Business(ish) lunch meeting today to discuss the high concept low-budget horror feature.  In attendance – line producer Robbie David, production manager Cathy Lang, director John Stead, Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok, star and research assistant Akemi Aota, and mystery backer.  We discussed budget, schedule, tax credits, crew, distributors, directors of photography, locations, post-production, Bulgaria, passive-aggressive emails, and smoked meat.  Next steps – the Bulgarian budget, a discussion about tax incentives, setting meetings with distributors, and a completion of the business plan.  On track to meet my end-of-June target for investors.  Hopefully we lock it up quickly and can start prepping late summer.

Hollywood is missing out…

Oh, that reminds me.  I completed the first draft of my new pilot (after doing a couple of passes to implement Ivon’s notes), and have sent it off to my second reader.  One more pass to incorporate THEIR notes, and then it’s off to my agent.  And then from there…who knows what the future holds?

Next, I switch off to the third issue of my horror comic.  The scripts for the first two issues were well-received and I’m told character designs are forthcoming.

Today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “June 6, 2023: Projects Galore!

  1. Someone is hiding behind Cathy Lang. You could have taken a picture of the back of the head of your “mystery backer”. Then we could have gone crazy guessing who it is. And there is no way little Akemi is going to eat all that on her plate. She must have taken leftovers home.

    Awesome. Good luck to all of you. It looks like a good crew so far!

    1. @LINE NOISE
      I suspect the isopod meat would have similar taste/structure to lobster or mantis shrimp … LOL

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