13 thoughts on “January 3, 2008: Behind the scenes on Outcst – Turn your monitors sideways

  1. Do you read webcomics?

    Have you already answered this long ago?
    And I am just to much of a fool to find it?

  2. hehe, loved the angle. Truly artistic.

    Was it that:

    a) you don’t know how to edit it to make it right way up

    b) you couldn’t be bothered to edit it to make it right way up (that’s what the post team if for)

    c) you were to lazy to give it to your post team to edit for you?

  3. Answer: Let me be clear. Weir’s role was originally envisioned as a
    parallel to the Hammond role on SG-1. And so, unlike the team, it
    wasn’t intended that she head off-world every episode.

    To be fair (and it kills me to be fair to Torri at this point after the way she unleashed her more rabid fans on Amanda in that damned interview)if the role were really parallel to Hammond she wouldn’t have been written as being able to be over-ridden by someone under her command – who happens to be the series lead. It looked like head boy in charge must not take orders from… well, you know…a woman. Hammond was only over-ridden by his bosses, not Jack, and he was played by the series lead *and* executive producer.


    Rather like S9. (You knew that was coming. ;))

  4. Who was the one yelling “action”, “move your legs”, “cut” etc? I couldn’t tell. Was it Gero?

  5. Haha, the sideways vid just reminded of a girl last year that filmed her entire movie for ftv, you guessed it, sideways….accidently….

  6. Hey I know I already asked this and you didn’t reply, I’m just hoping you do it this time 😉
    At the end of ‘Missing’ Keller tells Teyla about her pregnancy. I was just wondering what in Teylas bloodowrk did show her the pregnancy…or are they doing ‘normal’ pregnancy tests on every female team member every now and then?

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