January 22, 2017: No, Sunday!  Don’t Go!!!

“The chef weighs like five hundred pounds and he loves it,”said our waitress in regard to The Brunch Burger which eschewed the boring old bun in favor of a powdered donut.  I wasn’t sure whether her comment was meant as a recommendation or a warning, but I decided to place the order anyway.  In the end, the burger patty was tasteless and the donut more savory than sweet.  So much wasted potential.  Akemi, meanwhile, opted for the fruit salad, the seemingly healthier option, that tasted “off” and, she is now convinced, upset her stomach.

January 22, 2017: No, Sunday!  Don’t Go!!!

Suji impatiently awaits her walky.


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17 thoughts on “January 22, 2017: No, Sunday! Don’t go!!!

  1. Totally would not have eaten that burger.

    So I’m wondering…did no one guess right for last week’s quote contest, and we should keep guessing; or do we have to wait for the episode to air to find out the winner? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

  2. The donut looks kind of… dry. Or something. Actually the whole thing doesn’t look that appealing. Also, I’m not sure I would trust exactly how discriminating the taste would be of a 500# man.

  3. Sorry Joe, looking at that gave me a dicky tummy and it wasn’t just the egg!!!

  4. Watching lots of football today; looking forward to the Super Bowl. As a Rutgers alumni & football fan, I’ve got players on both sides! It will be Sanu vs McCourty/Ryan/Harmon. Go NFLKnights! LOL

  5. Sometimes less is more…


    @ MaggieL80 – I have watched My Name Is Nobody, but it was like…a million years ago! I remember it as a lighthearted thing, if I recall correctly. And Hill was quite a fetching young man… 😉


  6. In the end, the burger patty was tasteless and the donut more savory than sweet. So much wasted potential.

    I don’t know about the avocado, but I’ve had egg-burger combos that have been really good. The burger needs to be juicy (no more than medium rare) and the egg needs to be just a little on the poached side of over easy and then it’s great. Add a slice of swiss cheese and slightly under-crisp bacon and it’s even better! A dry burger or over cooked egg will ruin it.

    I’m also not sure about the donut, but I’d try it.

    And glad to see Suji enjoys her walks!

  7. Seriously – Suji has to be one of the cutest pups (yes I know she is older but still) ever. Her expressions are hilarious and I literally laugh out loud…thanks for sending joy (when I eed it most!) with these kick-ass shots. And health & joy to that amazing dog-spirit!

  8. I believe the cosmic universe is telling us that if we haven’t seen ‘Cowboy Bebop’ then we should. I planned on a quick blog check and comment before going to bed and now it’s an hour later and I’m still up. Nice Q&A on Kneel Before Blog. As if we didn’t already have lots of things to look forward to, now add in Solara Shockley, a corporate war, The New Ryo, the return of Anders and backstories galore.

    Thanks for the links…Anthony is doing a great job with HI. Recently donated money to the cause during an auction. If I’d known the rate exchange at the time, I’d have donated more.

    How are Suji’s little legs doing? Is she walking better? Still going to therapy? How is Lulu’s recovery after her surgery?

  9. I’ve tried that burger-donut combo too.
    I love burgers & have overdosed on donuts before now (big box of Krispy Kremes, no probs) but together? Worst idea EVER!

    Chicken & ham and chocolate & orange are two more combos that are just wrong! Yuck!!!

  10. I’d have tried that burger, but I seriously do not like avocado on a burger. Or in sushi. Avocado is pretty much a food crime outside of guacamole.

    Salads in winter are just asking for sorrow.

    Hi Suji!

  11. I’ve been sticking to veggie burgers. There are a local places that make great ones! That burger didn’t look too bad (except for cholesterol). A little more TLC and it might have been exceptional. You could probably perfect this at home. Will they let you grill out on the patio?

    Drea & Gforce: Thanks for the clicking info!

  12. The sandwich would be better in a folded waffle covered in maple syrup (folded to keep all the good stuff trapped inside) with a sausage patty instead of the burger to match the sweetness of the waffles, a mild cheese and I’m iffy on the egg; an omelet would have more even flavor. And chili with sour cream, to get that tangy contrast.

    Thanks for the links, so glad to see Mr. Lemke spreading the word on the dangers of unexploded ordinance.

  13. That ‘burger’ does not look appetising at all – my stomach would rebel from the moment it was placed on the table!

    @KathyC I don’t think anybody guessed the quotes correctly and we keep trying! There are so many characters to choose from – I’m considering putting a selection of names into a hat and picking out three! lol

  14. Whole house down with stomach virus in spite of massive washing of hands and spraying of all things. Hope Akemi is better soon.

  15. The general appearance of that burger is not appealing.
    Agree with JeffW receipe for a similar burger would have been much better.

    I love (shud not eat) glazed donuts. The picture appears to be of a very dry bagel with some sugar..definitely not my idea of a donut.

    @MaggieL – my ocd countdown is augmented by a Jodelle tweet.

    We’re hard at work filming S3 of @dark_matterTV! 5 eps down so far. We’ll be done in April and you should be watching by summertime! 🎬🚀💕

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