June 14, 2019: Tgif!

Production Assistant Nancy Asiamah-Yeboah celebrates the end of another week of production.  And, oh yeah, the Toronto Raptors – the first Canadian team to be crowned NBA champions.

June 14, 2019: Tgif!

He does it all!

Hey, going through the Stargate vault and came across these gems, courtesy of Stargate VFX Supervisor Mark Savela.

And this glorious outtake from Stargate: Universe…

So, what are your weekend plans?

8 thoughts on “June 14, 2019: TGIF!

  1. It’s the alien mascot of my alma mater, Ursinus College!

    For the fandom: Had a nice dinner with SG fan Mike Amowitz in Virginia yesterday. He’s doing well, two years since his kidney transplant.

  2. Ivon Bartok. Is there anything that man CAN’T do? I notice that autocorrect even tries to change his name to ICON, if that tells us anything!

    Those VFX clips still look amazing as ever.

    No weekend plans – still trying to recover from this illness that I’ve had going on for four weeks now. Doctor is pretty sure it’s mono (which I have never had before) but waiting on blood tests to come back to know for sure. It has completely wiped me out, feeling exhausted most of the time. I expect I caught it during the trip home from AZ back in March. At least the timelines add up if it is that. Being stuck at the Montreal airport for 13 hours with people sneezing and coughing everywhere I’m sure did not help.

  3. Of course Ivon Bartok can do it all … even after staying up late watching the game. Your team is invincible.
    Thanks for the BTS stuff. Always a pleasure to watch!

  4. Same thing I try to do every weekend, Joseph, try to take over the world. Barring that I’ll be seeing Godzilla and taking pics of my comic collection — as I am in the process of selling it.

  5. The magic of production! My favorite is the walking out onto the “cliff” look. Your business may be stressful but it sure does look like fun too.

    Congratulations to your Raptors!!

  6. Thank you for the great Stargate stuff!

    WEEKEND PLANS: Had some troubling news about my wounds, so I decided to distract by watching my screener of Men In Black International….a fun movie and Tessa Thompson carried it, outshining Chris Hemsworth and Liam Neeson. Then I plan to watch Ancient Aliens, Agents of SHIELD and Unidentified, a doc series on UFOs & the military. Also planning on binging season 1 of Dark Matter. Full weekend indeed.

  7. Cool BTS! I expecially liked the Zelenka/Shepherd gap. They’re all great though!

    As for Father’s Day weekend, I’m smoking a brisket and a picnic butt for pulled pork in the smoker (I need to teach my kids how to do this), and then I get presents! 😀 I’ll have one of three kids over, and the other two have sent presents ahead of time.

    At least that’s the plan for Sunday…unless we get a last minute house showing request, then all bets are off.

  8. Ping pong balls! Great clips.

    Weekend plans include packing for the Utah burn, moved to June from July because the desert is hot. Figuring out how to get the baby maple trees out of the rain gutters, because while the tiny forest is cute, that is how houses die. Sunday evening is Fire Tribe practice, we’re filing for the Burning Man audition. Wish us luck!

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