2 thoughts on “Top 10 K-Pop Tracks of February 2021!

  1. I do like K-pop (something that I never expected). It’s a fun genre and thanks for introducing it to us. It reminds me of disco and yes, I did like disco. If you wait long enough, everything comes around. 😉

    Our state opened up more vaccinations and I snagged an appointment at Kroger. For those not in this area, Kroger is a grocery story chain. So, everyone out here needs to check their area and see if anything has been expanded. Check your pharmacies and grocery stores, too. Our state website didn’t even list Kroger. I had to go through Kroger’s site.

    My Mom visit went well and we saw a dozen deer on the way. I like the scenic route. Not traffic but you have to keep watch for wildlife. Plus, I nearly finished the new Murderbot book in Audible. It’s really good!

    I hope everyone has a good weekend!

    Waves to Drea!

  2. Nice variety of styles! It is interesting to see/hear villains to cute and rap to “stick in your head” pop melodies in one post. I did not expect that.

    Evidently, K-pop is showing more diversity musically – catching up with the rest of the world. In the process, though, I wonder if it is losing its signature sound and blending in more with other genres, ultimately to the point of losing itself. Good? Bad? Time will tell. Personally, I’d hate for K-pop just to mean Korean kids singing and dancing. Just as show tunes make me think of broadway, there has been a certain look and sound that takes me to K-pop. I’m not ready to lose that, yet.

    Having said that, I thought your choices were worthy and I enjoyed them all for the most part. I’d like them better without the sexploitation of females. #SHAKINPOPPIN is a fun, “sticky” ditty!

    Fun post! Thanks!

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