Back on the home front!  What’ve I missed?

Nervous Suji at the vet to get checked for a UTI.

Slumber party!

Suji breaks out her Autumn wardrobe.

Guard dogs!

Relaxing with mom.

Back at the vet for boosters and a check-up.  Lulu has lost some weight so (Lucky her!) we’ll be bumping up her meal portions. Something to keep an eye on for now.  She’s also developing cataracts but, at her age, surgery isn’t really an option.  As for Suji, aside from the UTI, the vet says her sight, hearing, and walking has improved.  The vet marveled: “She’s like a puppy!”

Tomorrow, we resume our routine!

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Colleen Scott
Colleen Scott

Love makes all the difference. Suji and Lulu know they are lucky pups.


Please give those lovely ladies a big hug for me!




Awwwwe. Thanks for the soothing Suji/Lulu pics and video. Keep ’em coming.


Loved the last photo! Suji is so appreciative


Sorry to hear about Suji’s UTI and Lulu’s failing eyesight.
Aging is never easy – unless you are Betty White, eh?
Received one more wonderful birthday surprise this morning.
NS101 partner Bob Greenburgs wife, Jess, flew in last night
and showed up at my door step this morning to surprise me
with my favorite Toasted Almond cake, from NY.
Not sure which baker or restaurant she got this one from?
Like Joe, She loves to tease and wouldn’t tell me.
At first I thought she ordered it from Tosca’s in the Bronx
but quickly realized it couldn’t be.
This one was heavily soaked
in Amaretto liquor
and completely smothered in Almond sliver topping.
I suppose I’m just gonna have to spend the day guessing
while getting buzzed on my favorite cake! smile

By The Way Everyone:
Joe’s Birthday Week Begins
His birthday is the 16th. XO


Shh, don’t tell the vet that Suji jets off to Brazil quarterly to “freshen up” her perpetually youthful glow with vampire face masks, Moroccan mud baths and gold leaf scrubs, plus a lil’ dab of Botox here and there. Virtual hugs to Lulu, who is the living embodiment of Antiope, warrior goddess of Themyscira.

This weekend I tried my hand at Hayushi Chuka and despite loading up the grocery cart I still was missing a few items for a truly legendary salad, udon with shrimp and imitation crab (there is zero fish cake at my grocer) and tons of lovely veggies.

Rebecca Sims
Rebecca Sims

It’s always good to be home. Love the pics 💖

Margaret Clayton

Lots of love to the girls!