Akemi is trying to choose between the Pixel 8 Pro, the Pixel 8, or the Pixel 7 Pro. Which should she go with and why?

(Drea, my wife is counting on your keen insights on this one!)

I’m especially looking forward to that black lacquer cheesecake ice cream bar.  Hopefully it’s still around in two weeks.

Also, those biodegradable straws that turn to mush after three sips and, it turns out, aren’t any better for the environment than their plastic counterparts.

I want something more like the consistency of the Vietnamese egg creams (coffee, chocolate, and condensed milk) or the sabayon (beaten egg yolk and sugar) mom used to make for me when I was a kid.

More often than not this is not an insidious action but simply part of the business.  In the writers’ room, for instance, a lot of the ideas you come up with will be contributions to someone else’s script.  Hell, I remember one Atlantis episode where I came up with the idea for the story, all the act breaks, and every gag – before the script went to another writer.  And then there are all the uncredited rewrites, occasionally page one full rewrites, that you do as part of your job as a showrunner.


5 thoughts on “November 21, 2023: This and That!

  1. Samsung will introduce the Samsung 24 in January 2024
    I will probably get that phone

  2. I think there should be more “Written By” credits with more than one name. AT LEAST get the deserving writer in there. Doesn’t it make you mad how at the end of a TV show or movie they will roll the credits real fast or scrunch them up so they are impossible to read? It does me! I hate that! They are too busy advertising something to give the creative crew their due credit.

    I can’t wait for you to try some of these things featured in your Yes/No! I’m looking forward to Tokyo! (And Thanksgiving at Mom’s)

  3. For Akemi.

    This is super duper important! So pay very close attention.

    Find images of the Pixel Pro8. Pixel Pro 7. and Pixel 8.
    Print out each one on its own separate sheet of high gloss photo paper.
    If you don’t have high gloss photo paper in the house they usually carry it at places
    like Shoppers Drug Mart or Walgreens.
    Each of these Franchises have at least
    one store location listed in Toronto.

    While It may not be environmentally friendly to use three sheets
    of photo paper instead of one, with a decision as important as this
    I’m fairly sure most environmentalists will easily understand and withhold
    giving you the stink eye.

    Lay out each printed image on a clean, flat, table surface side by side.
    Two or three inch spacing between each print should suffice.
    More than that will make it a bit more difficult to properly carry out
    all the instructions.
    Stand directly in front of the table facing your layed out prints.
    Slowly and carefully close your eyes. Make sure they are shut tight.
    If you are worried you might be tempted to peek, Ask Joe to tie
    a thick blindfold tightly around your eyes.
    I recommend avoiding wool, flannel, or Velcro, for a blindfold
    as it may prove irritating to the eyes.
    Extend your left arm fully in front of you with your fist closed
    and your pointer finger fully deployed.
    Recite the words EENY Meenie Miney MO.
    Reciting the words allowed is not absolutely necessary
    but it definitely helps get you into the right frame of mind for the task.
    Allow your pointer finger to randomly fall onto one of your printed
    Pixel images.
    Just be sure not to allow your finger to fall to hard or fast
    so as not to risk injury when it lands against the picture resting on a hard table

    VOILA! Congratulations! xo
    You’ve now successfully made one of the most important decisions
    you will ever make in your lifetime.

    Of course, the downfall of choosing between the three Pixel Versions
    in this manner is the dreaded FOMO.
    If you are deeply worried that you might choose Pixel Pro 7 or Pixel 8
    and will spend the entire Christmas holiday fretting, to anyone within ear shot,
    about how you missed out on the extraordinarily adorable sample smiley face photos
    that come with Pixel pro 8
    that everyone, I’m sure, is raving about, somewhere on the world wide web,
    then your best bet is to simply choose the latest version available on the market
    to ensure you are getting everything the makers of Pixel currently offer.

  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone celebrating it this week!
    This year I’m thankful for each and every one of you. xoxoxoxo

    And such a tremendous joy it is to discover
    there are at least some folks out there
    who still appreciate my deeper dives in research and detailed
    (thorough) conveyances.

    By the Joe, Did I mention? an absolute perfect name for your next female puppers,
    who should wear a bell on her collar, is Bella. You can call her Bell for short.

  5. oh wait. …. Tam already seconded Colleens idea for Sharky. So I Fourth the idea.

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