Last night, we took a break from the pitching and spinning and spitballing and hatching and devising and scheming and planning and plotting and complaining about lunch to go out for a nice dinner compliments of our hosts (and series Execs) Andrea and Ashley.

I have to admit, I was a little… concerned going into the writers’ room for this show considering the number of voices and the fact that many of them were strangers to me, but I have to admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well it’s all working out.  It’s a room full of diverse voices with very different, equally wonderful ideas, all very collaborative and easy to work with.  We’ve barely finished our first week together and I already know I’m going to miss each and every one of them.  Except, perhaps, for Ivon who I’ll still see on weekends because he has NFL RedZone.

A great time was had by all.  Maybe a little too great because more than a few of us were pretty damn exhausted by the time 4:30 p.m. rolled around.  Still, it was another amazing day that saw us continue our world building,  break down a couple of our main character arcs, and still find time for cookies and donuts.  Talk about multi-tasking!

The Smell Attack

Following up on Ivon’s recent issues with the guy across the hall (see Monday’s blog entry – #LiquidAss).  Ivon is undecided as to whether or not he should press charges.  He’s leaning towards NOT pressing charges and simply putting up with this weirdo while  I believe he SHOULD press charges – or give Shitty McStinkerson the option of moving out.  What do you think Ivon should do?

P.S. I was stung by a wasp.  Please post your thoughts and sympathies in the comments section below.


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It’s great that the new room is working out so well! I think it helps that the show runner is such a great guy and a real team player. smile

I hear you on the wasp sting. They HURT. It’s definitely the time of year when they’re out and about. The upside is that the pain goes away pretty quickly, and the itching? No more than a month or so. smile

Ivon SHOULD press charges! What’s to stop the weirdo from doing it again? Or worse, upping the stakes. He should at least be evicted.


I don’t think Ivon should press charges on that guy . . . yet. It might not be personal. That guy may target everyone in the building. Wait and see if he does something else, then beat the snot out of him!, um, I mean, gather evidence, then press charges, and move out. I would avoid him at all costs.

So sorry about your wasp sting! Were you doing something stupid?, um, I mean, sometimes they can be unprovoked and sting you just to be mean. One time in the backyard, I reached into a little group of tall weeds by the fence to pull them up and came back out with a wasp on my hand. Boy that hurt! There was a wasp nest right where I was reaching. I learned not to stick my hand in places I can’t see.

Tom Gardiner (@Thogar)

Dearest Joe,

I was saddened and shocked to hear of your near demise at the hands, or more accurately, ass, of the deadly Wasp. Such an evil villain is a scourge upon the face of this fine planet and I implore all good citizens to band together to swat down this evil-doer before it returns to finish you off.

Please tell us where to send the flowers, sympathy cards, and letters telling you to man-up because it’s just a freaking bug. If I can help you with any other dangerous creatures, please do not hesitate to reach out. I can fend off even the fiercest of kittens and am an expert at protecting against aggressive marshmallows. Oh, and lest I forget, there’s not a cotton ball in existence that stands a chance against my defenses!

I’ve got your back, man.

Eye-rolling regards,


I can sympathise,having 1 sting me in the neck 2 days ago whilst shopping, not sure what was worse though, the sensation of being stabbed,the battery acid it inserted into my neck.

Quantum Mechanic®👽🌊 (@JamesEFinch)

I assume you meant you were stung by an insect and not a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. You probably already know this, but if it were me, I’d apply rubbing alcohol to the wound if possible or just clean the area as much possible to remove as much of the venom, then apply a cold pack to reduce swelling. If it were me, I’d take a large swig of whiskey to dull the pain as well. I once got stung on the nose when I was 12 and that’s what I was given to make forget how much it hurt.

Line Noise
Line Noise

Liquid Ass is made in the USA and never ships from China. Sums it up, really.

I’m a wimp and probably wouldn’t press charges unless the behaviour continued.

I remember one Christmas Day when my dad was out watering the garden and he decided to stick a water hose into a wasp nest in an attempt to kill them. Then next thing we knew he was running across the backyard waving his arms and yelling with a swarm of wasps flying around him. He learnt his lesson.

I’ve been stung a couple of times and it hurts like hell! Still, I’d rather be stung by a wasp than many of the other things in Australia that could sting or bite me!

Colleen Scott
Colleen Scott

Ouch on the wasp sting. I hope you are okay. Better than an Iratus bug. I hope I spelled that correctly.


Just had a thought – instead of pressing charges, you guys could throw a wasps nest into the guys apartment in retaliation.


Get some calamine lotion , apply with cotton ball and repeat several times a day. It soothes the impact area and dries it up, heals. So sorry you suffered this gruesome attack.
Great that Ivon is working with you! Also glad the collaboration is creative and productive among all writers. Good vibes about this new show!
So, when will the other writers say hello to us here?
We really almost never bite…

Danielle Genack
Danielle Genack

Wasp stings hurt like crazy! Ivon should put a gas mask on and just stare down the crazy guy. I’m hopeful hearing about the progress with your work. Yay!

Margaret Clayton

Press charges. I don’t say that lightly, given how aggravating the process is, and the potential outcomes which can ruin lives. But a passive aggressive stunt like that can easily escalate, and you can only deal with lunatics to a certain extent. I guess being an American, I’m a touch paranoid. Ugh. (Yes, I just filed a police report myself. Like I need the added stress, but it had to be done).

Wasps suck. I have two yellowjacket ground nests in my backyard. I need to call a professional I guess. I don’t even go into the far end of my backyard right now. Bastards.


Sorry to hear about the wasp sting. But very glad to hear ‘that’s all it was’.
When my spidey senses were tingling yesterday, it seemed something slightly more dire.

Ever just the same,
I’ll be sure to start a petition to take to
the U.N Security Council
demanding they take immediate action
against any and all insects harming others!


Ouch – sting. Yes, swab generously with alcohol.
AND…if you have any of the Salonpas pain relieving Jet Spracy, use it.
Yeah, sounds nuts, but I have used it for mosquitos and related bites.
Hope it improves.


What if the guy thought he saw a wasp and was spraying in Ivon’s door to save him?

Sandy Pahl
Sandy Pahl

I feel I need to hear the wasps side of the story before I offer you sympathies smile


I have been stung by wasps. It hurts! So my thoughts are with you.

Sounds like you are having a great & creative time with your new assignment & I hope the meal you all shared was better than that sad sandwich from before.

I hope Ivon gets that neighbour sorted out. The building manager should be dealing with it, I’m pretty sure there are some tenancy breaches there!

Larry D
Larry D

Probably skip filing charges, but a conversation is in order. Regarding the sting, my violin is currently occupied by the residents of N. and S. Carolina. Not that stings don’t hurt.


Update on Mallozzi tragedy in TO:

The UN Security Council has officially announced
an APB has been issued for the individual offending wasp
and the international coalition will see to it justice is swiftly served.
In the meantime
they suggest Mr Mallozzi take his mind off the matter
via sitting down in front of his computer
to implement the 403 fix.

Personal note to Joe:
Bring your computer with solution instructions to work
and let one of the youngsters in your new writers room handle it.
(File replacement is fairly quick & easy,
even for WP beginners with no coding experience,
and can be done during lunch break).

If it doesn’t work …

Plan B: Return to original – basic subscription
that you should not have been so quickly impatient to get rid of in the first place.

Plan C: Crawl under rock, far away from any wasp nests, bee hives,
mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, snakes, to live out rest of days.


Great news on the Writer’s Room! Why are you going to miss them?

Ivon should definitely file charges. For all we know, this guy is just practicing for an anthrax attack. And to speak plainly: Fuck that guy. He’s an asshole, and he deserves what he gets. Up to and including being evicted from the building.

You have my deepest sympathies in light of your recent wasp sting. Please share information for the services as soon as they are available. I would like to pay my respects.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

That dinner looked fun. I hope the food was good.

Wasps are evil.


I feel for Ivon, you don’t want to escalate but it’s already at an extreme point. Having the record on file would help to establish a pattern and may reveal other issues. My sisters have had stalkers and harassers, office creeps and nutbag ex husbands, I’m more inclined to tell them to go the police but when I’m the one harassed and more inclined to not want to escalate. It sucks.

I had a wonderful farmer’s market outing yesterday that yielded amazing peaches, ground cherries, homemade ice cream. I got chocolate chip cookies that were a little soft; I popped ’em in the oven 5 minutes and they were perfectly crisp and chewy. It was a terrific food haul.

Does anyone have good recipes for ground cherries?


Echoing the jimfromjersey comment (and fellow jerseyan)… why are you “going to miss each and every one of them” (the writers)? Are you going somewhere or are they going some where? Come on… give!
I don’t know how I missed this in my first read of your post. A slyly dropped hint!

Anyway, really try dabbing on the Calamine lotion for that wasp sting. It’s pleasingly pink, doesn’t stink and does help with all manner of bug inflicted, nasty stings, bites, etc. Cleared up the poison ivy on both arms, a few years back, very well indeed.

@Drea… I realize you are satirizing, but never expect the UN to be helpful about anything. You will spare yourself from the inevitable disappointment.

I voted to press charges on the sneaky stink sprayer and I see in the poll results, many here agree. Good luck Ivon.


Update from UN Security Council:
The offending wasp has been apprehended.
A stern warning has been issued
from the international community
and heavy sanctions levied against it.

I doubt he will ever trouble Mr Mallozzi again.


Oh yikes! A wasp. You DO have my sympathies.

Ivon should file charges. If people don’t have consequences for their actions, they will continue to think what they do is okay.

Sounds like you had a great week. Looking forward to finding out what it is and when it will air.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Ponytail: That’s odd about your 403 (laptop vs. phone). For me, it’s anything that uses my IP address. Today seems fine though.


I think I have it fixed. It seemed to be a security plugin conflict. I also changed the commenting system so folks could reply. Hope this works for you.