Guys, you’ve got to help me.  I think I may have sort of, uh, inadvertently torn a hole in the fabric of spacetime.  It was an accident! Honest.  Yesterday, I took a quick trip to the future in order to pre-screen the Superbowl and then, after watching the Falcons demolish the Patriots, returned home.  Or so I thought. Instead, I seem to have crossed over into some bizarro reality where Stargate: SG-1 didn’t produce its Apple iTunes exclusive 11th season, Stargate: Atlantis didn’t get its sixth and final season, Stargate: Universe was cancelled after two years instead of running its full five, and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl (although, as this AU’s Robert Cooper pointed out: “At least Atlanta won best comedy at the Golden Globes”).  In other words, I’ve somehow ended up in some dark alternate timeline.

Until I can figure out a way to return to my proper reality, I’m just going to have to console myself by picking up a couple of McDLT’s and cracking open a nice cold New Coke while watching Tom Selleck in his classic role as Indiana Jones on my WebTV.  Now if I could only find the keys to my Fiero…

February 6, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 47 Of 91!

The people have spoken!  Over one thousand votes were cast and we have a winning episode title:

“Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”

Let’s celebrate with a sneak peek at the work of concept artist Henry Fong:

February 6, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 47 Of 91!

20 thoughts on “February 6, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 – Day 47 of 91!

  1. Wait. The Stupid Bowl has already happened? Thank goodness!! There are two things I hate: Super Bowl season and Awards season. I pretty much tune out anything dealing with those two things until sanity is restored to the earth.


  2. I’ll only help if you promise to take me back with you so I can watch the rest of SGU. Or buy me a cheeseburger.

  3. Was an interesting game to watch, much better than the commercials this year anyway.

    My choice won for episode title!!

  4. Well I might not have chosen the correct title for the episode, but at least I had the game correct with NE and it very close. The only difference being if there was a special cosmic meteor event, who think?
    Oh one question, what will we call the android thingy? Thingy?

  5. In your universe, is RDA doing Farmer’s Insurance ads and Don S. Davis president of of the USA? 😂 😢

  6. If the whole multiverse thing is proven correct. There’s probably quite a few universes out there where each of those things happened with the Stargate shows. I’d love to visit one of those universes for a week or so, long enough to acquire the not produced, but totally deserved in this universe seasons of SG1, SGA and SGU!.

  7. @Joe:

    I feel somewhat responsible for your time displacement. You see I was working on my daughters Fiero this weekend and as we all know, those cars were the real life inspiration for the factionalized Back to the Future DeLorean. Well, I think I accidentally tripped the time circuits by banging away on a stubborn rusted bolt (accidentally tripped time circuits were a major problem with the Fiero and were a primary reason that GM stopped production after only four years). Apparently, banging on the rusted bolt wasn’t enough energy to send the car on a one way time trip, but I fear it caused a resonance with your Fiero and drew you instead to this alternate reality. I am truly sorry.

    Admittedly, this timeline is deficient on a number of key points, so I’m sure you want to get back to your own. I can offer my daughter’s Fiero for the trip if you promise to send it back. Unfortunately, my daughter’s Fiero won’t be running until I finish the engine rebuild sometime in the spring, so maybe you can stay around a little while?

    By the way, where’s our Joe from this timeline?

  8. I want to see all those Stargate episodes! Awesome! Having WormholeRiders announce that there was an episode title vote seems to have worked nicely!!!

  9. So I guess I’ll keep commenting some more since I can’t explore Vancouver anyway. Yep, you’re not getting rid of me. Haha.
    Football is a sport that doesn’t exist in Germany so…go! whatever you like 😀

    I would have loved to see new episodes of everything! Especially SG1. Still my favourite series, even after all these years.

    I wish you guys a good night. I’ll just keep staring at the snow like Chuck Norris and hope it melts away. All the while I’ll be a bit amused that Vancouver can’t handle a bit of snow. Am I in Canada or what?
    Good night everybody!

  10. Did you ever read Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber? It’s been along time since I read this, but as a kid the thing that sticks with me was how they could move thru universes on a walk, or car, by recalling minor details, progressing with more details until the entire reality took shape. Or “unskilled wandering lead to unrealized realities”, it’s like “fix the first thing that goes wrong..” wait that’s Farscape

  11. JeffW: 😆

    There’s so many things I wish could be changed….. Wonder when PG15 will get that time machine built?

  12. Traveling into the future is always tricky, just look what happened when Biff took a ride in a Lamborghini. Okay so technically he traveled into the past which in effect changed the present…but it’s still time travel. Hope you find a way back to your reality soon.

  13. I crossed over into Bizarro World some time ago. Someone swapped blonde, young, energetic, healthy me into a lumpy older lady with silver hair who has to take fish oil supplements and water pills. What the hell, Universe?

  14. In this AU does Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 1 does…….

    BTW how do you choose the ‘Related ‘ bits of your blog. It’s great! (especial the last One of today!)

  15. Haven’t you got McKay and Mrs Miller on speed dial? They’ll sort it out in no time….. 😉

    Henry Fong’s concept art is wicked – still considering this to be Lt Anders (Bubba slung over his shoulder) dragging Three to safety….
    …..but, on the other hand….. 🤔

  16. I like this other future; if you can find a big horseshoe shaped rocked on the outskirts of the City on the Edge of Forever (closest airport is O’Hare) then I’m sure you can get back to the right place and time.

    As for the picture all I can say is “who dat?” which is what my nephew used to say when meeting strangers.

  17. Excuse me while I barf for a minute. There. Got that out of my system. It was overdue.

    Love the pod. Wondering if that is Three or a new character.

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