As a fan of mochas, lattes, and various chocolate/coffee drinkables, I make it a point to sample as wide a variety as often as possible.  For research purposes mostly.  And, having done my due diligence over the past year, I offer up my Top 5 Toronto Mochas…

#5. Bar Buca

This place boasts a host of fancy lattes laced with everything from honey and ginger to dulce de leche and, well, chocolate.  They also do a delicious Cafe Al Zabaglione for that taste of Venice.

#4.  Les Moulins LaFayette

The latest addition to the Queen Street West scene is the Toronto branch of this Montreal bakery.  Enjoy your mocha with lunch – or, better, yet a tartelette tropezienne and/or a Paris-Brest.

#3. Oretta Cafe

Adjoining the Oretta Restaurant is a little cafe that offers up terrific Italian