I flew into Montreal last night to help assist with a family medical issue.  Following a day of tests and hospital consultations, things look good, so I’m booking a flight back to Toronto for Friday morning.  Until then, I’ll be enjoying, family, food, and those revisions I need to get started on.


Mom last night.


Mom today.


July-29-2019-an-impromptu-visit-1 July-29-2019-an-impromptu-visit-2

Late lunch of spicy peppers and stuffed squid.


Sis and mom.


Me and mom.


Me and my two desserts from Chocolat Favoris: chocolate dip and pistachio gelato bar!

23 thoughts on “July 29, 2019: An impromptu visit!

  1. I do hope everything is okay! Say hi to your Mom and Sis for us!

    Back home since last night from my trip to NH, where I did a few hikes and really enjoyed my “vacation”. Pretty tired today though.

  2. I will pray that all is well with your Mom. She is blessed to have such good kids like you and your sis to look after her!

  3. Glad your Mom’s doing better! Looks like you all got to spend some quality time togeth….pistachio gelato bar, what?!

  4. Glad mom is home, love her food pictures! feel better soon. thanks Joe and sis.

  5. The stuffed squid definitely looks yummy.
    And, of course, YAY! to almost anything with pistachio or chocolate
    or pistachio and chocolate!! or pistachio and yes please more pistachio!
    Dont think I’ve ever had gelato in bar form.
    Not sure there is any place that sells gelato bars
    locally or the areas I frequent in Denver and NY. ??

    Much love to your mom.
    She seems to be in excellent spirits.
    It is never easy getting on in years and experiencing
    the body gradually becoming more and more fragile.
    Very much hope her health improves soon. xo

    Donts ferget ta stop at Smoke Meat Pete for your Rx dose
    of Hot pastrami on rye before you head home!

    Today I had chicken wings. Soaked. Breaded. Partially baked. Then fried in a frozen orange juice concentrate, butter and bacon grease mixture. Did not think I would care for it at all
    but much to my surprise, like the yellow mustard and butter mix wings,
    it proved itself amazingly addictive!

      1. I thought you said “national wig day”. I was wondering who (the hell) mentioned wigs before I realized I’m a doofus. 🙂

  6. Love your family photos. Hope all is well with your mum. Ps that ice-cream looks pretty tasty!

  7. Glad to hear the hospital tests went well, that must be a huge relief! Good news always does wonders for my appetite, though I rarely have access to such an appetizing assortment!

  8. Joe, glad things are managed & you were capable of taking that trip. The food, your mom, you, it all looks lovely. I’m feeling the strings pulling on familial connections in my world too. Yes, due to health related things. It does my heart good to see your pictures. It shows what matters most. I get more news tomorrow on my personal whirlwind, so I’m going to absorb all the love I can from your photos and use their comfort for myself as well. Also jealous of that pistachio gelato bar item. I will have to look around Phoenix and see if I can find something similar, after all, it is 110F here.

  9. Good to know things are looking good, and hopefully it’ll continue to remain good.
    Mom and sis looking great. Enjoy your time at home.

    Btw, gotta say … Voltaren still keeping your teeth looking pristine. LOL.

  10. Mom looks great. Glad things went well. The meal looks great too. I hope someone is getting her recipes. Several of my grandmother’s were lost. I wish we’d pressed her to write them down. The only thing of hers I can do if fry chicken. Hers was better.

  11. I’m glad everything is going well in Montreal! I hope there are no more hospital wristbands for your mother! All the best.

  12. I’m glad your Mom is ok. Did she make all that yummy looking food? When you have time, you should publish some of her recipes.

    Drea: How do you do the mustard butter wings? Is that cooked on or drizzled on after you grill them?

    1. Tam: I’m pretty sure you can soak em in a bowl of french’s yellow mustard and butter mixture then bread, fry and re glaze after drying. Albeit the ones I had were soaked. Thrown on the grill. Glazed with the mixture every few minutes during cooking.

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