Hiatus?  What hiatus?!  Today, the Dark Matter writers’ room convened to start plotting the show’s (hopefully, if all goes according to plan) penultimate fourth season.  Joining me for the creative festivities were Carl Binder, Paul Mullie, Ivon Bartok, and Alison Hepburn.  Over the course of the late morning and mostly afternoon discussions, we covered season and character arcs, the stories, the opening two-parter, and some pretty awesome scifi “developments”.  The currently-airing third season is our biggest and boldest yet – and it’s going to be very hard to beat.  But we’ll try!

The show has premiered in Canada, the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Spain, and Portugal – and Latin America, France, the Middle East, Germany, and Brazil are soon to follow.  To celebrate, here are some of my favorite behind the scene pictures (and a video) from the first part of our two-part opener: Being Better Is So Much Harder…

The ladies run their lines and prepare for battle.

Torri Higginson as the ass-kicking Commander Delaney Truffault.

Zoie Palmer (Android) ready for her big jack-in-the-box scene.

Jeff Teravainen as the recently resurrected Lieutenant John Anders.  Anders Lives!!!

Laughter amidst all those tears – Melissa O’Neil (TWO) and Melanie Liburd (Nyx).

A trio of troublemakers: Melanie Liburd, Roger Cross, and Melissa O’Neil.

Anthony Lemke (THREE) in his sexy shirt.

Shooting the Anders/THREE reveal and drag-away…

Tomorrow, behind the scenes pics and vid from Episode 302: “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”.

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Don’t forget to match up those doggie pictures for us!


BTS photo jackpot! The friendship offscreen definitely plays into the relationships onscreen. Love the photos & vid. Poor Three, always lying around…such a drag! My favorite scenes from episode 1 include the ladies kicking Ferrous ass, Two & Nyx, Android’s cooking tips “Basil & Love”, the family dinner and everything with Anders & Three.

Season 3 has just begun & you have us eagerly anticipating S4!


Excellent! Love those BTS pics, as always.

I love that “trio of troublemakers”!

hank ronson
hank ronson

Melanie Liburd is awesome I miss Nyx.

Harley Powers Parks

This the best. Watching the show then seeing the behind the scenes. Good times.


I finally caught the season premier(s) last night. Outstanding! You kids really make the magic happen.

Once the Dark Matter action figure line is a thing, you really need to consider Android in a Box. Because I’d definitely buy that.

THREE looks heavy.


Ditto MaggieL80. Hard to pick one memorable line from the many.
Or…Android blowing smoke from her shootin’ irons which is classic.
The pink apron and Android’s “wanting” to be family.
Then the – casserole – with basil and love, but mostly basil and then looking at everyone for some “love and acceptance.”

MORE, we need MORE.

Margaret Clayton

I love the happy smiling faces!


Still hyper from last night’s brilliant openers. Wow, wow, WOW!
Love the BTS pix. Thanks Joe. Cheers, muchly for sharing. Keep them coming 😊
Can’t believe you guys in Canada aren’t getting After Dark. What’s going on? It’s truly ridiculous!


Everything seems to be down against the NBA finals. It’s so unfair on the smaller shows.


Love the bts photos and video 👍

Looking forward to Episode 3, why does a week seem to drag along, when you’re waiting for something to happen!


Joe! Thanks for sharing that clip!! 😊