Well, today’s Periscope Dark Matter Joseph Mallozzi Q&A was a tremendous success!  Insofar as I actually got it to work…eventually.  One full minute of confused dead air time aside, it came together as expected: fun, informative, and sporadically awkward.  I think that, in the future, I’ll just stick with the onscreen questions as bouncing between two screens should only be attempted by true professionals.  Also, what is the deal with the color schemes on the floating viewer commentary?  Small writing against pastel backdrops make shout-outs an extremely challenging proposition.

I suppose it could’ve been worse.  I could have spent the half hour unwittingly talking to myself – or worse, failed to turn the damn thing off and given everyone a fascinating peek at the life of an Executive Producer on hiatus (mainly sitting around watching old episodes of the 1960’s Spiderman cartoon).

I DID manage to save the Q&A and upload it to youtube.  Whether that’s actually a good thing is debatable.

Anyway, now that I’ve worked out all the bugs on this, my first Periscope event, the next ones will be smoooooth sailing.  Nay, dare I say: Perfect!  Depending on how I’m feeling, I may actually try to do one following this Friday’s North American airing of Episode 107, 11 p.m. EST, 7 p.m./10 p.m. PST.  What do you think?

Meanwhile, for those of you who missed this afternoon’s debacle, here it is in all of it’s raw, unedited glory:

Episode 106 reviews and insights:


” By the time the entire crew learns about their pasts this is going to be one epic show. Stay tuned.”

Defiance, Killjoys, and Dark Matter – The SyFy Friday video review.  Love these two!

And some Episode 107 previews:

July 20, 2015: That Periscope Q&a!  Thoughts On Episode 106!  Previews For Episode 107!
OITNB’s Ruby Rose gunning for trouble!
July 20, 2015: That Periscope Q&a!  Thoughts On Episode 106!  Previews For Episode 107!
Who is the mystery guest lying in the infirmary?
July 20, 2015: That Periscope Q&a!  Thoughts On Episode 106!  Previews For Episode 107!
Guest-starring The Strain’s Natalie Brown
July 20, 2015: That Periscope Q&a!  Thoughts On Episode 106!  Previews For Episode 107!
FOUR, expecting trouble?


Sneak peek:


And trailer:


We’re about to pass the halfway mark of Dark Matter’s first season!  Can you believe it?!

Now, the character revelations come fast and furious!  Think you know our crew?  Think again!

24 thoughts on “July 20, 2015: That Periscope Q&A! Thoughts on Episode 106! Previews for Episode 107!

  1. Periscope is pretty fun. Just did another one myself with my doggies however it’s not as popular as yours. When you join someone else scope you get assign a colour. That colour corosponds with the colour of hearts you see popping up! We all joke with the brown ones we call them poop hearts!

    I enjoyed your first scope and you did good. Sound was perfect angle was good, appearance of Bubba was spot on! It can be overwhelming when there are lots of people and they are all chatting!

    I can’t wait for Friday and the new episode of Dark Matter!

  2. Thank you for doing the periscope. It was great to see Bubba up close. I hope Lulu is feeling much better soon.

    My mind was blown by that episode. At least we now know something about the backgrounds to three of the characters, or perhaps four depending on which one of them grew up on that farm. Will we ever get to see what happened after that airlock scene? It’s great that the answers lead to more questions. Already looking forward to episode 7.

  3. I love that you were able to use periscope and answer our questions today. You did great on your first periscope session. So much fun! I think it would be awesome if you could periscope more often. Can’t wait for this week’s ep when Ruby’s character is unveiled. Look forward to seeing how the Android is going to react… 🙂

  4. I just rewatched 106 (yeah, it’s that good)…and was struck by something else. It was so jam packed it must have been an incredible bitch to edit.


  5. Joe (and everyone), are you watching The Strain? S2 is so far incredibly stronger than S1. The writing could still use some help, but the pacing and overall production are fantastic this season.

  6. JOE–READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO APPROVE. May contain or prompt spoilers.–Gilder

    Now that we’re well past the premiere of “Episode Five” (space zombies), a pithy question for the mailbag.

    What prompted the decision to (apparently) give TWO a communicable disease?

    (If you don’t answer, I’ll assume this is another development that will pay off later. )

    I’ve been mulling this over since the original airing. Still don’t know what to think of it.

    On one hand, TWO’s illness neatly removes a possible wrench in the team dynamic (assuming ANDROID and FIVE are celibate and the men prefer willing sex partners).

    On the other, it feels like part of TWO’s identity has been…well, to put it bluntly, it feels like she’s been castrated. And that really surprises me, knowing your & Paul’s past work.

    Looking forward to resolution of this important plot development.

  7. DANG!!! I forgot about the Periscope thing, glad you posted it tho. I will have to watch it tomorrow. That’s what I get for not setting the alarm on my clock to remind me. My eyes are struggling to stay open, had to take Benadryl hoping it wards off a potential migraine. Don’t know what the connection is but Benadryl has been working as far a preventing a headache.

  8. That periscope thing looked like lots of fun. You did well. I hope your partner, Paul will be willing to join you in the future. I know he is not keen on being a public figure, but maybe you can twist his arm some time. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  9. Joe, your periscope was really good! For those of us who missed it live, this video was great. Maybe you could do it again after the next episode on Friday, before the re-run comes on. And maybe I can figure out how to join in. I could really see you building on this, like having a “co-host” sitting with you, like Ivon or Lawren, or one of the stars of the show. Were you able to answer all the questions or did some go unanswered?

  10. 1. Somebody needs a Valium. Whew. You talk faster than me…AND my husband…and he’s like a word gatling gun!!

    2. Speaking of my husband, I’ve been trying to correct him – he pronounces the word ‘debacle’ as ‘debiocle’ – sort of like a diabolical debacle.

    3. I really liked FOUR in this episode. And loved SIX. And das…I mean, FIVE. 😉

    4. Thanks, Joe…that was really nice. 🙂

    5. And yes, JUST watched the episode – I was away this weekend and didn’t have access to a tv. No, I wasn’t camping. I was at the in-laws. It’s like camping, but with a flush toilet.



  11. I’m really loving Dark Matter. Last episode seems to indicate that there are some victims of circumstance on the Raza.

    Six does seem to be at his core a good person who was used as a catspaw that resulted in thousands of deaths and kind of went off the deep end in killing everyone else that was in the room with him when he found out, despite only one person having known what was going to happen to the station. I suppose the reason he’s one of the most wanted is because of the explosion on the station.

    Five’s assumption that “Titch” is One makes me very suspicious that he may, in fact, be Three, particularly since I know how you folks like to play the long game by tossing obscure hints here and there, as well as throwing in numerous red herrings along the way. We don’t know a lot about either One or Three, but, regardless of who Titch really is, something had to happen to make him one of the “worst of the worst” and land him on the Raza.

    Four being set up for the murder of his father by his step-mother so that her son could be the Emperor may have caused him to overreact in his escape, but part of his reaction has to lie with the Emperor himself given the training he ensured his son received in order that he could be a strong Emperor and put down any challenges to his rule.

    Three so far seems to be very two-dimensional: He’s for himself first and foremost and anyone else is incidental to his own wants, which is something else that makes me think he may just be “Titch.” There has to be something more that makes him tick.

    Two remains an enigma. A very competent and dangerous one.

    One seems to be kind of a pushover when push comes to shove, but, still, he’s on the Raza,so he can’t be too easy to take on. There’s also the question of why there are two of him. Who’s really the imposter/doppelganger? If it’s One, why? If not, then why does he have a double that thinks he’s the real Jace Corso?

    However, if season one does end with everyone waking up from stasis and the whole season is a dream, you are seriously going to get hurt. The peasants will rise up and be after you with torches and pitchforks, and Bubba and Lulu, and staff weapons and zats, and anything else they can get their hands on.

  12. Thanks for putting this up on YouTube. Because of work I couldn’t watch live, but if you did one on Fridays after North American broadcasts I’d definitely be there. I think a lot of other people would too, but as my wife is fond of saying, “Nobody cares what you think, Tommy!”

    But, yes, please. And I promise I won’t ask where the bathrooms are again. Probably.

  13. That was fun yesterday.. and yes you could definitely take on Dave Hewlett for talking fast! 😀

    I haven’t done a broadcast yet but watched a fair amount… BTS at a large 80’s festival, Vulcan displaying… really good fun!

    Lovely to see Bubba and did I hear someone giggling in the background?

    Kriss 🙂

  14. Well you’ve already heard it today: you’ve got a great show and the cast is really awesome! 🙂 🙂

    That sneak peek! I’m really looking forward to that episode now. Go Three! *cough*
    I hope Three won’t get to know that at first I didn’t like him at all.
    After episode 1 I thought: “I like the actors and their characters will all be interesting to follow … but Three … I don’t know … I just don’t like him!”.
    … And then there is me after episode 3: “What a FOOL I was, gotta love Three!!” *chuckles*

    Best wishes from Germany

  15. Thanks for posting the Periscope! I enjoyed watching that. Now, I know how to pronounce your name.

    I finally got to watch Friday’s episode. Loved the way some questions were answered but others were hinted at. Have you watched “The Killing” on Netflix? It took two seasons to solve the murder. Too long!!!

    How is Lulu?

  16. Thanks for sharing the Periscope thing…pretty cool.
    Yes…you do speak very very rapidly. No worries….loved the information and the teases you share.

    Loving Dark Matter – neeeeeed MORE!

  17. I liked Six’s “you don’t end up on the Raza unless…” speech, succinct and convincing and thoroughly from Six’s pov, though we know another option is possible.

  18. Over the half way mark(nearly), any news on season 2 yet? I note you’ve been informed to start writing stories so does that men’s we’re close to an official announcement?

  19. Will watch this Periscope too. Maybe Patrick will have mercy on me tomorrow….oops today…it’s now after midnight. If there are a lot of people talking at once, I may have to pass. I have pretty severe auditory processing problems and I tried Skype once and all I could do was lay my head on the desk and drained my energy having to listen to 20 or more people talking, and make sure that if I ever did Skype again, it would be person to person and not in a group.

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