The other night, a waiter asked me if I was a restaurant critic. I balked at the title. Restaurant critics are food specialists, individuals with a comprehensive knowledge of culinary technique and sophisticated palettes honed by years of professional experience. Me? I’m just an opinionated guy who likes to eat out. The “restaurant critic” moniker connotes a complete investment and commitment to alimentary detail that eludes one such as myself. No, I’m more of a…what do you call those guys who seem to make a living show up on CNN every once in a while to offer their take on the hot topic of the day? You know, those professional talk show circuit trawlers? Oh, right. Pundits! Right.

I am a food pundit. I hold no allusions of sophisticated insight or authoritative assessments. Still, I do know what I like, and I know what I don’t like. And the following (in no particular order) is my list of this restaurant pundit’s biggest pet peeves:

Uh, shouldn’t you be writing this down?

What is it with wait staff who choose to commit orders to memory rather than simply jotting them down? Yes, I suppose it is a laudable demonstration of their recall abilities – but only provided they don‘t screw up half the time, which they invariably do. Seriously. Your powers of recollection don’t impress me. Serving me the right appetizer does.

Anyone can take a reservation…

I can understand waiting a few minutes for the table you reserved as the restaurant shuffles off the slow-ass previous diners and changes the settings, but – half an hour? With reservations? It’s happened to me on a couple of occasions, most notably twice (!) at Tojo’s old location. In both instances, I would have up and left if the people I was with hadn’t insisted on waiting it out. Once, by way of an apology, our guest of honor – the birthday girl – was gifted with a complimentary Tojo’s t-shirt. Hungry? Eat this!

Would you care for some water, sucker?

I’m not going to get into the whole water debate with you. You can argue all you want over which is better for you but all I know is that I prefer the taste of bottled water. That said, what leaves a worse taste in my mouth than the fluoride-doctored pool piss that flows from our taps is how much some restaurants charge for the bottled stuff, sometimes as high as the price of a modest bottle of wine. Special mention goes out to Lumiere, one of Vancouver’s top restaurants, that really should demonstrate a little self-control. People are already paying top dollar for your food. Do you really have to jack them on the water as well?

Small plates, and appies and starters, oh my!

Remember the good old days when negotiating a menu didn’t require helpful accompanying instructions? When your choices came down to selecting from three basic courses: Appetizer, Main, and Dessert? Now, restaurants are offering up sub-categories under pretentious headings like “To Start“, “Amuse Bouche“ and my personal favorite “For the Mouth“ (as opposed to what other part of your body exactly?). Just save me the headache and put them all under the appetizer menu where they belong.

Stop trying to make fusion happen!

Ever had a hankering for a Hazelnut Tenderloin or the combined flavors of banana, goat cheese, and trout? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of Fusion Cuisine where the marriage of surprising and suspect ingredients come together to form a one-of-kind, often unpleasant taste experience. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a good reason why no one has ever thought of making Cilantro Pudding before. Oh, yeah. It tastes like shit.

Waiter, my plates dirty! No, sir. That’s your main course.

What is with the dwindling portion sizes at some of the higher end restaurants? The same salmon dish I ordered on a return visit to Gastropod was two-thirds the size of the serving I had on my initial visit. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect they were trying to wean their clientele off food.

Raspberry coulis

Sure, it looks pretty, but nothing befouls the luxurious sweetness of a well-made dessert like the unpleasant sharpness of the raspberry coulis. In fact, I can honestly say that no flavor bully has done more to piss me off than this tart travesty of a complementary component.

No new episodes of The Sopranos on account of Memorial Day Weekend and so, because you didn’t ask, here is my prediction of how things will go down in the show’s final two episodes:

Sil gets word that Paulie has been hedging his bets by playing both sides, providing information to Phil in New York. An already antsy Tony responds by offing Paulie (remember that quick flash dream sequence way back in season 2 where Tony saw himself shoot Paulie from across a table?). Tony’s crew is horrified, none more that Pat Parissi who, it turns out, was the real mole funneling info to New York (long-since harboring thoughts of vengeance against Tony for murdering his brother). Pat seeks help from Phil who, realizing Pat is going to be more trouble than he’s worth, orders a hit on him. Pat is offed in sloppy fashion and Tony declares war on New York.

Lots of back and forth killings. Bobby and Sil bite it. Butchy follows soon after. Carmella looks like she’s about to be rubbed out next when she is saved by some Feds. They’ve been monitoring Tony and co. for a while, tring to build their RICO case, and lay out Tony’s entire operation to his horrified wife.

Carmella confronts Tony. Huge blowout. She takes the kids and leaves him. The Feds offer Tony a deal, but he turns it down.

Phil is whacked.

In the show’s final scene, Tony meets Dr. Melfi for a final goodbye at the ice cream parlor he used to frequent when he was a kid. He’s lost his family, lost his friends, but he’s the new King of New York.

For dinner tonight, we went where I wanted to go last night: The Sha Lin Noodle House on Broadway. We had pork and chive dumplings, sweet and chewy curry cutting noodles with barbecue pork, and “stew pancake with lamb in nutritious soup”. After a mere three dumplings, a taste of Fondy’s curry noodles, and not even putting a dent in my soup, I was stuffed. Check that. Overstuffed. I feel like a post-gastroplasty supermodel after a popcorn and Crystal Light binge.

Q&A –

Ruffles writes: “Do you have any guest star casting news that you can share? Will the origins of Teyla’s pregnancy be hinted at in early S4 or will The Seer be the first reveal? And will we actually find out the origins or will you keep us guessing? Any other instances of Shep Whump you can share?”

Answers: Nope. Hinted, yes. We’ll find out almost immediately. Nope.

Crazymom writes: “Then to celebrate my paycheck arriving several days early, we bought ice cream…”

Answer: Ooh, do tell. What flavor? I’m a cookie dough man.

Patricia writes: “Are there any further details about the distribution of the Stargate movies?”

Answer: Nope, sorry.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I’m nothing if not persistent…”

Answer: I’ll give you that.

Jason writes: “have you had or would you try PORCUPINE?”

Answer: Never tried it. Don’t know if I would. I suppose it would depend on how hungry I was. Eating a porcupine is nothing. Once, I was so famished, I ate at Subways.

The Second Lily writes: “ 1) Have you seen/did you like “Little Miss Sunshine”?
2) Is there a story as to why we don’t know Major Lorne’s first name?”

Answers: 1) Yup. 2) We just never got around to it. But Alan has given him a name in Spoils of War. It starts with a W. We’ll see if it sticks.

Forrest writes: “If I was writing a two-parter for Atlantis, who should I (a writer from NZ) sent it of to, and where do I go from there?”

Answer: I’m sorry to say we’re not looking for freelance submissions.

Vikitty writes: “So… you don’t read anything but sci-fi when it comes to novels?”

Answer: No necessarily. Although I read mainly scifi, many of the books I’ve read of late (The Eyre Affair, Nine Princes in Amber, and The Zombie Survival Guide) fall into the category of fantasy or speculative fiction.

Silver writes: “Don Davis looks like a happy person. What kind of chocolates are you feeding him?”

Answer: Don is a fan of dark chocolate, so he’s eating some Ghirardelli dark chocolates that Alan brought back for a recent trip to San Francisco.

Edward4th writes: “How are you getting on with the Pratchett books? Have you ever read Harry Harrison’s “Stainless Steel Rat” series?”

Answer: I finished The Colour of Magic. I haven’t read The Stainless Steel Rat but I have been on the look-out for it. In the meantime, I have a collection of Harrison’s short fiction I’ve been meaning to get around to.

Johnny E writes: “Who is the overall “Big Picture” person for stargate. The one who gives direction to the episodes so that it is not randomness from ep 1 to ep 20?”

Answer: In the case of Atlantis’s fourth season, Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan, and myself all weigh in on what should air where and what types of stories we should be telling.

Anonymous #3 writes: “What do you think, is Severus Snape good or evil?”

Answer: Good. Dumbledore – alive.

Cheeky Lil Devil: “When you went to Hong Kong, what did you enjoy the most?”

Answer: The hotel we stayed at (The Shangri-La) and the food. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get the chance to go back this year. L

62 thoughts on “May 27, 2007

  1. Joe,

    Not sure how much you can tell us about Continuum but seeing you brought the boat pics up; any of our fav character/characters trapped on boat?

    And is an artic set being made up for those actors who couldn’t be there?

    And thanks for pics of Reunion; anymore Ronan stories planned?

  2. What flavor? I’m a cookie dough man.

    GeekBoy is strictly a cookies & cream guy. I generally go for something seriously chocolate, but this time chose coffee ice cream with a jar of hot fudge sauce on the side.

    Today’s menu: Cap’n Crunch for breakfast, chips & dip for lunch, and Polynesian chicken for dinner. Yes, I cooked. But I have vowed that for the next week, if it can’t be tossed in the oven on a cookie sheet or microwaved in its own wrapper, we’re not eating it. I despise dirty dishes! The checker at the grocery store thought I was having company for the holiday weekend when I bought the stacks of foam plates and bowls. When I told her the real reason for those purchases, I thought she was going to hurt herself laughing.

  3. It is always nice to read a blog that gets updated every day. It show that you are an organised person. I am not sure if that is a character flaw or an asset.

    Any chance of donating something to the SCB campaign to auction?
    (Scottish sense of humour).

    Give the Pugs a cuddle from me and my pusscats – Princess Merlin and Frankie, the fighting siblings.

  4. I wish I was able to eat out enough that I could consider myself a food pundit.

    A quick SGA question,

    Is Spoils of War an episode that will air in the second half or did Alan rename on of his episodes?


  5. Dear Joe, you might not answer, but I’m going to ask any way. When the production team was filming Sunday, why did they wait until the last day to tell Paul it was his last day, and did everybody, but Paul and the cast, know before them or were you shocked too? I know show business is harsh, but wow. I thought he left because that was his wishes. I’m not trying to ambush you, just curious. I hope I get an answer.

  6. hi, joe,

    i loved geekysam’s retro glasses from ‘moebius’; can you tell me where you guys bought them? (i want them for myself)

    sally 🙂

  7. Is the knock down drag out restaurant whumping I just read a taste of the whumpage the Atlantis characters are getting in Season 4?

  8. If you could go back and redo an episode of either of the Stargates with a much higher budget which would it be and how would you use the money.

  9. Hiya Joe,

    Oh yummy. The pork dumplings look damn good!

    Glad to hear that you are recovered from your bout of food poisoning.

    I always wonder, when something you (or any of the other writers) write is being filmed, do you go downstairs and hang around when they’re filming? Or do you just ocassionally pop in and check it out?

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday – it’s already Monday here in Oz!

  10. Yay! Snape is good. Yes. Everyone will see.

    I will see several hours after everyone else because, as with the 6th book, I have to sell hundreds of copies before I can read my own. Sigh.

    Oh, I have a real Stargate question for once! What character (SG-1 and Atlantis) do you find most difficult to write?

  11. Glad to see your appetite’s returning 🙂

    My theory? Dumbledore = phoenix animagus. And yes, I agree Snape is good. Well, on the side of good, anyway. 😉 I wonder who would win an arrogance contest, Snape or McKay … *Grin*

    Did you get around to On a Pale Horse yet?

    Heweltt hasn’t updated his Twitter in a while — I bet you broke him with Mortal Coil!! *shakes fist*

  12. *spoilers for the Half-Blood Prince*

    I’m surprised you think Dumbledore is alive! Not that I wouldn’t want him to be, I just think his sacrifice was deliberate and had finality. I would also be dissapointed if Snape was anything other than a villain.

  13. I have tried different Asian foods and I find most are pretty spicey. Have you ever tried sampling Thai food??by the way I think the Cocunut creme thingy is what got you sick.

  14. Joe,

    There’s actually a bunch of restaurants that are now charging for tap water. The Wall Street Journal did an article about it a couple of weeks ago, and though I can’t find it online for free, Gawker quoted the best bits (and, naturally, has snarky commentary). There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle going on about the same thing in London. (Personally, I love carbonated water, and thus tend to buy bottled water. If I could get one of those water-carbonators installed in my apartment, I’m sure I’d save a lot of natural resources.)

    Really looking forward to the new season of Atlantis!

  15. Harry relies/relied on Dumbledore too much for him to be anything but truely dead. Harry would never be able to face Voldemort if Dumbledore was still alive b/c Harry is weak like that. Therefore, Dumbledore HAD to die and HAS to stay dead. Although advice from his portrait or his ghost may be rather welcome…

    I would LOVE to seen Neville Longbottom do the dark lord in. I know there is a little (if geeky) bad ass in there waiting to get out. Oh and I think Snape = Good, too. We have to believe Dumbledore is infallable in his judgement. It just makes good sense.

    And just to make this relevent to your blog…um…I like to pet pugs and eat delicious food while watching “Stargate” and reading humerous yet dark sci-fi and fantasy. Oh and food poisoning is the worst sick I’ve ever been…(this is true)! Even worse then finding out I was not adopted and therefore my mother and father did indeed coppulate at some point. (Probably twice if I am assuming my brother was not grown in a cabbage patch as I was told.)

  16. I see you dislike fusion, but… There’s a (tourist-priced)restraunt on the Waikiki strip called “Ciao Mein,” a Chinese/Italian fusion that was simply delicious. Like most restaurants in the area it is situated at the base of one of the myriad hotels. If it’s not below your standard, I reccomend it!

  17. Boy, your Inner!McKay was showing in that summary of your peeves!

    Don’t give up on Space Opera completely. Try David Weber’s Honor Harrington series… the writing is understated and he has a good grasp of military details and how they would be applied in space. And don’t forget the Vorkosigan Books by Bujold!

    For a change from sci-fi, how about the Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan? Warning on this one — once you get started, you won’t be able to set the books down.

    Hey, Nykl says he’s filming in Kelowna… I knew Canada was far away, but another planet? *grin* what other planets/countries are named for small Canadian towns?

  18. I wholly agree with you on waiters not taking down my order. Also, waiters who bring the check with the entree.

    So in light of your restaurant pet peeves, I was wondering what your book-reading pet peeves are. Do you ever find yourself putting down a book because of bad grammar, changes in point of view/tense? Are there any specific cliches in sci-fi that irritate you?

    You’ve set a name for Lorne? And here I was just getting used to Evan (as listed on IMDB)…not that I mind in the least. The poor guy deserves a first name!

  19. What do you think the most important thing to Sheppard is?
    Who would you think would be easier to write back in out of FORD, BECKETT?

  20. AH! You went with Asian! I like to think I had something to do with that… You know, when I mentioned my Asian dining experience… You have no idea what I’m talking about do you? Yea I figured ;).

    So I was on a semi-business trip last week, to the north of the state (Louisiana, U.S.), I live in the south of La. We stayed at a very nice four star casino hotel. 25 stories, Romanesque theme. Luxurious for sure.

    The rooms were immaculate; the view was amazing, and the food, ohhh the food. They had 4 restaurants in house, ranging from a super buffet to a fine steakhouse.

    Our first night, my companion and I ate at the buffet. It’s one of those where they have a little “store front” mock up stations for all the different nationalities of food. Little Italy, China town, Down home kitchen, you get the idea.

    Second night we hit their cafe, thinking the food might not be great, but it would be quick. Boy, I was surprised. They served me the best chicken and sausage gumbo I’ve ever had. Have you ever tried Gumbo? It’s a southern favorite of course.

    My main course was a rather large country fried steak, with fresh corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. They were also as good as the gumbo. So good in fact I ordered the meal over again for room service 2 nights later.

    But the third night was by far my favorite. We ate at the “Four Winds” Asian restaurant. Very classy, very modern decor. The staff was very attentive; my tea glass was never empty. Best of all they made their tea with bottled water instead of tap.

    We had pork spring rolls for appetizers, accompanying which was a wide assortment of dipping sauces. Our server was more than happy to take the time to explain what each of them was.

    For my main course, I had the four winds lo mien. Pork, beef, chicken, and shrimp. And I must tell you, it was divine. Everything was fresh, it was cooked perfectly. It was so flavorful; I took one bite and commented “oh my, that’s the best I’ve ever had”.

    My companion was equally as impressed. She ordered the Sesame chicken. Which was made on the spot. Fresh slices of chicken battered after our order, fried to the point that the outside was perfectly crisp, and the chicken still tender and juicy. The sauce was traditional, with the added flavor of strawberry, which at first I was dubious of, but found it to be an amazing complementary taste.

    We shared a fresh plate of chicken fried rice, made right when we ordered. All and all, it was the best meal of the trip.

    For our final night, we ate at the steakhouse. It was a fine establishment, and the food was as good as you would expect from a 5 star steakhouse. The steaks were cooked perfectly; the potatoes spiced just right, and the breads sweet. The service was a little stiff though, not much interaction.

    So if you are ever in north Louisiana (I can’t imagine why you would be), I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be thrilled with the “Four Winds” Asian restaurant in the Horseshoe Casino Hotel.

    Well since this is a food comment, and I’m from La, I’m curious, do you have any favorite “southern U.S.” cuisine? Tried anything that stands out in your mind?

  21. Hi Joe, 🙂

    Just wanna tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog everyday.

    And wondering have your try Henry’s Kitchen yet?! Their food is great… I love that place…

    Have a great Monday… 🙂

  22. Moi jpensse que Severus Snape est gentil!^^…oula je suis impatiente de lire le tome 7,mais c est dommage qu en france il sort plus tard =(!

    Ma question aujourd hui^^:

    Pourquoi de pas méttre un personnage francais dans stargate Atlantis ??

    Sa serais génial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

    Voila,merci 😉

  23. Cookies Dough, I agree!
    Something I have sort of been wondering and I think has been asked before.. so sorry if I seem redundant; but is Jewel Staite going to be an ongoing character for SGA? Because she did a wonderful job in the sleeper hit: Firefly and I think a lot of people would love to see what she can do on SGA. And anymore cast members have tattoos?

  24. Will Chuck be getting a last name in season 4? 🙂
    Glad your appetite is returning. If you hate the fact that restaurants overcharge for water, never go to Disneyland…

  25. 2) Is there a story as to why we don’t know Major Lorne’s first name?”
    Answers: 2) We just never got around to it. But Alan has given him a name in Spoils of War. It starts with a W. We’ll see if it sticks.

    But I could have swore I saw Kavan say in an interview that Major Lorne’s first name is Evan…??
    Hmmm… intriguing. LOL

    Have a great day!

  26. I had dinner at the Fat Duck recently – a famous fusion food restaurant in the UK and I can say that I totally agree with you. Bacon and Egg icecream just isn’t a good combination! Liquorice and salmon? There’s a reason why nobody has put these flavours together before! Plus there was a lot of fancy cooking in liquid nitrogen which, while fascinating, made the whole event more like performance art than a good meal. I enjoyed that aspect of it, but didn’t like hardly any of the food, sadly. I get a distinct “Emperors New Clothes” feel from fusion cooking and I have no idea why it’s been so lauded.

    As for Pratchett – I don’t rate “The Colour of Magic” much myself. But “Mort” is wonderful, as is any novel containing any combination of Death, Vetinari and Grimes – in my opinion.

  27. Me again.
    You’ve caused mass panic among the Lorne fans by hinting that his name is anything other than ‘Evan’. Could you please reassure us that it does not in fact begin with a W? 😛
    (And explain the ‘W’ thing? :D)

  28. I know most people will say that all the Pratchett books are brilliant, but I’ve read them all and the two that have nearly killed me with laughter are ‘The Truth’ and ‘Going Postal’ but my favourite of them all is ‘The Fifth Elephant’.

    Also, if Atlantis ever gets ahold of another ancient ship, is there any chance that we might hold onto it, because as much as I love the Daedalus, I really wouldn’t mind giving it up if we could get a proper fully-functioning ancient warship.


  29. Wilbur, Walcott, Wally, Walter, Walton, Washington, Warne (it would rhyme!), William, Waverly, Webb, Wentworth, Weylin, Whitby, Whitney, Wilbraham, Wyle, Wilmot, Wilmer, Wolfgang, Wycliff, Wybert, Wyatt……… Is Lorne’s first name one of these ?

  30. I too live happily in the denial that Dumbledore is still alive! I’ve not made up my mind about Snape yet though…

    On the question someone made about Lorne’s first name… Did we not learn it in ‘Sunday’?

    Slightly Stargate question… Are you looking forward to your break?

  31. Sorry to break it to you, but JK Rowling has confirmed that Dumbledore is definatly dead 😐

  32. Hey Joe

    Lorne’s name was supposed to be “Evan” and I thought it was announced by one of the writers before season 3 began to air. It might have been by Kavan himself saying he finally got a first name. For a long time fic writers used Nick or Marcus but Evan was used on the show. I will hunt down the reference and get back to you.

  33. I would also love any gossip that you could pass along from the Continuum set. Since Shanks is past due updating his blog, I hope that means that Brad is working him and the rest of the cast extra hard.

    You might pass on to Brad that reading anti threads on G.W. can’t possibly be good for his blood pressure. My suggestion to Brad, after reading such a thread, is to take two aspirin, develop a bite me attitude, and keep playing that Frank Sinatra song “My Way” over and over again until it sinks in.
    Oh and make sure after reading an anti thread to immediately run to a pro thread to help settle the stomach.

    Yup, I was lurking too!

  34. Ah, Joe, I respect you prefering to be called a food pundit, but I will tell you this: you are a better critic (in my opinion) than the ones we have locally. You are more honest and forthright about your views. Thanks for that.

  35. Have you ever read The Saga of Seven Suns books? If so, would you recommend them?

  36. I LOL’d a lot at your commentary on gastronomy, I really can’t wait for you to read “Good Omens” there is a wonderful character in it whom you will identify immediately with regards to food fads.
    I’ve got some “Stainless Steel Rat”s in my attic, if you’re seriously on the lookout you can have them, just let me know where to send them.

  37. Hi Joe,
    Seeing as you’ve recently had food poisoning and reading your current comments on restaurants, I thought you should look into this book I’m reading now “Kithchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain, who is a chef and author.
    You’ll see the restaurant business in a whole new light, and possibly find out where the food poisoning came from…Enjoy!
    Sis in law,

  38. Just found your blog last week, but have been a Stargate fan for years.

    I was excited to see you’ve read The Eyre Affair. I just finished reading it for the 2nd time, and I think Jasper Fforde is quite clever. Have you read more of the Thursday Next series or the Nursery Crimes one?

  39. Hi Joe,

    why do you think the anti-season 9 and 10 contigent are so closed minded that they can’t get that this is basicially completely different show from their beloved seasons 1 – 8?

  40. “Est-ce qu’ils vous arrivent quelques fois de vous inspirer d’un film ou d’un livre pour écrire un épisode ?”

  41. It’s not a great day, so I’ll make this quick…Do you ever BBQ?

  42. I agree with you, raspberry coulis does not belong on a dessert plate or any other plate (I was once served chicken with a raspberry coulis at an awards dinner). My own pet peeve is an intrusive wait staff – I know everyone has their own preferences, but I think in a good restaurant you shouldn’t notice glasses being refilled and plates cleared at appropriate times when people are clearly done.

  43. I’m wondering if you could share what S4 episodes might be big for Rodney fans, other than Miller’s Crossing? Thanks! My apologies if you’ve already been asked this question.

  44. Hi Joe!

    I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog everyday and that I love your devotion to the show and your respect for the fans (no matter what some GW people say). I will never understand people who choose to blame writers for bad episodes when it was budgeting, networking or other issues that made them crap. Doing a blog like this and taking the time to answer dozens of questions everyday takes a lot of effort and time. Thank you for that. I wish other shows had such dedicated people working for them.

    Anyway, a quick question that’s been bugging me and other people for a long, long time and I hoped you might answer it.
    Why does Rodney never call Sheppard ‘John’? I know he’s military and Rodney calls all military by their last name or rank, but Elizabeth, Carson, Teyla and even Ronon (who has more respect for military rank than Rodney does) call Sheppard by his first name. Will this ever be addressed on the show?

  45. More Restaurant peeves –
    How about when the waiter insists on addressing you in his own language, and when you don’t understand scowls ferociously and tries his best to avoid you for the rest of the evening?

    Or when they do switch to English and their accent is so atrocious that you have to ask them to repeat everything twice?

    How about the missing Salt shaker? Or the one so full of rice that there is no friggin way any salt will ever escape?

    Or when you finally settle down in that fine gourmet restaurant and someone decides that it is time to play Metallica – loud.

    Or the children… Oh Lord, the screaming, running children… There is something to be said for euthanasia at a young age.

  46. re salut!!

    Je vient d aprendre une horrible nouvelle!!

    La chaine national qui difusait Stargate ne la diffusra certainement pas la saison 4 et 10 ….
    Les épisode ne passeront donc que sur le cable sachant que même pas la moitier de la population on le cable!!! je pensse que des fans vont ce perdre avec sa..!!
    Je suis stupéfier qu en je vois toute la promo faite avant la sorti d une nouvelle saison de stargate sur les écrans nord américain!!nous il n y a peine une petite bande annonce de même pas 1 minute 3 jour avant la difusion .remarque maintenant il n y a plus rien comme il ne vont plus diffuser.
    Heureusement qu il y a encors internet.
    Mais qu en méme ici on ne parle qu asiment jamais de cette serie, enfin de moin en moin…
    Les fan francais de Stargate se sentent abandonné…
    Mais je suis contente que malgré tout sa de nombreux fan reste fidel a la serie!!

  47. What is your opinion on Hot Chocolate? Do you have a favorite kind? Do you share beverages with your wife?

  48. If you were walking the green mile tomorrow(for your participation in Emancipation) what would your last meal be? And do you think the 2 middle-eastern men will play a part in the end of “The Sopranos” or were they just a red herring?

  49. To the person asking about Paul’s last filming day… I think you’ve confused a couple of stories. Everyone including Paul knew the ending of Sunday before they started filming it. But Paul came back to film other scenes for other eps after Sunday, because they film episodes out of order. His colleagues didn’t know which day would be his last day of filming those other scenes, and he didn’t tell them on that day. He certainly knew it ahead of time. You should read all of Paul’s interviews to get the full picture.

    Sorry to answer for Joe, but I was afraid he might not understand your question.

  50. Regarding Major Lorne’s first name – I have to say that I too had it in my mind that his name was Evan. I was not aware of Kavan’s interview either! Looking on the Imdb site Kavan is certainly credited with playing Major Evan Lorne in several episodes of SG1 and Altlantis both past and to come …

    So is W… for wind-up??

    And to atlantisfannew1 C’est dommage. Vous avez ma sympathie et oui, remerciez Dieu de l’Internet.


  51. Is Lorne’s first name any of these?

    Waldo, Wasseem, Wendell, Wilfred, Willard, Willie, Wolfgang, Watson, Wyatt, Wayne, Wesley or Winston.

  52. Jenks said… “Sorry to break it to you, but JK Rowling has confirmed that Dumbledore is definatly dead :|”

    Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he can’t come back to life! 😉

  53. carter has been promoted for s4. does this take place before, during or after the sg-1 movies?

    also what is now teal’cs official age

  54. *waves*

    Joe says: The hotel we stayed at (The Shangri-La) and the food. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get the chance to go back this year.

    I was telling my mom about your trip to Hong Kong and she reminisced for hours about what her and Dad did in Hong Kong,*hugs* for that. 😀 She then started reminiscing about going to an Officers do anf having to take the chug boats over to Hong Kong Island and nicked one of the posh glasses, before stuffing it down her posh cocktail dress, hehehe… Mothers, I swear you can’t take them anywhere 😀 Hope your mom’s doing okay now.

    You still don’t sound too well, why not rest your tunny for a few more days, little and often is the way to go and before long you’ll be back to your old self again. 😀 But I see you’re half way there already if your blogs anything to go by? 😀

    So before I go, your answer to Ruffles queston.

    Ruffles asked: Any other instances of Shep Whump you can share?”

    Answers: Nope.

    Cheeky reads Joe’s response as, “I’d love to tell you, but don’t want to spoil Cheeky’s surprise of having Shep Shirtless, hot and sweaty broadcasted over the internet just yet. And as a bonus to Cheeky’s Quest i’ll ensure there’s a nice infirmary scene to.” ;):D

    So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you Mr M, you’re not only a kind man, but a lovely man. 😀


  55. Before I go to bed I meant to say thank you for answering my question and to say sorry for my crap spelling… it’s late and apart from being brain dead, i’ve lost that fallatus to spell properly. Sorry. Going now, g’night.

  56. Hi Joe,
    When the show The Pretender was at the end of its production the last story board was under scrutiny from the staff. Above the board was written ‘DONOTERASE’ People speculated if it was a mafia boss name a twist to the end of the plot or a place in Italy. But sadly no,one of the writers just wanted to make sure that it stayed on the board and had written DO NOT ERASE. The name stuck and the last two episode’s of the final season (season three) where called ‘DONOTERASE’. Has anything funny like that ever happened while you where compiling story boards for SG/SGA?

  57. Scifan writes: “why did they wait until the last day to tell Paul it was his last day”

    I don’t know where you got that info from, because Paul McGillion himself said that he was told while he was filming Phantoms, and that was months before Sunday was filmed.

  58. Hey Joe,

    Just another LTR/FTP looking for a handout. I’ve come to Vancouver for the first time (and only for a night and a day!), and while there’s plenty of sights to behold, there’s obviously one sight a Stargate fan would offer any of their limbs to see. Is there any chance of being granted access to your sets/offices to see the “magic” behind the magic?

    I don’t often traipse around the comments section, so I haven’t a clue how many times you’re asked this; I apologize if I’m beating a dead horse. But hey — there’s never a chance if you don’t ask.

    Either way, good sir, I’m a big fan of the blog and the shows. (In fact, the blog is part of what inspired me to visit this fair city.) Keep up the good work!


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