The 2007 Network Upfronts took place this week with ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW unveiling their new Fall line-ups. Gone are some old favorites like The O.C., Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, and The King of Queens, and some not so favorites like In Case of Emergency, Smith, and Identity. There were a few of surprises in the list of cancelled shows, chiefest among them being Close To Home which I thought performed solidly on Friday nights for CBS (and I would know since it aired opposite Atlantis). Nevertheless, the show’s lead, my buddy and former Student Bodies alumni Jennifer Finnigan, is a supremely talented actress and I’m sure she’ll be moving on to even bigger and better things. Brad Wright will no doubt be disappointed to learn that, after offering up what he considered one of the best season-ending cliffhangers in recent memory, Jericho won’t be coming back to offer any sort of resolution. Veronica Mars is apparently done as well and, while I didn’t watch the show, I heard enough good things about it to make me pick up the first couple of seasons on DVD. Conversely, there were a couple of surprises in the list of returning shows, chiefest among these being my favorite new show of 2006 – Friday Night Lights – which makes the seemingly obvious move to a Friday night time slot. And even though it wasn’t that much of a surprise, it was nice to see 30 Rock and The Office make the 2007 cut.

Like last season, Fondy and I will probably park ourselves in front of the t.v and watch all of the new offerings, dropping them from our must-see list as we lose interest. In the end, only two stood out for me in 2006 and they were Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock. For her part, Fondy stuck with Brothers and Sisters, that soporific saga of milquetoast upper middle-class angst – but has seemingly lost interest as there are about two and half months’ worth of recorded episodes backed up on our DVR. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the new season, and a few potential promising rookie shows in particular. Given my predilection for the paranormal, the vampire-private investigator series Moonlight does intrigue – but since it’ll be airing on Friday nights, possibly opposite us, I’m officially going to have to go with “A vampire detective?! You’ve got to be kidding!”. Kid Nation, a reality series in which a group of kids take up residence in a 19th century ghost town sounds interesting only in that it reminds me of a similar Japanese game show in which youngsters had to brave a haunted house with delightfully terrifying/weepy/pant-wetting results. Alas, actually seeing these little tykes reduced to quivering mommy-moaning-masses would probably be too much to ask for, so I’m not going to get my hopes up. Fondy and I loved Peter Krause in Six Feet Under, so we’re a little curious about his new series, Dirty Sexy Money, in which he plays an overworked lawyer working over a privileged, trouble-prone family. Marty G. has heard good things about the comedy/spy thriller Chuck so, based on buzz, this is another one I have above-average hopes for. And, although it sounds a lot like the ill-fated Brimestone, Reaper – about a guy charged with the task of hunting down some of Hell’s recently-escaped Most Wanted – sounds like a lot of fun.

I assume some of you watch a little t.v. yourselves. Any thoughts on the new line-ups?

By the way, belated congratulations to our buddy Todd Masters. His Masters FX took home the award for Best MakeUP FX at the 33rd Annual Saturn Awards, winning for SLiTHER. Pictured: Todd Masters surprisingly sans award, ace editor Brad Rines working on Reunion, some of the gang at Post Production commiserate over the out-of-control producers, shots of the jumper someone requested, and Carl’s rapidly degrading cupcake he has sworn to eat when the Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup. Let’s hope that, for Carl’s sake, they do it this year.

Let’s check the mail –

Wraithkeeper writes: “If you had an Italian restaurant, would your mother eat there or would it go against her ‘No Italian Restaurants’ rule?”

Answer: If I had an Italian restaurant, my mom would probably be working the kitchen so she wouldn’t have time to eat.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I read that there was an episode for season one called “Human Error,” but wasn’t materialized. Will it show up in season 4?”

Answer: Nope. It was a script we just couldn’t make work.

Toomi writes: “If you had to recomend tourist sites in Vancouver, what would be your top five?”

Answer: I’m the worst person to ask because I avoid tourist sites even when I’m on vacation. From what I hear, Stanley Park is nice. Steveston for fish and chips. Maybe a walk along the seawall in Yaletown. Um. There’s the Van Dusen Botanical Garden. Is that 5 yet? No? Okay, let’s see. Well… There’s that steam clock in Gas Town. That’s good for an afternoon.

ChevronSeven writes: “What Monopoly piece do you usually go for?”

Answer: I’m usually the guy riding the horse.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Who do you like to be in Clue?”

Answer: Colonel Mustard.

Majorsal writes: “It’s my birthday today; do you have a gift for me?”

Answer: By the time I’ve gotten around to responding your post, I’m already too late. Oh, well. Belated Happy Birthday.

Spamco writes: “1) Out of all the cast & crew members of both SG-1 & Atlantis, who would have the most interesting biopic? 2) Would it do well?”

Answers: 1) Probably Brad. 2) Probably not.

Zeus writes: “I’ve read your blog with intrest expecially the food reviews. Have you ever visited Doolin’s on Granville.”

Answer: Never been. Do they serve pig’s knuckles?

Anonymous #3 writes: “Would you be able to tell us if Adria (Morena Baccarin) will be in the Ark of Truth?”

Answers: Sure and, yes.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I really like to know if we´ll see a Season 4 episode that revolve around the “relationship” between Teyla and McKay? Also like to know, do you watch TV shows like “Monk” Or “The Dead Zone”?”

Answers: Not yet on all three.

Phil writes: “So Joe, have you seen Sanctuary yet?”

Answer: Nope.

74 thoughts on “May 17, 2007

  1. Do you guys mostly film one episode at a time or are you constantly still fitting in scenes from other episodes etc? Shooting on Reunion seems to have gone on for well over a week, based on the dates of blog comments etc from the two Davids where they mentioned shooting scenes for that ep.

    Does it get confusing for the actors to be shooting scenes for more than one episode in a given week/day? I think Torri mentioned something about that on the commentary for The Long Goodbye.. that the shoot went on for ages and weeks later they were still filming scenes for it and having to think back and remember where they were supposed to be at in that scene! 🙂

    You guys started shooting This Mortal Coil this week, right? Or am I getting utterly confused? Eep. Long day. Brain no workee no more…

  2. Hey Joe,
    I recently got into ReGenesis. Don’t remember how I heard about it, but it is Canadian production on movie central and movie network. Pretty cool.
    As far as the fall season goes, glad Jericho got canned became too mysterious, like Twin Peaks and not in a good way. Had great hope for it too.
    Can’t wait for Heroes to come back. Really like that show. You should check it out.
    Otherwise my viewing is usually restricted to Stargate, The History channel and discover.

  3. How do you decide what to say in your blog, other than the food reviews? Does it just depend on what’s on your mind, and/or do you have some things in mind ahead of time? Does it ever seem like a pain to have to post every day, or do you look forward to it?

    New line-up? There’s something other than Atlantis? I’m only partly kidding. I watch other shows, but Atlantis is the only one at this point that I plan for. I want to check our Eureka when it comes back, though. Tomorrow night I’ve got 11 women coming over for a party, so I either have to tape the Gates or make sure they all leave by 10:00 when the second round starts. Maybe I’ll try to do both.

  4. Joe any chance of giving out some of the various ship sizes seen on Atlantis as of yet.

    Also will we see or hear anything more about either the Tria &/or the Cruiser from ‘Submersion’ at any point in S4.


  5. Hey Joe

    You asked about what shows we might be watching in the fall. My family and I are looking forward to watching Pushing up Daisies by Bryan Fuller, the same guy who did WOnderfalls and Dead Like Me. No one seems to touch on themes of death, life and the dead quite like him. Should be amazing.
    Quick question, do you know when cast photos for season 4 will be coming out?

  6. hi, joe,

    thanks for the happy birthday greetings thinger. 😀

    (you could still give me money. or rda’s number. or both. or just rda. rda. rda. did i mention rda?)

    sally 😀

  7. Joe, After tonight, Carl better put that cupcake in the freezer for next year. The Cup is coming back to Motown this year!!!

    A Fan from Michigan

  8. Um, I meant to say that Carl should put the cupcake in the freezer after Sunday’s game. 🙂

    A fan from Michigan

  9. wow, 1st comment.

    how do you find time to go through book as fast as you do, write for Atlantis, and do all the food reviews?

  10. I think that all the TV shows that you mention are US productions. Have you ever watched imports from the UK? Rab C Nesbitt? Hamish Macbeth?

    Some of the programmes are pretty good but I have to admit that all the programmes that I watch are from the US.

    CSI/NCIS/Stargate Atlantis (of course) is my viewing list. Boring – I know.

  11. NBC seems to have the most interesting line up. I’m curious about the re-imaged Bionic Woman, especially. Although Reaper and his souped up Dust Buster are rather amusing…

    As for new shows… Any word on Stargate Universe?

  12. Can you explain what Martin meant by…”The end of Season Three was essentially a soft reset,” Gero tells GateWorld. “That doesn’t last as long as some of us would have liked it to, for a number of reasons. But it is with Carter and Weir and stuff like that.”
    I understand the reset portion but not the Weir/Cater portion. I’d rather you interpret it then the multitude of online fans who no doubt will create some big hidden evil agenda, I’m sorry if that sounded snarky but I’m a huge Weir fan and hope beyond hope that she will continue to be a large part of the show but I have not been impressed by my fellow online Wier fans who seem to have gone off the deep end and I hope have not hurt her chances to continue.

  13. Hi Joe:

    Anonymous #1 writes: “I read that there was an episode for season one called “Human Error,” but wasn’t materialized. Will it show up in season 4?”

    Joe responded: Nope. It was a script we just couldn’t make work.

    Me: Oh, can I have it?

    Two questions:
    1. What do you find really funny?

    2. What really makes you angry?

    Have a great one,


  14. If you can recall some of the failed episodes that did’t make the top 20 cut what were they? and what were they aboot? Could we be seeing a sarcophagus in any of the movies or SGA?
    I also would like to bring it to your attention that i think its great that Carter is joining SGA.

  15. Well, there’s a lot of shows that I haven’t really gotten around to checking out yet, but personally I adore Monk. Most “my” other shows, I just keep casual tabs on, catching up whenever I get a chance.

    I’m currently reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” for a psychology class. I’m liking it so far. I realize that you mainly stick with sci fi, but have you read it, perchance? If yes, what was your impression?

  16. Re: The shots of the Jumper.

    You rock. You’re one of the rockin’-est producers in television, in fact. Thank you.

  17. Peter Krause also starred in the wonderful “Sports Night” which Aaron Sorkin did pre “West Wing.”

    Being that I gravitate more to watching shows with male stars, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed ‘Veronica Mars’ and how sorry I am to see it go. Kirsten Bell is a terrific actress. It also stars a SG-1 alumni, Enrico Colantoni from “Evolution, part 2” episode. He’s a far more likable character in ‘Veronica Mars’.

  18. I’ll probably check out Moonlight (via DVR if it’s on opposite Atlantis) and Reaper. None of the others spark an interest, although I understand I’ve been missing a fine production by not watching Friday Night Lights.

    I’m bummed about Jericho, not that it was a favorite, but they left us hanging. I hate that.

    Blue Rebecca

  19. Do you watch “Supernatural” I think that’s one of the best shows on TV and very underated because of the Thursday Night timeslot.


  20. CRAP! Ignore that last one; the ghost haunting my computer hit the Publish button. Freaky. =P

    Anyway, like I was saying, I’m just happy that Numb3rs, Boston Legal, Supernatural, House, The Office and Scrubs are coming back. Oh yeah. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. =) I loved Identity; Penn is the elephant’s instep…which is to say he’s the bee’s knees…which is to say he’s the cat’s pajamas…which is to say…I’ve run out.

    I didn’t even think 7th Heaven was still making new episodes up until this season; I could have sworn it ended about 5 years ago, but then I learned that they went from 7th Heaven to about 49784th Heaven. Whatever.

    I never watched Jericho, Gilmore Girls or The OC…though what I’ve recently become obsessed with is something totally random from the Outdoor Life Network
    — Road Hockey Rumble. =) I think I recall some blasphemy about you not being much of a hockey fan, but trust me; it’s fantastic.

    Jennifer Finnigan is from Student Bodies? As in, the Student Bodies I’m thinking of; the Student Bodies from YTV? O.O Whoa! I thought that was one of those shows that only I remember, and it’s only because I dreamed it up. *grin*

  21. Just continuing to support Carl and the ducks! Go Ducks! That cupcake is looking mighty sickly.

  22. Thoughts on the upfronts? Well Veronica Mars is as good as dead but they renewed the Pussycat Dolls for another season and greenlit a reality show called Farmer Wants a Wife. If I had any faith left in humanity that would have quashed it.

  23. As to the TV schedule next season…
    how dare the CW cancel Veronica Mars… easily one of the best shows on television, although everything else I watch on TV is thankfully coming back, unfortunately not including SG-1, however. It’s good to hear that you’ve picked up Veronica Mars on DVD, though–you’ll love it. I don’t know if you know, but Jaime Ray Newman did a guest arc in season 3, so they do cast some stargate folks.

  24. This one took me an entire hour to create, so I’ll be devastated if someone solves it in under 5 minutes.

    The Challenge:

    To solve this next puzzle
    Three numbers you’ll need
    The clues are quite vague
    Deciphering will take patience, not speed.
    The Clues:

    All the chevrons lock
    It’s a Race through the gate
    In a full season of episodes
    We may learn of sumone’s fate.
    The Puzzle:

    Now comes the hard part-
    To make it all fit.
    Many will try and fewer succeed
    It takes a calling and a strong killer need
    For a fan keeps an eye
    On this show SGA
    And enjoys it at night
    Each and ev’ry week on Sci-Fi Friday.
    If you figure it out, please don’t spoil it for the one or two others who might actually try. You can either email me your solution at, or simply rest in the knowledge that you were first to decipher it. The solution, along with a list of the winning decipher-ers will be disclosed to the general public at a later date.

    Again, the only prize awarded is that of complete bragging rights. That and acknowledgment of your overwhelming mental superiority.

  25. Sadly the Ducks are going to lose to my Red Wings, sorry to leave them out in the cold, but it’s SoCal, they’ll be fine.

    But don’t worry, when we win the cup, we’ll let them look at it, maybe even touch it. And I’ll be thinking about them when the parade marches down Woodward. =)

  26. …“Would you be able to tell us if …will be in the Ark of Truth?”

    Let’s hope that whoever or whatever’s in the ark of truth isn’t stuck in there too long….maybe it’ll be opened, and all that will be in there will be a mirror (or shades of “One Tin Soldier”….) Looking forward to who’s in there, and hope there’s some breathing holes…..although, depending on who’s in there, maybe not, now that I think about it…..

    Enjoying the news, views, reviews, and queues. Thanks

  27. Joe- do you know who does the cover art photo-shopping? Is it in-house at MGM or do they farm it out? Regardless of where it is done do you all think it is as blatant and badly done as a lot of the fans do? These people are good looking in their own right why must they ruin it with the silly, check that, ridiculous, photoshopping?

  28. I agree with all your TV likes and dislikes, with apologies to Fondy about Brothers and Sisters. Yuck. I would add Heroes to my must-see list — have you not given it a try?

    As for Chuck, it co-stars SG-1 alum Adam Baldwin so lots of ‘gate fans are going to give that one a chance. Plus it’s about a geek. Many of us can relate.

    Speaking of Adam, there is a fandom legend that Stargate really wanted Adam in a full-time role on SG-1 or SGA, but he turned you down. Is that true?

  29. I watch a little too much TV at times it seems. Here’s my thoughts:

    Several of the canceled shows I am happy to see go, like Jericho and One Tree Hill, actually. Most of the shows I wouldn’t have wanted canceled were already let go long before (namely, Studio 60 and Justice). I loved the Gilmore Girls, but it was time to end it, and fortunately, they let it go on a pleasant note.

    There’s a few I wish weren’t returning like Smallville and Without A Trace because they’re just overripe. This includes a lot of the reality TV shows. It also includes the various teen shows because it’s a little sickening to see the same plot shown over and over but with different actors–one would think we got that enough with soap operas. That covers the CW’s summer show Hidden Palms and their upcoming fall Gossip Girls.

    Things I’m very glad to see returning? The CW’s Supernatural. I’ll admit I was suffering from heart palpitations waiting for the news to come out on it. Probably not good for my health. Fox’s 24, CBS’ NCIS. Heroes is another exciting keeper (though one I never worried about seen as how it was NBC’s main hit). Atlantis, of course. And then a few summer shows coming back for a second season, like Kyle XY and Eureka.

    What I’m looking forward to:

    Reaper has the potential to be intriguing, though I worry about a very Supernaturalish show lasting on the same network.

    Journeyman sounds interesting, and very promising based on it’s former West Wing crew.

    While I’m not old enough to have seen the original Six Million Dollar Man I’ll tune in at the beginning to see The Bionic Woman simply because one of the great actresses of Battlestar Galactica will be in it.

    It seems to me each year there is a huge theme. In 05-06, it was all the alien shows. This year, I can’t decide if it’s more detective shows or supernatural-based shows (some, like Moonlight, decided to go for both). And of course, the reality TV. I just have to wonder, what is this Farmer Takes a Wife on the CW about? I mean, the content is clear, but it seems a bit like a spin-off of The Simple Life. Ugh.

    I’m still holding onto feeble hope that the news about Battlestar Galactica isn’t so.

    Erm, yes. I said I watch a bit too much TV.

  30. I read the synopsis Gateworld posted for upcoming ep The Seer. Is McKay referring to Michael as the Wraith they’ve met before?

    Also I agree with your May 13 Sopranos comment. They’re pulling out no stops for the final episodes.

    And finally, I’m a Devils fan so I don’t really care about that cupcake. Of course, if I were truly a nice person, I’d be happy with all the past Devils’ successes, and let Ducks’ fans have some fun. But I’m not, so I won’t.

  31. Another vampire detective show, eh? Why did’t they just call it “Forever Angel”? How come good vampires always want to be detectives? Why are there no shows about vampire dentists or vampire fast-food workers or vampire sci-fi-show-runners? When I have my own vampire show, I’m going to make sure the lead has a cool, non-crime-fighting job.

    Any chance you’ll tell us what “Human Error” was about and why you decided it wouldn’t work? I’d love to hear more of this part of the process.

  32. Hey Joe, ever considered publishing replicas of the show (Eg Book of Origin) for charity or some sort… just an idea…

  33. What are the chances of banning David Hewlett from ever making anymore YouTube videos?

  34. To anonymous, when they tell Torri she can do some recurring work or walk away, it’s pretty safe to bet she WON’T be a big part of the series after she films her four episodes, regardless of what fans want.

  35. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? There is a restaurant in Glasgow that serves Emu.

  36. We looked at the Upfronts tonight in my Teleplay class…and we were all interested in the vampire detective…although…if it’s not better than Angel, I won’t end up watching it.

    And Kid Nation…what the hell are they thinking…I wouldn’t be surprised to see the live version of Lord of the Flies. I think people will end up watching that one just because they want to see a disaster.

    She also told us about a possible writers strike having something to do with the Writer’s Guild? What’s that all about?

    And are the jumpers different on the inside? Or is it just me?

  37. US TV I’m looking forward to next season – aside from SGA, obviously – includes House, Boston Legal, Supernatural, Bones, Eureka, and The Deadliest Catch. Other than that I’m waiting to hear if The Dresden Files has been picked up for a second (full) season.

    UK TV I’m enjoying currently amounts to… um… Dr Who.

  38. Any thoughts on the new line-ups?

    I’ll go with Martin with “Chuck”. Its caught my eye but the rest of them hmm not so much yet.

    Though anything on the networks along the “vampire detective” line intrigues me. But thats probably due to a series in the 90’s that I loved! (which was Forever Knight btw)

    And “pig’s knuckles” ? I’m adventurist when eating but that is one thing I will seriously doubt trying. That and those pickled eggs they sell in the stores.

  39. Alas, they do not go that authentic with their menu. I have not ever had pigs knuckle, have you? Any good?

    They do a decent stake and kidney with a guinness based gravy pie though.

  40. I’m curious about Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

    I’ll check out Bionic Woman and the cavemen comedy out of curiosity factor, but don’t hold out much hope that they’ll capture me. (That cavemen show. Honestly. How long can they beat that joke to death?)

    There are a couple that are from favorites that give me hopes: Back to You with Kelsey Grammar and The Return of Jezebel James from pre-Gilmore Girls-jumped-shark creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

    I will miss Veronica Mars, but it was weakening. Best to just make a clean break while there are still happy memories. And I adored Gilmore Girls until Amy left. Then its pacing went from witty and quick to your standard hour-long drama.

    And I’ll stop hogging up space now….

  41. The only thing I was praying to get renewed this week was Supernatural on the CW. I’m addicted to this show and the chemistry between the two guys playing the brothers really makes it worth watching. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next season. It’s still on Thursdays and with the Office supposedly moving into that timeslot with Grey’s and CSI also there, it’s going to be a tough fight for ratings but I hold out hope that SPN will get enough attention to get to at least Season 5. But right now, I’m still cheering over the fact that it was re-newed for Season 3. It’s really the only other show that I’m into besides SG-1 and SGA.

  42. I don’t know if you know, but Jaime Ray Newman did a guest arc in season 3, so they do cast some stargate folks.

    She played in an episode of Supernatural in S1 (Teryl played in an ep. of SPN in S2 and I’ve seen a bunch of other Stargate actors guest on the show too). Of course it makes sense given that it films in Vancouver. 😉

  43. Hi Joe!!

    I was just wondering what were the actors reactions to the Stargate Action Figures that were created of their characters and if a “Joe Malozzi Action Figure” was made was accessories would he come with?


  44. Salut!!!
    Bon voila j ai deux questions^^:
    1)Allons nous connaître beaucoup de nouveaux peuple dans la saison 4 de Stargate Atlantis?
    2)Un personnage connu va t il mourir durant la saison 4??


  45. Apart from both Stargates, my favourite shows include:
    Heroes – really well written and always leaves me wanting more.
    Supernatural – 2 words: Jensen Ackles.
    NCIS – crime-fighting with humour, men in uniform and Michael Weatherly.
    CSI LV and NY – for the scientist in me.
    The Dresden Files – unfortunately I have yet to see Claudia Black’s one, but great all the same.
    Bones – David Boreanaz. Nuff said.
    Grey’s Anatomy – hilarious and heart-wrenching.
    Standoff – just because.
    The 4400 – purely for Kavan Smith 😀

    Thanks for the Jumper pics, you rock 😀

  46. With people talking about the Season 10 box set cover so much, I went and had a look and I have to ask, who are those two guys on the right? Cos they don’t look like Ben Browder and Michael Shanks to me.

    {toddles off to optician just in case}

  47. Oh. My. God…

    I wish I hadn’t gone on because I’ve just discovered the price difference between and for Atlantis Season 2. £27!!! That works out at a difference of $53 USD at current exchange rate.

    That’s why this place is known as Rip Off Britain. I’ll pay the carriage from America in future…

  48. Hi Mr M. Greetings from Tipperary (it’s a long way!) Two Questions: (1) I’m going to Vancouver for the Creation Con in April (2008) Will the SGC set be still up? and (2) Have you ever tried the Irish delicacy Crubeens? (that’s pigs feet!) Many thanks Mr. M. from Shirt’n’Tie

  49. Morning Joe!

    I was reading your comments on the cancelled shows. I was most surprised by “Jericho” getting the axe. Never watched it much, but CBS sure promoted the hell out of it. They canned “Close to Home” as well?

    Have either you or Fondy ever watched “Ugly Betty”? Love America Ferrera and Eric Mabius as Betty’s clueless boss! I’m one who’s not wild about “Grey’s Anatomy” since I really don’t have a character on there I’m crazy about, but I have been known to watch every now and then. I guess I’m saying Bless Stargate Atlantis for giving me characters I care about!

    Have a good day!

  50. Hey Joe,

    I know there are a handful of scripts from both SG1 and SGA that will never leave the writer’s room shelf.
    1)Is there any chance you could share what the plot for those episodes might be?
    2)Any chance the SG1 scripts might be visited in the future movies/books?
    3)When do you start taking reservations for your resteraunt?

  51. Mr. Mallozzi: I am curious as to whether the actors get paid extra to have their likeness made into a doll or put into a video game or trading card? I just saw the new Camo dolls and was wondering because now these people have their likenesses everywhere and it is kind of amazing when you think about it.

    Once they sign a contract do they lose control and their likeness can be used in any way the studio feels appropriate to marketing the shows or do the actors have a say and then get paid extra – like for the videogames too?

    If you don’t know can you check with one of them (AT may be the easiest since she may be around for SGA filming and she maybe could give a little insight since she is one of the dolls, is in the videogame (if it ever comes out) is on the trading cards, etc., etc.)

    Thanks heaps, sir.

  52. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, let’s talk bed scenes today. 😀

    The whumping crew and lil ol’ me have been getting a bit excited today. There’s a shocker! 😛 And we were wondering *bats her eyelashes* if there was a ‘Shep in bed scene’ in Travelers. For those of the ‘Shep kirking’ persuasion, *tries not to roll her eyes* i’m not talking about that. 😛 I was wondering if there was a scene like that, given the pic you showed us a while ago? Or was that bed in there, so the actors could take naps in between takes? 😀 So after once more lots of rambling, what are our chances of seeing that in Travelers?

    A) A good chance
    B) No chance
    C) You’ll have to wait and see, but I might tell you if you send lots of truffles 😉
    D) Don’t be so cheeky. And why aren’t you concentrating your efforts on hot, sweaty and semi nekkid Shep? 😀

    Thank you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man. 😀

    Oh and did I hear right about David doing another rap wearing dreadlocks?

    *tires not to giggle at the thougt*


  53. Thanks for the Response! I too am a HUGE Joe Kelly Deadpool Fan! The stuff now is good, but Kelly rocked it out! One question, how do you determine who gets their name radomly onto the Show aka your name on the Book of Latin in Window of Opportunity?

  54. I have to say, the cover art for the Season 10 DVD box set is a travesty. Carter’s “assets” are front and center in a phony way, Daniel is shoved in the back, all their eye-lines are different, and Vala isn’t there at all! Hello?

    I know this isn’t your department, but boy does it hint at a lack of basic skills at MGM. What do you think?

  55. Hey Joe!

    Wonderful pictures, as usual.

    I want to eat that cupcake, please. It looks delicious!

    I wanted to ask you which has been the most challenging script for you to write in the whole of your career, for any show? Also, can you say why?

    And, just trying my luck here, I wondered if you could confirm the proposed airing order of episodes 6 – 10,( I know we know episode 10 is ‘This Mortal Coil’), and assign a word to each episode like you did to the first 5?

    Thank you!!!! 🙂

  56. Cheers for the interior shots of the interior shots of the puddlejumper, a great help with my project of retro-fitting my vauxhall cavalier 1.7TD having a few problems tho with the retractable engine pods and weapons array.
    Do you have any intentions of watching Sanctuary?
    Have a good weekend mon ami.

  57. Hi Joe,
    Just wanting to know if you’ve submitted your nomination for the Stargate Fan Awards?
    It’s a website that asks fans to vote on their favourite fan produced music videos. I’m a ‘die-hard’ Sheppard/Weir Shipper and (bias as I am), particularly like to watch music clips from this category. Guess you’ll know which category I will be voting in.

  58. Hi,

    I just wanted to express my shock at finding that Vala/Claudia Black is not on the front cover of the season 10 DVD. Vala is a great character and she made season 10 even more enjoyable for me. She is a part of the team now so I can’t really understand it



  59. Hi,

    I am just writing to express my dismay that Vala/claudia Black is not on the front cover of the season 10 DVD. Vala is a great character and she made season 10 even more enjoyable for me. She is a member of the team and for this reason I can’t understand why she is not shown on the front cover.

    From Tarita

  60. My favorite shows on tv right now (Atlantis aside) are Entourage, Eureka (which David Nykl is making an appearance on this season) and Heroes. Do you watch any of those?

  61. I assume some of you watch a little t.v. yourselves. Any thoughts on the new line-ups?

    I don’t really watch much TV regularly except for y’all, rather both the Stargates, House & Lost. I’m intrigue by the concept of Pushing Daisies so I‘m going to try it, but I’m have a feeling it could turn out really bad. I’m interested in the vampire show, but now it has to fail miserably (the wrong time slot), or get moved to a new timeslot. I think I might try Chuck also.

    Have a good weekend!

  62. Hi Joe,

    I just can’t believe that the answer to the “how long EXACTLY Vala was the host to Goa’uld Quetesh” is that difficult. C’mon…

    And again on the season 10 DVD cover – the lack of Vala/Claudia Black on the front cover is really stupid and nasty. And it shows total lack of respect for the wonderful actress, her hard work on the show and her fanbase. I’ve already cancelled my season 10 DVDs order at Claudia is the only reason I’m watching this show and I’m willing to spend some money on the DVDs… but not with such an offensive cover. No way.

  63. Hi Joe

    Uhm, yeah, first timer here. :waves: I mean, I have been following your blog for a while now, just never managed to gather the courage to post, until now.

    Anyway, about the line-up, the only thing I’m really into at the moment (aside from Atlantis, obviously) is Supernatural. This show has blown me away in terms of well-written angst, action and brotherly love (well, ok, and whump ;)). The writers are not afraid to show the incredible bond between the two brothers. The characters are very much human and they care so much about each other; it gets pretty emotional at times. It’s breathtaking. If you haven’t watched it, you should check it out 🙂

    Anyway, can’t let my first post go by without asking a question!

    Will there be some heavy-duty team angst à la Common Ground regarding Sheppard’s capture in Travelers? :crosses fingers:


  64. Can anyone explain to me the reason why Claudia is out of the DVD cover?. I don’t understand, she is part of the main cast but now she is part of nothing when I see that graphic. C’mon guys you can put another character on that cover.

  65. Boo-Hoo no Vala on the cover so I’m not buying, for pete’s sake what a mess these people are. Same chick who gets all up in your face about how long Vala was a host is not surprisingly the same one that won’t buy the dvd since Vala’s not on the cover. For goodness sake how odd is it to say in one breathe that Ms. Black and Vala are the only reason you watch and then not buy the dvd to watch that same actress in her role you claim to love all because her picture isn’t on the box.

  66. Farscapefan said…
    I just can’t believe that the answer to the “how long EXACTLY Vala was the host to Goa’uld Quetesh” is that difficult. C’mon…

    I can’t believe that you seem to feel like Joe owes you an answer. He’ll answer your question if and when he wants to and if he never answers it… then so be it.

    There’s a lot of questions get posted on here that never get answered… otherwise the blog would be nothing but answering everybody’s questions every day and there’d be no time left over for fun stuff like… umm.. writing Atlantis scripts! 😆

    Maybe if you couched your question in less.. demanding… terms, it might get answered? 😉

  67. Hi Joe,

    I thoroughly enjoyed Michael’s role on 24. Michael did such an excellent job that I almost forgot that Mark and Daniel were played by the same actor. It made me realize,even more,how much I’m going to miss Daniel. Is there any possibility that Daniel could do a guest spot on Atlantis in season 4?


  68. I might watch a show about a vampire detective, but I’ll probably have to tape it.

    Fridays are taken.

    I have given up favorites like Lost and 24 without realizing I let them go. Don’t miss them.

    Right now I’ll think ahead long enough to get excited about Heroes, The Unit (guilty pleasure … I should let it go), Criminal Minds, and Supernatural. I won’t tape a CSI but if I’m wandering past the TV or I’m restless and it’s on, I’ll watch it.

    Otherwise, I’d rather read a book.

  69. Great pics. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    I’m old enough to remember the original Bionic Woman, along with The Six Million Dollar Man. While they both might be consider cheese by today’s stardards, I still love both the original shows and all the movies they made in the 80s/90s. I won’t watch the remake. For me, the only Bionic Woman show is the original, with the original actors.

    The only shows I watch are NCIS and SGA (never liked SG-1, sorry). I plan on watching the pilot of Stargate Universe when it premieres and, if I like the cast and the show itself, I’ll watch that one too.

  70. HI,

    I want to write you about the cover of Stargate SG1, Season 10. Why didn’t you included Vala character on the cover? She is one of the team! and she was the best part for me. I won’t but the DVD untill she will be on the cover.

    Thank you very much for reading

  71. Hey Joe…I’m curious, will we be getting a new opening theme for S.4, and will it depict scenes that happened in S.2 and S.3? Or will you just edit a certain part out (Torri and Paul’s faces) and replace them with Carter’s? If so, could you maybe post the vid on your blog?

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