Messy eater!  Akemi has started feeding Suji a special mussel soup with turmeric.  Now, her chin is permanently yellow.


Getting ready to hit the great outdoors.


Suji testing out her new wheelchair with both front and rear leg support.


In addition to her leg exercises, she gets an outside walk in the morning and a speedy carpet run in the afternoon.

Getting used to her new wheels…

3 thoughts on “February 27, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. Took my beagle to the vet yesterday. She was acting crazy like she was seeing things and stumbling around. Turns out she did have a urinary tract infection but the vet also mentioned she may have the beginnings of dementia. That could be proven with an MRI of the brain. I was not surprised by this. Lately I’ve been asking my dog if she had dementia, because she has been doing weird stuff. Like trying to get back into the house through the window and not the door. She went outside to pee but forgot, then peed on the carpet when she came back in. That was unusual. Hopefully that was the urinary tract infection… Lots of little things only I would notice.

    But that’s okay. I’m up for it. My dad had dementia and I helped take care of him. My mom use to say she knew something was wrong a few years before my dad’s diagnosis. Little things only she would notice… So I will watch her carefully and keep her safe. Just do what I can.

    Just like you Joe.

  2. As always, Suji’s adorable!

    Very sorry COLLEEN O’SHAUGHNESSY on the loss of Fluffy.

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