In no particular order…

“I hear what you’re saying but…”

“This is a crazy idea but I’m going to pitch it out anyway…”

“I’m going to throw something out there and if you don’t like it you can just tell me to shut up…”

“I’m going to make one more pitch for this and then I’ll let it go…”

“Okay, this is my last pitch and then I’ll shut up…”

“I was just about to say that!”

“I really love that idea but…”

“To offer the contrary opinion on this one…”

“Sure, that works, and we can totally go with that.  OR…”

“Where did we end up falling on [that idea we abandoned two days ago]?”

And one for good luck!

“But that was an old episode of…”




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Did no one say, “I read a fan fic like that YEARS ago.”?

Line Noise
Line Noise

My favourite:

“Yes, but then again, no.”

Yay! It's Joe's Birthday Week!

Sounds like it was a rough day at work.
Oh, dear!
I do hope you haven’t been trying to pitch
Maggiemayday’s space cows again!??

Well, Hey! This is a crazy idea
but I’m gonna pitch it out there anyway:

How ’bout I kick off your Birthday week with a
a recipe for Chocolate & Irish Cream
Pistachio Cake?

(For a slightly more sophisticated, taste
I recommend using the less sweet dark Holland chocolate to make your cake layers,
considering an extra sweetness kick will come
come from soaking the cake in the sweet liquor
and topping it with an additional chocolate).

Praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Michael.
Its winds are now 145+ mph! and it has a 300 mile reach!


I think that “I was just about to say that!” came from Lisa Simpson who is still sharpening her pencils and will get that pitch to you next week, two weeks at the latest. December for sure. Last nights Hiyachi Chuka was the best yet, I wanted to bronze the empty bowl but instead I’ll be making more on the weekend after a resupply of many, many veggies.

David Issel


Sometimes old ideas ARE worth revisiting.

Margaret Clayton

Hey, there’s a universe out there where Space Cows are the hot thing. They’re set to replace horses as the universal constant.

Nicolas Bannister

That would be your bingo card for the next writing room session, right ? grin