Yes.  It went down today.  Twelve of us entered The Hellmouth.  But only one walked away victorious!

I wasn’t the only one who dressed up for the event.  1st Assistant Director Grant Boyle puts on a show.  But nothing beats my chili socks.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.27.10 PM.png

Our twelve contestants included Sudz “Suicide Sauce” Sutherland, Drew “The Extinguisher” Cohoe, and, last and least…


Who was the only contestant not to reach the fifth and final round.


Our grand prize = the coveted Hellmouth 2019 championship belt!

Two FIERCE competitors: Mackenzie “Mall Day, March 29, 2019” Lawrence, and Nancy “I’m New, Nice To Meet You” Asiamah-Yeboah (Who I was convinced was a ringer because she just happened to start on the production the day after the competition was announced.).

ROUND 1 = The Spicy Chips!

I’ve had these ghost pepper paqui chips before and, while spicy, they’re not overwhelmingly so.  The tricky part was chewing and swallowing all three in the 30 seconds allotted.  Note Drew (above) using tongs to extract them from the package.

ROUND 2 = The Spicy Pickle!

Not all that spicy at first…but it delivered some residual habanero heat.  Note Robbie David feeling the pain and ultimately tapping out.


Not too bad.  Before starting the countdown, Block 2 Director Sudz Sutherland asked whether we would be required to lick our plates clean.  Hellmouth Warden Naomi Ward unwisely put it out to the spectators