9 thoughts on “February 2, 2008: Behind the scenes on Outcast – Replicator green screen plunge

  1. Hahah how cool is that? Glad I’m seeing it now , after I’ve seen the way it looks on screen.

  2. I love seeing this stuff! These are the most interesting vids you post–the behind-the-scenes production clips. Not that I mind the dogs, either. Thank you so much for posting.

  3. that’s fun to watch. That had to be kind of amusing for the actor, preparing to be roasted to death like that.

  4. Your Cookie Monster posts are so bizarre and funny. Do you ever catch yourself chuckling as you write them?

    Enjoyed this weekend’s episode as usual. Joe F is really good at the inner turmoil/emotional stuff; I really like his acting.

    Which of the actors, if any, is the most like his/her character?

    Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  5. Answer: Like Amanda, Martin’s involvement in Atlantis’s fifth season will be dependent on his Sanctuary schedule. If all goes well, he should be swinging by to direct some episodes in the back half.

    So sad that Martin’s involvement in SGA is now limited as I like his work – esp the commentaries and other stuff onthe specialfeataures section of the DVD’s- it gives me a greater appreciation for his job.

    Meantime,I spent the weekend at a workshop learning how to write for the screen. Off now to fill out an application for the NZ writers guild and start polishing my stories (and converting to script) for short films.

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