8 thoughts on “April 12, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Suji is a lucky girl!

    I was watching The Great British Baking Show and it inspired me to try making Swiss Buttercream Meringue. Here’s my first attempt. It was very good! https://twitter.com/jertam/status/1249370133669261315/photo/1

    What kind of shows are you watching? Have you tried “Good Omens” on Amazon? I’m not sure it’s everyone’s taste but I had some “laugh out loud” moments. Endeaver and Bosch are excellent mysteries too.

    1. Oooh, that looks delicious.

      Akemi and I are watching a lot of YouTube coronavirus updates, the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the last season of Top Chef – IF we can track down episodes.

  2. Suji, it makes me happy to see you eating those apple snacks but it would make me even happier if I were eating them too! They look delicious- and I’m all out of apples. I wasn’t planning on going out for provisions again until next Sunday but I’m not sure if I’ll make it.

  3. Not sure where this comment is appropriate but thought a quick placement would be in order. I listened to Simone Bailly’s live YOUTUBE stream last night. Guest, Sharon Taylor talked about meeting Zoe Palmer for the 1st Time and the 2 went out to road a Mechanical Bull. I mentioned your name in the comments section but received no response. Simone had met Roger Cross though not worked together. She had good things to say about Chris Judge too. They are interested in getting back to acting

  4. It always makes me smile to see Suji with such a good appetite. thanks! I so agree with the power naps too.. thinking about making some homemade bread tomorrow. I have been watching videos on how to make virus masks, and lots of baking and, and ,and -so much out there,,, stepping back now.. might be a power nap coming on..

  5. Akemi’s fried apples look so good! And easy! @Tam – that looks delicious too! You’re both making me hungry!

    1. Thank you, that buttercream frosting is pretty good. You know that brownie picture I posted a few days ago? I ate them all. Myself. I’m not sorry either.

      Ponytail, did you get your parents settled yet?

  6. I love it when Suji talks!
    I think she should start doing movie reviews… or tv show reviews… maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm reviews!
    Are you a Westworld fan Joe? We are just watching season 2 at the moment and enjoying it.
    Keep well!

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