September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5! September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

I love Tokyo at night.  The bright lights.  The flashing neon.  The sights.  The sounds.  Throw in the time difference, a touch of jet lag, and you have an almost surreal experience Anthony Bourdain once likened to the sensation of dropping acid.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

After wandering about for half an hour, looking for somewhere to eat, Akemi and I finally ended up at a modest little Korean restaurant.  Pictured above: Akemi stares longingly at my hot plate.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Yatta!  Her salad has arrived!


I ordered a hunk of beef.  First, they rendered the fat, then they seared the outside of the meat.  Every two minutes or so, a different staff member would stroll by and give it a flip.  I left the cooking to the professionals.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

And voila.  Served with two different dipping sauce – and the option to sear it up a little more for a well-done consistency.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Wait!  Don’t go in here!  We’re going to Daikanyama instead!

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

I love the Daikanyama neighborhood because, on any given day, you’re likely to encounter about a dozen dogs out and about.  Today was no different and, although we did run into another french bulldog, our trip so far has been disappointingly pug-free.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

This little guy anxiously awaiting his mom.

After lunch at one of Sushi Sawada, we decided to check out Nakana Broadway.  It was billed as a one-stop-shop for all my anime needs (as opposed to the more dispersed Akihabara neighborhood) and, while I did appreciate the four floors of fun, I still prefer Electric Town!

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Considering a career as a Mexican wrestler?  This place has you covered.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!


September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Kinniku (Muscle) Man!

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Don’t recognize this guy from anything, but he was my favorite.  Had a sort of rock ’em sock’ em robot feel.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Vintage astronaut?

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Robotman.  Of course.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!


September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Thor?  Is that you?

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Randomness, a little help here identifying?

And then there were the oodles of creepy dolls…

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

It’s like the eyes follow you.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!


September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Still following…

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

Perfect for your haunted home.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

The otaku Holy Grail – a mural art of over a hundred anime girls!

Finally, last night was dinner at Esquisse – another old favorite.

On the home front, sis reports that the dogs are doing fine but believes she has found the root of Lulu’s infrequent vomiting and gas.  What at first we took to be the symptoms of a bad stomach is, my sister believes, is the result of her soft palate issues that cause her to breathe in water when she’s drinking.  She recommends the surgery to address the issue.  It’s something I’ll have to look into asap.

My poor gal.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

And old boy.

September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

19 thoughts on “September 19, 2016: Tokyo Day #5!

  1. I don’t mind my steak a little red, but did you check that meat for a heartbeat? Another couple of seconds on the grill might make it a bit less… raw.

    I did see your Periscope recording this morning, although for some reason my phone gave me an audible alert when you went live last night – at about 3am. I woke up like, “wha??? Why is he Periscoping at this ti.. oh right. Japan.” 🙂 No worries though, I did fall right back to sleep, now that my insomnia issues seem to be finally a thing of the past.

    That kind of makes sense about Lulu. If she has to go under surgery, I hope it’s something that’s straightforward.

    And yes, those dolls are creepy. Dolls are up there with clowns in my dread index. I think it was from watching this episode of “Night Gallery” when I was clearly far to young.

    I think you mentioned in the Periscope that you might field some questions about the finale, but I can’t think of anything that isn’t an obvious one as a result of the events. Unless you’re in a spoiler-ey mood! 🙂 I was wondering where the shots of the interior of the space station were done in the scenes where there’s so much pipe work, etc. Was that built on-set, or did you use a location?

    I have my theories about the outcome of the events on the episode, but I’ll save those until after it’s aired everywhere.

  2. Aww that poor white pup looks so sad! I guess it’s safe to chain up your pet & walk away there?

    Love the two pics of Bubba & Lulu.

    Thanks again for the periscope; can’t wait for the next one!

  3. @Gforce My phone alerted me to the live periscope in the middle of night here as well.

    When I saw it was Joe
    – I mumbled “oh good he’s finally getting comfortable using periscope”.
    then immediately rolled over went back to sleep.
    Unfortunately upon doing so
    I dreamt of a giant fish head chasing me on land again,
    This time it was in a Costco.
    Ponytails dad was right behind it
    in an electric scooter with a fishing rod and net ready in hand
    because it had a 75% off clearance sale sticker
    slapped over one of its eyes like a pirates patch. 😀

    Hope everyone had a great Sunday! <3 ( and in Joe's case- Monday)
    and Yikes!
    Hope I don't have nightmares about creepy big eyed dolls tonight!


  4. the finally makes me wonder if the crew are there in transfer transit form. so far we have not seen any of the crew actually die on board and could the blink drive have been replace by a dummy system to prevent this very thing from happening with Ryo. He had expressed the desire for the drive before and the Android did know he was on the space station.

    Jodelle Ferland as Five/Das/Emily Kolburngot away with Torri Higginson as Commander Delaney Truffault via transit or ship. either way with the memories the other may lose. unless the android has them. everyone appears about to die but we do have thirty more episodes if all goes well and more if extended further and maybe spinoffs happen.
    well we have a very jealous Misaki Han, Commander of the Ishida Royal Guard,

    I hope the creative juices are being regenerated fully and to see some very interesting teasers for third season when their ready. If Nyx is a clone she only loses he memories unless The Android gets her back to the transit pod.

    It is the things not seen that happen off stage that give the freedom of speculation. I await frustratingly in anticipation for the next seasons revelations.

    In the meantime, I speculate! LOL..

  5. @Gigantor?

    I think you’re right there Joe. The moment I saw that robot I thought of the series Tetsujin 28-go, and Gigantor is the American name I think? I’ve never seen an anime series that old before.

    @Randomness, a little help here identifying?

    Hey that’s Love Live!(From the movie) Joe. The group µ’s. In this order –>

    Nozomi Tojo, Maki Nishikino, Umi Sonoda, Honoka Kosaka, Eri Ayase, Kotori Minami(She’s obscured lol..), Nico Yazawa, Rin Hoshizora.

    ‎Hanayo Koizumi seems to be missing from that picture though.

    You should watch the series, it’s actually quite fun. It’s set in an all girls school and is about a school idol group called µ’s. The Love Live! is a competition the group aspire to perform at.

  6. Awww, that beef looks ….. perfecto! My mouth is watering …. altho my porridge is slowing it down (oo not a nice picture! Apologies!)
    I’m enjoying the wide selection of robots – not so, the creepy dolls who look like they’ve just crawled out of the tv screen (as in The Ring).

    Sorry I keep missing the periscopes but ‘my device ‘ doesn’t ‘exist’ apparently!

    Love the pups portraits!

  7. Did you forget that masks are also popular in Japanese wrestling? That steak has your name (and stomach) written all over it! Poor Lulu! Hopefully, the surgery can wait until Daddy’s home. Still waiting for a few weeks before Netflix gets S2 to binge watch the rest of DM.

  8. Poor Lulu. =(

    Thor! In a tube!

    Odd that they sell anatomically correct dolls, but pixelate the good bits in their porn. Sorry, just an observation. You’re welcome.

  9. Yay for little Korean restaurants! Yum. Yes, another favorite food.

    @gforce … you had to bring up the dolls on Night Gallery. I once had (still have packed away) an extensive doll collection from all our travels as a family, and from my dad and brother’s every port call in my bedroom. The night that episode aired, the dolls all went into my closet. I still have a few porcelain dolls in the house, but they are safely contained in glass cases.

  10. I’d be surprised if they didn’t check Lulu’s soft palate when she was a pup. It’s very common in brachycephalic breeds. Corrective surgery for pug pups is, almost a requirement for soft palates/entropion these days. Definitely, worth check out though. On one hand, they could correct it but on the other, it’s another surgery. 🙁

    It must be nice having no doubts that your pups are being cared/loved for in your absence!

    Gforce: 😆

    Ponytail: You are SUCH a good daughter! Hope the Pace maker and the shopping both turn out non-eventful!

    So far MY favorite place to “eat” is La Maison de Chocolat! I would be there every day. I’m sure there are some things there you didn’t try? If you ever have another chocolate party, you’ll have to ask if they ship!

  11. @Drea
    @this anime movie for kids

    It’s actually for any age. There’s nothing violent or questionable in the series at all. It’s just one of those shows that has a significant amount of fans that are teenage and older. In terms of popularity it’s like one of the most successful anime shows ever produced in Japan in recent years.

    This should give people some idea as to its popularity. It’s a song called Start Dash performed at a Love Live! concert by the vocal cast.

    Notice how many people are there. Loaaaaaaaads!

  12. Trying to stay spoiler free; Amazon hadn’t posted ep 13 yet as of Sunday night, hoping when I get home today it will be there.

    More cool futuristic buildings! The plants look so green and fresh. That Robot Janitor who lost his hand seems anxious, waiting for his replacement hand with his Hefty bag at the ready.

  13. That looks like Gigantor to me, not sure why he is so blue though 😉

    No spoilers on the finale here but it seems like a bit of time had passed and things happened since the ending of the pre-finale episode and the finale.

    Will we be finding out during that gap in the next season?

  14. Dark Matter Season 2 finale: 687k, 0.19 18-49. Which was up from the 538k, 0.11 18-49 episode last week that was scheduled rather ridiculously.

    Z Nation was at 1.06 mill, 0.30, but it was a long shot to expect the show to boost Dark Matter. They likely attract different audiences. Not everyone watching will be interested in Scifi.

    Anyways, not a bad way to end the season. Only one tenth in the 18-49 demo behind Z Nation, which is the networks highest rated scripted series.

  15. @maggiemayday: My sister had a doll that looked very much like the one in the episode (without the bared-teeth smile). It continuously freaked me out.

  16. Thank you for all the pics! I too, am a sucker for bright night lights and flashing neon lights. That’s why I love amusement parks at night and Christmas lights.

    You’re gonna be “fooded”out by the end of this trip. The beef looks delicious!
    Awww, the pups!

    The dolls don’t freak me out so much, but give me a mannequin….(compliments of an old a Twilight Zone episode)

    @Randomness: thanks for the Love Live video

  17. It DOES look like Thor. LOL. It’s good your sis is watching the pups. You KNOW that they are being well cared for. I know that they miss you both though.

    The dolls are creepy. It reminds me of something I watched I think on TV. Can’t remember what it was but it was a room full of dolls.

    I’m a no on the beef. It can’t be red. I’m a medium-well kind of gal.

    @Gforce — Your insomnia is gone??? That’s fantastic news.

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