My dental procedure went swimmingly yesterday and, two hours later, I was having dinner at The Budapest, none the worse for wear (with the trifling exception of a numbed jaw and an excruciating earache), chowing down on a delicious chicken paprikash and my apparently equally delicious anesthetized tongue. Halfway through our meal, in walked special features producer Ivon Bartok with his sister and friend. Like most of us at Stargate, Ivon loves his schnitzel, and The Budapest serves up a terrific assortment (chicken, veal, and pork), all featured in their imposing Transylvania Wooden Platter along with cabbage rolls, sausage, fried potatoes, spaetzle, and bull’s blood cabbage (check out the October 15th vid). After pleasantries were exchanged, Ivon got down to business with: “Did you check those episodes for anymore bloopers?” Right. I’m on it. My blog entry on Reunion should give him everything he’ll need to dig up the deleted footage on the episode. Now, I have to look into This Mortal Coil and Kindred I. The other producers are doing the same for their episodes. Should be a great assortment that, hopefully, will not get bogged won by legalities. Hey, at least you know we tried.

Well, some of you have been asking and, yes, the Live +3 numbers are finally in and we received a fairly decent bump in comparison to most shows (in short, it suggests that fans of Atlantis are more likely to make use of Tivo and DVR than fans of the average show), bringing us up to around a 1.4 for the premiere. Lots of good news within the numbers as well, but I’ll leave that for the official press release.

Another early blog entry today as I’m off to watch that Ark of Truth mix this afternoon. Rob has been working very hard on it and is by now, I’m sure, exhausted and anxiously looking forward to our input. And speaking of Rob’s hard work and some input, do swing on by after Doppelganger airs tonight and let us know what you thought. A lot of great visuals and fun/creepy sequences in tonight’s Atlantis episode, written and directed by Robert C. Cooper.

Today’s pics: None today.

Today’s video: Quick, Carl! Click on the date to see a video of your buddy chowing down. No, your OTHER buddy.

Today’s mailbag:

Anonymous #1 writes: “Any favorites you’ve gone back to more than once?”

Answer: I keep telling Fondy that we need to get out and try more restaurants because, inevitably, if we find something we like, we go back to it. On our standing rotation right now: the hand cones at Tojo’s, the chef’s menu at Fuel, the deep-fried spicy tuna rolls and the Meguro-avocado crepe at Yuji’s, the chicken liver pork fondant at Bistrot Bistro, the dim sum pork cheek at Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, the dinner sweet egg yolk dessert buns at Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, the curry cutting noodles with barbecued pork at the Sha Lin Noodle House, the house calmare and the corn-cheddar ice cream at Reckado’s, the sweet soy pork belly at Northern Chinese Delicacy, the premium cut short ribs at The Soeul House, the grilled gyu-tan and house made tofu at Zakkushi, the smoked meat sandwich at Phat, the wine chicken at Long’s Noodle House, the Vietnamese sandwiches at Au Petit Café, the spicy dynamite rolls at Aki’s, the chicken shawarma at the Babylon Café…to name a few.

Amz writes: “Hope the dentist thing goes well, is that following up on your peppercorn incident?”

Answer: Yes, indeed, it is. See how things get layered in early and paid off late? Did you note that keen bit of foreshadowing? Clearly, this blog rewards regular readers.

Blueb writes: “Do you ever eat at McDonald’s or other fast food joints?”

Answer: I have been known to sample a Quarter Pounder with cheese on occasion.

Anonymous #1 writes: “You apparently have a few issues with Joe Flanigan…”

Answer: Apparently? Based on two whole answers to questions posted on this blog, one a fairly innocuous response to an equally innocuous question (Have you ever discussed other actors with Joe? Nope.), the other an arguably more pointed reply to the suggestion that we, the show’s writer, are pushing for a more earnest John Sheppard – a suggestion that necessitated a response because we, in fact, have taken great pains throughout this season to avoid doing just that. The latter may seem like some sort of slapdown to you but it was, in my mind, a perfectly reasonable response to a comment that engendered some inaccurate assumptions and criticism of the writing staff on the part of certain fans. Just setting the record straight.

Squeakiep writes: “Did Peter DeLuise direct any episodes in season 4?”

Answer: He did not.

Prakash writes: “I am wondering if you ever had a vegetarian meal?”

Answer: Vegetarianism? Is that some sort of religious movement?

Emily writes: “What are your typical breakfasts/lunches like?”

Answer: As I write this, I am eating my breakfast which is comprised of low fat yogurt, protein powder, ground flaxseed, a banana, and strawberries.

Anonymous #2 writes: “what’s your favourite charity or charitable cause?”

Answer: Anything animal-related.

Dovil writes: “It’s like how I heard that every time Joe F comes up to the offices with an idea that you guys blast him with a high pressure water hose while Marty G yells ‘Release the dogs!’ and cackles madly.”

Answer: Yeah, I wanted to use a flamethrower but MGM legal advised me against it.

P.S.: To those fans who will invariably read more into this than is there, I just want to make it clear that I was only joking and did not consult MGM legal on the subject. Though, to be fair, the part about me wanting to use the flamethrower on him is true.

Anonymous #3 writes: “The pig parts? Disgusting.”

Answer: No, actually, quite delicious.

Tesajb writes: “Did you know that the color purple launched my career in law?”

Answer: Civil law I take it?

Susan W writes: “Any possibility we might learn more about the Furlings in Atlantis (s5 if not s4)? In a non-joke episode?”

Answer: Sorry. Season four will be Furling-free.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Ronon and Keller share a smooch not to far down the road?”

Answer: They do?

Anonymous #5 writes: “I was wondering if you have called Joe Flanigan yet to tell him that people are freaking out on your blog and (this time) it’s ALL HIS FAULT, and that he is never allowed to go to Australia ever again?”

Answer: Well, I spoke to him a couple of days ago and sent him an email yesterday afternoon but, believe it or not, this topic never came up. Instead, we ended up discussing ratings and ADR. Go figure.

Tauri Sith writes: “Hmmm… this week is “spirit” week at school. (sarcasm)Fun(/sarcasm). However, Tuesday is Superhero/villan day… who should I go as?”

Answer: Baron Destructo. Who else?

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