Me, today, while Akemi was trimming my hair: “Watch my ears, please.”

Akemi: “Don’t be so chicken.”

The hair clippers we ordered are still about a week away, but Akemi couldn’t help but get a head start.  Armed with knowledge gleamed from that random youtube video, she got in a little practice – ultimately resulting in no discernible change to my appearance.  I’m really tempted to just grab my electric shaver and go all Colonel Kurtz, but I fear it may ultimately prove a source of regret – like the purchase of that bag of nacho picoso Doritos Dinamita, or a gym membership.

I notice fewer people wearing masks out and about.  Last month, I counted about 30% maskwear.  These past couple of days, it’s been closer to 10%.  I, of course, continue – and will continue – to cover my face when I go out.  For health reasons.  But mainly because I ordered  these stylish Legion of Super-Heroes-themed face masks I’ve been dying to incorporate into my wardrobe:


Star Boy is, no doubt, the coolest, but I’m especially looking forward to sporting the Bouncing Boy motif.

Now I’m sure many of you are wondering: “What have you been up to in quarantine, Joe?”  “What fantastic projects are you cooking up?”  Well, in truth, not much writing.  But a lot of this on a typical day –

Meanwhile, as a means of passing the time, I’ve taken a page out of Rear Window and started observing my neighbors from afar.  There’s the guy across the ways who is up at 7:00 a.m. every morning, following the stock futures.  There’s his girlfriend/wife (?) who sits out on their balcony and smokes.  Above them, there’s the very fit couple with the very fit dog who will often trot out onto the balcony and gaze longingly down at the reflecting pond below as if contemplating suicidal thoughts.  There’s the guy directly below us who talks on the phone at full volume, usually about how well his business is succeeding in spite of the circumstances.  Finally, one balcony over, is the woman with the infectious laugh who I have never seen but am really curious to catch a glimpse of.

So, how are YOU all whiling away the lockdown hours?

8 thoughts on “May 18, 2020: Lockdown Life!

  1. One of your best posts ever! Full of ethos and pathos and delicious humor. Love the Rear Window storyline. And definitely include more pictures of chocolate-y desserts in future, please and thank you!!!

  2. In these times, I’d avoid people with infectious laughs like the plague. So to speak. The downstairs guy sounds annoying, and suddenly brought to mind many years ago when I had my first apartment. For a time, I had upstairs “neighbours” who I swear wore lead boots around the apartment, all while arguing and playing music until all hours. So glad they moved. Actually they may have been REmoved, now that I think of it.

    Anyway, around here trails and parks have been mostly reopened. So, I’ve been able to make some visits to both the section of the Fundy Footpath that I maintain, as well as the Nature Conservancy’s Black Beach Trail for which I’m the volunteer steward. Luckily this has coincided with what finally feels like the beginning of Spring. We’re still not having new cases here in NB, and all existing cases are resolved. Other than a couple of travel related cases a couple weeks back, it’s been I think almost a month without new cases. Fingers crossed.

  3. My husband asked me to use the electric clippers on his hair. First swipe and he now has a bald strip on the back of his head. I said ‘uh oh’ and dropped the clippers. He was not happy.

  4. A lot more house work and a touch of home improvement. I’ve been trawling the internet for interesting audio and video and have come up with way too much. This pandemic thing is going to have to go on for ages for me to get through it all (but hoping that it won’t, of course!). My sister told me that a lot of people have come my way for the Victoria Day holiday at their cottages, so I hope that they haven’t brought the virus with them, since all our cases have been resolved for a few weeks now. All the best.

    BTW how do they show hair cutting on TV? I can see after the umpteenth take the actor would be bald!

  5. Except for not going out to eat at salad bars and buffet restaurants I’m doing pretty much what I’d usually do. I take the cats for a walk on our back property or doing something around the house. My husband got a job (he’d been retired) so I’m doing everything at home. I can’t wait for it to warm up enough to open the pool and start swimming.

  6. My husband is still working but I was laid off. I have spent time binge watching favorite shows, doing puzzles and entering contests. I live in a tourist area and every weekend people come even though nothing is open. No one wearing mask or distancing. We’re doomed.

  7. Life is getting back to normal’ish” around here. A lot of people wearing masks in stores or tight places but not so much out taking a walk. It’s not a dense population, like were you’re at.

    Our state is partially open. I live on the the border of Memphis, in Mississippi. It’s strange because they have different dates and different targets for reopening the states/cities. Memphis is lagging behind other counties in Tennessee, also.

    I’m getting my tries worked on this week, so I can visit my Mom soon. Her county (in Tennessee) is very small and they are almost completely open. It’s very confusing.

    Mom’s been out strawberry shopping at the Amish farms. She keeps going on about how people need to stay home more and she’s out shopping at one of the hardest hit communities in TN. I told her if she’s going to get covid anywhere, it’s at the Amish community. She’s 85 and does what she wants though.
    We should all be so lucky to be that energetic at 85..
    Anyway, I’m sure her house smells wonderful, since she’s making jam with all those strawberries. It keeps her busy.

    I got my antibody test for Covid and it shows I have some antibody reaction. Which I find interesting.

    Sweet video and both of you still seem like newlyweds. 😉

    Unlike you, I love my gym! I can’t wait until our YMCA is fully open. I’m hitting that pool on the first day available!

    I hope everyone is ok out there!

  8. My lockdown has largely been moved to one room in the basement ad my kitchen, with excursions to the laundry room and my outdoor parlor. My family room which I wasn’t using anyway and my bedroom are sealed off, my sitting room is packed with the contents of the other rooms, and I had to close off the workroom because the old cat got upset by all the bother and I need to steam clean the carpet, but have no place to move all THAT crap. I have workers in PPE inside the house daily. Gah. The bursitis in my hip and back mean not even walks around the block. But hey, I got a couple paintings done!

    I used to cut MyLarry;s hair to military standards. I even got the taper down nicely. Much cheaper than a barber, and more convenient. Also a nice little bonding moment, a very good set of memories.

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