WHAT is this?  Why, it’s the ice cream truck – courtesy of Block #2 director Sudz Sutherland.  A special treat for the crew on his last day.


Story Editor Sam Godfrey goes twist with a chocolate dip.

Finally started work on the script for the season finale today.  Lots of balls in the air.  The trick, as always, is to dovetail the varied arcs and storylines in dramatic and satisfying fashion – and also leave the door open for a second season.  But once that’s done and I deliver Episode 10, it’s smooooooth sailing!

Hard to believe we’re a little over a third of the way through the season.  The first cuts are coming in, our second to last block starts official prep tomorrow, and discussion has begun on the opening title sequence.  Surprisingly, it looks like we may actually do a full and proper one for this show.   I’ve always been a big fan of those extended sequences with their memorable opening themes that always set the tone for the series.  I mean, can you imagine Stargate’s SG-1 or Atlantis or the Star Treks without their stirring orchestral intros?  Or The Sopranos without Tony’s long drive through Jersey set to Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning”?  Or a roaring dragon in place of Game of Thrones’ sweeping instrumental-backed overview of Westeros and Essos?

Quick!  Name your Top 3 favorite t.v. themes.



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Randy Colemam
Randy Colemam

Hi Joe
Were you in Ajax or Oshawa? That Ice Cream truck looks mighty familiar.


Sounds like things are sailing along on UF!

Top three themes ever? That’s a hard one, so I’ll have to go with whatever immediately comes to mind.

Star Trek:Voyager
Magnum P.I.


Simpsons, JAG, Dallas

Tom Gardiner (@Thogar)

My 3 faves are all oldies that have remained popular in my grey matter over the years.

1) Mission: Impossible
2) Cheers
3) “Believe it or Not” (The Greatest American Hero)

I must also register my discontent at only being allowed to pick 3. I’m a rabid TV watcher so something like Top 50 would be more amenable. I mean, let’s be reasonable here.


You named two of my three: SG-1 and Sopranos.

The “Midsomer Mysteries” theme has been on my mental playlist recently.

Susan Brown
Susan Brown

My top 3 T.V. themes, in no particular order; Spiderman (the cartoon show version), Looney Toons Intro (it’s my ring tone) and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Yes I am just that damn old.


That’s it! I’m going to get some ice cream out of my freezer. I actually have some (I don’t keep it around). Think I’ll make a small chocolate malt. They say when you crave ice cream you really just need a hug. I agree. Going to make my “hug” right now.

Top 3 favorite TV themes:

Miami Vice is number one.

I Love Lucy
The Brady Bunch

There are really so many. Too many to narrow it down. I always thought Stargate Atlantis had a killer theme.


My absolute favorite theme is from Band of Brothers. Love that score. Then followed in no particular order: Doctor Who, JAG, Stargate (all of them) Star Trek (ditto).

Funny that you talk about themes. One of my favorite movie themes is the soundtrack from Rudy which was composed by Joel Goldsmith’s father Jerry. Between the two Goldsmiths is a long and amazing list of credits. Patton, Rio Lobo, Star Trek etc.

My family and I just watched Rudy tonight and I kept turning up the volume when the score was playing. They are both missed greatly. I wish I could have a copy of the SGU score. It was so good.


These themea will age me , yet they are awesome. Going old school.1. Bonanza. 2. The Rat Patrol… Very stirring. 3. Toss up between Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Twilight zone…thw original.


Lennart Petersson (@lennpet)

I’m not sure, but first to pop up was The Flintstones 😃


Top 3 favorite t.v. themes? Well, you already mentioned two of them: Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and I love the Star Trek: Enterprise title song (as well as the intro video). Star Trek: Voyager isn’t bad either, but if I have to narrow it down to three, it’s SG-1, SGA and STE.

David Issel

TV Theme Songs:

Happy Days
Mission Impossible
Big Bang Theory
House M.D.
Sanford and Son
Barney Miller
Star Trek (TOS/TNG)

Star Trek Enterprise
The Flintstones (I know, tons of people actually like this one… I hate it.)

A good theme song will set the mood for the show, but won’t be annoying… people will be hearing it a lot when they binge watch their favorite show.

Peggy C.
Peggy C.

“Quick! Name your Top 3 favorite t.v. themes.”

Star Trek: Enterprise {{Theme and title sequence}}
The Big Bang Theory

If we were allowed a 4th, Game of Thrones.


1) SGA
2) Orville
3) Person of Interest

Line Noise

Babylon 5 – Season 3
Happy Days – Seasons 3-10
Star Trek: Enterprise – That’s right. I said it. Fight me!


Fave themes :1)The Love Boat 2)Magnum P.i 3)Stargate, special place goes to Neon Genesis Evangelion, X-men cartoon, The Pink Panther, Mysterious Cities of Gold.


ST Voyager and Cheers title themes most definitely wonderful and memorable .

Others I’ve always enjoyed:

Get Smart (the original version)
Addams Family

Honorable mentions:
SpiderMan (1960s version)
Twilight zone (original w/ Rod Serling)


My top three TV themes:

Game of Thrones – The music is outstanding. On occasion I’ll listen to the 12 hour loop on YouTube. The ever-changing visuals seal the deal.
Star Trek the Next Generation – Once the orchestra kicks in, I still get chills to this day.
Stargate SG-1 – It”s at once regal, adventurous and hopeful. And I’ve always gotten a kick at how it softens a bit when Amanda’s credit appears.

James Gamble
James Gamble

Mmm… Ice cream..
Whatever happened to your ice cream making?

Tv themes.
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
Ally McBeal

Not necessarily my favourite shows, but definitely my favourite theme tunes.

Nathan Dionne
Nathan Dionne

I don’t know if I would call it my favorite, but the opening title sequence from Andromeda I always liked. But only season 1, they changed it for later seasons and it just wasn’t as good. How do you feel about shows that change their title sequence for different seasons? And I don’t just mean showing the newer actors like Stargate did.


Glad someone picked Pink Panther. I loved that one.
Com’on now, someone mention Gilligan’s Island, eh!
I dare ya! grin

I disagree with David about opening themes.
Sometimes an opening theme song being fun but annoying
is precisely what makes it brilliant, truly memorable and worthy of a Favorites list.

How many of us can remember getting The Talking Mr Ed theme song
stuck in our heads on replay back in the day? Or how ’bout
Mister Rogers Neighborhood?
You will never ever forget these tv shows because of their fun, annoying,
opening themes.

A memorable opening theme can be the very thing that makes a tv show span generations.
If you recall the opening theme, you are much more likely to introduce that show to your offspring,
than a show you might have enjoyed in childhood but cannot recall its opening theme. (Save for those rare ones that proved to be your top 2-3 favorite tv shows of all time).

Green Acres has never made my top 10 most brilliant comedies of all time.
Ever just the same, I will never forget this tv show because of its opening theme.
I used to have a blast getting this fun, somewhat annoying,
song stuck in peoples heads whenever I needed to defuse an over heated group debate.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

The Adam’s family
The Andy Griffith show

Only three… sad One of us will whistle the Andy Griffith theme at the oddest times. It’s very catchy. smile

Ice Cream!!! I had a scoop of the best Pralines and cream in Panama City. Plus, we brought back salted caramel fudge but it’s all gone. sad I ate like a hobbit on this trip. smile

Edmond Dantes

1) A Team
2) Stargate Universe
3) Babylon 5


3. Cheers theme
2. Stargate SG-1 theme (I know the lyrics by heart)
1. Battlestar Galactica theme


I’ll stick to regular TV shows:

Secret Agent aka Danger Man in the U.K. (Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers)
Monk (It’s a Jungle Out There by Randy Newman)

I love TV themes in general and I’m glad your show is going to get one!