The highlight of today, by far, was this afternoon’s Home Con Dark Matter Panel rehearsal that saw Zoie Palmer, Melissa O’Neil, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Anthony Lemke, and I get together with Rachel Skarsten and her team for a practice zoom session.  No doubt to ensure we were at least competent enough to follow the “press this button” instructions.  And, I’m proud to report – We were!  Nice seeing the old gang – Anthony with his new haircut, Alex in desperate need of a haircut, and the ladies who simply looked as amazing as ever.  We look forward to fielding your questions this Sunday at 3:00 p.m. ET!

Digital art display in South Korea.  Cool, no?

So, I had a zoom meeting today with a very nice director and, afterwards, I was exhausted.  I mean  completely wiped, ready-for-a-nap, sleepy time exhausted. The point is – I don’t think I can go back to regular socializing when this is over.  From here on in, it’s the hermit life for me!

BTW – I’ve realized that the one thing that makes me ill-suited for writing and revenge, also makes me a terrible candidate for investing.  I lack patience.  I mean, I’ve always lacked patience but now, it’s gotten so bad that, on a scale of 1 to 10, my ability to focus is negative 2.  Which, I can foresee, proving problematic in the not too distant future.


Louisiana, you got some explaining to do!

7 thoughts on “May 15, 2020: It’s the hermit’s life for me!

  1. I wanted to get one of the one on one sessions but you weren’t listed Mr. Mallozzi nor was Anthony. So, what can you do.

    Zoom,, webinar, it all is a strain. Back in the day, about 1998 when my partner and I did a start-up for video conferencing etc, which was way ahead of it’s time. We found, lessons had to be short and well taught, the screen is hard on the concentration. So lessons are short, succinct to the point.
    We had to dumb it down a lot though, it’s only now I notice the technology is moving towards a more effective design, as people get familiar with the basics.
    But I am so over video conferencing. The trainees are going back to the work place on Tuesday, Australia is starting to open up, we’ll only do one or two days a week at work, the rest we’ll do online. We’re so excited though to be able to be out and about.

  2. I was never used to the old way of socializing. I picked a job and lifestyle that allowed me to barely tolerate it. I loved excuses to email someone instead of walk down the hall and talk to them. Now that I’ve lost the groove, I might need therapy to go back to it.

    Soup beans (Kentucky) isn’t weird. It’s just one of those cultural things that evolve because the people who do things that keep their food from spoiling survive. Reheating a dish so frequently that it stays sterile and leaving it be so it doesn’t get contaminated between boils has to exist in many cultures. “Peas porridge hot, Peas porridge cold, Peas porridge in the pot, Nine days old”. Even after the invention of refrigeration, if you put a large pot of hot beans in your refrigerator, you warm up all the other things in the refrigerator. Heck, every village shown in Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: SG-1 depicted this method of spoilage prevention.

    Sometimes I think they get things very wrong on purpose just to draw the commenters.

  3. Garbage plate and Nutria?!!? I didn’t even know you could eat those!
    I foresee another not-too-distant future pandemic arising from those areas …

  4. Our ube in Hawaii is a brilliant purple yam that is delicious. We often make mashed white and yellow and purple mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. (Separately, otherwise it is all yucky brown). Forget investing as it is all fixed anyways. Keep making your wonderful films and you will be far ahead.

  5. At least you can say you’ve tried boiled peanuts…although having them from a can doesn’t really do them justice. The best way is from a roadside stand on the way to a Friday night football game. 😉

    On the socializng bit, I like to throw BBQ cookouts and I was hoping to have a big shindig in the new house for Memorial Day this year, but it’s looking like all entertainment plans have gone to the locusts. I can’t complain though; we’re doing well enough. Things could be worse…I’m thankful they’re not.

    I’m planning to join in the homecon on Sunday, but I got roped into a couple of high priority projects, so I’ll have to work through the weekend. I’ll see where I’m at (workwise) on Sunday at 3pm. Worse case is I can put it on one of the home office laptops while I finish the RTCM converter coding on another.

  6. And growing up in Maryland, I never heard of stuffed ham, but then again my mother’s family was from Maryland’s Eastern Shore (the east side of the Chesapeake Bay). We did have a lot of chipped beef growing up (take a look at Delaware), so maybe it’s a Tidewater thing?

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