Following a fitful night’s sleep, I awoke at a little after 10:30 a.m., groggy, perspiring, dehydrated, slightly nauseous, and suffering from a major headache. In short, I was experiencing a major chocolate hangover. And after last night’s chocolate-themed festivities, I suspect I‘m not the only one.

The party kicked off at approximately 7:00 p.m. with Themis Velgis, owner of Yaletown’s Chocoatl, presiding over chocolate fountains (one milk, the other dark), dipping fruits and marshmallows, handmade truffles and cakes, and various chocolate drinks including a winning rum and dark chocolate combo that set my head swimming.

For those partial to solid chocolates and bars, there was a sampling table that included selections from across the globe: Amedei and Domori from Italy, Michel Cluizel from France, El Rey from Spain, Pierre Marcolini, Vosges, and Christopher Norman from the U.S. Flavors ranged from pure subtlety (like my favorite Amedei Chuao) to more exotic offerings like the Oaxacan guajillo y pasilla chillies with bittersweet chocolate, and coconut curry milk chocolate. Of all the bars, one seemed to be the clear favorite: the 3400 Phinney Chocolate Factory bread & chocolate dark chocolate bar from Theo. Check it out.

Over in the truffles and filled-chocolates part of the room, the selection was all the more exotic and creative. Representing from Chicago was Vosges and their truffle collections: the Aztec collection (which included Ancho chili, Ceylon cinnamon, Mexican Vanilla, and Dulce de Leche), the collezione Italiano (which included Taleggio cheese, Tuscan fennel pollen, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sicilian sea salt), the Aboriginal collection (which included ribbery, wattleseed, quandong, and forest berry), the Green collection (which included such Asian flavors as green tea with white chocolate and cherry blossom, kaffir lime with dark chocolate and coconut, cardamom with dark chocolate and white poppy seeds, and pandan leaves with dark chocolate and cocoa powder), and the Exotic collection (which included a wide array of flavor combinations like ginger and wasabi with sesame seeds and dark chocolate, Hungarian paprika and dark chocolate, and Chinese star anise and fennel). Representing from New York were heavy hitters like Pierre Marcolini with his degustation truffles and connoisseur collection in their sleek black packaging, Christopher Norman with a ballotin box and the stunning hand-painted luxury tea collection (unique teas like green tea, lapsang souchong, China Rose, and tropical mango blended with chocolate ganache), Martine’s chocolates with a gorgeously-crafted collection that included white chocolate violins, milk chocolate Egyptian masks, and dark chocolate pianos), and Mariebelle with an artful blue and brown collection. Representing the home of Cheyenne Mountain and the state of Colorado was Wen Chocolates and some wonderfully creative and spectacular-tasting truffles that included bourbon-vanilla truffles sprinkled with lightly salted peanuts, savannah truffles made of Ecuadorian dark chocolate infused with Ukranian honey pepper vodka and topped with chili mango and Hungarian hot paprika, and Triglav truffles made of white chocolate infused with lime, spiced rum, and white pepper, then hand-rolled in white chocolate and rolled in toasted coconut and lime zest. Also from Wen – candied ginger, chocolate cherries, and some out-of-this world toffee. Representing Montreal was Genevieve Grandbois and an eclectic mix of chocolates including passion fruit and dark chocolate ganache, maple butter with maple syrup and caramelized pecans, a dark chocolate and extra virgin olive oil blend, and even a ganache infused with Monte Cristo cigar leaves. Representing Calgary was one of my personal faves, Bernard Callebaut, and an excellent assortment compliments of Arctic Goddess. And, finally, representing Vancouver, with undoubtedly the most experimental selection, was DC Duby and their ice wine collection (a peach and citrus Riesling, strawberry and apple Cabernet Franc, a Vidal tropical and orange, and a Vidal oak-aged apricot and lychee), their harvest collection (apricot chanterelle, stilton rhubarb, kabotcha coconut, and pear parsnip), their aroma collection (cinnamon or clove, raspberry emulsion, rose hip emulsion, cinnamon oil praliné, and vanilla bean), their classic collection (mango-coconut, cinnamon-coffee, passion-caramel, and hazelnut-nutmeg), their estate collection (truffle past and Canadian whisky gel that my writing partner Paul particularly adored), Chardonnay with pineapple and vanilla, Cabernet Sauvignon with cassis gelee and pepper praline, and Pinot Noir with strawberry and licorice), their wild Canadian truffle collection (black truffles and cocoa nibs, ginseng brandy and roasted sunflower seeds, icewine and roasted hazelnuts, and maple roasted squash and toasted pumpkin seeds), and most impressive of all their limited collection – a two element eating experience in which the chocolate creation is topped with a second corresponding element for a unique taste and textural experience (for instance, Hungarian Tokaji wine is blended with a crème brulee ganache and topped with butterscotch-scented caramelized almond, or Connemara whiskey gelee in a honey malt ganache topped with malt-scented caramelized puffed barley). Wow. They were all great but Martin Gero singled out Wen Chocolates and Chef Poole’s Bananas Foster truffle in particular. Even Themis, owner of Chocoatl, lauded Wen’s craftsmanship and use of top quality ingredients.

Special mention should be made of Martin Gero’s buddy, Aaron Abrams (aka Kanayo from Atlantis’s second season mid-season two parter The Lost Boys and The Hive) who proved fearless in sampling any chocolate I happened to throw his way from the balsamic vinegar blend to the taleggio cheese ganache. I hope he’s feeling alright today.

All of the evening’s chocolates were accompanied by various red wines, ports, and icewines. For those seeking a palate-cleanser, there were a couple of savory alternates including some fabulous sushi assortments from Yuji’s.

Finally, the nice thing about chocolate parties is that they rarely last past 11:00 p.m. as, by this time, everyone has succumbed to a sugar crash. Given the amount of chocolate left over, guests were encouraged to put together some doggy (not for their doggies) dishes to go along with the cute orange double-truffle take-home boxes Themis had put together for the event.

All in all, a successful soiree. And once I’ve fully recovered, I’ve got to start planning my ice cream party.

Okay, for those requesting a pic play-by-play:

#1: Martin Gero and Aaron Abrams arrive ready to party.
#2: Carl “Gimme the Chocolate!” Binder.
#3: Themis Velgis and his assistant Marco set up.
#4-5: Chocoatl handmade chocolates and truffles.
#6: Dipping fruit and marshmallows for the chocolate fountains. Naturally, I skipped the fruit and drank straight from the fountain instead.
#7-10: Chocoatl cakes.
#11: A selection of chocolate bars.
#12-16: Vosges chocolates.
#17: LA Burdick.
#18-19: Pierre Marcolini.
#20-21: Christopher Norman.
#22-23: Martine’s Chocolates.
#24: Mariebelle.
#25-29: Wen Chocolates.
#30: Genevieve Grandbois.
#31: Fudge Fatale.
#32: Bernard Callebaut compliments of Patricia.
#33-40: DC Duby.
#41: Our friend Jackie and friend.
#42: Porcelana de Pedegral – world’s most expensive chocolate.
#43: Mendiants and gianduja.
#44: Wen Chocolates chocolate and coffee toffees.
#45: Weiss chocolates and Michel Cluizel dark chocolate-covered cocoa nibs.
#46-47: Sushi from Yuji’s including Tanaka-san’s signature roll.
#48: Aaron finds the chocolate-vinegar combination…weird.
#49: The usually camera-shy Lawren Bancroft-Wilson gives the party the thumbs up.
#50: Jane Loughman and John Smith check out the spread.
#51: Andy Mikita polishes off his sushi.
#52: Our friend Lily hitting the sushi.
#53: Alex Levine and sworn enemies Carl Binder and Martin Gero face off.
#54: A pleased Alan McCullough surrounded by ladies.
#55: David Hewlett shows us how it’s done.
#56: My accountant Al whooping it up.
#57: Ivon Bartok pacing himself.
#58: Jodi and Fondy.
#59: My friends Steve and Jodi – and me.
#60: Carl feels the sugar rush.
#61: Themis and Marco working their magic.
#62: The take-home truffles.
#63: John Smith ready to hit the road.
#64-65: The aftermath.
#66: Some of the ladies wind down.
#67: Themis helps himself.

86 thoughts on “April 22, 2007

  1. I’m in chocolate overload just reading the menu! I think I will be printing it and slowly working my way through as many as I can get my hands on.

    BTW, Echoes was fabulous on Friday! And, the photos of the season 4 episode sets, etc. have me in a similar state of euphoria that good chocolate induces. Thanks!

  2. That is truly amazing. All the different chocolates, I didn’t even know there were that many. To tell you the truth, the only chocolate I’ve ever had was a Hershey bar. XP And from all the pictures, you must of had a really good time. Do tell me this, exactly how much did you eat, I mean to fill like that the next day it must of be a WHOLE lot.

  3. Oh. My. God.
    THAT is a LOT of chocolate. Seriously. I think you gave me a chocolatey heart-attack of goodness just LOOKING.
    Is that a Hewlett I see in the midst of those photographs?

    No wonder you’ve got a chocolate hangover. What would cure that? A chocolate grapefruit? (haha, maybe not.)

    And an ice-cream party next, huh? Have you ever heard of tabasco ice cream? I’ve never tried it, as I am a huge hot-spicey wuss (I like flavourful spices, but not spices that will make my tongue burn and me cry). I have however, heard that it’s good.

    Take care of that chocolate hangover,

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  4. What beautiful pictures. How dreamy. I’m afraid this might be my idea of heaven. My blood sugar’s spiking just looking at them.

    Congratulations on your party!


  5. Holy … wow. That is some serious chocolate. I’m torn between lust and fear.

    Two wee questions for you, if you’re inclined to answer: 1) Does Bridge employ an acting coach for SGA? That’s no subtle slur against the actors, just professional curiosity. And 2) How adorable is Gero’s giant mancrush on David Hewlett? I’m leaning towards ‘pretty freakin’ adorable.’

    Hope you and Fondy are well.

  6. Dipping fruits? I thought you said you make it a point never to mix fruit with dessert!

    I hope you’ll be back to answering questions again tomorrow as I have one for you: Will we be seeing Ladon Radim or the Genii again in season four?

  7. Oh… my… That is a lot of chocolate. (And I thought the 5lb chocolate bar I won in 7th grade was a lot!) I think I gained several pounds just looking at the pictures! Wow. I think I’d better stop there with that. Wow…

    So… ice cream, huh?

  8. Why is it every episode from season four to nine has a commentary except for threads?

  9. Oh, wow. I have dreams that look like that once in a while, but the closest I’ve gotten in reality is my cousin Phil’s Christmas party, with his Oreo cookie truffles and chocolate turtles. I’ve learned to turn down the homemade wine, though.

  10. Holy cow! That is some serious chocolate.

    Did I hear someone say ice cream? i have just completed the toasting of pecans in butter and sea salt which I will later this evening use to make some delicious butter pecan ice cream.


  11. Oh Jesus. All that chocolate! I’m saving your post so I can look up some of those chocolates…they sound fantastic!

    And good luck on your ice cream party! Ice cream isn’t as healthy for you as chocolate is, so I hope you don’t get too sick! 😀


  12. Egads that a lot fo chocolate! I feel both a craving and nausea at the same time.

    I loved, loved, loved Echoes! What a fantastic, all around good episode. Please pass it on to Carl. 🙂

    A question: Can you tell us the airing order for the S4 episodes you have so far?

    Many thanks.

  13. Oh my!

    I stumbled across your site a couple weeks ago and just caught up tonight.
    The chocolate looks so good!

    Since you seem to know your chocolate, what would you recommend is the best chain chocolate? I mean, in terms of what can be bought at pharmacies and department stores, which types are better? Lindt, Ghirardelli, Laura Secord, etc…

    Since I’m already typing, I’ll add an extra question or two.

    1- How long did it take you to think of the april 7th “story outline/spoiler”? It was hilarious, by the way.

    2- If the “warped face pie” was the second creepiest dessert you’ve ever seen, what was the creepiest?

  14. *gasp* Going into shock! To much chocolate!
    Glad the party went well. : )


  15. Any chance you could identify some of your guest that are pictured in your Chocolate Party Pics that have Stargate connections?


  16. Holy crap. That was a rediculous amount of chocolate, I never even thought some of those flavours of chocolate existed. Damn thats a lot of chocolate!

    It’s kind of phenomenal. It’s insane.

  17. Oh my GOD.
    I would have to knock some sense into you if you’d had anything LESS than a good time with that smorgasbord…
    Can Alanna say “Dream Binge”?

    I think she just did. =)

  18. Not sure how you feel about tea, but if you like it and you’ve never tried the lapsang souchong, please do. I’ve been hooked on it for years, there just isn’t another black tea like it.

    Blue Rebecca

  19. I know it’s been said before, but … Wow …

    In honour of your party I enjoyed the very nice chocolate rabbit given to me by my daughter for Easter and some delicious dark chocolate truffles – and now I have a headache to go with my cold! But it was worth it!

    Thought you might like this.

    Looking forward to tales of the icecream party to come. I love making icecream – got any good recipies to share?


  20. Mr. Mallozzi, (respect, don’t you know),
    It’s good to see someone enjoying what they truly love. And it is obvious just how much into ‘food’ you are !! Congratulations on your party !!!

  21. Ah, Joe, to be invited to one of your parties….

    What a spread! I am torn between wanting to try everything and not even starting to try anything so as not to run myself deeper in debt than I already am. Hum, best to start making a list and slowly work my way down it. That creates the added bonus of extending the pleasure. Thanks for the pictures and the listings.

  22. Will we get a surprise in atlantis season 4 that no one could see coming?, like say an event that makes everyone go WHOA, or a character well a main character or side that the audience recognises, doing a WHOA I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING moment?

    if so, do you think it will be something so awesome the fans will be alive on the gateworld forums saying THIS HAPPENED HOLY **** and the fans faith gets renewed in the show 🙂

    and by the way your chocolate pictures make me hungry =[

  23. And I’m sick of all these Sheyla types (if you’re saying say hi to Shadowmaat and Prion, I’ll say hi to Sanssong, Vaberella and Bluealien) who are attacking Weir for being a bad negotiator (that’s bad writing of a negotiator from the writers, simple as that) and daring to be so completely out of line as to suggest all over GW that Torri might be leaving because she’s pregnant?? What the hell??? Where do they get that from? Have they looked at her lately?

    I felt I had to address the stupidity above. This is coming from yesterdays questions/statement by Anon, as per usual. [insert eyeroll](

    Normally, I wouldn’t continue or even bother responding to this crap. But I’m noticing that my posts have been targeted several times on JM’s blog…and I thought it was right to post my stance on claims from stupid people. Claims, that I have proof are incorrect and of course make her entire argument, just plain factless. ^_^

    My posts in regards to fandom run amok (rumors on TH) and they’re dated and timed!!



    That should show how many idiots are lieing about people with no proof to back them up. Next time I suggest the idiot poster gets her facts straight, my patience is running thin.
    JM—you know the more chocolate you eat, one day you may become allergic to it! This happened to me with shellfish, and starting up with squid (I eat a lot of it). ^_^

    By the way, I’m totally excited about Teyla, as I’ve totally gushed about it before.

    I have a few questions. I like your 8 ball, so you can 8 ball me.

    1. Is there a chance that we’ll be seeing Teyla shed a few tears as she did in Critical Mass?

    2. Will there be any confrontations between Teyla and wraith queens in S4?

    3. Will we see Teyla fight in slow motion like Ronon in Sateda?! I just saw the movie 300, so I’m all about slow motion and rock music! ^_^

    4. Any chance of RL showing off her dancing ability in a choreography for some kind of undercover mission to save the guys?!


  24. What a collection! I especially like the looks of the Mariebelle–artistic chocolate! Looks like the party was a complete success.

  25. For no good reason, other than I can’t stand to watch the news lately, here’s a photo of my niece that will make y’all laugh. It’s on my blog, too, if you want the reading material that goes with it.

    Thanks for adding the photo info at the end–I was wondering what was wrong with Carl (although I had a pretty good idea).

  26. Holy shit, that is a lot of chocolate.

    Echoes was awesome. Carl is like my shippy god. LOL.

  27. mmmmmmm death by chocolate! I’d be in heaven.

    Thanks for the pics and description.

  28. Those chocolates look good but in my opinion nothing is worth Belgian chocolate! If you ever go to Belgium, try the Marcolini chocolates, or Neuhaus chocolates, those are the best, believe me!

  29. Mr. Mallozzi,

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful chocolates with us. I could almost reach out and sample one through the screen.

    I”m really looking forward to Season 5. Especially, the encouraging comments that Teyla’s character will see further development.

    Can you give us *Teyla fans* a hint as to where her development will center upon in Season 5? Will it be something tied to her role as an Athosian? Her Wraith abilities? Her personal relationship with her team mates? Will we learn more, or better yet, will it be revealed, who is the mysterious man that she likes, as hinted in Sunday?

    Thank you,

  30. So this is my first comment on here. I’ve seen enough food pictures on here, but the chocolate urged me to finally comment. They all look so delicious!

    Question: Is it possible to get an internship on the SGA set? I was at the Cinema major presentation at SFSU on Saturday & the speaker was urging us to get internships over the summer during college & I’ve always wondered if TPTB had internships there, cause I would love to be an intern.

    & BTW, ice cream party? Nice.

  31. Hi Joe:

    I love chocolate; must remember this party idea.

    Anyway, I loved Echoes the other night. No surprise since my favorite episodes tend to be city based with lots of screen time for all. Will we see more Ronon and Teyla sparring in season 4? They do it so well. 😉

    Have a good week,


  32. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I’m sure that if it’s true what they say, that there are infinite alternate universes where every possibility imaginable has happened, then in some universe, I went to that party. And you know what? I envy that version of myself. I’m also fairly certain that in some other alternate universe where I have access to a quantum mirror, that me is secretly plotting to pull a “Ripple Effect” style coup on alternate-chocolate-party-universe me.

    …I think I watch too much sci-fi.

  33. Holy cow – your place looks like a chocolate factory. I’m sorry but I thought that there was real food at the party… but from the looks of it, it was all kinds of chocolates 😀

    I thought I recognised Aaron there!

    Say do you see the dentist a lot? I mean, I thought I had a sweet tooth but… I’m more than impressed at the selection of chocolates that you have. How you managed to amass such a huge collection is amazing.

    Thanks for all the pics 😀

  34. The aroma of chocolate in your house must be mouthwatering.

    Could you “encourage” David Hewlett to update his Blog on a more regular basis. His dog is so gorgeous! Big and cuddly.


  35. Note to self: do not look at Mallozzi’s blog in the morning when I wake up, wait a few hours from now on.

    I’m going sugar overload just by watching the pics …

    and now I’m having craving for chocolate … first thing on my list to buy today.

  36. Oh my God!!!

    If I’d have been at your chocolate party, I think I’d have died and gone to heaven. Those chocolate look divine!!!!

    I’m totally jealous, and feeling deprived now! See what you’ve done?

    The most intelligent thing I can say after drooling at those piccies is….YUMMY! 😉

  37. From shawna: “…I think I watch too much sci-fi.”

    Lol. You’re in good company.

  38. hello joe.

    you told us that in the second part of season 4 we will see something that came from the legacy the asgard left behind.

    that made me also wonder will the legacy of them all there knowleadge left to the humans be the new bases of human technological development.will we see the steps of the technology evolution in atlantis and/or the third series.

    will the makers and writers of the stargate universe uphold that anything that can be used to be destroyed becouse in some crazy way it would make earth to powerfull becouse the wraith beat the ancients and fighting the asurans is like fighting the ancients but then smarter.

    how many enemy’s will atlantis have.

    you dont take ideas for story’s from fans what about concept art from fans that you can use.

    the asgard gave everything to us for becoming the fifth race will we see earth uphold the promiss to the asgard.

    thanks for the possible answers.

    and good luck with the show and great future stories.

  39. WOW !!!

    #42: Porcelana de Pedegral – world’s most expensive chocolate.
    This looks wonderful !! I hope it tasted good as well but I guess it did if it’s the most expensive …

    Can’t wait to see the ice cream party !!!! youhou !!

  40. Mr. Mallozzi…

    Please be aware of a slight error from an earlier comment above.

    Camy posted comments/questions to Season5 of SGA instead of Season4 of SGA.

    This could have been as a result of

    A. An impostor wrote my name on that post….*rolls eyes*

    B. I just barely walked in the door from a long, exciting but hectic weekend

    C. All that chocolate caused a massive sugar rush to my brain.

    D. All of the above!

    E. That’s Camy!

    Hopefully you didn’t catch it and replied to them as Season 4 anyways.


  41. Hi,

    first of all, way too much chocolate there! I’d take 2 pieces and that would be it for me. lol

    Now on to the question. Can you tell us what kind of role will Elizabeth play in season 4? I know you wouldn’t say anything specific but I know that you know how to be vague, so…just a hint would be enough.

    How is the spinning of stories for back half of season 4 going? Got any further good news for Torri fans?

  42. You’re going to end up in a diabetic coma!

    On the question of who Teyla likes, there are only three possibilities.. I’d say Carson (poor Carson!), Ronon or mystery marine guy.

  43. Waou, super votre chocolat party, il y a vraiment beaucoup de chocolat, et ils ont tous l’air délicieux (je veux les memes).
    .Est ce que ça c’est passer chez vous?

    .Dans la saison 4, est ce que Sam Carter partira en mission avec l’équipe de Sheppard où elle restera tout le temps dans son vaisseau?

    Have a great day


  44. I’m with everyone else. I’m having a serious sugar reaction just looking at those pictures!

    You throw one great party, Joe. I’m sure everyone had a blast.

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  45. OH MY GOD JOE,how have you not OD’D on the sugar…
    have you ever tried Butlets Irish Chocolate.If you havent im goin to send you some . its delish

  46. I have to admit that I am a romantic softy, but as a rule I’m not a huge fan of romance on Science fiction shows. That said I have to say I loved the Jack/Sam that was certainly there but hardly acknowledged. my question is are we going to see that kind of relationship on Atlantis?

  47. Have you any idea what torture all that unavailable chocolate is for a hormonal woman?? Shame on you! the masochist in me made me look at the pics three whole times before heading off 20 miles to the nearest Hotel Chocolate, how bad is that?

  48. Dear God, that’s just indegestion waiting to happen. I feel nauseous just looking at it!
    Good to see Aaron and Martin 😀 Any chance of Aaron guest-starring again on SGA?
    Lol @ the Hewlett 😀 Glad you had a good time.

  49. Hi!

    I just drooled over all the keyboard looking at the pictures from the party. I don’t doubt you have a major chocolate hangover, but I’m sure it was worth it.

    My girls night Stargate party worked. I converted two Atlantis (Rather Roonan & Sheppard did) and one thinks she might like SG-1. Now season one DVDs for both serires are out on loan.

  50. Holy Cacao – that’s a lot of chocolate!

    In honor of the festivities – I (actually my hubbie) repainted our bedroom “Belgian Chocolate” this weekend. Ok, actually it was because we got new furniture – but hey it was nice timing!

    Has the chocolate hangover finally subsided?

    Since ice cream is the next theme – what’s your favorite flavor?


  51. oh my.. I think I may have just developed diabetes looking at those pictures!

    Picture this: smeared on the back of a fine gold choccie wrapper… “Thanks! Send more”
    hehe sorry it had to be done :P.

  52. Yummy. Well I must say that your chocolate party reminds me of the wonderful evenings the UK Shep whumpers have spent at cons eating chocolate and drinking champagne (whilst watching 38 Minutes and Common Ground of course!!!!)

    A while back you gave one word descriptions for the first five eps of S4. Could you do the same for the next 5???

  53. Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God!!!
    I think I got an overdose of chocolate pictures.
    *runs out to buy every chocolate in store*

    Those watches are so beautiful. Where could one get one of them, if one is only a mere fan? (If you have answered this question already, please disregard it, I shall try my best to dig for the answer through your older posts)

    Thank you

  54. Sorry, I seem to be spamming. *_^

    JM, just a random question. When will you post a pic of Rachel Luttrell from filming the new eps for S4?!

    You’ve had David Nykl, David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Jason Mamoa, Amanda Tapping, and even Chuck. 🙁

  55. ADHD? I don’t….hey, look a squirrel! said…
    how do you spell hyperglycaemia???

    “h-y-p-o-g-l-y-c-e-m-i-a” Seriously, was this more like a binge and purge party? Perfect thing to hold in ye olde roman vomitoriam. WOW! I didn’t even know so many delightful chocolates were available. Thanks for the skinny…

    Do you watch “Lost”?

  56. Wow. I spent that evening with my family raising $1600 for Habitat for Humanity, and you spent the evening eating the equivalent of Bolivia’s GDP in chocolate… I’m not sure which of us had it better. Q: Is Weir leaving due to pregnancy?

  57. New Scottish delicacy:

    Cadbury’s Creme Eggs deep fried in batter. Even made ‘me’ cringe.

    I hope you bought the dogs something to make up for missing the party.

  58. Oh, my Lord, I have never seen so much chocolate in my life! Hmmm…I guess my invite got lost in the mail, huh, Joe?


  59. Tanya C. Anderson answered …
    ADHD? I don’t….hey, look a squirrel!
    who said…
    how do you spell hyperglycaemia???

    Errm… have to step in there, purely in the interests of any collapsed diabetics you ever happen across, to say –

    HYPERglycaemia – way too much sugar in the bloodstream …
    HYPOglycaemia – way too little sugar in the bloodstream.

    Both are the British spellings – drop the ‘a’ after the ‘c’ in each for the American version – just make sure you get the first bit right 😉


  60. I have to say based on looks alone, it’s all about #62, the ones with the pretty pictures. Very appealing.

    Did you calculate the number of kilos of chocolate per person? ‘Cause I’d have to say it looks greater than 1!

    I might not have recognized Aaron but I just happened to watch/listen to the DVD commentary for Lost Boys on Sunday, so that was great timing on my part! 🙂

  61. *stagers around in chocolate delirum just from looking at pics* iz ded from the YUMMY!

    You know if I go a little nuts and spend my paychek at Godiva’s I’m telling my husband it was ALL your fault. 😉

  62. Dear Joe,

    Nice pictures of the party, my question is how much time in the gym are you planning to spend after that royal chocolate feast.
    Now to a sga related question, which episode in season 4 is more similar to moebius and the brotherhood in the sense that a ZPM quest or something along the same theme is the main objective.

    your montreal fan

  63. amararti said…

    Errm… have to step in there, purely in the interests of any collapsed diabetics you ever happen across, to say –

    HYPERglycaemia – way too much sugar in the bloodstream …
    HYPOglycaemia – way too little sugar in the bloodstream.

    Hey thanks for the correction. *wink* Dammit, Amararti I’m a fangirl not a doctor!

  64. Tanya C. Anderson said …
    ADHD? I don’t….hey, look a squirrel!

    Hey, Tanya, here’s #6 of the top 9 ADHD pick-up lines:

    “Excuse me, but I just noticed that the color of your eyes reminds me of something I saw in Hawaii recently. I was walking on the beach during sunset and the sky turned this beautiful color. But it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as — Oh Cool! They have beer nuts here.”

  65. I think that amount of chocolate would clear up my hypoglycaemia forever – prob’ly tip the scales and give me hyperglycaemia!

  66. *waves*
    Reading your comments, I must be the only one to not like chocolates. *sniff* Give me a plate of cheese and crackers any day of the week. :o)

    So, Joe, given your love of chocs, which box did your guests manage to snurch away from you? So that they wouldn’t go hungry at the party? :o)

    And if I may be so cheeky ;o) Are there any more ep names you can share? And if so, could we have the answer cryptically so we can tie ourselves in knots again. ;o)

    Thanking you Mr M, you’re a very wise and kind man :o)

  67. After reading the latest interview from the wonderful Torri Higginson, I can honestly say that I feel physically sick, thinking about how she must have felt when she told she could basically ‘push off’ or do a bit of recurring work.

    This woman is an exceptional actress. She’s clearly the most talented performer on Atlantis, along with David Hewlett. She’s been one of the greatest assets this show has had. While other actors cancel conventions left right and centre, she shows up even when she’s obviously very sick as she was in Vancouver.

    She’s nothing but gracious with the fans. She’s open, honest, and at every convention she does, she wins over more people. I can’t tell you how many times people have become adoring fans after meeting her at a con.. how many have said that despite being SG1 purists to that point, they planned to tune in to watch and support Torri. I had one man in Burbank tell me that it was impossible to meet her without falling in love with her just a little bit. Knowing I was an Atlantis fan, this SG1 fan wanted to know all about her, all about her character.. He gushed about her all day, saying how he’d never come across an actor/actress who was so amazing with the fans.

    It should also be pointed out that a poll done in the official SG1/Atlantis magazine (maybe you’ll take this a little more seriously than you take GW), Weir beat Teyla as the most popular female character on Atlantis. This was conducted BEFORE the news came out that Torri would be recurring.

    I can only hope Torri knows just how much her fans love and appreciate her work. How much support she has out there.

    Torri, if you happen to read this, thank you for three wonderful years. You’ve helped to create a beautiful, realistic character with strenghts, weaknesses and something that so many of us can related to, despite some dubious writing at times. May you have huge success in the future. You, more than anyone, deserve to have that happen for you.

  68. Will we be seeing any new types of earth ships besides the Daedalus class battlecruisers? Since encountering the Ori and Wraith it has shown it’s weaknesses when going up against such powerful foes.

  69. Sometimes it really sucks to be allergic to caffiene. I hate you all ^_^;;

    It makes me feel better to know that, after I graduate top-of-my-class at VFS in August 2008 I plan to take over (or at least join, or at the very very least intern and work my way up) as a writer on Atlantis.

  70. I think I’m getting dizzy from all the chocolate. So you want to come and host a party like that in my hometown? hehe.

    Okay so if presentation isn’t the most important part tell me if the food looks like it has exploded straight from the oven would you still manage to take a bite??

    A reality show where you taste test anything that is put in front of you. Perhaps with a Fear Factor twist, would you be a willing participant?

    Congrats on the great party, looks like fun was had by all. 😀


  71. Question for you…

    Why not just sit around at your computer with a couple of other writers on YIM or MSN? Pull out a scene from a treatment and then say,

    “Okay, Gero, you play McKay, and you other guy play Ronan and I’m gonna play Sheppard!”

    And you act out just your designated character’s part until the scene is complete. Then you move on to the next scene, with new character designations.

    When it’s complete, you edit it together into script format… make sure it all makes sense… and that would be the end of it.

    I know the idea has several huge flaws in it, but I can’t think of exactly what they are right at this moment.

    Except maybe time. It would take some time. How long does it take you to finish a first draft?

    And actually, out of pure curiosity, how many pages on average does the finished script end up to be?

  72. Joe, Vicky and I did not have a sugar crash that night…we avoided the dreaded curve by doing what any true chocolate lover would do: we ate more! Slow and steady to avoid the inevitable crash. All the way to the end, baby! Back at home the next morning I was shooed away from the generous doggy bag as I simply could not pry myself away from the offerings!

    Joe and Fondy…thank you for an awesome chocolate party. It was our first chocolate soiree and after getting a taste of it (pun intended), we can’t wait for the next one!

  73. Oh my! I think I gained one kg just by looking at the pics!
    Will you have an ice cream party in summer maybe? *looks hopeful for more yummy pics*

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