Well, that was…unexpected.

We put in an offer on one of the condos we visited and received a counter.  As we were preparing to counter their counter (because, if six seasons of Million Dollar Listing New York has taught me anything, it’s that no one ever starts with their best and final offer at the risk of robbing negotiations of all the fun and drama), the seller’s agent contacted our agent to inform him his client wasn’t going to agree to anything below an overpriced drop dead number.  However, my agent suggested that, for formality’s sake, we counter with our best and final.  So we did.  And were told by the seller’s agent that it wasn’t going to happen, that the seller was perfectly willing to test the market for a while longer.  Cue…

Stressing?  Obsessing?  Reassessing?  Nah.  I immediately switched gears and started thinking about that second condo and where I would put my new treadmill.  Then, I receive a text from my agent who had received a text from the seller’s agent informing him that if I was willing to come up to just $5000 off the seller’s drop dead price, they would find a way to make it work.  Cue…

Elation?  Celebration?  Reconsideration?  Nah.  So immersed was I in imagining our new lives in that second condo that I neglected to even respond.

Then, thirty minutes later, I received word that our counter had been accepted and congratulations.  Cue…

Excitement?  Amazement?  Contentment?  Nah.  More…

Ambivalence.  It’s a beautiful place, nowhere near as pricey as the second condo, but now I have to move.  Again.  And next to driving around looking for parking or visiting Home Depot, I can’t think of anything I’d rather not do.

Fortunately, my good friend Ivon lives only three floors down and will, no doubt, be more than happy to shoulder the heavier carries on account of my delicate back.

Akemi, meanwhile, well, she’s already started opining, outlining, and interior designing.

I’m just going to try to stay out of her way.

25 thoughts on “April 5, 2018: Home Shift!

  1. Congratulations on an answer. Hello Ivon! You’ve got neighbors! Hope Akemi has fun nesting up the new condo. Moving isn’t my fave either, but once settled you can start building a community network. Learn all the walkable spots. Hope the puggles like the space & you find that creativity flows better there as well.

  2. Congratulations! Toronto, yes? I’m not sure where Ivon lives and I remember you were looking at condos near your mom.

    I’m sure Akemi will make it beautiful!

  3. Congratulations! I hope that the new place is as conveniently located as the old one. That person with the condo must have really done some soul searching to have such a dramatic turnaround on the price. Maybe that news that the average price in Toronto has been dropping?

  4. I wish I could help out with the interior design! I despise moving. Moved 9 times in 4 years, leaving me with zero enthusiasm for moving, and much of my life in boxes, for when I need to move again. Regardless, congrats. New spaces have so much potential to better life.

  5. Congrats? Sounds good in the long run, yes?

    I never dreaded moving much, but we always had professional packers. Not this last move, but it was literally next door.

    I’m going to die in this house unless something exotic happens.

  6. Smart man. Never get in a woman’s way of doing things. That’s great you’ll be close to Ivon. Lulu will be happy to be near her boyfriend. Or has she moved on to others? Like Anthony Lemke? Congratulations on the new digs.

  7. Congratulations! For Ivon’s sake I hope the building has an elevator!

    I’ve just been through the same process. Going to auctions and having the opening bid be $100,000 over my top price. Going to auctions and being the top bidder but still not high enough to hit the vendor’s reserve. Finally we found a house that we wanted that was up for private sale, not auction. We put in an offer at the advertised asking price and it was accepted immediately. Could we have put in a lower offer? Sure, but I hate all that toing and froing.

  8. I’m just going to try to stay out of her way.

    Wise man! Out of a house of 3 full baths, I got to decorate zip.

    You’d think I’d get at least one to do over in that eclectic “classic cars plus WWII aviation” look. Who doesn’t want a P-38 with blazing cannons mural hanging over them while they sit on the throne?

    Needless to say, my decoration ideas were shot down (pun slightly intended)…I’m still in mourning.

  9. You know what this means? Now that you are immersed in a move, you will suddenly be immersed in the green lights of not one but TWO of those projects you’re involved in!

  10. We just moved my son and his young family on Tuesday..for him, the 8th time in 12 years since he left home at 18 to go to Uni. Amazing what 6 adults, 1 flat bed truck, some back breaking hard work and a 14 month old baby can do eh?

    Sadly, with the housing market in the UK these days and wages, recession & the rest they are still stuck in the rental market, but at least they have a warm, clean, safe place to live & bring up a baby. And to be honest over the years I’ve learnt that that’s the most important thing isn’t it? To be safe, warm, able to eat and happy. Nothing else really matters, it’s all just “stuff” …

    As I approach 60 this year “stuff” means less and less to me and “time” means more and more. The first can always be replaced when it’s gone, the second can’t no matter how much you try to.

  11. I guess the seller either wasn’t aware of or didn’t want to know that Toronto real estate has dropped by 40% due to new laws passed recently. Likely, the other buyer backed out and they were looking at no buyers, so, decided to be reasonable.

    As for your move, you could hire these guys: https://www.youmoveme.com/ca

  12. Congratulations, I think!

    I’m in sales, and I hate, hate, hate that part of the business. In some cases, whatever money was intended to be saved is actually wasted on the price negotiations. Because after all, time is money.

    We actually have situations where a customer is quoted, the price agreed upon, and once receiving the invoice, they back peddle and refuse to pay the agreed upon price. And for some reason, TPTB accept this. It’s like walking into the AV store, carting that new HD TV you’ve had your eye on, taking it to the register, and telling the cashier you’re paying $500.00 less than cost. It just doesn’t happen in the real world.

  13. We already played in this kind of movie ” Don’t even think about going lower than this price because it means I gone to pay you to buy my house…!”

  14. Yay, glad you’re going to even closer to Ivon and that awesome dog park. I’m ‘trying’ to help my bro and his family house hunt, which is me junking up his inbox with listings.

  15. So glad to hear this part is done, place to live, check, you will be able to relax soon enough…hello neighbor Ivon, let the fun begin. I believe Akemi will enjoy the blank slate,!! She is crafty talented and will make it all lovely!! Congrats!!

  16. OMG you AND Ivon in the same building?! I foresee many shenanigans! 😆 Congrats on your new place! I close on my new condo in 9 days, Huzzah!!!

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