You know what I hate?  “No, Joe,”you say, rolling your eyes.  “What else you got?”  Well, I’ll tell ya – going to a restaurant only to find it closed, even though google AND the restaurant’s home page AND its instagram page say it’s open.  So, instead of Indian pancakes, we ended up going out for pizza which was perfectly fine, but NOT a butter chicken burger.  We kept things light as we are going out tonight with friends.  We’ll be checking out that new hipster douchebag restaurant with no signage, fancy drink list, and menu entirely made up of snacks.

I will, of course, report back.

Speaking of disappointment…

Still working on the ratio.


Wraith hybrid!  Look out!


I got 2.  You?

Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “June 21, 2022: You know what I hate?

  1. Why even agree to go if your attitude is that it’s a hipster douchebag restaurant with nothing substantial on the menu. ???

    Maybe? in this particular case just better to stay home with oatmeal or a can of Manwich Sloppy Joe poured over open faced bread and a bottle of Night Train to smoothly wash it down
    rather than possibly ruin your friends enjoyment of an evening out?

  2. Bummer that Pandoughras Box decided to swap out your other fav flavors of booze infused ice cream. But the Whisky Salted Caramel (salted caramel ice cream + honey Tennessee whisky + dulce swirl) doesn’t sound too bad You might at least try it ? before you write it off and start experimenting with two full shots of Jack Daniels for every one tablespoon of ice cream at home.

  3. @PonyTail. No worries. You can’t get rid of this Big Mouth Greek so easily! XO
    Definitely intend to keep fighting and to achieve full remission as quickly as this aging body will allow.

    Started first cycle of new therapy today. Way too much anxiety Monday night to sleep so the start to my day and session was extremely rough. Slept a few hours upon returning home. Headache and insomnia tonight. Just the same, am beyond grateful to finally receive the more potent targeted therapies I desperately need and for an extremely smart caring dedicated medical team I whole heartedly trust.
    Can’t help but wonder if James had managed to gain access to better therapies if he might still be with us?? Also, as difficult as the next few weeks might be for me, if the woman in the vid clip below can sky dive for the first time on her 100th birthday, surely I can get through this. That I’m allergic to aspirin and it was 30+ years of regularly taking over the counter extra strength tylenol that messed up my liver in the first place, really wish I had some premium quality home grown jane to help with the pain, anxiety and restlessness but can’t afford it. The Local cancer charity gave me vouchers to use at the nearest medical dispensary but I only qualify for low quality gummies and drinks that help slightly improve appetite yet do nothing for pain. A fellow cancer patient was very kind to gift me one thin roll up of her own blend of homegrown last week, but really could not spare more than that. Still have paypal if anyone might be inclined to help me get a better buzz on over the next few weeks. acct:

  4. new hipster douchebag restaurant with no signage, fancy drink list, and menu entirely made up of snacks. I hope the company made the outing worth it. 😉 Did you hit a burger joint afterwards?

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