Today, a round of thank-you’s are in order.

Thank you to Joe Abercrombie who has kindly agreed to do a guest blog for us in May when we discuss The Blade Itself, the first installment in his First Law series. I see that many of you have already started reading/already read the book based on one of my past recommendations. Great! I expect Joe to be thoroughly inundated with questions and comments when the time comes. Show him now mercy! In addition to a special Stargate-related give-away contest open to all BOTM club participants, those taking part in this particular discussion will also have a shot at winning a copy of Before They Are Hanged, the second book in the series.

Thank you to Stargate-fave John Scalzi, an incredibly prolific blogger himself, who was equally kind in agreeing to guest blog for us when we discuss The Android’s Dream, the scifi BOTM club selection for May. By the way, David Hewlett couldn’t stop talking about this book after reading it last year. Read it yourself and impress D.H. with your Scalzi knowledge at the next convention.

Thank you to Dylan who sent us a kick-ass Vosges chocolate shipment that included, truffles, mini bars, and four Mo’s Bacon Bars (milk chocolate, Alder wood smoked salt, and apple wood smoked bacon). I think I overdid it.

Thank you to James Robbins who has been going all out on the designs and concept drawings for Whispers – and clearly having a hell of a time doing it. This morning, we took a stroll through the village set, the entrance to the cave network, the catacombs, the chamber, and the well. Creeptastic. We’ve done a number of “monster” episodes, but we have yet to do an out and out “horror” eppy. You know, the kind that has you sleeping with the lights on for nights to come. That’s what I’m going for.

Thank you to Marty G. who had us spinning in the writers’ room for about twenty minutes over lunch today, trying to come up with a title for the mid-season two-parter. I kind of liked A Smattering of Scenes – but no one else did. So – still nothing. But that didn’t stop him from putting out a first draft of part one.

Thank you to Carl for his continuing patience. We didn’t get around to giving him notes on Tracker today either. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime – here, have some chocolate.

Thank to you to the fine folks at Amazon.com who finally sent me the balance of my outstanding order: Paolo Bacigalupi’s Pump Six and Other Stories, and Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon. I recently finished Fred Saberhagen’s The Berserker Wars and have been making my way through the Nebula Award Short Fiction Nominees. I really enjoyed Nancy Kress’s novelette “Safeguard” (available for online reading here: http://www.asimovs.com/_issue_0801/PBSafeguard.shtml), and loved Ted Chiang’s “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” (available for online reading here: http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/fiction/tc01.htm). Check ‘em out if you get the chance. I’m moving on to the novelettes after which I have Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero on deck.

And, most of all, thanks to all of you blog regulars and sometime readers who continually land my daily entries in the WordPress Top 20 (#17 of 100 094 last I checked) and this blog in the WordPress Top 50 (presently #35 of 2 742 121 blogs), beating out blogs dedicated to root beer, Emily Dickinson, and a British pre-school animated series called Pocono – but lagging far behind blogs dedicated to Malaysian politics, funny maps, and cute puppy pictures.

Today’s pics: Books, chocolate, Ivon Bartok, Alex Levine, and Tobias Slezak, Whispers construction.

I’ve got some time before the wife gets home.  Quick!  Let’s squeeze in some mailbag –

 mom2398 writes: “Any sign of Jeannie Miller in Season 5?”

Answer: The Shrine of Talus.

cool writes: “Are we going to see more of Todd the Wraith in Season 5? He always seems to be working on his own, which is interesting since the Wraith seem so hive-oriented. Does he have a Wraith Queen he answers to?”

Answer: Your last question will be answered this season.  So far, we have Todd slated for three appearances.

AscendedTauri writes: ” Though you said Louisville and Tenn. are in your Elite 8, but they can’t be because they play head to head in the Sweet 16… I’m assuming you meant Kansas as the other team.”

Answer: Yep.  I was writing from memory.  I did mean Kansas.

aries1470 writes: ” On another note, if someone wanted to visit the studio’s, how will that be organised? ”

Answer: Sorry, outside of the whatsitcon, we don’t provide set tours.

Heather writes: “Since this will be the first time I have participated in one of your book discussions…do you only want questions or comments the day before F. Paul Wilson joins your blog?”

Answer: I’ll gather the posted questions and comments over the first two days of discussions, send them Paul’s way, and then post his entry and responses whenever he gets back to me.

RW writes: “If you get notes from the network that suggest reworking a script – do you have to follow what they say or could you simply say that you are going to leave it exactly as is. ”

Answer: Well, I like to consider any script a team effort.  It would be silly to dismiss any input out of hand.  We have received some great notes in the past that have made the scripts better.  That said, if implementing the notes will improve the script, I will do so.  If I feel they will hurt the script, then I’ll dig my heels in and fight.  But it rarely comes down to a fight- more an involved discussion. 

116 thoughts on “March 26, 2008: Thank you’s all around

  1. Ivon Bartok, Alex Levine, and Tobias Slezak all look as if they are doing an audition. “Three blokes and a bar of chocolate” seens an apt title.

    Have a nice evening with ‘the wife’ and the furries.


  2. Bacon, chocolate-covered bacon. Mmm, uuurgghhh, droool. I had no idea it was available commercially. And here we’ve been making our own for years. Milk chocolate? Pfeh. Dark is so much better on cured pork products.

  3. Thought I’d beat a dead horse.
    🙂 Joe; 1) Is there any hope that we will get to see more of sheppard’s past in season 5? Will we get to see 2) why his mother isn’t around, 3) why things with his father and brother went so bad, or 4) More of his brother and ex-wife and how they interact with him now? 5) Will the reactions of his family and friends when he was announced KIA in season 4 be revisited or did he come back before the funeral and news were given? 6) Also will we see any episodes where you explore the fact that Sheppard has the strongest accent gene and what that means for Atlantis? I know it’s been touched on, but not for some time and I’d sure like to know? Sorry for rambling but i’m really really really curious and have been thinking about these questions for a while now. Thanks again, Nicole.

  4. Hey joe, I was just wondering if we will see more of the Stargate itself in the fifth season?

    My only complaint about the fourth season(my favorite Atlantis season so far, and the best season of Stargate since probably the eighth or ninth season of SG-1, maybe even before that) would be the lack of the Gate, there’s plenty of use, but we don’t see it too much. In the early days of SG-1, the Stargate was almost a character itself, but it’s sort of become a guest appearance. I’m not dogging the show, because you brought more character development to the table in season four then we’ve seen in many of the characters for a long time. Even Teal’c was more developed in Reunion and Midway than he was in most of SG-1’s last two seasons. I was just wondering if you were planning on giving the Gate some development.

  5. cool writes: “Are we going to see more of Todd the Wraith in Season 5? He always seems to be working on his own, which is interesting since the Wraith seem so hive-oriented. Does he have a Wraith Queen he answers to?”

    Answer: “Your last question will be answered this season. So far, we have Todd slated for three appearances.”

    THANKS, JOE!!! Finally some news!! Todd fans will be rejoicing everywhere tonight! S5 can’t come soon enough now! 😀

    *does happy dance*


  6. First of all I’m a huge fan of SG-1 and SGA..So keep up the good work!

    My question for you Joe is: What is your favorite pizza. how do you like it???

  7. A big thank you to you for such a wonderful blog! I look forward to your new postings everyday!

  8. I’ve been reading (and enjoying) a couple of April’s BoTM entries in among other books. I can never have enough books to read. Anyway, your suggestions haven’t steered me wrong yet, but I have to wonder about Scalzi. You’ve mentioned “Old Man’s War” in the past and I confess I’m not as pleased with that book as you, and thousands of others, are. So I am curious–What about Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” impressed you most?

  9. Nice to know Jeannie is coming back! Any chance we’ll see John’s brother next season as well? Are there any John-centric episodes planned so far?

    Thanks 🙂

  10. A horror episode? Yikes, I think I might skip that one (I don’t like horror, or magic, or R rated material, seriously, I’ve only seen maybe eight (at the most) PG-13 movies and I’ve never seen an R rated movie, yes, very old-fashioned).

    Please answer this question. Have you ever seen the movie Bringing Up Baby starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn?

  11. thank you for the lovely teasers and hints on the episodes under development. And on the book recommendations and BotM selections for May. My wallet may not be happy, but its used to being empty for the sake of the bookshelves. Are we going to be kept informed on how the Chocolate Party planning is going? I still suspect I’m gaining weight just by looking at your photos, but I won’t even pretend to be able to resist them. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what offerings you come up with.

  12. Hi, Joe.

    So is Tobias Slezak just hanging out at Bridge Studios…or has he been cast in a SGA season five episode?

    I thought that Christopher Redman and Tobias Slezak were excellent in their roles as the video crew for “Heroes, Parts 1 & 2,” their excellent performances, along with Saul Rubinek’s, sold the scene of viewing the video tape of Dr. Fraiser’s death — their reactions lend to the catharsis of the scene.

    Thank you for the confirmation of Kate Hewlett returning, and all the lovely photos.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  13. Who’s currently sitting at the number 1 position in the inter-office March Madness pool?

  14. Hmmm……..Ivon Bartok. Thanks Joe. You work with the cutest guys – I’m sure you don’t appreciate it. But thanks for the photos. The photo with the three of them looks like one of those catalogue photo shoots. Very Model-y.

    The sets on Stargate are fantastic. They look phenomenal, especially in comparison to other TV shows. Thanks for sharing those photos too.

    Does your set run on chocolate? It seems like there’s a special delivery every day.

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Hi Joe! Great blog today, I particularly love the pictures of the set. They look amazing as usual! 🙂
    Quick question and I know you’ve answered this before but I couldn’t find the answer when I searched. Where do we send gifts for you at the studio?

  16. Let me think, hmm, I’ve seen Star Wars: Revenge of the Zit, uh, Sith; Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen; 10,000 BC; Sahara and Stargate. That’s all the PG-13 movies I’ve ever seen (and I only saw one of them before I was 13).

  17. Hey, Joe! Are you planning to read Gardens of the Moon soon? I’m interested to hear your reaction. I had a hard time getting into it, although I wound up becoming a fan of the series. I think a lot of Erikson fans agree that his next two books (Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice) are some of his best work. Also, I have to say I envy how quick of a reader you seem to be. If I could go through books like you do, my life as an English Lit major would probably be much easier. Although I guess I can’t really complain…here I am reading your blog when I should be doing homework 🙂

    And YAY to more Jeannie, Kate Hewlett is awesome.

    Have a good day,


  18. The Christmas Tree from December made me think Joe didn’t need to worry about kosher. But maybe I’m missing something.. wouldn’t be the first time.

    Dasndanger – Your humour credibility can remain in tact, I didn’t take your comment seriously 🙂 Come to think about it, most of the comments read here are all light-hearted.

    Thanks Joe for having such a friendly blog. It makes a nice escape!

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you ….
    for the information regarding Todd in Season Five!

    I am so happy to hear he will be in three episodes /so far/. Todd is my favorite character; I feel like dancing! May I ask, are the three episodes he will be appearing in (so far) set in the first half of the season? Is that “so far” an indication that he could be appearing in more than three? I truly hope so!

    Thank you so much again for the information. I love any and all wraith-related updates; especially ones concerning Todd.

  20. Hi Joe! Great pics today. lolol

    Glad to hear Jeannie’s coming back for a visit in Season 5. Seeing as SGA is all about teamwork and family bondings it’s really nice to actually see family members who get along (sort of, lol) However, we still are lacking big time in the Sheppard backstory area. The little bits that have been shown leave only more questions…

    I’ve already mentioned my own desire as a Sheppard fan to see more focus on his “gene possession” and thankfully I see Nicole has stepped up on that topic this round as well. Please… are we ever going to find out what makes Sheppard so “special” in that regard. It was that very aspect of this “unknown” character that intrigued me during the pilot. He was the one I thought we’d be following through to another dimension of the Stargate universe that began with Jack O’Neill.

    There was so much focus in the pilot regarding the strength of Sheppard’s gene and his natural ability with it that I thought “wow, what this guy’s gonna be able to do” and all he’s done is turn on lights, initiate a few consoles and fly a shuttle. YES, he did finally get to do something BIG like fly the city through space and then land it and that entire sequence was awesome…… for which John got barely a “good job” from Sam and not one other person thought “wow, he really CAN fly anything” ?

    There’s been more direct focus on every other character so that it doesnt’ become a one-man show that the very lead is the one being left in the shadows in order to give everyone else their due. Yes, he’s in practically every episode, but what are we honestly learning about him when he’s there? I don’t mean to come across as griping, it’s just I and many others reeeally want to see more regarding his gene thing. Are we going to get that? This season, next season, ever? I mean I love having mystery regarding even my favorite characters, heck in the XMen (true classic comics version not the stupid movie version) Logan is my all-time favorite due to the fact he’s such an enigma… but there’s a difference between a character having mysterious aspects and a character being cut off from his fans to the point he’s not seen as human anymore.

    Sheppard was so “human” and fun and diverse in the first couple of seasons and yes, I know alot has happened to him, but this past season he seems totally unapproachable and closed up to the point that I find myself just shrugging at him as if he’s a total stranger. I like caring about the characters but I find it difficult to care if I’m not allowed to share with them.

    I feel like we know Ronon and Rodney and Teyla so well and yet the one guy this whole adventure revolved around in the pilot is the biggest unknown here. It’s great to want to make the show a “team effort” and not a grand stand for one person, but could we now lean the other way and at least include Sheppard a bit as a more touchable character? Please? Because he was awesome in the beginning and seems to have become more two dimensional as the years go by. He was a friend who turned into a stranger, while all the strangers have turned into family.

    I’m rambling aren’t I? I just don’t know if we’re being heard. The only question regarding Sheppard that’s been answered is that there is one Sheppard centered episode in Season 5, but nobody knows where to put it. Great, at least he gets one, maybe if they can find a slot for it…

    Okay, time to go eat a pound of chocolate. Seems to work for you when you’ve had a bad day. *grin* Sorry for the babbling. I’ll step away now.

  21. It just has to be said that thanks to this blog I have tried Scalzi’s books and fallen in love. ‘The Android’s Dream’ was my first and it blew me away!

    I’ve only really had one current author that has impressed me so much that I buy every book as soon as it’s released and near killed myself trying to secure a ticket to a book signing for. Anyone who has any interest in Scotland or IS Scottish, MUST try ANY Christopher Brookmyre book!!!

    After reading ‘The Android’s Dream’ I now have 2 current authors I HAVE to keep up with. Within budgetary limits (I doubt any library in Glasgow – sorry SCOTLAND – will stock even half these books) I’m gonna try a few more of your recommendations!

    Thanks for that – I would probably have never heard of that book otherwise and nothing beats a good read!

  22. hey Joe,

    Mmmmm chocolate 😀 the Whispers set looks creepy, exactly the way it should! some say “Doppelganger” was creepy and I really enjoyed that episode. horror sounds great! woohoo the first draft of the mid-season two-parter! so how long will you need to come up with a title?

    how about a weekly discussion of Malaysian politics while you continue to post LOTS of cute puppy pics? it would certainly help the blog 😉 I’m glad to hear about Todd and Jeannie, both are cool characters and their relationships with Atlantis and its crew should prove to be very interesting. will Woolsey meet Todd or any other Wraiths? and if so, will Shep protect him? hehe…

  23. And Thank YOU for all the new pics and delightful hints about those future episodes! Horror eh? Well, I’ve never really seen a horror movie. I have no problem with getting freaked out or scared, but I absolutely CANNOT stand gore. That was the one problem I had with Doppleganger (the bug bursting out of Teyla’s stomach) and Uninvited (the autopsy scene), too much disgusting stuff (by my feeble standards); it made me nauseous.

    Are there a lot of gore in Whispers?

  24. I was reading through all the comments so far and Zabadoo’s stood out in particular. I second the motion to see more(character?) development for the gate. Ah gatey, how I miss it.

    Is there a reason we haven’t seen much of the gate?

    My first guess would be the cost, and the fact that it doesn’t ever end up on screen for long because not too much happens around the gate. How’s that? Am I close?

  25. Would you dedicate Thursday’s blog to my daughter Jeanie, who is turning 14. After reading the descriptions of your many meals at Fuel, we’ve decided to celebrate her birthday there.

  26. So far I’ve gathered you like football and basketball, but what about hockey? My absolute favorite team is the Rangers, but I do enjoy watching the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens when they’re not up against my team. What about you?

    Are there any examples on Stargate that you’ve had to truly fight for that were kept in the episode?

  27. Thanks for answering my question about the book discussion…but since I am on some serious pain killers (just left the ER…thank God I don’t have apendicitis just some serious pain) I seem to be a bit confused on the answer (sorry). So when you say you gather the first two days of the discussion does that mean starting the 14th? I will say that I am almost done with THE KEEP (thanks to the long ER wait) and just to share my favorite line so far…”He was trying to make light of it for her sake, but Magda knew he was being flayed alive in his mind.” What an amazing line!
    I also -before the extreme pain- some what started my own blog on wordpress…I have a lot of work to do on it…I will have to wait until this “pain med” fog lifts in a day.

    ON a SGA note—will we be seeing the TRAVELERS at all in season 5? (I hope I am not repeating a question you have already answered)

  28. Oh hey, hello, love the pictures.
    I see the script for episode 10 is there, love the name, imagine if that was the airing name on tv “untitled part 1” lol

  29. Hey, what did you think of the bacon chocolate bars? We tried them but decided that – unlike peanut butter and chocolate – they sort of depreciate the individual flavors. Neither bacon nor chocolate is as impressive in that bar as each is on its own.

    (Of course, I went vegan on March 1 as a month-long experiment, so I only have memories of bacon to comfort me. Mmmmm. Bacon.)

  30. Hi Joe,
    We should thank you for having this amazing blog. Also, thank you for all the pictures you post; whether it is food, chocolate, books, your dogs or behind the scene pics. I love them all!

    Some DVD questions:
    1)I saw a list of commentaries for the Season 4 DVD’s somewhere on the net. It lists commentaries from you on Reunion, This Mortal Coil and The Kindred part 1. Are these accurate? If so, I’m looking forward to it!
    2)Who decides what goes on the DVD’s?
    3)Who decides on who does commentaries for each ep? Does it come down to who is available? Is that why there are very few actor commentaries?
    3)Any news on the bloopers? Will they survive?

    I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately, the SGA DVD’s have proven well for background noise during my painful homework/term project catch up sessions. The SGA DVD’s are some of my favorites in terms of content (the others are the Lord of the Rings Extended DVD’s). Please give Ivon a nice pat on the back for a job well done. I’ve been dropping hints to my dad about the SG-1 complete 10 season box set and my up and coming birthday. Hopefully it works.

    Thanks Joe!


  31. Fred Saberhagen… not a question, just some thoughts.

    Long ago Leonard Nimoy wrote that anyone who doesn’t know they love me today may never know. I try to live my life that way, sadly I dropped the ball there.

    He was one of my favorite people to read, particularly the vampire series. Shortly after he died, I wrote his web site and said I was sorry that over the 30 yrs I had been reading his books, I had never taken the time to write and and say thank you. I got an immediate letter from his wife. She said
    ….Fred very much enjoyed hearing from fans, and, I expect, he still hears your words in some way. Just wish I could hear him composing his response to you. He is greatly missed…
    So to you and all those who have given us now over 11 yrs of stargate, thank you. From my heart. You have given a lot and it is appreciated.

  32. pg15 already beat me to saying, “And thank YOU for. . .”

    Please tell me that the sharp-dressed dude with the nice smile wasn’t being snapped in the process of snorting a chocolate pearl. – Actually, no, please tell me he was. Sharp-dressed guys are always so much more interesting when they’re willing to mug for the camera. Like Vlady Putin.

    Love the work-in-progress pics of the Whispers set. Thanks also for letting us know your ep has a horror-type slant. Coincidentally enough, I have a three-day vacation scheduled for whenever it’s going to air. (My Google Wimp Alert will let me know for sure.)

    I guess you would have said something if you’d really liked the Fred Saberhagen book. I read some of his stuff concurrently with Ursula K. LeGuin about 12 years ago. I liked it a lot at the time; but while I still remember the LeGuin, I’ve forgotten the Saberhagen. Coursework really threw a wrench into my recreational reading and viewing.

  33. Hi!

    I’ve been lurking on your blog but never comented before :), but now I can’t keep silent. TODD WILL BE BACK!!! *performs a little happy dance*
    Thanks for treating us with this great Wraith for at least 3 Episodes! I got a little worried about his survival after the season 5 starter, as nothing about his charcater was heard.
    I just love him, I think he is the best SGA character as one just doesn’t know what he is up to. Please keep it that way, I wouldn’t be happy with a villan Todd.
    To be honest, the only reason why I watch SGA is because of the Wraith 🙂 and Todd is their cherry on the cake 😀 Thanks for reveiling, that he will be back!

  34. Hey Joe. Any chances of Halling making a return in Season 5? I ask because you seem to have given Christopher Heyerdahl a new job. Would it be too much to ask him to double up on roles?

  35. narellefromaus Said:Dasndanger – Your humour credibility can remain in tact, I didn’t take your comment seriously Come to think about it, most of the comments read here are all light-hearted.

    *Whew!* Glad there were no misunderstandings! As far as my ‘humour credibility’ remaining intact, however…not really sure I had any in the first place… 😛

    @ ltcoljsheppard – I, for one, enjoyed your ramblings. And hey – at least you’re rambling on about a main character who has loads of fans and tons of potential…I ramble on about Wraith, and we all know those poor buggers rarely survive to the end of an episode.

    I, too, would like to understand what makes Sheppard so special gene-wise. Heck, I’d also like to know if there was a deeper meaning when Todd referred to him as a ‘brother’ in Common Ground…though I doubt it. He does have this delicious air of mystery hanging over him…and *little* insights now and then would be nice. (I’m a huge Wolverine/Logan fan, too…but Wolverine of the comics more than the movies.)

    As far as S4 goes, I actually feel closer to Sheppard because of it. For instance, the fact that he found a way to feed Todd in Miller’s Crossing – wow. Just wow. I KNOW he was doing it for Rodney…he could care less about Todd (seeing as how he wanted to betray him in The Seer )…yet it still showed great growth in the character. He didn’t relish what he had to do, but at least he had come to some sort of reluctant understanding about the Wraith and their needs. Had it been Steve, or another pre-Common Ground Wraith, I doubt he’d willingly let it feed regardless of the situation.

    But there’s much more than that…think about his feelings – his compassion – for Rodney. To save both Rodney (from sacrificing himself), and his sister, Shep went against everything he had fought so hard for the last few years: to stop the Wraith from feeding on humans. And now, here he was providing a human meal to one…knowing full well what it felt like to be fed upon – not just by any Wraith – but by THIS Wraith. Could not have been easy for him…and yet he did what he had to out of love (though he’d never admit it) for Rodney.

    A second small glimpse into the man Sheppard is can be seen in Outcast, when his brother was berating him for leaving. I don’t know about you, but most guys I know would immediately defend themselves, but Shep sucked it up, held his tongue, and accepted the dressing-down without trying to justify himself by boasting about his heroics. My heart really went out to Sheppard there, because WE – the audience – KNOW all the things he’s done to save people – to save earth – but here he is, unable to speak up in his own defense. It took me back to The Siege when he was criticized for killing Sumner – must not have been nice having his nose rubbed in it. But eventually his actions were understood and he was vindicated…very satisfying moment…and hopefully – when the time is right – the same will happen with his brother.

    Those are just two S4 examples where we really see into John – but they’re also cases where you really have to think about what the scenes are telling us, since it’s not all spelled out in the script. Is he a little more distant to fellow teammates? Perhaps – but that’s what happens to a soldier who has seen, and done, things he’d rather not. But that shouldn’t make him distant to the audience…it really should draw us closer to him knowing what demons he’s dealing with (since those are revealed to us), and what it takes the guy not to reveal those demons to the others. Yeah – with the exception of his itchy Wraith-killing trigger finger, I really feel for the guy.

    OKAY – NOW who’s rambling??!! ACK!

    (Sorry everyone… 😛 )


  36. What is your opinion of Glokta?

    For the life of me i can’t seem to get in to the blade itself other than the first couple of chapters. Which I read, only to re-read each time i try to sit down and read the book. How do you force yourself to read the book??

  37. Thornyrose Said:
    “thank you for the lovely teasers and hints on the episodes under development. And on the book recommendations and BotM selections for May. My wallet may not be happy, but its used to being empty for the sake of the bookshelves.”

    Hey I don’t remember writing that!? oh wait I didn’t. Seems like us birds of a feather are flocking in the same place. I just had an email from Amazon informing me that Greg Keyes latest release “The Born Queen” has been delayed a month so I still have time to clear more space and bring down yet another set of bookshelves, I swear I was a librarian in a past life OOOK!

  38. No portion of this script may be performed without consent.

    Well then say if I wanted to act out a bit for a school performance of somekind. Say, incorporate the fight scene from Midway in to a similar styled action/drama scene.

    Do I need consent? Can I have it?

  39. Question: Of all the movies ever made regardless of genre, what are your top ten?

  40. Yay! More Jeannie and Todd in season 5; that is definitely good news! I’m also very eager to see “Whispers” and find out what you think is scary enough to make someone sleep with the lights on. So far, the only fiction to ever give me anything near that reaction was “Jaws”, which has given me nightmares since I first saw it at the age of 16. Sharks terrify the hell out of me and that movie so did not help.

    The books for May definitely look interesting and I may pick one or two of them up, particularly “The Android’s Dream”. I got my copy of “The Keep” today and started reading and am enjoying it so far. By the way, you wanted me to remind you about “Storm Front”, the first book of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files”, as a BOTM selection. Perhaps for June?

    Also, I’m jumping on the band wagon to ask for more background on John Sheppard in season 5. We’ve gotten some tantalizing hints in “Home”, “Phantoms”, “Doppelganger” and “Outcast”, but I’m really interested in seeing why he is so emotionally closed off and so completely averse to any physical expression of affection from his friends. I swear, the man seems to have more issues than National Geographic. Even more than McKay, and that’s saying quite a bit.

  41. Hey Joe,
    A really random question, but what sort of music do you listen too?

    I’ll try and read the books you’ve mentioned for the BOTM club, holidays soon so fingers crossed to getting my hands on some books to read.

  42. Hi Joe! Thanks you too, for to share with us so many info about Stargate world! 🙂

    I have a question about Stargate sets:

    How long takes the team in making the wraith sets, Atlantis sets, ships sets…?

    Thank you 🙂

  43. Just a quick book question. Could you recommend any shorter scifi books or authors that would be good for younger readers, teenagers?

  44. I gotta say that there is a definite Sears Catalog vibe to that last picture of the guys. Very funny.

    Dang. Script titles. So hard to come up with memorable ones. How about “The Title That Never Comes?”

  45. Morjana said:

    I thought that Christopher Redman and Tobias Slezak were excellent in their roles as the video crew for “Heroes, Parts 1 & 2,”

    Thanks for that Morjana. I was wondering where I knew Tobias. He was THE BEST guest in Heroes. His acting while they watched the tape of Fraser was brilliant. Really made the episode. Just happens to be gorgeous too.

    Cheers, Chev

  46. You’re in for a treat, Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero is a fantastic book. It has a scale that freaked me out a bit when I was reading it, it just got bigger and bigger.

    It is classic science fiction, not due its age, but because the thought provoking questions it poses on a personal and on a grand scale.

    I’m going to have to dig it out of my bookshelf now its been ages since I’ve read it. I might even tackle Timescape for the 3rd time after that, I don’t know why but every time I start it I only get a few pages in and then it just gets left.

  47. With regard to ltcoljsheppard’s post about further development of the story about Sheppard’s ATA gene. I agree with you. It would be great to see Sheppard do more than initiate stuff. I haven’t seen him fly the city yet (looking forward to that). I wonder about any negative effects of the gene. Also, would a rogue part of the government develop a program to genetically select the gene? Use Sheppard, O’Neill and females with a strong ATA gene to create children with even stronger Ancient genes.

    Cheers, Chev

  48. SGUEEEE, Jeannie is back in S5. : ) I’ll have to ask her about it when I see her at SHORE LEAVE.

    COOL!!!, An out and out horror ep.

    Will it be scarier then Vengeance? I thought those bug creatures were creepy.

    If you were to be invited to a con, what is the best time of year for you?

  49. Thank you ever sooo much for the heads up on Todd. Personally, I’d rather see Todd become a wiley ol’ King before seeing him answer to a Queen. Just a thought. (I know. I know. Everybody has one!) I’ve never heard of chocolate covered bacon before, but I may have to give that a try as I really do love both separately already.

    Anyhoo…thanks for the pics and the spoils!

  50. Your comment about spinning for twenty minutes – while I completely understand the lingo – popped a great mental picture into my head, thanks to being still a little sleepy-groggy when I read it.

    So I’m just going to pretend that you all had a buddy that you were holding hands with as you two spun as fast as you could until you fell down.

  51. Chev said…..I wonder about any negative effects of the gene. Also, would a rogue part of the government develop a program to genetically select the gene? Use Sheppard, O’Neill and females with a strong ATA gene to create children with even stronger Ancient genes.

    Chev, as any one who reads this blog regularly knows my love of all things scientific is boundless. And to this end I am willing to…put my self forward as a test subject for the ATA gene experiment.

    I will qualify this with a proviso *no* in vitro procedures it has to be all in vivo. And with compatibility issues not with standing either Sheppard or O’Neill will do, I’m not fussed!

    Come on girls whose with me?

    Pauline (I do have the ATA gene honestly!)

  52. So Whispers is a horror episode? Does that mean that there will be clowns in it? Cause I don’t think I could watch that.

    The only only clown I can watch without feeling the need to hide behind a cushion is Krusty.

    Clowns are Eeeevil!!

  53. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to leave a note saying that I really enjoyed season 4 and can’t wait for July. Looking forward to Jeannie and Todd too – that’s one of the things I enjoy about SGA, not only the strong core cast but all the interesting minor characters too.

    You mentioned a while ago that you might be revisiting a shelved SG1 story (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) in season 5. Is that still a possibility?


  54. So Todd is slated for 3 appearances so far? Wonderful! I’m so glad we’ll be seeing him again next season. Todd is an intriguing character and I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen with him and his relationships with the SGA team and his fellow Wraith in the future.

    And you’re watching KAIRO as inspiration for your script for “Whispers”? Interesting. That film is one of the most insidiously disturbing Japanese horror movies that I have seen. I can’t wait to see how it influences that episode.

    O.K. Joe, you hooked me. I’ll give the BOTM club a shot and read THE BLADE ITSELF . I was intrigued by an online book club, but wasn’t sure I wanted to participate until I saw your recommended reading list. Zelazny’s LORD OF LIGHT is one of my all time favorites (I just reread it for the umpteenth time) and I can accept recommendations from anyone who also read and enjoyed:
    George R. R. Martin (The Ice and Fire series – *dang, I wish he’d finish it!*), Daniel Keyes (Flowers for Algernon), Walter M. Miller Jr. (A Canticle for Leibowitz), Gene Wolfe (Book of the New Sun), Roger Zelazny (Lord of Light).

    I’ve got to ask: are bacon and chocolate really two great tastes that taste great together?


  55. Well done on creating a 9-year-old fan! Even since I visited the set last summer and got to meet the team, my son has been watching eps with me whenever we can – we’re about halfway through S3 now. We’re going on a cruise in 2 weeks for spring break, and he wants to know if we can bring the SGA DVDs with us to watch! He definitely has his priorities straight 🙂

    BTW, his fave character is Sheppard (I’ve taught him well) so I’ll jump on the “more Shep stuff” wagon 🙂

  56. Hey Joe! Is there any way you can give us an update as to what Teyla’s going to be doing this next season? I know you’ve got “The Queen” planned already, but can you give us anything more than that? Is there another episode where she’s central to the plot? Are there any fight scenes planned with her, are the Athosians going to be seen again, do we get any more Teyla backstory, will there be Teyla whump, etc? You’ve been great to all the John, Rodney, and Ronon fans, but the Teyla fans need some loving too!

    Just one more question, I hope you don’t mind. Are there plans for a Larrin reappearance this season? I didn’t mind her at all and I think she’d be an interesting character with some more development. It’d be great to see her interact with someone other than Sheppard.

  57. Hey Joe!

    Bacon Bar with chocolate? Sounds…erm…interesting. 🙂

    I REALLY should get involved in your BOTM club, but university can be quite time consuming. I’ll try my best to get involved with it once my schedule clears up! Thanks for offering it nonetheless!

    Looking forward to “Whispers” more so than ever now! 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  58. Sheppard. . .Because he was awesome in the beginning and seems to have become more two dimensional as the years go by.

    I have to agree with this poster. Sheppard used to be “fun” but over time has become rather stale and seemingly unapproachable. I hated the “kirking” part of Shep (season 2’s Shep-Ho for example), but he really seems to have been dumbed down, and become rather. . .boring. Not good qualities for our big HERO.

    Over time I too have found myself drawn more to the secondary characters like Zelenka, Beckett, McKay, even Ronon and Todd, and if Skiffy announced tomorrow that Joe Flanigan was leaving the show, I’d just recommend replacing Shep with Lorne and let the adventure continue. Seriously, I find Lorne to be friendlier, and even more charismatic than Shep these days, and that’s something I never could have imagined early in this show.

  59. If anyone is thinking of trying chocolate and bacon, here’s some tips: The bacon must be very crisp. Think standard thin Hormel bacon, fried to an even brown. I find the thick-cut to be a little overpowering, but YMMV. Do Not fry your bacon naked. Cool, drain, pat off as much of the grease as possible with a paper towel. Break into chunks, about three or four per strip. The chocolate: dark semi-sweet premium chocolate, such as Nestle Chocolatier or better, melted. Go with the double-boiler or water bath method, not the microwave. Gently dip each chunk into the chocolate and place on a rack over foil. Your fingers will get delightfully coated, just go with it. You can make bacon clusters, personally I do not care for them. Eat. This is a food best served fresh, although it can withstand moderate chilling. I recommend a side of fire spinning and a mystery Margarita or three.

    And to think, I know someone who is seriously engineering a Bacon Bra for Burning Man. I guess everything is better with bacon.

  60. @ Wraithworshipper, RE: “Personally, I’d rather see Todd become a wiley ol’ King before seeing him answer to a Queen…”

    Normally I would agree with you. However, on further consideration, I thought of what this could possibly mean – this could be the episode Wraith fans have demanded since the beginning – the Wraith ‘Pon Farr’!

    Just imagine the possibilities! Males swarming in from all around, drawn together by the Queen’s seductive pheromone scent, then engaging in brutal fights to the death until only one emerges victorious – worthy to be the consort of the Queen!
    He wins her, he has her! Then – at the height of ecstasy – the Queen, like a deadly mantis – devours her mate!







    Nah, on second thought…I think I like Todd better as the 10,000-year old virgin… 😛


  61. Hey Joe,

    Forgot to mention, I’m going to have to remember to vet Whispers before I let my 7-year-old watch it. He LOVES SGA, but the scarier stuff gives him nightmares. We were playing catch up for him on season 1 last night, watching Hide and Seek, and I’d forgotten about the scarier bits when the energy being is creeping around the city, but suddenly found my son snuggled up right next to me. Luckily he slept ok though!


  62. Yeah, seriously how did the Mo’s Bacon Bars taste? I’ve seen those bars, love Voges, love bacon and have been very curious! Vosges chocolate is ridiculously good. Have you tried the Vosges d’Oliva and Red Fire candy bars? They sound insane and bizarre, but are actually quite good.

    Todd is back for Season 5!!!! [Looks over shoulder at work…no one is around…does happy dance…trips over chair, lands on butt…ow]

  63. Century asked for shorter scifi books for teens. I’m a Young Adult Librarian and I run a teen book club at the library. The last book we read was The Last Universe by William Sleator. I didn’t particularly care for it but all the teens loved it. Seriously. Loved it to bits and pieces. Sleator is quite a prolific (and award winning) scifi writer for teens, so I’d recommend checking out his bookshelf.

    I also recommend Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. It’s not as short, but is an easy read that immediately pulls you into the story. I read it in high school and adored it. I can always take a walk through the teen room today and see what else I find, if you’d like.

    Elizabeth S mentioned Bringing Up Baby and I just wanted to jump in and mention that it is one of my favorite films. Cary Grant! *sigh*

    Joe, I was thrilled to hear that not only will Carson be in some season five episodes, but Todd and Jeannie will have their moments, too! Hurrah!

    I checked out Empire of Ice Cream the other day and I’m determined to read, if not the whole thing, than a smattering of stories before the book club. I feel the need to step out of the teen room.

    About your chocolate: Is it wrong that I don’t like bacon? Possibly? Probably?

  64. Awe March 26th
    Chocolate on my Birthday how nice of you.
    I needed cheering up. I had to put my dog Heather down yesterday. She gave us 13 years of pure joy and many fun filled memories to remember her by.
    Take Care
    Jean :~)

  65. It’s wierd how people see things differently. (but good, I guess). I’ve become more attached to Sheppard this season, as opposed to less. I second (or third or fourth or fifth, whatever) the notion of seeing more of what makes him tick and of exploring the gene aspect in further detail.

  66. I’m really going to miss Martin Wood being a director on Atlantis this year. If I wanted to send a wee card to him would it be passed on if I sent it to Bridge Studios? If not, would you be kind enough to thank him for being so good to the fans and giving so much of his time to do the director commentaries etc next time you see him.


  67. I’m 107 pages into “The Blade Itself” and I am HOOKED! Its cheaper to buy from Play.com than the local bookshops but my bank manager isn’t gonna like me no matter what.

  68. Hello =D FRENCHI IS BACK …:)

    Sa va?? Moi, oui, trés bien? !

    Beaucoup de Merci aujourd’hui..et bien moi je vous répond derien^^! Je ne comprend pas grande chose a cette histoir de position des blogs les plus visité, mais en tout la premier chose que je fait en ouvrant mon ordinateur c’est d’aller sur votre blog, il est super =D!

    Oula je vous pose tellement de question (et souvent sans réponse) que maintenant je ne sais plus quoi dire..

    hum…..a si je sais 😀

    Avant qu’on vous propose un emplois en tant que producteur de stargate sg1, connaissiez vous bien cette serie? l’aviez vous deja vu a la TV?

    Bon voila! MERCI!!!! KISS KISS! je vous adore!!!!!!!a demain =)

  69. *HUGS* for Jean. Thinking about you and Heather. I dread the day I have to make that decision myself.

  70. Hey, Joe, does Baron Destructo know French? I got this in my email:

    Bonjour Mme / M,

    Nous vous contactons par cette presente pour vous informer de votre gain à la loterie MEGAMILLIONS MARC ANDRESSEEN PRICE.
    Ceci n’étant donc pas un spam ni un virus, veuillez trouver en fichier joint votre notification de gain.



    Los Oscar: llega la gran fiesta de Hollywood. ¡Síguela!

  71. Shiningwit said:
    ‘I still have time to clear more space and bring down yet another set of bookshelves, I swear I was a librarian in a past life OOOK!’

    ROFL at the “oook”. I’ve missed the Librarian in the last few Prachett books. And I’m glad you have room for another set of bookshelves. I’ve hit saturation point, unless I sacrifice some other furniture. Or move to a bigger house. Or con my father into accepting a pile of hardbacks… I suppose it does make sense though. My first job ever was as the assistant in the children’s section of the local library. And of course there’s the frustration of trying to find time to read my collection. Work conspires to not only keep me from reading during work hours as much as i’d like, but requires me to use some of my “off” time for purposes other than I’d like. A tale i am sure is repeated by many others around here.

  72. Hi Joe
    Great news regarding 3 episodes of Todd in Season Five. I have visions of the Wraith Queen giving him a hard time over his non life-sucking dealings with humans. I’m afraid a bunch of flowers and a cute smile just isn’t going to cut it Todd!You are so toast.But not dead nooo definitely not dead 🙂
    Whispers – Creeptastic? Excellent.

  73. I would like to echo the sentiments of so many others: I want to know more about John Sheppard.

    In her first year, as only a recurring character, we learned more about Keller’s history than we have yet to learn about Sheppard after four seasons. “Outcast” opened up a whole new set of questions. With the addition of even more recurring characters to SGA in S5 please drop at least some some major hints about Sheppard throughout the season, as was done in “Sunday” when he told Ronon that he had been married. I, too, would like to know why his Ancient gene is so special. He could have been a member of MENSA, so why has he been dumbed down? Quite a few of us really want to know more about him. Sorry, but unlike an earlier commenter, I would not continue to watch SGA if you replaced Sheppard with Lorne.

  74. Zounds! That’s your script! Ha, ha! Sheppard and the all female team “shoot the breeze”! Classic euphemism! The ShepWhore is back baby!

  75. Overall season four was enjoyable but my biggest disappointment was the lack of team episodes which I put down to Rachel being pregnant and maybe scheduling difficulties for some of the other cast members. I was hoping this would be rectified in season 5 but from the spoilers I have seen so far I am beginning to think season 5 may be even more lacking in team episodes. As much as I like to see each character get a episode focused on them I cannot say I enoy these episodes near as much as when they are all together. So far the majority of episodes seem to focus on one or maybe two members of the team and the latest spoilers for Whispers leaves me flabergasted and almost loosing my excitement for the return of SGA in the summer.
    We will now have an episode where Carson is resurrected again, I said goodbye to him in Sunday and to me he feels out of place now, but the most disappointing news is that Sheppard spends the episode with a totally different team. What the hell. Why is it so difficult to concentrate on the characters we already have without bringing in a completely new bunch. It’s taken 4 years to get to know and most importantly come to care for this team and now we are subjected to another one. Isn’t Lorne’s team enough as a back up, without bringing in a 3rd team. Sheppard is suffering from a serious lack of development and Teyla and Ronon continue to get sidetracked but yet we get even more charcters to reduce their screentime even more. Why have 4 main characters if we hardly see them or why have a primary team that we rarely see together. SGA has always been about the characters for me and the comradarie they share and they should be the focus of the show.
    Sheppard needs to get to do something else besides run around with a gun, look hot, and bottle up his emotions. He needs to be allowed to show some sort of emotion and feelings, or the guy is in serious danger of becoming totally one dementional and therefore uninteresting. I was really hoping to see some more focus on them as a team and the relationships they have built up over the last few years, but we seem to be getting too many new characters in the show, and I fear that no one will end up getting any real development or attention at all. I hope my fears will not be realised and am trying to stay positive that the focus will come back to the core of the show, which is the team for me, and that maybe one day Sheppard will get a decent episode that does justice to his character and to the actor.

  76. Okay, Century. More sci fi for teens! (I know you asked Joe, but I hope you don’t mind me recommending some titles.)

    * Feed – M.T. Anderson (looks at technology and consumerism in a futuristic society)
    * Flip – David Lubar (contact with alien devices)
    * Citizen of the Galaxy – Robert A. Heinlein
    * Maximum Ride – James Patterson (a series, some love it and some hate it, deals with genetic engineering and mutants, of a sort)
    * The House of the Scorpion – Nancy Farmer (deals with cloning, won tons of awards and honors)
    * The Giver – Lois Lowry (first in a trilogy, award winning, deals with a Utopian society, one of my favorite books)
    * Truesight – David Stahler, Jr. (another Utopian society, I’ve heard this book is very similar to The Giver, so read Lowry first)
    * Uglies – Scott Westerfeld (first in a four book series, another Utopian society, this might be better for girls)
    * Midnighters – Scott Westerfeld (a series, kids with special powers)
    * Indigara, Or, Jet and Otis Conquer the World – Tanith Lee (a fairly new book by a popular YA author)

    And, then of course:

    * The Last Universe – William Sleator (and other books by this author)
    * Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card (and the rest of the series and parallel series, one of my favorite books)

    So, yeah. That’s my contribution. This is my favorite part of my job, recommending books for teens. Hopefully something here will work!

  77. Wow, it’s amazing how opinions vary! I think Sheppard is one of many interesting characters on Atlantis – especially after this season! His actions in Miller’s Crossing disturbed me – talk about being unexpected – and yet fascinated me at the same time.

    The idea of replacing him with Lorne, a recurring character is quite bizarre and I for one hope that never happens. Nothing against Lorne, I really like him, but Sheppard is military commander of Atlantis and I’d rather he stay that way.

  78. Regarding the, as yet, unnamed mid-season episode — Far be it from me to even presume I could be witty enough to offer you a suggestion of a title, but I did find the following quotes that may or may not be useful. (based on your repeated references to there being “scenes” in this episode)I humble submit them for your consideration. (*wonders why I sound so “formal” today*)

    “What would life be without arithmetic, but a scene of horrors.” — Sydney Smith

    “Where the world ceases to be the scene of our personal hopes and wishes, where we face it as free beings admiring, asking and observing, there we enter the realm of Art and Science” — Albert Einstein

    “The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    “This whole creation is essentially subjective, and the dream is the theater where the dreamer is at once: scene, actor, prompter, stage manager, author, audience, and critic.” — Carl Gustav Jung

    “It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.” — Anais Nin

    “Faith is the pierless bridge supporting what we see unto the scene that we do not.” — Emily Dickinson

    “However confused the scene of our life appears, however torn we may be who now do face that scene, it can be faced, and we can go on to be whole.” — Muriel Rukeyser

    “Vast and fearsome as the human scene has become, personal contact of the right people, in the right places, at the right time, may yet have a potent and valuable part to play in the cause of peace which is in our hearts.” — Winston Churchill

  79. Can I be really selfish and ask for the blog your about to write to be dedicated to me please? I’m in the middle of my 6,000 word dissertation on the Roman Emperor Aurelian, and could really do with a pick-me-up.


  80. Century: check out Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time and the rest of the books in that series =)

  81. Hello!

    I was wondering, have you read any of Lois McMaster Bujold’s scifi or fantasy? I’d highly recommend her and she’s also won a ton of awards for her work!

    Also, can you tell me why it is that David Hewlett is always introduced in the credits: “David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay” while everyone else is just listed by their name? Surely everyone has heard of the fabulous Dr. McKay by now?! 😉

  82. I have to agree with the poster who said they found the idea of replacing Sheppard with Lorne rather bizarre. I just can’t get my head around why anyone would seriously consider this notion and find it quite strange indeed. Surely not as strange as someone coming to the defense of a fictional character but here goes!

    John Sheppard is loyal, deadly, tormented, dorky, able to think outside the box and after the event of Millers Crossing and a couple of other episodes this past season he’s also somewhat unpredictable. Perhaps the development of the Sheppard character hasn’t been as in your face as some others but it has happened, albeit at a slower pace.

    And after four seasons of enjoying this amazing show I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea of how the major Atlantis characters and even some minor ones might respond in any given situation. With Sheppard I’m not so sure anymore. And I think that’s a good thing.

  83. Are there going to be any Todd and Teyla scene together? I really like Teyla sensing the Wraith but would also like more Teyla centered episodes and also more Teyla/John scenes . Also will we see Teyla’s baby more than once after she gives birth?

    Thank You 🙂

  84. Dear Joe,

    How I wish I lived in B.C. and could get an invite to a casting session for an SGA Episode. I have hankered after an acting role in the Stargate world for some time, alas you have so many fine actors over there that us mere mortals in UK/Europe don’t stand a chance.

    I know, I’m a sad old pharte. I have become a fantasist lately but that is what happens when people like you create such fine work.

    Oh well, perchance to dream……. meanwhile chocolate helps.

    Scritches for the dogs, hugs to you & the crew.

    Izzy xx :p

  85. I’d have to agree with one of the previous posters that SGA is at its’ absolute best when focusing on the team. And by team, I mean Shep, McKay, Teyla and Ronon. They are the main course, and should be featured the most prominently. The other characters are fine as accent, to bring out aspects of our team that make them more interesting, but I am most happy when the “fab four” are the focus.

  86. Century, the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series by Douglas Adams and Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening by Michael Carroll are both very good sci-fi books for teenagers. Also, it’s not sci-fi but I really suggest the Kiki Strike series by Kirsten Miller (Inside the Shadow City is the first book and The Empress’s Tomb is the second book). It’s a series about a group of girls in NYC who explore an underground city that has rats, hidden treasures, gangs, evil relatives who happen to be European royalty, and lots more stuff (the books are excellent, very exciting and humorous). Here’s some links (if they work):

    The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams:

    Quantum Prophecy:

    The Kiki Strike series:
    Inside the shadow city:
    The Empress’s Tomb:
    The book’s website:
    And the blog on the book’s website:

    Also, if the teen is a Stargate fan, the Fandemonium Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis novels are okay. Roswell (SG-1 series) is pretty funny and Halcyon is my sister’s favorite of the Atlantis series. Here’s the links for them (again, if the link works):
    Roswell by Sonny Whitelaw:
    Halcyon by James Swallow

    And if they like the series, there’s eleven books in the SG-1 series and eight books in the Atlantis series (with more books coming out this year), so at least there would be plenty to read.

  87. 1) Do have any back up plans in case something bad happens with SAG when their contract up’s since 2 cast members are members?

    2) I know you can’t look at fan fiction for obvious reasons but are you able to check out artwork (wallpapers, drawings, etc.) and music videos done by the fans?

  88. @ pm ytimynona: Yes, yes! I made a mental note to add the Wrinkle in Time series to the list, and then promptly forgot. Great suggestion!

    In regards to the debate concerning Sheppard as a one dimensional character, I have to say I disagree. He may not be all fun and games anymore, but it would be unrealistic (well, unrealistic for a scifi show) if he were. He’s grown over the seasons as being in command has asked more of him. But he still has a streak of dorky, unadulterated, boyish glee that comes out at just the right moments. I’d be very upset if he were to leave, no matter how much I like Lorne.

  89. dignan50yp Said: I have to agree with the poster who said they found the idea of replacing Sheppard with Lorne rather bizarre…John Sheppard is loyal, deadly, tormented, dorky, able to think outside the box and after the event of Millers Crossing and a couple of other episodes this past season he’s also somewhat unpredictable.

    As far as ‘replacing’ Shep with Lorne – no, not on a permanent basis. But if it was a temp situation…while Shep was tending to other responsibilities…that would work. The focus would still be on Shep – but in a different situation than one we’re used to seeing him in. I know I made the suggestion before here – but I didn’t mean for it to be about ‘less’ Sheppard, but to just stick him in a situation that he’s NOT made for, and see what happens. Could be fun!

    And yeah, like I said earlier – Miller’s Crossing really showed us something about the guy. Everyone will see something a little different, but I see a guy who both has finally (in some way) accepted that the Wraith are not pure evil, and who also would compromise his own standards in order to save a friend. I hear some complain that the episode was slow, not enough action, yadda yadda yadda…but to me it was a far more intense and memorable episode based simply on those last 15 minutes.


  90. Hey Joe, is Tobias Slezak any relation to Erika Slezak or her father Walter? Both great actors? Just wondering as it’s not the most common name. I’m new here, sorry if you’ve answered this before…

  91. Hey Mr. M.

    I kind of just wanted to remember a lost friend in a rather small way. He died Monday and was 16-years-old. Truely one of the nicest people you would ever meet, and that’s saying something because he was smart, atheletic, and handsome… but always so nice and kind and found good in everyone.

    Think you could dedicate a blog to him? His funeral is tomrrow (Friday.) I’ll leave another comment on today’s post.


  92. Great pics again! Have to admit to being a little worried about Whispers, not being a horror fan by any means, but so far Atlantis hasn’t produced an episode I can’t handle, so I’m just going to have to hope I can handle this one. (I loved Doppelganger and had no problems with Vengeance).

    I’m sure you’re bearing in mind that some watchers aren’t into truly scary stuff and that kids watch the show too. Can’t remember offhand what rating Atlantis has (12, I think in the UK), but I’m sure we’re not talking something in the 18 plus certificate range here – certainly I’m going to watch it and hope for it’s not too scary for me!

    Ah, but what a meanie you are to poor Carson, putting him into a horror-like situation! Not the bravest of men in some ways, but he can sure stand his ground when he has to – oh please don’t traumatise the lad too much… Hang on, what am I saying? I’m a whumper – get that trauma going for him…!!! *grins*

    So the mid-season two-parter is still nameless?

    Hey, now there’s an idea! Call it Nameless, parts 1 & 2!!!

    No?! Oh well, it was just a thought!

    Leesa Perrie

  93. He wins her, he has her! Then – at the height of ecstasy – the Queen, like a deadly mantis – devours her mate!

    I really hope we don’t get a mantis parallel with the Wraith! For various reasons. Most particularly the concern for Todd’s safety.

    But also I dislike it as a story cliche, metaphor, and perpetuating the popular thought that it’s natural behavior for mantis females to devour the mating males. Female mantis cannibalism only occurs in captivity. Out in the wild, males are safe.

  94. Ack! I forgot to thank you, Joe!

    Thanks for the great news about Todd! Looking forward to it and hoping he’s going to be ok! We Todd-fans love seeing him, but we also dread each appearance, wondering if events and actions will start foreshadowing his demise.

    You know you got our hearts in your hands, right?

  95. dasNdanger Said:

    @ Wraithworshipper, RE: “Personally, I’d rather see Todd become a wiley ol’ King before seeing him answer to a Queen…”

    Normally I would agree with you. However, on further consideration, I thought of what this could possibly mean – this could be the episode Wraith fans have demanded since the beginning – the Wraith ‘Pon Farr’!

    Just imagine the possibilities! Males swarming in from all around, drawn together by the Queen’s seductive pheromone scent, then engaging in brutal fights to the death until only one emerges victorious – worthy to be the consort of the Queen!
    He wins her, he has her! Then – at the height of ecstasy – the Queen, like a deadly mantis – devours her mate!



    Nah, on second thought…I think I like Todd better as the 10,000-year old virgin…

    Das, once I remembered what the “Pon Farr” is (from The Wrath of Khan, right?), your post totally cracked me up. About Todd: “Indeed.” 😉 And if necessary, we all should get him to a nunnery! (Although, a group project might not work out quite so well, either, given the zeal of his devotees. . . and it shouldn’t be the nunnery from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

  96. @ Loren:

    I’d like to offer my condolences on the loss of your friend. I hope that the young man’s family, and other friends and families, will be able to help get each other through a very difficult time. . . .

  97. Sheppard is just a dull dude who can’t hold a candle to O’Neill in the main character department. He needs more development or just ditch him, and I don’t mean romancing him with Teyla to make either of them interesting. Talk about gagfest.

    The idea of Lorne in charge is intriging, but what I’d really like to see is Todd feasting on Keller. Now THAT I would really look forward to seeing!

  98. So much talk of bacon in the comments today! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – I hear it’s the food that makes all other food taste good.

  99. Late in commenting, I felt compelled to say something since the three blokes look mighty fine! 😀

    Also I got very excited when I saw the name Scalzi as I also comment on his blog though I confess he’s far too intellectual for me… I mean, I don’t really have much to say except “Whee, I love your books!” which sounds rather lame in contrast to everyone else.

    I am however awaiting his next book in anticipation! I have to say that I read the Android’s Dream on your recommendation last year and since moved on to all his books. I loved Old Man’s War.

    Unfortunately I haven’t read much scifi in recent times!

    Uh, have a nice day btw. 🙂

  100. Ever since Atlantis resumed contact with Earth in Season 2, how come the times that they went to Earth or in “The Intruder” or in “Critical Mass” that u never saw anyone from SG-1 besides Landry or Walter?

  101. I like Keller and do not understand all the hatred directed at her *shrugs* .. I also like John/Teyla too and although I never expect to see them get together I do hope to see some EEEEEEEE worthy moments between them in Season 5 *hint*
    I like Lorne too and want to see more on him !!

  102. Das:

    It wasn’t your post that I was commenting on! Your Lorne idea was actually quite interesting! Somewhere in the ladder of posts there was a comment about getting rid of the character of Sheppard and replacing him with Lorne which someone commented on as being a silly and bizarre idea! I was remarking in agreement to that person’s post.

    And hey, I agree with all your comments on Miller’s Crossing! The last fifteen minutes rocked.

  103. Joe,

    Thank you for answering my question about Jeanie. It’s really nice to know she’ll be back.

    My kidlets and I went to the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair (it’s what they call the county fair here), and as we were getting on the biggest of the Ferris Wheels, nine year old Jennifer, smiles up at me and says in a voice just above a whisper, “John Sheppard likes Ferris Wheels.” I laughed because she is only 1/2 way through Season 1 (I’ve just started allowing her to watch the show) and she remembers this key piece of information. She also asked if I thought there would ever be a chance of a carnival in the Pegasus Galaxy so that John could have a chance to ride a Ferris Wheel again.

    So, now, it’s not just my obsession.

    Another few of questions about John Sheppard’s character and your personal preferences: What are John’s and your favorite football teams? NFL and/or college? And, what game was Sheppard watching when he tried to explain “Hail Mary” to Teyla in “Hide and Seek”? I, personally, am a Chicago Bears fan living in Dolphins territory; I share your intense dislike of the Patriots, as far as that goes, and I love Notre Dame – can you tell I’m a Midwestern girl?

    Have a wonderful Friday and wish me some R & R as I start Spring Break tomorrow (It really is still funny to me how teachers look forward to these things as much as the kids.).

    Thanks again!


  104. Oops…just realized I highlighted ‘dorky’ (referring to Shep) in my last post…I was supposed to 😆 at that!

    @ Panna Cotta – RE: Mantis-mating Wraith – of course, I was just joking about that – would hate it, too. Too many handsome Wraith are dying anyway, don’t need their queens feeding on them, too. 😉 Though the Wraith remind me of the praying mantis physically, but their social structure is closer to bees or ants, and so you would think their mating behaviors would be closer to those species – if the writers even give it that much thought.

    I also agree with you about dreading Todd’s appearances (but loving them, too!). We never know if it will be his last, or if it will be the one where they turn him into the predictable evil villain… *cough*Michael*cough*. I love him where he’s at, playing the little games with the Lanteans – never knowing which way he’s leaning. Good stuff there – and I like the whole antihero feel to the guy right now.

    I’d love to see Todd feeding again (on an enemy, of course) – since we haven’t seen it in a while, and he’s so dang sexy when he does 😉 . It’s also a good reminder to both fans and Lanteans of what he needs to do to survive. He’d be cool about it afterwards, of course, while his Lantean buddies would be totally skeeved out over it all.

    @ tiger’s eyes – I remember the Pon Farr from the episode where Spock battled Kirk for his ladylove…waaaaaay back in the original series. Ugh…dating myself… 😛

    Poor Todd – I can just imagine him in the nunnery! LOL! “Naughty Zoot!!” I wonder if he’d like the spanking. 😉 I know one Wraith who would…that nasty boy from The Hive… 😆

    Shutting up now….



  105. Hi Joe:
    I’m be really interested in seeing what you make of the Bacigalupi! And I love Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series, but have yet to read The Android’s Dream, so I may have to see if I can’t get that one read before your discussion. Meanwhile, really looking forward to Abercrombie in May, obviously. And – I discovered Bacon Chocolate myself last month. Most incredible thing I’ve ever had. Hooked. Dependant.

  106. Yay for the blade itself being a May read. i loved it when i read it – one of those books that i have to keep putting down because it’s hard to handle that much glee in large doses. (my office mate on the other hand couldn’t handle the torture. My answer to that was “What torture?” i must have a blind spot for that kind of thing!)

    thanks for this blog too…although i think i will have to stop working just so i can read all of your book suggestions….seems a fair trade to me. 🙂

  107. Scary? Cool. Also looking forward to seeing Jeannie again. Can’t do enough for the nepotism party!

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