In about week from now, I’ll be back to this –

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!
Hyperion-8 Gen. Pop.

And this –

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!
Director Bruce McDonald in action.

And this –

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!
Crew blocking the FIVE scene.

But, for now, it’s a lot of this –

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!
Prepping Lulu for her wintry walk.

This –

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!
Prepping Bubba for his wintry walk.

And, occasionally, this –

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!
Hanging with the extended family – in this case, my cousin’s bulldog, Lola.

Today, Akemi and I braved the elements and headed downtown for some underground shopping.  Discovered an enormous liquor store where I picked up a bottle of marmalade vodka for a party I may or may not be attending tomorrow night depending on the weather, a bottle of 15 year old dark rum finished speyside for the Dark Matter whisky club, and a bottle from the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection for yours truly.  Then, it was off to Old Montreal where we practically froze our faces off before settling down for a sweeeeet feast at Maple Delights, a tiny shop where you can sample various types of maple ice cream, maple macarons, maple cookies, and a tire d’enable (that, for some reason, Akemi refers to as pira da bu) which involves pouring maple syrup onto snow, allowing it to solidify, and then eating it in its sticky, semi-solid state.

December 28, 2015: This And That And Maple Syrup!

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2016 will be to cut down on sugar.   Starting January, it’ll be nothing but maple syrup!


13 thoughts on “December 28, 2015: This and that and maple syrup!

  1. Hey Joe, did you guys get much snow? What a change here from Saturday to Sunday, when the snow hit. Now, we have about 15cm of snow down and it’s COLD. -14C here tonight – and tomorrow is supposed to be more snow, about 15-20 more cms.

    Had a nice weekend visit with my oldest brother and his family in NS, but now I’m back home for work this week.

  2. Nothing but warm weather & rain here in Tn. Lots and lots of rain & flooding. Thanks again for the pics and fun bloggy updates. I love yesterday’s “wine is for drinking; water is for washing your face”. Made me laugh. One of my cousin’s favorites is: “oh, my aching ass”. She lives in Michigan. Wishing you continued delightful culinary explorations & safe travels into the New Year!

  3. Love the doggy boots, so cute! Maple syrup would be good on anything!, Hope you get to the party and the weather cooperates. Be safe. Have fun.

  4. Looks like Five will not be contained. Why are those cells red? Code red? Are you excited to get back to the set or would you like more holiday time? You don’t have to pack your goods on a plane so stock up.

  5. Ooo, I lurve maple syrup! 😋
    Its a Sunday breakfast treat on waffles for me, especially when my ten year old nephew comes to stay… His record is four waffles in one sitting!

    have you tried the Jim Beam bourbon whiskey maple liqueur … THAT is to die for, especially after being outside in the cold all day!! Trouble is, they always seem to sell it in ‘leaking’ bottles 😶

  6. @maggiemayday Hope your surgery went well yesterday and you begin to feel better soon.

    @Tam How’s kitty doing? Eating aplenty and growling louder than a coyote can howl at the moon yet?

    Wishing everyone oodles of Love, Light, Mirth, Inspiration, Wonderment and The Magic of Serendipity in the coming year! XO

    Jeff Teravainen swam upon this giant beauty on twitter

    O’ Boy! Dinner (for the whole village) is served eh! 😀 LOL

  7. Montreal sounds nice! My son’s French club is doing a trip there this spring. Sounds like a place he’d enjoy. He loves French class at college and is considering getting a minor in it. I’m pleased about that.

    Ruby is hanging in there. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I have to keep her eating, so her liver can recover. Then, we have to find out why this happened. She’s nine and is usually, very healthy. You wouldn’t believe all the meds I have to give her. Pepcid, liver enzymes, antibiotics, two anti-nausea meds and an appetite enhancer. I thank God every day for the pill gun! Ruby ate a little this morning but before I leave, I’ll syringe feed her more. I’m waiting for the meds to settle before I try. As the vet tech said, “She’s feisty”. I call it bitchy but feisty does have a nice connotation.

    The pups look very cute in their winter gear! Do the booties help?

  8. By the way, Everyone: Make sure you’re doing on Jan 1st what you hope predominates the remaining days of year 2016

    @PonyTail I know it’s not until the 1st, Just want be the first to Wish You


    Joe: Is your mom baking her new years bread this year?

    As for me: I plan to spend the day in bed with pen and paper, writing! ( and likely nursing a hangover). Although the contract for my new book project doesn’t ‘officially’ kick off till Feb 12th, I hope to do much new writing in 2016. No matter if its simply composing a new blog, original songs, short stories, or whole novels.

    My new years resolution for 2016?

    xo ~To have an even more amazing year than the last filled with joyous awe and wondrousness~ xo

  9. I can almost smell the lovely maple sugar from here. Love Lulu’s patent leather socks, she is one stylish pup. Is there something sturdier the pugs can wear to protect their paws? Do they make Uggs for pups? I’m recovering from Christmas with sibs, cousins, kids and one incontinent hamster.

    The factions and infighting were worthy of Game of Thrones but somehow we managed to enjoy ourselves thanks to liberal use of candy, cookies, Turkey and limited edition Christmas candy. My faves are Hershey’s Candy Cane bar and the red white and green Twizzlers. They are way too sweet but so good.

  10. Oh boy. I can’t do maple syrup (not even smell it) without wanting to gag. I won’t tell you what it reminds me of because–seriously–you’ll never go near the stuff again.

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