dsc02715.jpgdsc02719.jpgdsc02720.jpgdsc02721.jpgdsc02723.jpgTHIS BLOG HELD HOSTAGE – DAY 3

Months ago, MGM offered to host this blog and, after careful consideration, I respectfully declined only because I didn’t necessarily want this to be an all Stargate all the time blog. Granted, more than a few of you do by now and then to delight in the behind-the-scenes pics of Joe Flanigan eating lunch and David Hewlett changing his socks, or to find out how that oft-mentioned musical episode is coming along, but this blog has always been more than that. It’s been chocolate and books and dogs and me complaining endlessly about everything from chilly airplane cabins to kiwis. I felt confident that staying with blogger would allow me the freedom to continue blogging about whatever and whenever (with the notable exceptions of rodeo clowns, the Rambo movies, and Halliburton anytime between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on the last weeks of February, March, and August). Alas, I was sorely mistaken.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for rules. In my opinion, nothing typifies an advanced society like the need to tell its citizens what to do. Back in elementary school, I was voted Most Likely to Follow the Rules (also, for what it’s worth, Least Likely to Learn How to Juggle). Still, the whole point of having rules is to punish those who break them and reward those who follow them – or, at the very least, don’t punish those who follow them. Which brings me to me, and my present situation: inactive and blogless until a time when the folks at blogger clear me of any wrongdoing. Which begs the questions: What have I done? and Will I be cleared? Well, let’s refer to the blogger terms of services and find out:

“Pornography and Obscenity: Image and video content that contains nudity, sexually graphic material, or material that is otherwise deemed explicit by Google should be made private. Otherwise, we may put such content behind an interstitial.”Was someone offended by that photo of the chocolate dessert with the raspberry coulis? (I know I was.) Was the shirt Cliff Simon wore when he dropped by the studio for his Continuum fitting too decollete for some? Are there readers who objected to the use of the terms “lollygag”, “tender meatballs”, or “hazzencockle”? If so, my apologies, but it’s evidently not against the rules.HATEFUL CONTENT: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.”Hmmm. How about groups given to jerkidity and boneheadedness? No? Moving on.


“VIOLENT CONTENT: Users may not publish direct threats of violence against any person or group of people.”Granted, that video of Lulu and Bubba doing their best imitation of pint-sized sumos doing battle was certainly exhilarating – but violent? Nah.“COPYRIGHT: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement.”I haven’t heard from either Lulu or Bubba’s lawyers, so I think we’re good here too.“PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: We do not allow the unauthorized publishing of people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and driver’s and other license numbers.”Aside from the occasionally in-depth account of Baron Destructo’s plans for world domination, not much in the way of sensitive data being released on my blog. Oh, unless you count that time I released Cookie Monster’s private email.


“IMPERSONATION: We do not allow impersonation of others through our services in a manner that is intended to or does mislead or confuse others.”Nope, no impersonations either. I’m me and several of my close friends will vouch for my identity, among them: Aloysius P. Hazzencockle, Percival H. Lintmuffin, Margaret Quibble, Agent Wexler, Cookie Monster, and Baron Destructo and the entire League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil.

UNLAWFUL USE OF SERVICES: Our products and services should not be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities. Your account may be terminated and you may be reported to the appropriate authorities.”True, I had originally intended to call this blog: Thoughts and Tirades, Rants and Ruminations, Pirated Cable and Black Market Bear Gall Bladders For Sale… BUT DIDN’T!


“SPAM, MALICIOUS CODES AND VIRUSES: We do not allow spamming or transmitting malware and viruses.”Malicious code is admittedly out of my depth and unless you’ve caught my cold, that’s the extent to which I could be transmitting any viruses. As for spam – well, as longtime readers know, I’m not only an active spam buster but have turned down offers to shill various products on my blog. Despite the many attractive money offers received, I’ve remained firm on this issue – as firm as…SMEVEK’S ULTRA-MINT GUM! The gum that stays firm – even after repeated chewings!Nope, that can’t be it either. BUT, according to the blogger folks (who will heretofore be referred to as “the blokes” or, conversely, “the floggers”), spamming is the issue here. “Blogger’s spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog,”they say. Characteristics of a blog? What characteristics? Well, according to blogger, spam blogs “can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text”. Irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text! Holy shit! If that’s all it takes to raise the red flag, I’m surprised they didn’t shut me down sooner!


Blogger breaks it down (and I feel increasingly guilty) –

“Spam blogs cause various problems, beyond simply wasting a few seconds of your time when you happen to come across one.”

Dovil: “Oh hell. Here we go with the friggin’ oxtail risotto again!”

“They can clog up search engines, making it difficult to find real content on the subjects that interest you.”

Cheeky Lil Devil: “Why can’t I find any entries about Shep getting beaten up in one of those Japanese mud bath spas?!”

“They may scrape content from other sites on the web, using other people’s writing to make it look as though they have useful information of their own.”

PG-15: “Hey, wait a minute! This Cookie Monster response is lifted almost word for word from Senator Joe Biden’s 1988 Democratic primary speech.

“And if an automated system is creating spam posts at an extremely high rate, it can impact the speed and quality of the service for other, legitimate users.”

Jenny Robin: “Our computers are running slow! It has to be Mallozzi!”

So here I sit, blogging for no one (or hopefully everyone eventually) wondering whether an alternate blog host might be a better way to go given that this particular hiccup has cost me three days and counting. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve looked into wordpress but can’t figure out how to upload images. I could set up my own website, but I have a feeling that would prove incredibly complicated. Far more complicated than, say… subletting Robert Picardo’s blog?

Hey, Bob, how about it? I’ll promise to tidy up when I’m done!

Today’s pics: Our dinner at the Congee Noodle House with Steve and Jodi followed by Steve’s homemade eggnog.

65 thoughts on “December 13, 2007

  1. Ah…finally found you. Thought you were taken hostage by some of your new friends who try to exploit your money or worse. Your blog has become a mainstay in the daily routine. Write on Joe!

  2. Suggestion for Mama Mallozzi’s visit: A good choral concert. My sis and I try to catch the Alamo City Men’s Chorale every Christmas.


    Thanks for asking. Too early for course grades. Monday’s interview was easier than expected. My weakness on the final was fingerspelling.

    I won’t try to estimate a grade. This course uses a calculation that maxes out at 1,000 points! Boy, things have changed since my undergrad days in the late 70’s.

    Later days,

  3. Ah, once again the system ate the quote. I was responding to your dedication on the 11th.


  4. Ah, democracy. Can’t you just smell the freedom? Except for (insert list that will beat the number of responses from Dec 10’s blog):

  5. Well, I have no suggestions on what to do (as for sticking with wordpress or trying your luck with blogger again). But I just wanted to say that I am happy to read this blog again, no matter where it is posted.

  6. At last, normalacy, even if it’s at 0130 in the morning. I dont suppose that Blogger is offering you any assurances that there will not be a repeat of the suspension of the account. Still, this place seems nice enough. How close are you to deciding on whether you’ll decide to permanantly change the Blog site?
    Enjoy your mom’s stay. And keep the camera handy. I’m sure that Lulu and the gang will provide some excellent opportunities for you to snap some lifetime memories.

  7. I actually miss blogger….it was like home. *sniff sniff* If they can get their heads out of their @$$’s I say stick with them. If they can’t get their heads out…but still unlock your blog…I say stick with them. If they don’t unlock the blog??? Then I dunno….lol. Fat lot of help I am!


  8. I see you figured out how to upload pics! Now you can put your cursor between the pics and enter spaces or returns to space them the way you used to. Or edit the code directly and… nevermind. 🙂

    We will need to work on your your theme if you stay here, but that can wait until you’re sure.

    Now what are the WP terms of service?? In the world of the internet, this axiom holds true: “It could always be worse.”

  9. I reckon confiscate Blogger’s supply of bananas and their robots.. well set your pugs onto them.

    That soup doesn’t look too appetizing. What is that? Cornstarch?

  10. Hey Joe, i’m not sure this has been mentioned, but my guess as to what flagged your account was your re-posting of spam emails you’ve received. Most filters will incorporate some lines of text from common spam emails, and it probably found those on your blog and flagged it. Unfortunately the filters aren’t smart enough to read on and see that you’re actually making fun of them.

    Having worked in tech support before, the best way to get them to get off their collective arses is to keep emailing them, explaining what you think the problem was, and asking them to unflag it. This is one of those cases where the more you pester them, the more likely you are to have it fixed. Unfortunately, i know all too well that sometimes 1, 2, even 3 emails from someone can go unnoticed in a techie’s mailbox, as he/she assumes it’s just another person complaining that they didn’t like the fact they got caught breaking rules.

    So my advice is to turn up the heat! After all, you are Joe Mallozzi, producer of the hit television series Stargate Atlantis! And you’re blog is down! So, tell them to get to work! 🙂

    On a lighter note, did you enjoy the demotivators i posted the other day?

  11. Never fear Joe, where there is a will there is a way!

    By the way, ive never had eggnog? What is it and is it nice?….

  12. Yeeehaaa! Joe is back! Finally! My dark and lonely days have their meaning back – uhm…kind of 🙂
    And how can the Floggers dare to accuse you being a spammer! *pff* I would most definitely change the Blog!

  13. So what you’re saying is that blogger is not having a problem with what you’re posting, but, rather, with what your readers are posting?! Come on people, play by the rules! 🙂

  14. I say stick with Blogger (assuming they fix the problem), but that’s only because I dislike change. And I think their layout is prettier. And I’m used to the layout being as I have a Blogger blog myself. And I’ve never had blog issues with Blogger, so they can’t be THAT common, right?? And I like the pictures next to the names in the comment section on Blogger. And I don’t want to become a registered member of yet another social network. I’m on social network overload as it is.

    That said, I am kind of fond of the emoticons. [On a side note, has anyone ever thought to patent eroticons? I’m sure there’s a business in that somewhere.]

  15. Joe,

    So glad to read you blog. Unfortunately I read all the comments before finding your ‘ new blog address’ post.

    Because I actually read their posts , I was unaware Amazon was holding a lightning deal sale of SGA seasons 1-3. 🙁 $74.99

    Did everyone miss it ? Because they only sold about 14% of them. I’d appreciate it if a few hundred people would beg the Gold Box team for another chance.

    Joe, you should have a chocolate party ! Your last one looked wonderful. I remember your sister went to the chocolate resteraunt , so I know she would love it.

  16. Joe,

    Hurray ! So glad to read a new blog ! For the record, I immediately feared for your safety ! Of course I also thought , “maybe he had too much port, (or spilled it on the keyboard) and forgot his password.”

    Unfortunately I read ALL the comments before finding your ‘ new blog address’ post.
    Because I actually read their posts , I was unaware Amazon was holding a lightning deal sale of SGA seasons 1-3. 🙁 $74.99

    Did everyone miss it ? Because they only sold about 14% of them. I’d appreciate it if a few hundred or more people would beg the Gold Box team for another chance. Please let them know that we love SGA.

    Joe, Is your blog spam because of what you write or because of the comments ? You quote spam, but your blogs are not repetitive. Many of the comments are. Maybe too many ‘ Bring back Weir ‘ or ‘Best season ever.’ ?

    I think you should have a chocolate party ! Your last one looked wonderful. I remember your sister went to the chocolate resteraunt , so I know she would love it.

    A very personal question ; Is your father still alive ? In one of your spammer replies , you mentioned his passing. It was in jest, but I have been wondering ever since. I only recall you mentioning your father in stories of the past. My father died when I was a child.
    You also wrote that your mom was a minister.Do you mean religious or political ?

  17. Great to be reading your blog again, Joe. I really had fun with the rescue (especially being the pilot). Now to a question about the AoT screening: How long is the movie? GW says it is 97 min long. I hope it is a bit longer (around 120 min is good *hopes*).

  18. Bob Picardo has a blog?

    Well, at least you’ve got this until they give you back your other one. I’m very curious what they’ll say when you actually get a hold of them.

  19. Hello Joseph!

    Ohhh!, quesque c’est?? un nouveaux blog?? vous n’allez pas arrêter l’autre qu’en même??

    please répondez moi!!!

    car avec ce blog il n’ya aucune traduction google possible et je suis totalement perdu!!( donc tout ce que vous disez sur ce blog c’est du chinois pour moi)

    Merci de m’avoir répondu, je n’avais pas vu^^!! dés que j’ai vu 37 je n’en revenais pas!!!!! car il ‘ya 4 jours de sa, j’ai rêvais que vous m’aviez dit ce chiffre!! je n’en revient pas!!!!

    a oui dsl pour hier, je devais repasser mais je n’est pas pu.

    Gros Kisou, Passez une bonne journée, a demain, je vous love , Merci..

  20. Well, Joe…after the mass plans to save you on that “other” blog, I found your entry with the link here.

    I shall endeavour to stay the course, no matter where you might go. 😉

  21. Yep. Obviously a spammer. I do believe Santa’s bringing you coal for Christmas this year! Joking aside, while I like the look to this site, I think I preferred the picture layout from Blogger better. Any way you could blow up the pics a bit more and center them so they’re easier to distinguish? Not that it’s terribly hard to distinguish two people from a plate of food, but, well, you get the point, I think.

  22. I can second the suggestion to make a trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Kalaloch Lodge is a great place to stay from all that I’ve heard and so is the Lake Quinault Lodge. The wind storms have wreaked havoc with the trees, but the Quinault rain forest is still beautiful and there are several gorgeous waterfalls (Merriman and Bunch, in particular) that are quite easily viewed from the road around the south shore of Lake Quinault. The Lake Quinault Lodge also has excellent food and their Monte Cristo is to die for.

    Good luck with Blogger, by the way. You’re a far more patient person than I am, that’s for certain.

  23. If the crazy nanites running through Repli_Dex were exposed to the retrovirus or the wraith enzyme, what would happen?

    I do understand why one(you) would not like to go down the ‘Darkside’ because it might be hard to come back from, but remember a certain television series, which all turned out to be a dream?

    I would suggest you have a mini-series(more money) to run side by side with Stargate: Atlantis, focusing on the adventures or Ronon and Fatman.

  24. Hey Joe, when you go to restaurants you always seems to order something that sounds so incredibly intricate… even with chocolate it seems very detailed… which leads me to my question, would such a fine food connoisseur still sit back and enjoy a good lasagne, bowl of spaghetti or even a mars bar (something nice and simple)?

    Hoping everything works out with your blog….. Ben

  25. Here’s a stupid question:
    Does Atlantis have an actual budget at the start of the season?
    Or do you do I.O.U’s until MGM and SCIFI finance you at the end of the season.

    Dont worry I already know the answer.

  26. For heaven sake, dont change from blogger, even though they are being a bunch of “wankers.”

    I don’t wanna have to change my usual regime of going to http://josephmallozzi.blogspot.com.

    BTW, what’s your middle name. My full name is Joshua Benjiman Ireland Meyers, and my initials are JM(usually) which makes us similar in initials.

    I wanna know where to stop the similarities, so if your middle name is something that doesn’t start with a ‘B and I’ it will be a load off my mind?

  27. I tried Google for only one post and then changed to another Service…

    Strange action, they seem to have a big problem with spam, but acting in this way only causes users to go away.

    I’m using WordPress for my own Weblog and I’m very satisfied with this, so I think you’ll experience a lot of pros 😉

    Here’s my post about this action: Joseph Mallozzis’s Weblog ist umgezogen (in German 8) )

  28. Sorry for the second post here, I forgot to add something about your Mom and her favorite Stargate Atlantis character. Man, I do not believe that you killed off your Mom’s favorite character. Poor Carson, dead of family dynamics! Hopefully your Mom’ll be able to patch things up and convince you to bring Carson back on a regularly recurring basis, at least. *crosses fingers*

  29. My father Emeritus Professor Gary Meyers or University of Tasmania and our Associate Professor friend Malcolm(last name escapes me) were talking yesterday about technology and today’s ‘society in (university)students.’

    Malcolm brought up that of course every lecturer, and professor etc. have a different teaching style, and some project slides and spit out rhetoric. Which of course happens, as they think the students will benefit from what they are saying.

    Q: However does this diminish the intelligence of a said student?
    Should the lecturer not elaborate in detail rather than, recite the slides.
    Ideally the lecturer would of course do both. No?

    Have you Joe, been in a situation where someone is spouting out words, from a slide? Do you think it diminishes the reading abilities, your intelligence and character?

  30. Joe, what was your writing quality and grammer like at the age of fourteen?

    My grammar, is something to be desired however my spelling skills
    are as my teachers say “Impeccable” or as I like to refer to them “The Impeccable editorial skills of an Intergalactic Superstar.”

    However I wish to congratulate you on your title, which is of course above mine in ranking as: “The exceptionistic(is it even a word?) editorial skills of a never ending and infinitely evolving impeccablistic(not a word either) Inter dimensional individual and multi-universal Superstar.”
    Such as yourself and my other television idols in: RCC and BW.

    If you see Martin Wood and Rob Cooper, tell them that they are, the reason I want to go to film school. They have inspired me to become the best film maker and cinematographer I can be.

    Are there any cinematography jobs on offer in Vancouver at the moment?
    See, I never, ever, get notice of jobs on offer in other countries. Do you?

  31. re hello =)

    j’ai envi de vous ecrire aujourd’hui =)

    Je suis trop préssé d’être au fêtes sa va être génial!!! quand exactement votre maman arrive??
    Vous avez commencez votre sapin???
    en général vous décorez l’extérieur de votre maison??
    Moi mon sapin est fait depuis le premier décembre^^, et toute ma décoration d’intérieeur est faite aussi!j’ai même une horloge qui chante un chant de noel différent toute les heures^^!

    Moi le meilleur site de blog que je connaisse c’est “skyblog” depuis présqu”un ans que j’y suis il n’y a jamais eu des probléme!! c’est vraiment le paradis pour les blogger^^!

    hier j’ai acheter un cadeaux pour l’anniversaire de ma meilleur amis, étant fan de tout se qui a avoir avec l’asie je lui est acheter un fontaine illuminer relaxante…hmm je ne sais pas si vous connaisez…jespert que sa lui plaira.

    En parlant d’anniversaire!! je souhaite un super anniv a michael shanks!!!

    Ce soir je ferais mon baptême d’häagen Dazs!! et oui se sera la premier foix que j’en mangerais, mais apparment c’est miamiame ^^!

    Bon je vais y aller, a plus tard peut étre, kisou kisou!

  32. Okay, this is certainly different, and if you decide to stay will take some getting used to.

    Nevertheless, it is so nice to find you’re alive and kicking!

    All the best from a hot Capetown where its 32 degrees C (90F).

  33. Found YA!! This isn’t so bad… Honestly one site or another, I think your decision should be based on “ease of use” as I assume you type your entries offline and then copy/paste to whatever interface is offered. I see you figured out pic posting so, if you like it here, you (and we) are all set!

    Good grief Netty just said she/he’s never had eggnog. This is such a calamity at 7:30am EST it MUST be addressed since I’m about to make scrambled eggs with it. Netty, eggnog is the stuff of Holiday Life!! regardless of price (due to spike in ingredient prices going for around $4.00 per half gallon) I must have it on hand all season. Contains (when I make it): egg yolks (the “egg” part), milk, heavy cream, corn syrup, nutmeg, rum & vodka (the “nog” part), and a bit of Cool Whip and salt. Tough to describe the taste as other than “acquired”- I tend to classify it with vegemite- think thick, sweet milk (with a kick) I’ve made eggnog cookies, fudge, cake… definitely a dessert & breakfast ingredient. The store-bought stuff is non-alcoholic and therefore must be fortified properly with one or two of my above items. Last year I started adding a dash of cayenne pepper but that got shot down except for my Hungarian friends who loved it. So… run out and buy some right now!

    As a gesture of goodwill I’ll continue to deal with the Albanian spiders, they seem to like me as much as the Horntails did last year.

  34. Hi Joe

    I actually have WordPress myself and like it very much. The key is to post with an outside “client” program. I, myself, use Windows LiveWriter. You can set it up to post to multiple blogs; you can also insert pictures/videos. The free download for LiveWriter can be found here:


    If blogger ever gives you your original blog back, you can still use LiveWriter. I have several journals for different things, and I just use that one program to be able to post to them all. Setting up the accounts initially is pretty easy, and from there on you just click on the blog you want to post to, type it up, edit it, add your pictures and hit the publish button.

    Another “client” that’s very popular is Semagic and the download can be found here:


    I used that one as well, and people tell me they can use it for blogs other than LiveJournal. I have not attempted that personally, so I don’t know. I switched over from Semagic when I found LiveWriter. You can also upload photos and videos with Semagic.

    I hope that helps you out a little bit. Thanks for keeping the blog alive.

  35. My husband suggests you take your mother (or *send* your mother, if you can find some sucker, I mean victim, I mean some nice person, to go in your stead) on a whale-watching cruise. She can offer color commentary the whole way.

    If you don’t like this idea, please put the blame squarely where it belongs: on Aelfgyfu’s Brilliant Husband.

    If you do like this idea, I expect full credit in a future blog entry.

  36. Hey Joe-

    Finished up my master’s term yesterday, so I can take a more active role in your life…at least for 3 weeks. So, things to do with mom? I’m not a son, but I was a tomboy growing up, so I might qualify in a round about way to offer suggestions. Is your mom right or left handed? This time every year, I like to take my momma (as we say in Virginia) to the store for left handed people, so she can buy me that “special present” for her “special girl” (I’m the meat on the sandwich between two sisters.) Being lefthanded in a totally righthanded family I’ve learned to adapt, especially since I’m not a kid anymore, but you know mommas. So, if your mom is righthanded, take her to a store that caters to lefthanded individuals. She’ll have hours of fun trying to figure out how to use the cooking utensils–especially the can opener and the ladels. Take your camera; the pictures of her trying to empty a sauce pan that is lipped for the lefthanded person will be priceless. Just a thought. Sag

  37. hey Joe sorry to hear google/blogger is hating on the man right now. but i do really like the wordpress format so much so that i have left blogger and am using wordpress.

    so i guess that’s some silver lining

  38. Hey Joe,

    How about using http://www.livejournal.com ?
    They do have free subscription, Granted you don’t get any fancy gadgets and whatnot, But you can post photobucket.com & Google Video / Youtube Videos on em by uploading them to those sites and simply copy and pasting the link to the media into your Livejournal blog update.

    Everything for free…

    Just make sure you allow anonymous people to comment on your journal entry, Just in case some of them lazy people can’t be bothered to sign up 😛

    Good luck,

  39. YAY you’re back!
    THe white background is a lot better for my eyes.
    How about you ask your mom which event she would like to go to? but if you want to surprise her with a great day I would pick Breakfast with Santa or take her shopping! Don’t go to a spaaa!
    Do you remember who wrote the line Carson said about leaving the turtles behind and not being able to feed them? I thought it was really funny.

  40. Oh dear god, is that stinky tofu? And if it isn’t, have you ever tried it? I’m afraid to, even if Tony Bourdain says it’s tasty. That congee looks fabulous, though…

  41. Nice that you moved your blog away from Blogger. WordPress is just more individual – even though u’re using the standard theme. 😉

    And by the way: You can use the “read more”-button in the editor to have a short preview on your mainpage. 😉 Besides your readers have to scroll a really long time. 😉

    Keep it up!

  42. It’s possible that someone posted a link which led to a site with a virus, or someone got ticked off at something said (by you or another fan who posted some vitrioligic in the comments sectin) and simply hit the ‘complaint’ button.

    Or you got too much traffic. Maybe the ‘contest’ to win the dinner, and then using the comments section as a live chat, is what did it in 😉

    Keep this new WordPress version. Much better!

  43. Both Blogger and WordPress have stuff the other doesn’t. I use Blogger at the moment, but have looked into both. I say stick with Blogger if they unflag your account. Maybe we should start all sending e-mails to Blogger about your blog, perhaps that would speed up the process. 😉

  44. Still being held hostage, eh? At least you found a window to scratch messages on until you’re rescued.

    Speaking of being held hostage, when I visit my mother, she always wants to take me places. These places usually (always) involve a bar, with either good food or karaoke, or both. I still haven’t been able to make her understand that after my 45 hours a week (she’s retired), I’d rather lie on the couch with a bottle of wine (or some vintage Mike’s Hard Lemonade) and do nothing at all. My sister and I have learned to pack our own alcohol and sweatpants and be prepared to be slugs, oblivious to Mom’s flitting about with the Entertainment Guide.

  45. Say, I really like your new digs, JM! Took a while to find it, but it was worth the effort. Sorry you had such a difficult time (Ptooey on Blogger!)

    Should you decide someday to set up your own website, do you not know computer guys at the studio who can advise you? Or wouldn’t it be worth a little coin to hire a webmaster to set it up for you (complete with cool designs and neato features)?

    Anyway, it’s a pleasure to be here and reading about how the other half lives once again.

  46. Bonjour Joseph,
    Comme il ne faut pas briser les bonnes vieilles traditions, me revoilà dans mon costiume de miss météo: HÉ ! Il va neiger pas mal en fin de semaine au Québec, particulièrement dans le Sud du Est, ce qui veut dire Montréal particulièrement. En fait,Environnement Canada annonce 37 cm à Montréal. En plus d’être vraiiiiiiment intéressants, mes infos météo sont destinés un peu à t’inquiéter pour ce qui est du vol de ta maman pour dimanche. J’espère vraiment que son vol se fera tôt le dimanche avant la tempête, afin que le vol ne soit pas annulé ou retardé !! (Ben quoi, je me sentais d’humeur inquiéteuse ce matin…)

    «Anais Says:
    […]car avec ce blog il n’y a aucune traduction google possible et je suis totalement perdu!!( donc tout ce que vous disez sur ce blog c’est du chinois pour moi)»
    Hein ??? Yavait une façon de traduire ton blog et je ne le savais pas ? Et dire que pendant tout ce temps je me suis forcée à lire en anglais et ainsi améliorié mes capacités… grrrrr

    « noir61 Says:

    December 15, 2007 at 12:33 pm
    anneteldy says:
    Okay, who stole all the smileys? I can’t find any to use on my posts.

    Here they are. »

    Haaaaa ! Je comprends rien à la technologie, j’ai essayé d’aller en chercher des petites faces qui font plein d’émotion, mais ça ne fonctionne pas. HAAAA, moi et la technologie c’est deux choses ben opposées. En fait, si j’étais dans un roman ou un film de science fiction je jouerais assurément un rôle de figuration, genre la fille nonoune au début de l’aventure qui se fait tuer par les méchants robots et qui montre aux protagonistes «quoi ne pas faire si on veut rester en vie». Bon comme on dit, chacun son métier et les moutons seront bien gardés… Ouais, c’est mieux que je continue à enseigner l’histoire…

    Bonne journée

  47. Hi Joe!
    I’m glad you are still OK, and hoping your blog will continue soon, I prefer black background and white letters.. 🙂
    I wonder if these robots have found Mackenzies Momma’s comment about “12 days of christmas” which starts like that:
    “On the first day of christmas my SG Team gave to me
    A working ZedPM”

    Maybe it was the trigger comment. But yes, in that case (I think) the owner of this comment should be the spammer and not the owner of the blog.
    Anyway keep up good work I’ve enjoyed all season 4 episodes so far. :))


  48. Just a thought, Mr M – that sounds like such an ominous Bond-esque villain name, I think you should keep it – their spam robots (which will malfunction and take over the world) picked up on your copy/pasting of the spam you get sent so decided you are the evil man of spam.

  49. Morgia:

    The smile list noir61 mentioned is on this page. And you can cut and paste text, or enter a URL, onthis page and have it translated (a bit awkwardly) by Google.

  50. Any comments on SciFi’s new ad for the second half of season 4? They actually showed Carson at the end (dressed in what looked suspiciously like attire from a Kung Fu flick).

  51. I have honestly noticed falling quality in Blogger since google has taken it over. Forget logging in without a google account because they can’t have that and lets make you have confirm everything. And autosave is a lie thats all there is to that. It uses to be a simple tool that was quick and easy to write about your life now its a bear just to log into some days. And I know more than a few people that have given up because of one or any number of these thing. If I had to guess you most likely tripped some use age limit and they the put your poor loyal blog down =(.

  52. Hey Joe! Glad I finally found you! It took me a few days: for a while I’d assumed that life had just caught up with you – until I remembered this blog *is* your life. Right? I can’t believe the folks at blogger. Similar thing happened to another high-profile blog I read: she kept getting shut down because the bots would find potentially illegal content of some sort. Perhaps I should think of moving my blog in protest. I’m sure all my 5 or so readers would find me eventually!

  53. I find his blog very funny. I’d be happy to sublet… if I had a blog. Does he mean the website or MySpace page? I’ll sublet either if he’ll sublet those food items he so tantalizingly depicts.


  54. This is a question for the writers/producers of both series’.

    Why was there never at least an episode, or series of, that dealt with the story of the Tower of Babel and/or references to Nimrod and the tower’s builders? Being that there are many versions of that tale from each culture from antiquities there are many opportunities to tie it in to any number of facets of the SG stories. I see it as a great broad-sweeping foundation that the SG series could’ve used, and still can, to add great depth to the base concept of either of the series.
    With references to things like; ancient humans achieving a unified society with one language shared by all in direct defiance to a seemingly desperate to subdue and dominate god, the technological advancements that were eluded to and how they were acquired, an impending war between humans and their power-hungry god that wanted all of the heavens to him/herself, and, that gods desperate choice to punish humans by dismantling their utopian society and breaking their new found language and culture into pieces by scattering them over the face of the planet, the towers builders multi-dimensional banishments, etc. it would’ve made, and still could make, the great stories of the SG series’ even greater I think.
    What are your thoughts on this?

  55. Joe,
    Will the ATA gene be a factor in SGU? If it will be, will Sheppard be of value since Weir stated at the beginning of SGA that he possessed the gene “the likes we have never seen before”

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