Well, Friday came and went and still no sign of that new PR card.  I contacted the Citizenship Canada for help and, not surprisingly, received little in the way or either assistance or direction.  They’re consistent.  I’ll give them that!  I guess it all comes down to Monday.  Depending on how this all pans out, I plan to go public with our experience in a big way.  The details of what they’ve put us through are alternately confounding,  infuriating, and disheartening.

Oh, hey, speaking of gross bureaucratic ineptness and general heartlessness, last night I attended the private screening of Robert C. Cooper’s Unspeakable, an eight part miniseries detailing the tainted blood scandal of the 1980’s and the Canadian Red Cross’s tragic mishandling of the situation.


So, I spent today doing the rewrite on Episode 3 of the series I’m presently showrunning, implementing most of the input of the show’s creator, RT.  Didn’t receive any notes from the prod co but I choose to believe that’s a reflection of the sheer brilliance of my first draft.    

My reward for a job well done: hot chocolate and chocolates from Soma Chocolates.  Swing by if you’re in town.  Akemi and I practically live there so chances are good you’ll run into us.

Hey, who wants to Skype chat with the Dark Matter gang?  Anthony Lemke (aka THREE, aka Marcus Boone) has organized an auction in support of a charity near and dear to his heart.  The details:

Dark Matter chat with as many cast as can fit!

And there’s also this exclusive chat with actor Ennis Esmer (aka Wexler, aka Rick Dotcom).  The Details:

Exclusive Skype with Ennis Esmer

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Mmmm, chocolate.

I’d love to Skype with my favorite family and crew.

Rich dotcom? I think, not Rick. Not to be that guy, pointing out a mistake. But if it is Rich, a couple taps on your keyboard and mouse will update your post instantly.

As always, Thanks for the update.


Nicolas Bannister

Nothing better than a good latte and some good chocolates to comfort you after a frustrating day, or reward you after a very satisfying one. ^^
Congrats on the very successful draft. smile


That chocolate looks to die for.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

“Unspeakable” sounds interesting! I remember that time. AIDS was starting to be known and with no treatment, and no information on how it was spread, it was a scary time. Which network will air that?

Hot chocolate, yum!

Fingers crossed and prayers sent that the PR shows tomorrow! My hubby had a co-worker that this happened to in the 90’s. The guy was from England and worked for a major hotel chain in Memphis. He got back in the U.S. but it took 3 weeks (give or take).

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Oh and get a load of this guy. He’s the one that killed three of my family members (including an eighth month old baby) in Indiana. He took a plea deal before this new DUI for 25 yrs. Not much time for three lives and it seems he didn’t learn any kind of lesson: https://www.abc57.com/news/man-who-pleaded-guilty-to-fatal-hit-and-run-arrested-on-owi-charge?fbclid=IwAR0uVeqT7MNqG2H0ZUuWyAyoaLtc9SO_gbSIRnjDS4Scl10a5-jhn-umzu8


When are you allowed to tell us the name of the new series? Has it been picked up by a network? It sounds like you’ve got all of season 1 well underway, or I’m misunderstanding. Either way, good luck on your trip to Japan.

Kat Karena

What’s the Charity for the Dark Matter skype chat?

David Knowles
David Knowles

“”gross bureaucratic ineptness and general heartlessness””

Sound like the UK home office and seem every other organisation that deals with immirgration, citizenship and matter along those lines.


Soma chocolates rocks!