Given the fact that I got home late today and had yet to post a blog entry, I elected to forego my planned dinner at Fuel in favor of a more homespun meal. And so, I pulled out the ol’ frying pan and cooked up the steaks that had been sitting in the fridge for the past couple of days. These I fed to the dogs. I, meanwhile, had a salmon salad sandwich on toasted flax multigrain loaf and a cream of cheddar cheese soup that, in hindsight, was probably not soup at all but an accompaniment to macaroni. Either that, or I should have followed the directions and added that cup of water during the cooking process. The bread was so stale I feared my penicillin allergy was going to kick in. It was a most unmemorable meal that gave me a greater appreciation for the culinary artistry of Fuel’s Chef Belcham. Hell, to be honest, even that pimply-faced kid who assembles the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheeses earns props in comparison. Still, a crappy meal was a small price to pay for completing this blog entry in a timely manner. I know how cranky some of you get staying up late waiting for my update.

I dropped Fondy off at the airport this morning, then headed in to work where we continued preparations for Atlantis’s fast-approaching fifth season. Production Designer James Robbins swung by the offices to show us some of the concept art for the first three episodes. Marty G. weighed in on Search and Destroy (He thought the roof should be lower, the construction a little more “reined in”), Paul commented on The Seed (The wraith walls are a light brown but we light them purple. All the same, he thought the shading was too light.) And I offered my thoughts on Broken Ties (At first I thought Rodney might have had a bathtub shipped over from Earth but, ultimately, decided to go with one of Lantian design). I also took the time to organize my office (somewhat), going through the stack of artwork and design packages sitting atop my desk, snapping pics along the way. I’m not sure what I’ve already shown you but, just in case – Feast your eyes while I see what I can do about playing catch-up with the mailbag. And, while you’re at it, why not check out yet another behind-the-scenes vid from Harmony. Oh, and speaking of vids, since the video links from my previous entries don’t work on wordpress, I’ve decided to make Baron Destructo’s photo bucket page public. So head on over to http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee164/BaronDestructo/

– and view at your leisure.

Le mailbag –

Mick writes: “ Wow, I cannot believe you disagree with the comparison to Trek.”

Answer: I’m not in a position to disagree because I haven’t seen the episode in question (I watched all of the classic Trek plus most of Voyager). My point is – if you scrutinize an episode hard enough, I’m sure you’ll find similarities with something that has come before. Star Trek has produced some thirty years of television while SG-1 ran for a decade so, yeah, chances are good you’ll notice some familiar elements somewhere along the way. All the same, I’ve often said that the most interesting thing about any story is how it influences our characters. Quarantine was less about the circumstances in which our characters found themselves and more about how they responded to the crisis and each other.

Patricia writes: “ I forgot to ask; how is Jelly’s degenerative hip condition?”

Answer: Better, thanks for asking. I’ve switched her over to a supplement for arthritic dogs that contains glucosamine and chrondroitin sulfate, and shark cartilage, and it seems to have made a world of difference. She was actually bounding around the backyard the other day.

Dougindy writes: “ You guys film at a location with a lot of sand and sand dunes/hills several times during sg1, for instance- a matter of time, moebius. Where is that site?”

Answer: I believe you’re referring to the Richmond sand dunes, located in Richmond. Or, at least they were located in Richmond. I don’t know if they still exist.

Iamza writes: “When do we vote for March’s BOTM books?”

Answer: I’ll have the nominees up this weekend.

Riley writes: “Which part of Italy is your family from?”

Answer: My father’s side was from Naples, my mother’s side from Altamura.

Osiris flight writes: “Joe, i am wondering if you are intentionally ignoring my questions. the first was about bloopers, the next few were about the video on MGM’s website.”

Answer: As much as I’d like to, I can’t possibly answer all of the questions asked on this blog. I’ll usually pick the questions that interest me at that particular sitting, generally skipping questions that I’ve already answered (Which was your favorite SG-1 episode?), questions that I have no answer for (When will season 4 be released on dvd?), questions that I won’t answer because it would require I spoil the show for fans (How is Beckett coming back?), questions that have already been answered by knowledgeable fans (Why did the wraith use the term “darts”), and questions I just plain old don’t have any interest in answering (If you could cast a talking tree, what kind of tree would it be?), or questions I just plain miss. And, other times, for reasons beyond my control, I am unable to answer a question directly. However, quite often a lot is said by what remains unsaid.

Mrs.B108 writes: “Have you considered severing Atlantis from Earth permanently, therefore changing the entire basis of storyline from exploration to survival?”

Answer: Unfortunately, the existence of ships like the Apollo and the Daedalus make this highly unlikely.

Shiningwit writes: “So how do you rate Farmer’s “To Your Scattered Bodies Go”?”

Answer: To be perfectly honest – I loved the first couple of chapters and then it went off the rails for me.

Horse N. Buggy writes: “Dreaming of Tokyo? Let me help you with the visuals. I was there a year ago – have a gander at my photos on Flickr.”

Answer: And I suspect I’ll be dreaming of Tokyo again tonight. Mmm. Mos Burger.

Astrumporta writes: “Oh, by the way, some friends and I want to come to Vancouver this summer. Can we sleep in your wok kitchen?”

Answer: That’s where I keep my valuables (a.k.a. my chocolates).

Brains103 writes: “I looked through your blog for books, but there were a lot. Too many. Could you narrow it down to (in your opinion) the best?”

Answer: Why not check out February’s book of the month club selections: Future Fiction, edited by Loud Anders, Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman, and Children of the Night, by Dan Simmons.

108 thoughts on “January 24, 2008: Why I should have taken that cooking class with Marty G.

  1. “…edited by Loud Anders”, oh, so you already have a nickname for Mr Anders, do you?

    (I know, I know, couldn’t resist though)

    I don’t if this has been asked/answered before (shame on me), but how did you and Paul become writing partners?

    Sorry you had such a bad dinner, here’s to hoping you have a better one next time. Incidentally, I noticed you ate salmon, wondering if you caught my comment in your last blog about how salmon is just as mercury-riddled as tuna?


  2. Woah! Nice artwork. And quite a teaser/spoiler in one of them too. Makes me all the more anxious to see the relevent episode. I can sympathise with the food quest. Though as much as I love dogs, there is no way I’d yield up a nice chunk of dead cow to one in favor of lesser fare. I do appreciate your efforts to post at a timely hour. As an east coast fan already sleep deprived, I am thankful that I am able to read your posts before collapsing for the night. I take it that the pace of production is picking up as filming approaches. Just one question for the night. When you are the set sites, what is your function, beside providing us with great video tidbits?

  3. Um… Joe, that Kindred photo seems like a pretty big spoiler as it’s labeled Kannan’s funeral pyre. I guess Teyla’s boyfriend doesn’t fair so well, huh?

  4. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the cool BTS Harmony vid (again) and art pics. Rodneyana Villosa is quite a big plant these days. “Impressive” says 54% of women surveyed. 🙂

    Hope Fondy has a fun and educational trip! And I hope your dining improves! At least I had a ribeye tonight, along with a nice salad, broccoli, and a Pinotage. One of those very, very rare occasions where I possibly ate a little better than you! (No gloating – just observing.)

    I’ll just end this now and go do those things I should be doing instead of hanging out here. Take care!


  5. Hi Joe,
    Loved the video and can’t wait to watch the episode.

    Any chance to see different weather other then sun or rain on Atlantis? Like can’t they go to a planet that has snow or something? I can hear Rodney complaining about the cold and the snow gear they have to wear.


  6. Promogirl said “Um… Joe, that Kindred photo seems like a pretty big spoiler as it’s labeled Kannan’s funeral pyre. I guess Teyla’s boyfriend doesn’t fair so well, huh?”


  7. I love how you casually throw out those little crumbs…like “bathtub.” It’s like tossing those little bits of food into the ponds of giant carp and watching the feeding frenzy!

    Does Fondy worry when she’s away? I mean, worry about leaving you unsupervised? I went away for four days once and Mr. Crazymom cleaned out my office for me. He filed things in a logical (for him) way and “threw away all the trash.” What trash?? I tried very hard not to hyperventilate over the phone and just said thank you. Once I got home, I made him promise to never EVER do that again. He has kept to that promise.

    Yesterday I asked him to promise not to start tearing down walls until he’s made sure they are not supporting walls. I made him understand that being “pretty sure” they’re safe to pull down is not sufficient. I think he’s clear on that now.

    He is a terrific teacher and a wonderful athletic trainer, not to mention his talent for landscaping our yard. However, he is NOT a handyman. He even agrees that he’s not a handyman. But yet, he keeps trying to become one. I could never be as brave as Fondy and leave him unsupervised for so long!

    I’d like to share this funny link, with this disclaimer: I mean absolutely no disrespect toward people who call the police because they need help, or people who call and ask “dumb” questions because they don’t know who else to ask. They are the reason I took my job and the reason I enjoy it. However, there are a great many people who call my office who, in reality, just need to be smacked on the back of the head and told to go away and grow up. We’re not allowed to do that, of course. Hence, the voice menu we can only dream about installing on our office phone.

  8. As as Veterinary student, I can’t help noticing all of your dogs are (just a tad *cough*) overweight. Perhaps a diet is in order?

    Also, why didn’t you get them micro-chipped rather than tattooed?

  9. Um…did you know that that funeral pyre picture gives away a character death? Like, a major spoiler-ish kind of character death?!

    Also, has the title been changed to Search and Destroy now? I thought it was Search and Rescue?

    Tsk, tsk, Joe. Sign of insanity #1 – carelessness. Believe me, I know.

    Anyways, just so this post doesn’t sound completely jerkass-like…I love that new video. Jodelle is very cute, and you’re talking like a father. It’s creepy and funny at the same time. David though, he takes the cake. “That’s not my funny voice, it’s my voice!” Hilarious.

    Thank you so much for both the hints for the Season 5 episodes, as well as sacrificing your culinarity for supplying us with a much needed blog-hit for tonight. Your dedication will not go unnoticed when we report to your psychiatrist of your debilitating mental condition when March arrives.

    (Sorry for constantly going on about that insanity, Joe, but I think I’m gonna make a blog comment story arc out of this, to hopefully entertain the others, as well as you. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, just say the word, and I’ll stop)

  10. That’s really cool of you to make the Baron folder public. I opened my own photobucket webpage after I read and saw how easy it was for you to use it way back during the summer. It’d be nice if it was easier to post HD video, but I’m sure it’ll have to wait for a time when internet speeds are more conducive to that type of use.

    Here’s to hoping you don’t have any other home-cooked medical emergency scares while Fondy’s gone!

  11. Aw, I wasn’t going to say anything about the photos in case someone managed to not read every little detail about them, but seeing it typed out by someone else makes it even more harshly real. I guess it was inevitable, no love interest can last.

    I do appreciate all you do for us, even suffering sub-standard food. I thought you were a better cook than that with all the food appreciation issues you have. 😉 I’m one of those people who’s always waiting for the update, though not a cranky person. I never actually leave the site (shutting down computers is for the weak), which makes me wonder if I count as another visitor every time I reload or go from main page to comment page and back. Am I adding to the tally for the next prize?

    I know people make a lot of noise about bathing/sanitation facilities in Atlantis, are you for real about McKay’s bath or is that just teasing the whiners? I’ll take the teasing just for the mental image… Where’s my copy of A Dog’s Breakfast…

  12. And you’d think the folks at Fuel would deliver meals to you at your home – if you succumbed to food poisoning the first night Fondy’s away – it’d be tragic.

  13. Answer: That’s where I keep my valuables (a.k.a. my chocolates).

    PERFECT!!! (just kidding)

    Wow, a Fondy-less month. And you already have stale bread. Not a good start.

    Soup-wise, your first mistake was going with canned soup. Guy! You cook gourmet food! How hard is it to add a can of water (shudder) or milk (much better) to some thick stuff! Homemade is the way to go anyway.

    Or stop by the store and get some ready to eat soup. The Pacific brand is pretty good. Open the box and pour it into a soup mug, then zap. No pesky directions to not read.

    Take care Joe. At least we know the pooched won’t start gnawing on you if you are feeding them steak.



  14. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering, if you had a chance to write an episode for any tv show throughout all time what show would you write the episode for?

  15. Thanks for making your videos public, there have been a few that I’ve wanted to go back and re-view. The recent one is very cute.

    A few of the older ones don’t work, the one about the pine bettles and strummer Joe for example. Either way thanks for taking the time! Hope your month without Fondy goes all right.

  16. I don’t get cranky if you blog late, I just assume you got kidnapped and then start searching for a different blog… haha kidding.

    I feel so sorry for you that Fondy’s going to be away for a month!

  17. Thanks for the videos Baron… i loved them all. You are the best! Cheers


  18. Hey Joe – If you could cast a talking tree, what kind of tree would it be?

    Come to think of it, I advise strongly against including talking trees in Atlantis. Can we say rip-off of LotR?? Next thing we know, you’ll be introducing a new enemy in the form of a giant fiery eyeball.

    Btw, I love that the head chef of Fuel is named Belcham. Awesome.

    I’m glad others mentioned the funeral pyre thing. I looked at it and thought to myself, “Huh. That seems like a spoiler.” But then I remembered that I’m not up on Atlantis gossip (everything I know I get from here) and wondered if this was common knowledge. Apparently not.


  19. BAH!! JOE! That Kindred funeral pyre is a HUGE spoiler! grrr, it’s a danger of enjoying this blog. But, love the hints for Season 5. As people have asked (along w/ that pic), is the premiere now ‘Search and Destroy’??? And, YES, does this also mean we’ll finally see a Lantian bathroom!? haha, I know it bugs you Joe.

    Also, THANK YOU for showing RODNEYANA VILLOSA!!!! Please bring it back for Season 5!

  20. I know how cranky some of you get staying up late waiting for my update.

    Well that’s where we Aussies have the advantage. Your blog appears from either morning to just after lunch. What a lovely way to sit down to my unstale bread roll with roast turkey (no fat), lettuce, onion, beetroot, capers, cucumber, truss tomato and Ranch dressing yum yum (and not fattening!). Reading your blog and lunch.. fabbo!

    I hope Fondy hasn’t hidden the can opener. What a way to torture a husband lol.

    Thanks for the little hint there. I looked at the lovely funeral pyre artwork and then realised.. huh??

    Hey PG15! Seeing as Joe’s starting to look at MacDonald’s a little differently, could you now cook for Joe? Do you too, have pimples? 😉

    Woot! Thanks for making your Baron vids public. My son’s (well me too) gonna love that!!!

  21. wow thx for all the photos again joseph. ive been away for a bit busy with school and thought id drop a line and say hello.

  22. *wonders how long it will be before Joe gets abused for not keeping Teyla’s love-interest alive*

    That is a pretty big spoiler, y’know. But it confirms a number of predictions I made a few weeks back, so I’m gleeful at being OMG!RIGHT!

    And cynical, because his continued existence would have been an awesome opportunity for some Teyla-centric interaction with her people, and possibly some Teyla-centric storylines where her team have to get emotionally involved because she’s emotionally involved.

    It would have been nice…


  23. Joe,

    Can you tell us if you guys have already cast the role of Allison Porter yet, or how many episodes she might be in? Can I maybe put forth Teryl Rothery as a possibility? She’s an awesome actress who could totally craft a different character from Dr. Frasier, especially on Atlantis! Thanks.

    PS: And if you answer my other questions, can you also tell me what Geoduck is?

  24. @pg-15:
    Sorry for constantly going on about that insanity, Joe….

    Hey man, you gotta watch out for libel suits when you say things like that. Paranoid psychotics are especially prone to threaten litigation. (Please note that nothing personal is implied by that statement. And, after all, Joe was allegedly talking under the influence when he had that debate with his gingko tree.)

    – Great pics as usual, thanks. I’m glad that I now know the proper spelling of Rodneyana villosa. (sp?) And it’s cool to see the artists’ concepts of various story elements. Also, thanks from me as well for making the Baron’s PB account public. It’s going to be a lot of fun going through that.

    It’s really hard to be critical when your home-cooking effort was on behalf of those who have to go to bed before you could’ve gotten back from Fuel and blogged. However…. *reads Joe’s account of what he did in the kitchen and goes nuclear*

    …Quite often a lot is said by what remains unsaid.

  25. So I love how the comments, for people who didn’t look too closely at the pictures, just gave all sorts of things away. Alas.

    Sorry for your unfulfilling dinner! If it makes you feel any better, I was at work during dinner and had a subpar baked potato at 10:30.

    Good luck for tomorrow’s dinner! (SGA FRIDAY! HURRAH!)

  26. I can’t say for others, but at the point at which I posted mine, the spoilers were already in the comments above.

    However, you’re right, Kimberley, we probably should have been more careful with the spoilers. Sorry!


  27. Ah what a delicate balance you tread in keeping your fanbase happy, for the record I was exceedingly lucky to have caught the first post last week, we are eight hours ahead so unless I’m going to adopt my pre-parenting hours of all night parties you’ll have to post without me, heartbreaking I know but there we are.
    Great artwork and insight, thank you So much for sharing.
    I hope you don’t find it too lonely without Fondy and vice versa.

  28. Riley writes: “Which part of Italy is your family from?”

    Answer: My father’s side was from Naples, my mother’s side from Altamura.

    I wondered if Naples was involved! I remember you saying that deep dish pizza was the only kind of pizza … deep dish was invented in Naples, and thin crust in Rome. Hmm. I wonder why I know that piece of information??? My brain = sponge for useless trivia :-/

  29. Annie from Fremantle AKA Kylie Said:
    Hey PG15! Seeing as Joe’s starting to look at MacDonald’s a little differently, could you now cook for Joe? Do you too, have pimples?

    Yes! I do too have pimples (and turnips, but let’s not go through that again)! And I can…er…cook McDonalds, except I might disappear from the kitchen for some time interval, the length of which is directly proportional to the nearest…uh…Burger King. Yeah.

  30. Where is the drawing of a Lantean bath? I think that they should be long, wide and deep with the ability to reheat the water whilst bathing and slowly filter dirty water away and top up with clean (hot) water.

    And power showers too – lots of hot water propelled with great force. Water attacking from all directions.

    Drains that don’t clog up and toilets that flush quietly during the night.

    I could go on………and on………and on………

  31. Hi, do you realize the pîctures you posted justs poil lolts of things :

    Todd in “The Last Man”
    Teyla’s echography done by a Wraith
    Teyla’s dear friend dead..

    Baron Destructo, you ftaghn vile spoiler! 🙂

  32. Thanks, Joe. I can’t wait to see March’s nominees. (Timescape is still one of the SF ones? Hey, you said to remind you of it, come the time…is this the time?) Do you regret starting this whole BOTM thing yet? 🙂

    As for Rodneyana Villosa, does it like bright and airy, occasionally humid spaces, like, say, Atlantean bathrooms belonging to certain genius astrophysicists?

  33. If we are having bath scenes in atlantis can we vote for ronon please?? easy meal boil pasta for ten minutes drain and pour over jar of pasta sauce, many varieties available,quite easy even my hubby can do it.Enjoy x

  34. You said: “and questions I just plain old don’t have any interest in answering (If you could cast a talking tree, what kind of tree would it be?)”

    How about this one: would you prefer to have the flu for all your life, or thirty ducks that would follow you everywhere?

    Good luck with the fifth season! 🙂

  35. Hey Joe, I don’t know if this has been asked before but only two days ago I had the chance to watch some new SGA eps and I wanted to ask what did Dr.Keller find in Teyla’s bloodwork that made her discover the pregnancy? Or do they just make a ‘normal’ pregnancy test on every female team member every now and then?

  36. Who have you cast for Kannan?

    Will Kannan’s funeral only be a vision Teyla has, or will it actually happen?

    Loved the video with Jodelle

  37. Being concerned about your getting some sort of infectious disease, might I suggest that you forgo cooking for yourself and just heat up a frozen dinner? 🙂

    Seriously. Your part of town doesn’t have one of those restaurant taxi’s?

  38. Thanks for posting the vids these past couple of days. Jodelle is just adorable. Joe cutting in is great, too.

    So I take it after last night’s disaster dinner, you’re going to be relying on going out or take out while Fondy’s away? How ever did you survive college years?

  39. thanks for answering joe. i really am sorry for sounding whiny, but i do understand that this is your place and you make the rules.

  40. Wow, we haven’t even met Kanan and already he’s toast! 😉 Can you tell us who the actor is who played him?

  41. I’ve often said that the most interesting thing about any story is how it influences our characters

    I had a friend years ago who wanted to be a writer, but he said he refused to write any story unless he could come up with something that had never been done before. That kind of boggled my mind, because it’s all pretty much been done before in some way or another. It seems like even a story in a genre that involves specifically genre elements that may seem unique is going to draw from the themes and structures of previous works.

    The way I’ve always felt: yes, there are certain genre tropes that turn up in my sci fi shows; and in my crime/detective shows; etc. But the reason I watch those shows is because I enjoy those tropes, and specifically I enjoy seeing how they work in the different contexts created by each individual show. How does XYZ show use their world and their characters to explore the time travel story, or the possessed-by-an-alien story, or the stranded-on-a-deserted-island/planet/spaceship/whatever story, or the quarantine story? The answer to that is what keeps me involved.

    I can only think of one instance in 3 and a half seasons of Stargate Atlantis in which I was distracted by the been-there-done-that element instead of being completely sucked in by the SGA universe and characters, which is one of the reasons I love the show. I love the universe and I especially love the characters, and if I ever see a preview of or read a rumor about an upcoming episode and think “hey, that’s that one thing that sci fi shows always do,” that thought is always followed by “YAY I can’t wait to see how SGA does it!”

    Anyway. That’s my 2 cents on that subject…

  42. I always love seeing the concept art. 🙂 It’s a craft I have a lot of interest in.

  43. Do you have an idea of when the filming of season 5 is going to begin?
    Any new cast?

    If you bring Daniel Jackson to the show, will he be a regular cast, a recurring role, like Keller or a guest star?

  44. Good evening Joe…

    I must say that when Atlantis first aired I was not a fan and did not watch. However, the last 2 seasons have quickly made me a convert! Please keep’em coming. Any idea on how the series boxed set of SG1 is selling? Better or worse than expected compared to the individual season sets?

  45. Bon avant-midi Joseph,
    Alors comme ça on aime pas répondre aux questions idiotes ? On aime bien l’adage questions idiotes réponses idiotes ? Ben, tu sais, des fois ya des questions idiotes qui sont ben importantes pour quelques-uns et qui, pourquoi pas, peuvent avoir des réponses ben intéressantes. En fait, je fais allusion ici aux toilettes d’Atlantis, Quel sujet intéressant !!! Est-ce qu’il y en a sur Atlantis, à quoi elles ressemblent, est-ce qu’on va en voir une dans une prochaine émission… Que de questions intéressantes !!! En fait, la question la plus intéressante est peut-être: pourquoi les gens sont si intéressés par les toilettes d’Atlantis ? Est-ce que c’est parce que la cité d’Atlantis semble être dans une grosse cuvette ? Hummm, ça demande réflexion…

    Morgia (merde, je crois que j’ai encore le rhume…)

  46. I wish people had not been so anxious to point out the spoilers in the concept art.
    Not that spoilers bother me, but I think we may see less concept art because of it – at least art from unseen shows.

  47. I would like to thank you and the great Baron for providing all those excellent videos. I loved the one with Lulu and Barney. That was classic.

  48. Hello Joseph =) Youpi c’est le week end^^!!!!

    Yéé! Merci pour les photos! je suis impatiente de voir la saiso 5!!!
    Merci aussi pour les liens vers vos videos. =)J’adore ces videos^^!

    Vous savez quoi?? ……Hier j’ai dépasser les 50000 commentaires! Vous vous rendez compte !! c’est incroyable! je suis trop fiére de moi, qui aurais cru un jours qu’un blog de stargate aurais autant de succés! C’est formidable!

    A..les questions…en y repensant de doit souvent vous posez des questions sans intêret, non? ^^
    Mais, vous ne m’avais pas répondu concernant ma derniére question..Je ne pense pas qu’elle est sans intêret..je la trouve plutot intérésante, mais je ne sais pas si quelqu’un vous la deja posé..glurp?


    Que doit t’on faire pour être figurant dans stargate atlantis?

    Voila, gros bisou, je vous adore!!! ♥

  49. Rebon avant-midi Joseph,
    I forgot to wish you a wonderful day at you and for your great readers !
    Morgia (Im gonna eat sushi tonight, miam miam ! )

    Bonne journée aussi à toi Anaïs ! 🙂

  50. Rodneyana villosa…apparently ‘villosa’ implies hairiness. Is Rodney especially hairy? Or just his plant?

    And I doubt Joe unintentionally put up a spoiler. I’m sure he knew exactly what he was doing. Like, as someone else said, maybe it’s just a dream or vision or something. Or maybe not!


  51. Hello Joe,
    When will we see a backstory on Teyla on her parents, siblings and her upbringing? I would like to see how their deaths or displacement, shapes who she is.

  52. 1)Will any of the Atlantis team display any uncontrollable rage in the days to come?

    2)Will mercy/forgiveness be a focal point during any point of the rest of the season?

  53. Joe,
    What do you do with the pile of Art work and Design packages? once you no longer need them. Can you give them away??

  54. Hey Joe,

    Here are couple of easy meal fixes should you get the energy (we often find ourselves having to throw a meal together quickly after work) and they are easy to adapt for one person:

    1. Striploin steak (~1 inch thickness), sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper (don’t be stingy with the salt), put about 4 inches under preheated broiler, 7-8 minutes per side for medium rare, remove to a plate and let rest under foil for 10-15 minutes, slice across the grain and enjoy! You can put it on salad and have enough left over for another meal.

    2. Salmon fillet, marinate in your favourite salad dressng (garlic/herb/lemon is good) for about 30 minutes or so, place skin side down 4 inches under preheated broiler for 10 minutes (per inch thickness), enjoy! This is also good with teriyaki marinade.

    These are from my repertoire of quick reliable meals that our kids will eat.


  55. I wanted to thank you for all the cool new sets we’ve seen this season, like the ready room and McKay’s secret golf lab that’s somehow upstairs. Any chance we’ll see Sheppard’s office??

  56. coucou,
    c’est vraiment sympa de partager avec nous toutes ces photos et ces souvernirs de touranges.
    Merci encore

  57. Hi Jo’ !

    I’ve just seen the video of Behind the scene of Harmony. Your smile when your are at your computeur is terribly funny !^^ Cool video. It’s the first time I heard your voice, I would like to heard you speak in French !

    Today’s question : have you ever visited France ?

    and how is Lulu today ?

    — Yazid —

  58. Really enjoyed looking at (and studying) the designs that you posted. That was a special treat. Thank you.

    Hope your dinner tonight is more enjoyable. Maybe you should pick up some of your favorite chocolates and invite yourself over to Rob’s house for BBQ. I know it’s only been one night since Fondy left – but cream of cheddar cheese soup…

    Looking forward to watching both “Harmony” and SGA’s segment on EXTRA tonight.

    Eat a good dinner!

  59. “On January 25, 2008 at 3:07 am Orion Said:
    Who have you cast for Kannan?
    Will Kannan’s funeral only be a vision Teyla has, or will it actually happen?”

    From what I saw in the Season 4 trailer, there was a scene where several people were standing together like you would for a funeral. That’s why I guessed before this that Kannan was going to end up dead. I think there’s a funeral in person.

  60. Any chance of letting Shep have some sort of relationship? Rodney had Katie, Ronon and Keller are enjoying each other’s company. Shep doesn’t necessarily need an “in your face” relationship, but just little comments here and there about or with a scientist or medical nurse would show that he’s at least getting some!

  61. Rodneyana Villosa 6-8 inches…Whoa!
    Rodney you dark horse you.

    What is it with Vancouver?
    There are seven people in my creative writing group and two of them are going to Vancouver on holiday this year.

    I have begged but they won’t take me with them, I told them all they have to do is drop me off at Bridge Studios and I will amuse myself.

    Oh well it was worth a try!


  62. Hi Joe!

    Sorry to hear things are going so rough. I was wondering, is McKay’s mom still alive? I gather that his and Jeanie’s dad is passed on. I believe this is true because of McKay’s line in McKay and Mrs. Miller “This is not what Dad would have wanted.” when he is first at Jeanie’s house. If she is still alive, will we ever meet her? Hope your meal situation gets better. I am going to go take a nap. Too much studying this week. I am taking 12 credit hours this semester. Doing that along with my normal mommy (to my 9, 12, & 15 yr old kids) and home duties. Looking forward to watching “Harmony” this evening!!! 🙂 TTFN!

    Jen 🙂

    PS Do you think Cookie Monster would be willing to clean my house??

  63. I’m loving all these artwork and design photos! Once production really kicks into full gear, pretty please might you be willing to snap a few more set construction pics? I really loved the ones you showed off for ‘Spoils of War’ last year!

    Thanks Joe! I’ll be up at 1:05am waiting for the segment on ‘Extra!’ tonight! 🙂

  64. promogirl Said:
    Um… Joe, that Kindred photo seems like a pretty big spoiler as it’s labeled Kannan’s funeral pyre. I guess Teyla’s boyfriend doesn’t fair so well, huh?

    Really? Hmm, is that a dream or for real? If it’s for real, yikes, thought he would last at least a few episodes before being toasted (or exploded or shot or et cetera, et cetera, et cetera……)

  65. So now the first episode of Season Five is titled “Search and Destroy”, not “Search and Rescue” as you said in a previous post?

    The artwork is fascinating, but you do know you’ve revealed a significant spoiler, don’t you?

    Cheddar cheese soup should never be mixed with anything but salsa and used only as a dip for corn chips. Just so you know. 😉

  66. I agree with LAG, watch the whininess lest the wrath of Joe fall upon us. He’s already starving, you don’t want to make him angry.

    Himawari (Nathalie) Said:
    How about this one: would you prefer to have the flu for all your life, or thirty ducks that would follow you everywhere?

    Ooo, ooo, I wanna answer this, too. I would definitely pick the ducks, assuming they aren’t some kind of magic duck that can walk through walls. Anyone out of grade school can escape ducks, even when they travel in packs. 🙂 Plus the ducks didn’t get a time limit unlike the lifelong flu. The duck poop might be a pain, but I’d take it over endless nausea and other flu symptoms.

  67. I’ve just watched Quarantine, and 42 is much appreciated! 🙂 Great episode! Are you thinking about making any other science fiction references? We love them!
    *raises her towel*

  68. Hey Morgia moi aussi j’aimerai bien voir ces toilettes ! Et un peu plus les quartiers des membres de l’expedition avec un pantalon et un caleçon ou boxer qui traine ^^

  69. Jose Said:
    Thanks for ruining Kindred Part I, Joe

    I think most of us here kinda hope for the occasional spoiler, otherwise why bother coming here at all?, why bother making such a comment? get a life, it isn’t the end of the world!

  70. Ok, that second pic brings me to ask a question that lingers in the back of my head through just about every episode and occasionally hurls itself to the front, in perfect position to ruin my enjoyment of whatever scene is on. Where the heck are all those Atlantis corridors? Atlantis is a vertical, skyscraper city, yet we have all these scenes of people running, hiding, chasing, sneaking and seeking down endless stretches more suited to the Pentagon. And how does the jumper bay fit in? Again, the scale of that tower pic just doesn’t seem to work for what we’ve seen on-screen. That is, unless the central tower is related to the Tardis.

    Ok, nit-picking over…for now… 🙂 The pictures do look lovely, in any case.

  71. hey joe
    hope dinner was better this go round. i love the pic’s and i cant wait for kindred 1, i start each day with your blog and you rock

    barb ky

  72. «Yazid Said: Hey Morgia moi aussi j’aimerai bien voir ces toilettes ! Et un peu plus les quartiers des membres de l’expedition avec un pantalon et un caleçon ou boxer qui traine ^^»

    Voilà, je savais que c’était un sujet super intéressant les toilettes !!!! lol

  73. Poor Joe – what a nasty meal. My dog eats better than that (and, apparantly, so do yours …)

    Cheer up – only 29 more days until Fondy gets home!

  74. I was just wondering if it was your idea to include the 42 reference in Quarantine. I laughed myself silly at the reference as I loved the Hitchhiker series. Are you a big Hitchhikers fan?

  75. mmmmm, you sandwich sounded delicious. But thanks for making the sacrifice for us loyal blog-readers! 🙂

  76. Priscilla at MGM fails. There was no Stargate on Extra. Sigh, a wasted half hour…

  77. Strange, but that Wraith ultrasound machine looks just like the one I use in work.

    I would have thought that the Wraith would have a more compact hand held devices.

    On this technical back water called Earth, we have an ultrasound device that’s hand held, it’s the size of a CD player and gives adequate images.

    Perhaps the Wraith should contact Siemens, and update their equipment!



  78. Joe:

    My husband drives me crazy every time we watch SGA because he questions the physics of some of your storylines. Most recently, he keeps asking me some question about radio-interferometry – sensors, soemthing like that. Here’s a link to a website about this…

    Basically, while we were watching Travelers and they were looking for Sheppard’s jumper, he says that they could have used this to locate it (something like linking all the jumpers sensors to create a gigantic sensor array- to up the ante, you know)

    Okay, that all being said (are you exhausted yet?) – who actually does your writing of Rodney’s technobabble, and do you have a team of physicists who figure out the cool solutions to the technical problems facing the team – and if you do, do you think you could give my husband a job so that he can keep me in the manner to which I want to become accustomed?


  79. Excellent photos today, Joe! Thanks for sharing – and for the teasing hints at S5. You know all us McKay fangirls are picturing him in the bath now. You’d better deliver on that one!

  80. I might disappear from the kitchen for some time interval, the length of which is directly proportional to the nearest…uh…Burger King. Yeah

    Cheat!!!! 🙂

    Does anyone live near Bridge studio? Send him some nice casserole dish or something? We need to keep our producer/blogger extraordinaire friend fed!

    Oh and look what is crawling up my wall as I am typing.. got close to him and just took a macro pic.


    Happy Australia day Aussies… I’m sure you’re familiar with these beauties. (No I didn’t kill it.) They’re good around the house for eating flies and the like. I’ll call him Herman.

  81. Ok – flipping around channels tonight and I come across an old Bob Hope movie. There’s just something about Bob Hope that reminds me of David Hewlett…maybe it’s the nose or the high forehead/receding hairline. LOL – Am I the only one to think so? I don’t care, I love them both! What do you think Joe? 🙂 — just some fun for you to think about.

  82. Alas, EXTRA didn’t show the segment. Think you can email the MGm contact back to see if it will be repeated, or at least get added to their website? I’ve seen this happen before, and when there’s the death of an actor like Heath Ledger, that always takes precedence over other stories that don’t quite have the same ‘shelf life,’ per se.

  83. No Stargate on Extra…. what gives Joe! I guess they passed on SGA for more news about some starlet who nobody cares about… Darn it! I really was looking forward to the segment… Boooooooo Extra


  84. I really wish I hadn’t looked up ‘Melena’. It was a beautiful name.

    Anne Teldy

  85. We didn’t actually see Oberoth (spelling?) resorb into the Ball ‘o Replicators…does that mean we haven’t seen the last of him? Or just that David Ogden Stiers wasn’t available?

  86. Annie from Fremantle said: “Happy Australia day Aussies…”

    Right back at ya Annie. Hope you are staying cool.
    Glad to see someone else doesn’t kill those tikes! They are more well known around our place as the BFG’s. Roald Dahl lives on.

  87. I really wish I hadn’t looked up ‘Melena’. It was a beautiful name

    OMG I looked it up. Eeewwwwwwww..

  88. MOS burgers! OMG! I lived next to one for a while, open 24 hours. They have the best thick fries, and coffee shakes and the teriyaki burger with that wad of lettuce and the glob of mayo … drooool. Always best at three in the morning after a hard night of bar crawling. I even have a lovely MOS burger mug I liberated one cold night. Had corn soup in it, come to think of it.

    I lived through my procedure, miss me? Four years cancer free on this one … yay me!

  89. Yikes, that spider picture scares me. I’ll stick with the mid-Atlantic states where nothing gets too big or hairy except the white tail deer.

  90. Hey JM,
    Just watch the latest episode of stargate atlantis (Harmony)… go to say that was one heck of ending =D anyway just wanted to ask will there be any birthday episode coming up because currently there is no episode to date, that actually celebrates one of the characters birthday in both SGA and SG1 (Correct me if i’m wrong)

  91. Happy Australia Day Joe! Even though it’s after midnight and no longer Australia Day

  92. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Saw “Harmony” and got a good laugh from that portrait. Loved how the usual scene of Rodney cowering behind Shepard was spun around for this episode. Whose idea was it?

  93. Breeze, Weir’s birthday was mentioned in the first season, the ep with the old weir… Before I Sleep? It was just on scifi the other day.

  94. Bonjour Joseph,

    «I followed it up with the decadently smooth foie gras torchon.»

    Heu, par chez nous le mot torchon est rarement employé pour un met, sinon pour dire que c’est pas très bon… Est-ce une expression réel du resto ou de toi ?

    Passes une très belle journée !

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