It’s hard to believe that five years ago I really hated Toronto.  Of course, back then, my circumstances were…different.  But Toronto – and I – have come a long way since then.  We’ve reached a mutual understanding of sorts.  For me, it was more of the sudden revelation that hit me the last time I returned to Vancouver that people in Toronto were nicer.  Oh sure, I’d had friends tell me as much, how Toronto gets a bad rap, how Vancouver cliquish mindset makes it nigh impossible to make new friends.  I’d suspected as much going on two years, toyed with the theory but refuse to fully accept it.  And then, last year, I put it to the test, using my dogs as a barometer.

You’re walking down the street and see a dog in an adorable outfit.  Who doesn’t stop chat, offer a passing comment, or even the briefest of smiles.  As it turns out, most Vancouverites.  Torontonians, on the other hand, can’t help themselves when they cross paths with a pug in a petticoat or frenchie in a fancy foulard.  In Toronto, we can go half a block without someone asking to take a picture or offer a pet.  In Vancouver, our dogs were lucky not to get stepped on.

It was altogether bizarre and totally upended my assumptions about the laidback west coast.

People ask me if I miss Vancouver and, to be honest, there are some things I do miss.  Things like the gang at Seafood City on Granville Island, or Denise and co. at The Book Warehouse on West Broadway.  In Toronto, the fish markets are not as good while most of the bookstores tend be managed by hipster douchebags.  And, while I do miss my home, I don’t really miss being a homeowner.  I enjoy being right downtown, steps away from shops, restaurants, museums, and chocolate shops.  Most importantly Akemi and the dogs are happier.

We are perfectly content.

Which is why I predict my next show will probably take me back to Vancouver.

24 thoughts on “January 19, 2018: Here to stay?

  1. “We are perfectly content.

    Which is why I predict my next show will probably take me back to Vancouver.”
    Very good indeed!

  2. So the unexpected twists and turns written into your shows are taken from your real life, then? And apparently the cliffhangers, too.

  3. Haven’t spent much time in Vancouver, so I can’t compare the two, but of all the places I’ve been, Toronto is my favourite. You’ve got all the conveniences and excitement of a big city (plus amazing food), but just step off the main thoroughfares and onto one of the older sidestreets, and it’s like walking in the forest. Quiet, peaceful, and verdant. It’s the best of all worlds.

    I love this city. I never want to live anywhere else.

  4. So, not luck with condos in Montreal?

    Myself, I’m hoping for warmer climes, which does not appear to be anywhere in the south at the moment…

    1. Jeff you’re right about it not being warm in the south right now; I’m visiting my parents in central Florida and the low was 26° yesterday. Right now it’s 33°.

  5. Congratulations on assimilating. Toronto is very lucky to have you for a more extended time. I hope you can fall in love with more of it. Since I moved west and am no longer across the river from Toronto, I’ll just rub my Suji pug pin and pretend it’s a comm link. I’ll make homemade pasta and pretend you visited, read some recommended books, watch shows; including hopefully a new one soon by my imaginary friends Joe, Akumi and puggies. Thanks for these “letters”, a grateful audience member.

  6. That is always the irony of life, isn’t it? I absolutely gush over any dog I see. I have to sit in the middle of the street and gush for much longer than I should and unfortunately sometimes I don’t pick up on the signs that the owner needs to hurry on their way (maybe they have to go to work, etc.)

    Sorry I haven’t been able to be keeping up. Life is LOCO. It just doesn’t stop — except maybe my beach trip weekend in October. Otherwise, my life has been like train in the movie “Unstoppable” with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

    We’re thawing out from a bad ice/snow storm in Houston (rare we have two in one season). We had a low of 17 degrees F with a wind chill in the single digits and a high one day that didn’t even get into the 30 degrees F. We are not built for this stuff down here. We got down to the previous record from 1989. I remember that one, too.

    Hopefully I can catch up soon.

  7. Hahaha! You said “hipster douchebags”. I didn’t think it possible, but I might love you even more after that. Platonically of course.

    Yeah, your next show will definitely be in Vancouver. We call that “Taylorluck”.

  8. Interesting. Granted, my experience in either place is limited, but as a visitor I’ve always found Vancouver as friendlier (especially while driving, TO is scary). Not that I’ve found Toronto rude by any means, but I’ve just found Vancouverites more relaxed.

  9. My favorite shows were all set in Toronto; Lost Girl, Regenesis, Dark Matter, American Gods, Handmaids Tale, and I admit Catwalk was my Saturday morning guilty pleasure back in the day. But I do love my Van shows Eureka and everything Stargate. It will be fun to live in Toronto and work in Vancouver, especially with these 10 to 13 ep seasons.

  10. Did someone say ICE CREAM?! 😀 Oh wait… that was yesterdays cover, huh?
    Oops. My apologies.
    I can see you’re now busy basking in the warm sofistikayshun of Toronto.

    In that case …
    Did someone say Gelato!!?

    Even more tempting while the temperatures dip into the teens
    here in the so called sunshine state
    thanks to yesterday mornings wind chill factor.

    <3 Greetings and Happy Friday beautiful blog family. <3

    Hope all my North American blog sibs are staying warm!
    It snowed here yesterday in All 50 U.S states.
    Yeppers, even in Hawaii.

    Being that Dark Matter explores some of this topic
    I thought you guys might find this intewesting:

    This link, posted today in our lifelong learning twitter classroom & community,
    explains the science of Brain to Brain Interfacing.
    How one person can mentally control another persons physical behavior

    This link explains how scientists can manipulate behavior using a technique
    called optogenetics.

    Hope @ranthonylemke doesnt freak out too terribly much after reading this post.
    I'm pretty sure we all want him staying mentally healthy enough to participate in
    Joe's next few productions, ay?! XO

  11. Back and forth east and west coast. Hmm. If your next show takes you back to Vancouver, then I wish your next next show will take you back to east coast then. XD

  12. I’m smiling. Just watched Stargate Atlantis’ epic Midway on the El Rey satellite network. God bless them for showing old Stargate episodes!

  13. If I was watching you having that conversation on a tv show, my mind would instantly say “foreshadowing.” LOL Hope you get to stay!

  14. If anyone is deserving of good karma, it’s you! I hope your next show will be exactly what you want and where you want it.

    I live in a dog town and one of my favorite places (Asheville, NC) is a huge dog town. I love dogs. Love to pet dogs but I’m very respectful of an owner and typically ask if it’s okay. I don’t assume every dog wants to be petted. I’ve met very few who don’t.

    Still waiting on my Suji pins…can’t wait to show them off!

    Stay warm! I’m so over January and Winter! Snow still on the ground from Tuesday. That’s a rarity here in Chattanooga. Finally warming up from last weekend. Heater “died” on Saturday and the low was 15. Space heaters in every room to keep the pipes from freezing until I could get it repaired. Put a fork in me! I’m done! When’s Spring?

    1. Asheville!!!! My sister lives in Asheville. Beautiful place. Quirky, open, fun. I might have moved there if we didn’t have this issue with Patrick needing to stay here. I really enjoyed my time there when I went to visit her. The culture is so wonderful.

      Heater died? Brrrrr. So sorry to hear. Hope you are thawing out now.

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