Finally dropped off a few of these babies off for digital transfer today.  Starting off with two episodes – Window of Opportunity and Wormhole X-treme.  In approximately two weeks from now, I should have copies of all the footage we shot for both episodes.  Really curious to see what long-forgotten treasures these tapes hold.

Img_0692 Img_0696 Img_0697 Img_0699

We were in the neighborhood, so we stopped off for lunch at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants – Yuzuki.  Akemi went with the grilled squid and veggie tempura, while I – feeling a little more adventurous – opted for the uni and ikura don along with the shirako tempura.

Img_0701-2 Img_0702

Then, for dessert, we stopped off at Le Genie Bakery & Espresso for two unbelievable tarts – raspberry and pistachio.  I’ll leave you to guess which one was Akemi’s and which one was mine.

Slowly getting back into the podcast swing of things.  Recorded a fun chat with BJ Mendelson yesterday.  Will let you know once it’s up.

Meanwhile, have started uploading some of my more helpful/humorous posts on medium.  First one here, Showrunning 101, along with bio photo taken at a now defunct Chinese friend chicken restaurant:

Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “February 21, 2023: Out and About!

  1. “Why make a breakfast taco with pancakes when flour tortillas are delicious and less caloric?”, said the Texas woman.

  2. Love you picture!

    The food looks amazing, too.

    How’s the weather there? Raining and warm here.

      1. In high school, I had just enough space on my VHS tapes to tape each season of SG-1 and Atlantis and then tape over them when the next seasons aired.

        I still sometimes have anxiety dreams about programming recording times and missing irregularly scheduled shows.

  3. Looking forward to see what’s on those tapes!

    I’ve just started listening to the Scriptnotes podcast ( which is really interesting. I reckon they’d welcome you as a guest for one of their episodes! Unless “The Last Of Us” was the computer game property you were pitching for a while back and didn’t get the job because it went to Craig Mazin. Then you might hold a grudge. Although that would make an amazing episode to hear how you would have done it differently!

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