24 thoughts on “May 10, 2016: Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead and that Android action sequence!

  1. This was the scene that hooked me hard on the show. I was watching episode one & thinking, this show looks pretty good. Then this scene came on & that was all she wrote. I was drawn in all the way. It was great to see some of the prep & back story to how it evolved.

  2. That was awesome. I love hearing about the breakdown of fight choreography. It truly is a dance but this is no disco acrobats–the movements in these dances are injury-worthy if you mess up on your timing. Looking to buying the Dark Matter DVD’s to get all the behind the scenes goodies and commentaries and shorts.

  3. Great BTS videos, but I can’t get playback on the last one.
    The message tells me it’s been disabled by the video owner and can only be watched on YouTube, but the link doesn’t work?
    I guess you’ll put it onto your YouTube account for access later👍

  4. Love the BTS videos! Always amazes me how much work goes into those few seconds of screen time. And regarding the comment from yesterday – yes, we are spoiled. Terribly! We deserve it though because we’re so awesome. 🙂

    Heading out tomorrow to NH for some mountain time and seeing some friends there. Also doing a Wilderness First Aid refresher course, which is always a lot of fun (if a bit tiring.)

  5. Love all the fight sequences, especially those involving the Androids. The Zobot is so kick ass. That initial fight scene set the bar high.

  6. @Gary Happy trails! Are ya headed back to the same spot as last time?
    If so
    dont forget ya still owe me a pink tutu pic! ☺ 😀 ☺ :-D.

  7. Ah! Just think Joe! After all that hard work you put into S2 for us
    Soon you’ll be home and you and Lulu can kick back on the sofa and finish off that left over package of keylime oreos.

    By the way: i think i might have missed the announcement. Who won the season 2 set tour from the UK crowd?? Or did it not happen yet?

  8. ACTION!! Looking forward to all of it to come, hope I can keep up. Thanks for the bts, Makes me feel more a part of it. Hope you all have a safe journey home to Van. How are pups, ready for the trip, down to flying weight? The party looked like so much fun, but you all will be back to do it again in a few months, after summer hiatus.. relax, enjoy, and we are so ready for July.!!!

  9. @Tam Hope Evan feels better soon.

    Bleck and Ouchies, on the Ocular migraine. Damn! they really are scary!
    Thank goodness I’ve only experienced it twice in my life and the incidents were many years apart with the blindness only lasting about 5 minutes each time. Albeit the first time it happened I definitely panicked!

    Are you taking anything for them?

    Keeping fingers, toes, and everything else I can think of crossed for Jo
    the surgery doesn’t end up necessarily as extensive as she currently fears it might be.

    As far as catching Phoebe to clean her eyes… If she is currently coming to you to receive affection but still runs away when you try to handle her – try petting her with a large soft dry bath towel then gently begin to wrap her snugly in it so she cant move while you do it. Just be sure to have the cotton swabs or whatever you might be using ready in hand because you’re not likely to be able to keep her trapped in a towel for long. She is, after all, of The “Persian” persuasion, eh! LOL! xo

    Have ya thought about the possibility of eventually bringing Lucy over to Jo’s house for a playdate with M & P?

  10. This was an adrenaline pumping, eye catching introduction to the Android! She was so in control of the situation, even after losing her hand, you felt she still would have defeated them all … hand down!
    Brilliant sequence!

    PS Good luck gforce, with the Wilderness First Aid. Hope you never have to use it!
    And please, giss some more of your pictures …

  11. Gforce: Have a great trip!

    Thanks PBMom for the links! I’m glad they can “replace” a jaw if they have to. Did you find a Dr for Patrick yet?

    Evan is fine. A cold worsened his allergy symptoms. I hope he’ll be ready to mow by next week!

    Drea: Yep, those ocular migraines are freaky! Thankfully, I don’t go completely blind. Mine are flashes/spots/zigzag lines obscuring my vision. I’ve been getting them once a month and had an eye dr check me out. No problem with my eyes. Eye Dr said it should go away by itself in 30 minutes and so far, he’s been right! I have some auto immune issues that might be causing it.

    As for Phoebe, it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s a thick sticky discharge and it has to be soaked in warm, wet compresses before you can begin to get it off. Plus, Persians are Brachycephalic and Phoebe lost the genetic lottery. She has mild respiratory obstructions and any stress causes her breathing to be compromised. I have to be careful or she’ll get so stressed that she’ll pass out. Not to mention her eyes protrude beyond her nose and I have to be careful not to scratch her eyeball.

    It would be so much easier for all of us to let Monty/Phoebe live with me but Lucy lived in a shelter. Shelter cats come with respiratory viruses that might kill a Persian with their congenital problems. 🙁

    Mr. M.: Did any of your pugs/Frenchie need any corrective surgery for congenital problems?

    John Stead does good work. I was a little unhappy that Bam Bam wasn’t available but that first Android fight scene was awesome! Mr. Stead won me over. It IS hard to flip a pipe. I’m learning a bo staff kata. I’m pretty dangerous but not because I’m trying to be. 😉

  12. Nice videos! Is that an old one (from last year), or recent? It has whetted my appetite for season 2! 😀

    In the meantime, I will crawl back under my rock with a certain icy soldier…(yes, yes…I’ve seen Captain America Civil War twice already). Remember when not all that long ago I mentioned (lamented?) about not having anything or anyone that sparked a fire in my heart, that stirred my imagination or held my interest? Yeah, that’s changed. 😛


  13. One thing I’ve always loved about making TV/movies is how fluid things are and how they change ever so slightly here and there to produce something really great. The change with the holstered weapon draw by the android, the edger/pipe change in the fight sequence, those kinds of things. Fun stuff to see!

    Although, I think I like the look of her reaching down then shutting off(like John had choreographed) instead of her just standing there, shutting off. I think it’d showed more of an “impending doom” situation right up to that even tighter moment when TWO saves them all. Then again, it shows ONE as even more helpless, and I don’t think that’s what you want to do with the character who is assumed to be an alpha, of sorts, in the very first episode. You can get away with that kind of moment better after the TT reveal, though!

    -Mike A.

  14. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! Not the same place as in Marxh, but it’s fairly close.

    We’ll see about the pink tutu pic, Drea!

  15. @Tam & @Drea I get ocular migraines too. I can feel when one is coming, before they even start now. I seem to get them in groups; a few a day for a few days, then none for awhile. Freaky until you know what they are. I will sometimes get a headache afterwards, and sometimes not. One of my docs thought they could be related to high sugar levels, but I tested it a few times as I was having one, and was under the magic number they gave me. So who knows. Really annoying when driving. I’ve had to pull into a parking lot a couple of times until the ziggy zaggy line gets large enough so I can see under it.

  16. I would recommend never drive with a migraine. I had a car shunt during one. Not serious but could have been.

    I cut down on chocolate (still don’t eat it much) also oranges and real coffee. Stress is considered a factor but mine turned out to be light related! If its a dim, half light if you like, that’s when I get them. Tablets don’t work once I’ve gone past ‘the aura’ (flitting, zigging lights at the corner of my eyesight) and I often get a warning day of being totally flat emotionally – android like almost! Funnily enough boiled, hot water seems to help as does sitting in a very cold room. And afterwards, I’m hyper.

    Another thing to note, I now work totally outside. I very, very rarely get them now. Before, when working in an enclosed, sometimes dark environment, I had migraines on a regular basis.

    Don’t know if any of that helps?

  17. So Joe… Dont know if ya heard yet?
    There’s a rather strange rumor going around
    that Canadians actually enjoy and embrace violence.
    That you weirdos across the border even feel a certain quiet
    inner joy and pride after enduring a serious physical beating.

    When I first heard the rumor I immediately dismissed it
    as utter nonsense. “Someones ridiculous idea of a kinky joke” I said.
    Albeit, then I came across this photo
    and wow! It really gave me pause!

    This guy looks waaay too happy for someone who
    just got the holycraps kicked out of him!


    😀 😀 😀 😀

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