and his bruised larynx, and would anyone notice if he couldn’t speak! And the whump, oh goodness me, bless your little cotton socks. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Okay that sort of just slipped out, but… *luffs ya* thanks for that, I forsee more chocs in your future…. did you find the other chocs by the way, the ones I lost in the Outsiders set. So I did a review, not as long-winded as PG15 you’ll be pleased to hear. But then i’m not really the chatty type anyway. *cough* Oh and I had a bit of an epiphany about Keller and her getting taken over. Now I might be completely way off base here, but the scene reminded me of Spoils of War and the Wraith queen, and it got my rusty brain going, and I think somehow the two are linked in some way. My sleep deprived brain thinks that this organic material, needs to combine with a host, initially a female one, and then converts their DNA into the wraith… obviously, but am I write in assuming that the organism that was affecting Keller was planning to make her into a Queen? It was the voice, and the whole, “I’ve not been given a designation yet.” And the way she was able to manipulate the vines to do her bidding. Again I might be wrong, but i’m also thinking that she would have been eventually able to control the virus in the other people, Shep, Ronon, Rodney, Lorne etc, but the initial link/blending for the organism, had to… Read more »


Well the season has just started and I love the team feeling in the first two eppys! But just to play devil’s advocate:

Freidag writes: “After reading the spoilers for Brainstorm I find myself wondering why there is a such a concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season. Can you explain the thought behind this Joe? The Shrine, Tracker, and now Brainstorm.”

Answer: Tracker is as much a Ronon or Keller story as it is a McKay story. Yes, other two are McKay-centered, but I hardly think two episodes qualify a “concentrated emphasis on McKay episodes this season”.

Considering there’s only one Ronon, Teyla and heck a single Sheppard centered eppy (Vegas) then Rodney having two is a bit of an imbalance. But considering Martin G is writing, its not surprising. I wonder if S&R wasn’t set up the way it was with TLM..if Mr. G would have delivered such a team based eppy if not forced to by circumstance.

I mean even the mid season two parter seems heavy on McKay and Jackson.

And “Remnants” doesn’t could for Shep since that’s only 1 of a 3 tier plot line that includes McKay.


Question, when they thawed Carson out he went limp and had to be lifted to a gurney and then came to later on. Did this same thing happen to John in The Last Man? or did old Rodney do some thing to the chamber so John could make it to the gate before the shields were lost.


I enjoyed the ‘Seed’. Thanks for the Shep whump. One comment though. The medical side of the show was alittle suspect. A monitor screaming cardiac arrest and the pateint not even connected to the monitor! CPR was not according to standards. I know these issues aren’t major but they do lend crediblity to a show when done correctly.

Enjoyed Sheppard’s comment about Ronon not being able to speak. The humor in the show is sometimes very subtle and it is done very well. Thanks for an entertaining episode.


Congrats on The Seed. It went better than I had expected, though Keller in her ‘”pod” didn’t strike me as a great visual. The creepers running amok through the city, on the other hand, had a satisfyingly grotesque quality to them. I have one major gripe with the episode though. I know it’s nitpicking, but it was something jarring enough to bring me out of the story and start screaming at the tv set. Namely, the medical treatment of Sheppard after they tested the antidote on him. I know the writers aren’t medical personnel, and I don’t want a long discussion on the intracacies of shock, cardiac arrest, and the steps needed to overcome those conditions. But There were a couple of bits in the scene that were just plain wrong, such as the dosage of atropine and Carson’s CPR at 3:1. I realize most people won’t pick up on these things, but for some of us they are enough to bring the building tension to a crashing halt.
On the plus side, I did enjoy Keller’s description of McKay’s attention to the frozen Carson, the way it seemed you were hinting that Ronon might still be harboring feelings towards Keller, and especially I am fascinated by the implications that the Atlantis crew has stumbled upon the secret of making Hive ships. I see this episode as being “The Seed” not so much for what happens in it, as for the potential story arcs it will inspire later on in this season, if not the next.
Sorry for the medical rant, and my thanks for making Friday nights that much more enjoyable. And as always, thanks for making so many guests available for our Q&A. Here’s hoping you have a great weekend,and a productive upcoming week.


personal thoughts on the episode -the seed

i found myself confused as to why sheppard was in the infirmary at the end, and so badly injured. had to rewind and watch closely to see how he was hurt. it seemed a bit rushed. also why didnt the tendrils attack him as they had ronon the moment he got out of the jumper?

what is up with carson becketts hair? is it a wig? and his makeup makes him look like he has had a facelift. is this a deliberate choice to separate his look *the clone* from the original?

there were so many people on the planet for S$R, how could they confine so many of them and have guards posted outside their rooms? wouldnt it have been smarter to just put them in one place?

if all the people who were on the planet got infected, then this includes Col Carter,do they explain this in the new SG1 movie coming out in a couple of weeks?

i liked the new conference table. weird he had it shipped in. dont they make them in the pegasus galaxy?

i thought wolseys part was well written and well acted. I loved how they stayed true to him and had him walking around with paper files. he always had them before. he shouldnt be immediately seduced by the tech on Atlantis. and he stuck his ground on his choices. i would not have respected him or the part if he became wishy-washy on his leadership. he was not being deliberately ignorant of what he was asking people to do. he had hard choices and he made them and then stuck with them. you may not agree with the choice.

i liked how rodney was showing his emotions about keller. and keller about him. little glimpses.

liked radek’s haircut.

not on my list of favorite episodes, but it ties up loose ends, explains a few things, puts some stuff in motion.


Great episode The Seed, Dr Keller was cool looking in all those nasty blood dreads.
Everyone gave a great performance! miss the walk on contest, but oh- well.
Do the Wraith have night vision, with those cat-like eyes?
Looking forward to Broken Ties, Friday night is good once again, thanks. I do have a life(laughing) smile but great to have Atlantis back on track for my entertainment.


Speaking of Dr.Who… If you had the opportunity to have a hand in that production – would you improve upon?
I ask because to me, there seems to be something missing (other than quality)

Enzo Aquarius
Enzo Aquarius

Hey Joe!

Yep, you have to be very very very crafty when it comes to giving subliminal clues to Stargate fans. There’s always those of us who work hard at decyphering it…and you would be amazed. grin

Thanks for the background photos! Jewel Staite actually looks pretty comfortable despite being covered by an alien organism. razz

Thanks as always!

– Enzo Aquarius

Linda Gagne
Linda Gagne

I’ll admit that after watching last nights episode, I am less nervous about Woolsey fitting in. At first when I heard Woolsey was coming I thought OMG what are they thinking, no one likes him in the Pegasus Galaxy. Then I thought well that would work for some good story lines. I did love him in The Return episode, cracked me up.

I vote for sheppard to have more than one episode centered on him. Oh, wait, you didn’t ask us to vote lol. Darn.


Hey Joe.

Wow…I feel really out of the loop right now seeing as I won’t get to watch any new episodes until they’re out on DVD here in Canada. Oh well…

I wanted to know what is the hardest part of your job and why?

Thanks Joe…and thanks for coming out to say hi to me yesterday…that is the best part of my trip so far!



“The Seed” was pretty good. Loved Teyla. I’m enjoying the hints about a possible future relationship between Keller and Rodney (though i still haven’t bought into her character fully).

My concerns about the episode? What happened to Teyla at the end of this? One minute she’s there, the next she’s not. And why didn’t the tendrils attack John immediately? Was he really still infected?

As someone who has voiced serious reservations about the appearance of Woolsey, so far I’m buying into it. I still think he’s a terrible personnel manager, but he is open to ideas, he listens to the people around him, he knows he needs Sheppard on his side and Picardo seems to be playing him with a delicate balance of uncertainty and sense of purpose. So, hats off to Mr. Picardo. (Part of me hopes that he remains somewhat of a thorn, though.)


You guys had my family creeped out to go to sleep last night with the growing tendrils filling their minds. We loved the first two episodes, a little weak on the medical side but great stories. We laughed that both times John looked like he was waiting to have a toenail clipped instead of having major surgery or recovering from an attack. Creepy tendrils—we had to watch it again today to take it all in. And thank God we didn’t have to start hating Woolsey full tilt—great ending between he and John.



My turn to weigh in on “The Seed”. I didn’t really care for it the first time I watched it. After rewatching it two more times (live at 10, DVR at 11, and live again at 12 – how’s that for contributing to the numbers?!), I have found I like it better, but it isn’t one of my favorites.

First, I felt disappointed that we didn’t see any REAL reaction to the news that Carter was being replaced by Woolsey. I envisioned some resigned acceptance from John, because he’s military and it happens. But McKay’s reaction would have been an angry one, if we didn’t have to wait until the month between the news and Woolsey’s arrival to see their reactions – time fades reactions to things like this, and I think it did a disservice to Carter’s time on Atlantis to make it so easy. Oh, well, I guess that’s what fanfic is for.

Second, I thought it seemed choppy at times. I can’t explain that, sorry, I just did. I felt that Carson’s reunion with the team was a bit cold (no pun intended). I also was not happy that John remained silent when he got onto coms, esp. hearing that Ronon was about to shoot the “plant” that had already attacked Radek. And I thought that leaving Jennifer alone and wake in the dark with that thing taking over her body was beyond cruel.

On the other hand, I have liked Woolsey since “Inauguration”. I could see that there were redeeming qualities inside this bureaucrat. His heart isn’t totally bound in redtape. I liked his response to Rodney’s snarky “leave him there forever” comment. I loved the way RP played the uncertainty and feeling torn with decisions like allowing Carson to carry the investigation. His face showed it all and it was wonderful. I think he will be a wonderful addition to the cast and his character has a lot of opportunity to grow.

I also liked the time that was taken to show character interactions. Rodney’s concern for Jennifer. Jennifer’s conversation with Teyla. Rodney’s reaction to being asked to open Jennifer’s door. Carson and Rodney’s conversation, re: “So nothing new”, and Carson’s “relax” to John and John’s response (that was hilarious, by the way).

Sorry I have prattled on. I am very much looking forward to next week – the previews showing Ronon popping John in the nose made me yell at the television (“Bad Ronon!”). I can’t wait until Carson comes back again.

I do have one question. It bothered me in S&R and in this ep: Where’s Chuck? He’s become Atlantis’ Walter Harriman and it just doesn’t seem like the control room without him. I hope he isn’t gone for good. Where’s Chuck, Joe?

Thank you for continuing this forum and for giving people the opportunity to ask questions and post feedback.

Have a wonderful evening,


The teslan
The teslan

Have you ever read “Super Toys Last All Summer Long”? And I second the bid for a classic sci-fi story for BOTMC.


Well done, Michelle.

I have to admit I’d completely forgotten about my guesses or what episode they referred to, or anything about it! I’d have been even closer if I hadn’t been convinced Carson was going home to visit his mom at the end of The Kindred. Anyway, sorry I scared you. You seem to have an inordinate number of WKRP episodes memorized, by the way.

So what’s my prize? How about a ticket to the Continuum premiere on the Midway? Since I’ll be there in San Diego and all. wink

BTW, as far as McKay eps, bring ’em on!


Right. Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but it’s been driving me nuts like that thing you can’t remember and then you DO remember it but it’s 3 in the morning and you have no one to tell.

So, instead of asking for clarification, I’m just gonna ask for a yes or no so as not to bug you. smile

Has (in any way, shape, form, blog, mailbag reply, forum post or website news) the issue of Teyla’s son’s name (father/father’s middle name/mother thing) been clarified?

It’s driving me bonkers and I can’t find an answer anywhere.

Thank you, Joe!


Loved Search and Rescue and The Seed so far. Poor Sheppard, speared through two eps in a row! Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually amused by the rampant abuse. Joe Flanigan plays pain so realistically. xD

I have a question though. Was Jason Momoa feeling well during The Seed? He looked kind of under the weather and kind of grumpy. Was it because of the dreads or something?


Wow, no kidding. Go Michelle. I am one of those “never will guess in a million years” people. Though to be honest, when it’s delibrately obfuscated like that, I usually don’t even bother.

In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy.

Amen, Joe. I think that’s the perfect answer.

Great pics, Joe, thanks for sharing! And also thanks for hosting Jennifer–it was a great Q&A. And notes on The Seed, I think that conversation at the beginning was very asute and helped tell the audience a lot about why Carter was being removed. I certainly hope to see Amanda back in the 100th episode.


Hi Joe!!

Loved “The Seed”. Loved the little hints at the Keller/McKay possible relationship. I have a question about SG-1. In season 9, the episode called “Ripple Effect”, there was the bad SG-1 team. There is one line by their Mitchell that never played out in season 10: “Hey, Mitchell! When the time comes … cut the green one.” Do we ever find out what that means? Also, have you started filming your Las Vegas episode? If you haven’t, I still think you need to have one of your dogs in the episode somehow (held by a pretty girl that Sheppard notices). Just a thought. Have a great weekend!

Jen smile


Ok, Just saw the recording of Fridays episode.

Some questions come to mind, WTF!?!?!?!

How did Sheppard flying a Wraith Dart to safety with a baby in his arms and the team in the transport buffer after which the Daedalus blew the crap out of Michaels Hive ship suddenly lead to Teyla mentioning having spoken to Kanaan? Were not all of Michaels followers blown up with the Hive ship?

Either I missed a huge friggin neon-sign arrow pointing at an overly lit clue or I’m sensing a giant plothole.

Care to clear things up?