Top 10 Kpop Albums of 2021:

Top 12 Kpop Songs of 2021:

Top 10 Under-the-Radar Kpop Songs of 2021:

5 thoughts on “Kpop’s Best of the Best – 2021!

  1. Thinking of and missing Sweet Lulu and her funny belches today.

    Praying for everyone back home in Colorado impacted by
    the wildfires. Wind gusts of 105-115 mph swept through the towns of
    Louisville, Superior and a portion of Broomfield, taking down a power line that caused
    one of the two wildfires in the overly drought stricken area.
    Several hundred homes and businesses were destroyed in the blink of an eye.
    One neighbor who was at work, when the call came to evacuate, lost both his dog, cat,
    and entire home before he could get to the house to get them safely out.
    What an awful way to end another difficult year.

    May 2022 bring comfort and healing to us all.

    Much Love and Many Thanks to Ponytail & Tam
    for their ongoing contributions to the med fund.
    And Happy Birthday @PonyTail.
    May you find ways to celebrate the whole month long. XO

    Love you guys. ♥

    See ya’ll next year.

  2. Pretty cool list! I’m glad you have such positive hobbies. Sometimes, you have to look for positive. It really helps the old mental health.

    How was your New Year’s Eve? I went for a swim yesterday morning and then, took a quick Mom trip. Mom and I had a good visit. I took her to lunch at her favorite Mexican place. They have great grilled chicken tacos. I get off my veggie diet for those. 🙂

    Today, we are chilling out. Literally, chilling out because storms are moving in and our current 70F (21C) temps are plunging into the 20’s (-6C) soon. I have vegetable rice soup (for me) and Chicken and Dumplings (for hubby) in crockpots cooking for our lunch. After a holiday, simple meals can be a nice change.

    Any plans today?

  3. I prefer unsweetened cornbread. Heat up bacon grease in a skillet, poor in the mixture and bake. The sizzling bacon grease is the key. Although, I’ll eat any kind of cornbread.

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