Akemi: I can’t believe we’re going back to Toronto.

Me: Neither can I.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will mark our last day in Vancouver for the foreseeable future. Our last day to enjoy the city and all the comforts of home.

Can’t say I’m actually looking forward to Wednesday.  We’ll be up at 5:00 a.m. so that we can catch our 7 a.m. flight.  The dogs, of course, will spend the better part of the day – roughly six and a half hours – in their cramped little pet carriers, hopefully calm, comfortable, and crap-free.  And, when we finally arrive in Toronto, we’ll be settling in to this place:


Hoo boy!

Back in early 2015, when the wheels were in motion to get the series green lit, there was talk of producing the show in Vancouver.  When we finally got that green light, it was bittersweet news for me because, while on the one hand I finally had my own show, on the other hand I had to travel to the other side of the country to produce it.  I had, admittedly, mixed feelings about  moving to Toronto at the time but it was my show and I told myself that, ultimately, I could just do the one season.

We wrote the scripts, prepped, cast the series, then rolled into production.  And – surprise surprise – I had a great GREAT time working with some of the most talented, kindest, down-to-earth people you could ever hope to spend time with.   We were well-prepared (with 12 of 13 scripts written before we went to camera), got to tell the stories we wanted to tell, had an unbelievable cast that brought the characters to life and an equally unbelievable crew that brought the world of Dark Matter to life.  The fact that everyone was so damn good at their jobs ensured that the production ran smoothly – and the money ended up onscreen.  That first season was hard work, but incredibly satisfying.  And, most importantly, a lot of fun.  “If this show gets a second season,”I remember my writing partner, Paul, telling me at the time, “you should just sell the house and move to Toronto.”  And I actually considered.  And when the time finally came to pack up and head west after the show wrapped, I was genuinely sorry to leave.

Well, while a permanent Toronto move is no longer in the cards, I nevertheless do look forward to reconnecting with my Dark Matter teammates and starting work on the show’s second year.  Whereas season one was a slow burn that gradually peeled the onions on our characters’ backstories, building on the mystery and suspense as it  drove toward a shocking finale, season two will see a more fast-paced, action-packed, sci-fi-themed narrative.  It’s going to be crazy!

And, hopefully, like season 1, a lot of fun – because when it stops being fun, why bother?

Regardless of how things shake out for me in Toronto this coming year, if the production runs as smoothly as it did last season (And why shouldn’t it?), you, dear viewers, are in for one hell of treat!

16 thoughts on “October 12, 2015: Travel plans!

  1. I look forward to seeing what the future episodes bring, it is certainly a treat to watch, both visually and in the way the story is told! Safe journey, and looking forward to more blog entries. Apologies for not responding as much as I’d like, but I am studying film at the University of Manitoba at the moment and those pesky assignments keep taking up my time….as well as other acting and film stuff 🙂 At this point, I would be fine with dropping out of school for a couple of months to take on something more full-time in film or tv, but at the moment, I will keep plugging away, and hope if something does pop up, it’s before the “voluntary withdrawl” deadline. 😉

  2. Well, I think I can speak for many people (who wouldn’t want to share my option, after all! 🙂 ) in saying that we’re so glad that you guys are going through this to produce the best show on television! I expect even if you are stuck in that place that you’ll soon have it spruced up and looking like your own space.

    I’m really looking forward to all the background stuff again for S2, I just find it fascinating.

    Just got the schedule for the rest of the rehearsals for that musical that someone I got involved in. Turns out the tech and dress rehearsals are on the same weekend that I may be moving into the new house. That should be fun. There’s always a chance that the new house might not be ready I suppose, but that wouldn’t be great, either. *sighs*

  3. Have a safe trip, all. And I’m sorry your Toronto place sucks. But the trade off is, we all get to watch S2 of Dark Matter. So that should make you feel better.

  4. I’m pleased to say the Dark Matter Season One DVD arrived yesterday. Last night I had the pleasure of watching the first three episodes for the second time, the first time without the pre-watershed edits deemed necessary by SyfyUK.

    In addition to the “new” bits (It’s cool to see where the green food pack joke started – that whole line was cut from Episode One), it was a joy to pick up on things I’d never noticed before, seeing what fit with what I now know will happen and what little as-yet-unexplained things I had missed or forgotten about, as well as being able to pause the DVD to take in some of the detail on the VFX and sets. I particularly found myself analyzing everything Two, Five and, especially, Six said and did in light of later events.

    Thanks for a wonderful series. I can’t wait for season two. Good luck and safe journey.

  5. Still would wear the compression socks while flying on the plane today!

    Glad you got the all-clear from drs./medical tests! Chug clear liquids/water to flush the glowy contrast material out of you, maybe after you aren’t trapped in an airline seat!

    Thanks for the video, teaser!!!

    Wait, what???
    ” ‘If this show gets a second season,’ I remember my writing partner, Paul, telling me at the time, ‘you should just sell the house and move to Toronto.’ […] Well, while a permanent Toronto move is no longer in the cards…”

    Whaddya mean??? Dark Matter got a second season, and presumably you did, too, or you wouldn’t be heading to Toronto. If you got a 2nd season, why can’t you move to Toronto? What was it that didn’t work out? And is that why you were shopping for an agent in LA? You know we all pick up on these things… 🙂

  6. while a permanent Toronto move is no longer in the cards That’s too bad! I thought you’d get a second home in Toronto for sure.

    Safe travels and I hope you feel better!

    Rindy Baker: My son said the same thing! 🙂

  7. Everything is about the neighborhood. Having a comfy warm and cozy home on the East Coast in the winter is everything, I hope you guys can find a great place that will allow you to rest without fears of the zombie cactus lurking nearby. Have a safe trip East!

  8. While I am sorry you are having to uproot, I look forward to seeing the fruits of your, the cast, and the crew’s labors. That, and you and six have some serious explaining to do. 😉

  9. Always sad to leave the comfort of home, but we fans appreciate the sacrifice for the kiss as show. Plus, think of all the blog material you new digs will offer. Looking forward to all the behind the scenes as season 2 comes to life.

  10. In that earlier comment – I mean to say share my opinion. That’s why I should not post anything first thing in the morning!

  11. Film a scene for S2 of Dark Matter in your apartment and have them all make comments about how bad the room is.


  12. I really hope the situation with that place can be resolved, whether it is that you find another place and can get out of that place for misrepresentation, or you can find a way to put an Akemi signature on it, buy some furniture to spruce up the downfalls. Looking forward to seeing the blogs about season 2 in its formation.

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