4 thoughts on “March 9, 2008: Director of Photography Jim Menard on the set of The Last Man

  1. I just got my mom into the whole SGA series where just catching up with some Neither me or my mom saw. She is really a big wraith fan

    And we come to tell ya “The Last man” was really breath taking also joh and I or my mom can’t wait for the new series to begin

  2. I also loved “The Last Man.” Please pass on this to everyone on the show if it is appropriate – I love the show; this is not a small compliment.

    My father read sci-fi with a ferocity similar to yours, I think. He would read at least one complete novel (paperback) per day, and did so every day for almost 40 years. The collection of books he had was astounding. I remember him always finishing books and saying “I think I’ve read that before,” heading up into the attic, and digging up one (or more) copies of the book he’d read and then going “oh yeah.” All those books were lost when he died; I wonder where they went… I wish I had them.

    He used to tell my brothers and I sci-fi stories he’d make up on the spot. I assume that the complete knowledge of virtually the entire sci-fi genre helped him come up with great ideas.

    Anyway; thanks for the great show. If my father were alive he would love it.

  3. Hey!

    Very nice video…that along with the fact that we time-travelled BACK to February 9th. 😀

    Awesome clip to watch Joe, much appreciated!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  4. “The score that accompanies Carter’s final battle is nothing short of extraordinary.”

    God I agree! It was breathtaking! I would love a collection of his compositions.
    Also major props to the whole writing team. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the last man. Everything about it, take it from me it was fan-frickin-tastic!! XD

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