Can you feel the magic?

R.T. is adamant.  NO telekinetic chipmunks!

Ivon focuses on that third act twist.  That or his fantasy football team.

Everyone pretending to get along.

Sam with the kugel assist.

Birthday gal Courtney gets some donut love from Natalia.

Alex under pressure to come up with some good ideas.

And now the hunter has become the hunted!

We’re all out to lunch!



Researching for our Harlem Shake video.


That’s a Friday wrap.  You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.  

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David Issel

I’ve noticed some strategic whiteboard blurring over the last couple of days… grin

Those chairs don’t look all that comfortable. How are they?


If there’s no telekinetic chipmunks, I’m out. smile


All the collaborative, idea swappin’ goodness looks like fun


Happy birthday Courtney!

Those are the weirdest chairs I’ve ever seen. Sort-of a cross between a toilet and art museum piece. What type of a building is this office in?

I love R.T.’s hair! Can this new show have a long haired male in it? Pleeeease.


“You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”
Words inspired by a local band after a local “the 400 Bar” near the U of MN west bank. It’s been many cycles since I trudged the place. Have you or anyone started the tradition of the first bottle? I was in the steam room of my local LifeTime Fitness when a couple of older Gents had a conversation regarding pre mixed old fashions. I went to my local liquor-store and the new owner ask me if I wanted the bourbon or rye mix.
Regarding your Post dated posting, congratulations on having Golden Boy Martin Gero as part of the team. Maybe him not there on your previous venture explains its premature demise.