We’re completing our fifth and final week of the writers’ room and have accomplished much in such a short time.  We’ve broken the show’s full ten episode first season, written the outlines and, this week, are well  on track to completing notes sessions on all ten.  We’ve unkilled characters, dismantled mass transportation systems, and even succeeded in figuring Episode 9’s double distraction and complications.  And yet, despite this accomplishments, and with one day still to go, I can already tell you what the highlight of this week has been.  Behold!


 The California Double from Burger’s Priest: cheeseburgers with a ring of sautéed onions, sandwiched between buttered buns, topped with secret sauce, lettuce, and tomato.

Honorable mentions to –


The pistachio cake from Nugateau – and the side jar of pistachio halva from Halvana.


This tablecloth-size laffa bread from Me Va Me.


The eclairs – also from Nugateau.


Alejandro’s awesome artwork.

Tomorrow, we wrap the room – and we move on to script work!  Goodbye laughs and camaraderie!  Hello solitary afternoons and yogurt bowls!


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Kathy Constantine
Kathy Constantine

10 Episodes…so it’s a show on a streaming service. I can’t wait to find out what it is!


Okay Joe.

I want an honest answer now.


Does any of this so-called writers room have anything to do with WRITING?

Come on, the truth be told.

it’s just an excuse for a bunch of diverse voices to share their best culinnary finds, isn’t it?

PS Who took the single eclair?

It's Joe's Birthday Week! XO

Okay, So now that you’ve had your fill of Pistachio

How ’bout some Bourbon & Pecan?

Here’s the recipe:

To make this cake extra fun.
Make the cake exactly according to the linked recipe
but make deep, thin pin, holes all across cake top once its cooled a bit
and drizzle cake in bourbon
(prior to adding the glaze).
Refrigerate 30 minutes to set.
Repeat steps 1-2.

Next, Add the glaze.
mmmmmmmmmmm! smile



Hope you’re not blogging about a tummy ache on Friday. smile I thought that bun was a pancake.


That burger literally made me salivate. And it’s 8:08 AM.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I’d love to follow you around for a week just for the food. wink

Margaret Clayton

Oh wow. I want all the food. My friend brought me fancy cupcakes, but now I want fancy eclairs. Those look like they;re well worth a plane ride. Mmmm.

Nicolas Bannister

I think I’ll put Nugateau and Burger Priest on the visiting list.

David Issel

Sorry, but that looks like a cheeseburger pancake… that can’t be good.