I bid Montreal adieu as I prepare to head back home to Toronto.


Mom making taralli for Akemi…

Img_1604 Img_1613 Img_1618 Img_1620 Img_1624 Img_1633


Sis models the Akemi’s belated Christmas apron.



No trip to Montreal would be complete without a visit to Smoke Meat Pete.  Meat was a little dryer than on past visits but still delicious.


I am, apparently, impatiently awaited back in Toronto where someone – who shall remain nameless – hasn’t pooped since I left town three days ago.

6 thoughts on “February 10, 2022: The Montreal Wrap-Up!

  1. I’ve never had taralli but I bet it’s delicious!

    I’m glad all of you had a good time. Smokey Meat Pete’s sounds so good, I’d break my veggie diet for a visit there.

    I hope you have a safe trip back. Both ladies will be glad you’re back home.

    Good luck with Suji. 🍀

    I’m running by to see my Mom tomorrow. She had some bad news recently and I’m hoping to distract her.

  2. Lucky Akemi with your mom making her favorite for her. Did you show your mom all the internet birthday wishes? Looks like she had a great birthday! It is amazing she still does so much intricate cooking.

    Good to see your mama and Andria again! And all the dogs!

    Awe poor Suji. She does have a bit of a constipation look. She is saving it for you!

  3. Happy to see you have nice family reunion.
    Back at home, I wonder if Suji has been way underdosing on treats … LOL

  4. That sandwhich is a show stopper; I’m really craving deli food and seafood this winter; I’ve barely touched the organic soup and even forgot to buy the low cal cocoa I live on most winters. Plus I made the best wings yet in honor of the super bowl to pair with lobster mac n cheese.

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