Story Architects At Work!


R.T. has the floor.  And table.


Lakna, not paying attention to the crucial fourth act discussion.


Ivon and Andrew offer insights on characters journeys, story arcs, and fantasy football.


Natalia seems be having fun.  Let’s revisit her in three weeks, shall we?


A concerned Sam checks his notes.  It’s not looking good for that third act out.


R.T. with the deep thoughts.


Courtney, all numbered up and ready to roll.


Alejandro is just humoring you.


Alex pitches his Dachshund Detective spinoff.


Nicole throws Courtney her patented “your second act is going to be short” look.


Go ahead.  Pitch us your “brilliant” idea.

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Thanks Baron!

That was informative and enjoyable. When you can, please stop by my latest, simply titled: “Superheroes” I thought of you as I was preparing this and our shared love of comics and superheroes.

Thanks again, Eric

Colleen Scott
Colleen Scott

Here is my pitch. A robot named Cheese and his buddy the detective named Mac. Hey we could get Joey Tribbiani to star.


Sharing my brilliant ideas is a process and involves a waiting period after which I delete the craziest parts of the idea. I wouldn’t think it’s necessary, but anecdotal evidence would suggest people respect your ideas more if they don’t think you’re the craziest person they know. It seems like it would be more efficient for a boss to just filter the off the cuff ideas for the bits he can use and not worry about how weird the rest is.

How great is it though that a sci fi fan has a job that involves identifying emerging tech for military use? I worry less about it being used evilly because everything I do increases the amount of data generated so any dark stuff would at least get some light on it.

I really respect on-screen science fiction for picturing how tech should be deployed against a need. When you just spent four hours trying to get one device to send files to another, the big ideas get too weighed down by the enormity of solving all those little problems. It’s a condition that can be cured by three minutes of watching Minority Report.


A cow escapes the slaughterhouse by stealing a SpaceX rocket and becoming an intergalactic fugitive… I’ll write my spec script for it… Not holding my breath on it seeing the light of day.

Nicolas Bannister

Damn, you blurred the pics from the mood board!!
Nice photo report from the inside, thank you!


All I can tell is you guys haven’t gotten much done because all your papers are blank and wherever the story takes place it is always very foggy. And I think in that last picture they are really thinking, “is he ever going to put that damn camera down?”

Thanks to everyone in the room for the hazy insight. You are all good sports.


Hm I see lots of green forest cliffs, kinda like Avatar and one mushroom cloud or cluster of yellow geraniums, and dusty village bazaar? Is it like a mood board or actual previs? Some interesting clues on the walls. I need to see this show. Cheers to all the writers, and what a nice sunny room!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

How does it feel to be the oldest person in the room? It’s becoming the norm for me. sad

Ideas, huh? I like science fiction and mystery, so something that includes both of those genres. Maybe, the Android from DM is available too. wink


@Bannister Was thinking same thing. Kept zooming in on the wall photos trying to get clues.
Best I could make out is –> UF is the dystopian future earth story Joe mentioned a while back. ??

@Maggiemayday You’re welcome. xo
Just a little something to lend a small brief smile.
Get yourself a favorite rum or chocolate treat.


Great to see some faces working on this production! Although in that first shot Ivon is standing there looking like your enforcer for the room. smile

Down here in NH for a few days!


Oh, you probably meant story ideas, huh? Saving Japan from its slow motion demographic time bomb should always be on the table.


I think my other comment didn’t post. Here’s the idea referenced above: assisted living communities in North Korea for Japanese patients.