In the event you missed yesterday’s Dark Matter discussion, here’s what we had to say about Episode 206, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”…

Today, a double dose (or should I say, double troll) of Yes/No?

She’s one recipe away from sprinkling her cabbage rolls with glitter.

Some news of note…


3D Print Your Own Home!

“Andersen said the actual printing time for the walls took about 48 hours, part of an overall eight-day process to build the entire home.

That is significantly faster and around 30% cheaper overall than a home built using standard construction methods, he said, where laborers need to tow in and stack blocks manually.”



How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the C.I.A.

“2017 – The CIA declassifies 12 million pages of records revealing previously unknown details about the program, which would eventually become known as Project Stargate.”

Who’d have thought that we were actually producing a documentary for all those years!

Billionaires See VR as a Way to Avoid Radical Social Change

“But Carmack’s solution is to create a virtual world where people can escape. It’s a promise of the future where the living conditions are still cramped but people have accepted their material conditions and retreated into a fantasy world created by the tech companies.”

I feel like I’ve already seen this episode.

Development of an A.I. technology able to “Read Emotions” across entire cities to Stop Crime Before It Happens.

And have definitely seen this movie.


Insect Brains Will Teach Us How To Make Truly Intelligence Robots

“Systems like this, where their brain circuits have been reverse-engineered from nature, should give highly efficient and robust algorithms for navigating the real world. And robots utilising them would benefit from hundreds of millions of years of evolution. The next wave in AI progress may just be within reach.

Using my dog’s neural template, on the other hand, would yield a dumb but absolutely adorable robot.


6 thoughts on “February 16, 2021: Dark Matter Discussion! Yes/No! And News of Note!

  1. Big fat no to literally everything that lady cooks.

    Big yes to the 3D printed house which is a great idea.

    Isn’t that VR thing literally the plot of “Ready Player One”?

  2. Thanks for posting the Dark Matter discussions!

    The spaghetti looked good, but the egg looked like a junior high science experiment on inertia. I would go for the former, but not the latter. Just give me a fondue pot instead and a plate of fresh fruit pieces. I’d rather dip than flip for my food, I guess.

    The printed houses are awesome and make starter homes or disaster recovery more affordable. That’s excellent use of tech. Something else the military was fooling with was printing skin for burn victims. It showed great promise and promoted much faster healing, but I haven’t heard anything about it in the past couple years.

    As for VR, AI reading emotions, or bug-based robots, can’t we just go back to a simpler time when families spent time together and genuinely enjoyed one another’s company? Why can’t we all just resolve to get along with our neighbors? I think we need to pull back and slow down with AI before it takes over, especially since humans have a terrible, destructive grasp on nature. AI might just want to fight back against us if it is based on natural species. Here comes the dark night….

  3. Actually, the “Stargate Program” has been on the internet for years. All they did, was release more details. Besides the whole program was a giant flop and the guy who ran it was a fraud, who played the CIA for a fools. The whole thing is jive.

  4. Yes to the printer house. My hubby is fascinated with container houses. Some of these do look intriguing.

    I did have a laugh out of She’s one recipe away from sprinkling her cabbage rolls with glitter.

    More ice coming later today. I will try to an outing to pick up my meds/food before it hits. I’ll text my 80+ neighbor and see if she needs anything, too. Our neighborhood roads are terrible but maybe, the city salted bridges and overpasses. Maybe… After this, I might invest in a snow shovel and chains for my tires.

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