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Safety first!  This message brought to you by the your caring corporate overlords at Traugott Corp

Space station animation – Dark Matter

VFX animation – Stargate: SG-1 – Fallout

Identify the ship!

McKay at the ruins – Stargate: Atlantis “Harmony” behind the scenes

The hive ship is rocked – Stargate: Atlantis “Search and Rescue” behind the scenes

Behind the scenes – Stargate: Universe “The Hunt”

Behind the scenes – Stargate: Universe “The Hunt”

Behind the scenes – Stargate: Universe “The Hunt”

Going through my old laptop.  Lots of good stuff!

12 thoughts on “June 17, 2019: Video Drop!

  1. Love them! I’ve always found the behind-the-scenes stuff absolutely fascinating. Keep ‘em coming!

  2. I’m loving this ‘good stuff’
    I usually hate computy laptop thingys but yours I like

    1. Hmmmm. Odd. It plays on my laptop. Perhaps this is a question for your fellow blog regulars.

  3. Those are all fantastic!

    What does it mean “actor is hot”?
    David is getting annoyed waiting?
    David is starting to sweat and will need makeup?
    David is ready to go?
    McKay thinks he’s Ronon? 😆
    (I loved Harmony.)

    PS: @ Coveredincathair (haha) I hate when my computer does that. I always blame my computer. I think it is missing something, something like Adobe is on the fritz, or needs to be updated, or fell off, etc. Something ain’t right.

  4. Clips play fine for me.

    The only think I can think of for “actor is hot” is that his microphone is live and they’re ready to shoot?

  5. Hey Joe, the clips don’t work in Chrome but i got them to work in my trusty Firefox. Should have known! Can’t begin to tell you how much i miss all the Stargate series,even tho i re-watch them all the time….I need more, lol!! 🙂

  6. @coveredincathair: You might have a problem with the video card or have a software issue. 🍀 My video card is outdated, so I can only play certain videos. 🙁

    What are you going to do with the old laptop? We found a church to donate ours. They are using it to give English lessons to immigrants.

    I have an atheist friend that wants churches to pay taxes but he doesn’t realize a lot of churches have great community outreach programs.

  7. That safety vid makes getting electrocuted look like a new Fortnite dance; everybody to the Tingly Foot! Loving these flashback vids, oh Michael you crazy diamond, I would still run away with you as you embark on nefarious deeds. But first I need to run away with Ryo, his planet has fine dining and all the swords you can carry.

    No one can scamper to safety like our dear Rodney. After I finish tearing it up in the galaxy with bad boys like Michael and Ryo it would be nice to settle down with a sweetheart like Rodney.

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