The advance reviews for Dark Matter are going to start rolling in.  Here’s one from Aimee Hicks at

Dark Matter makes another must watch list.    15 Shows You Need To Watch This Summer:

See, this is why we need 24 hour security.  When no one was looking, the gang from the production offices gained entry to the ship…


Elliot – texting while flying!


Natalie – caught in the act!


Touching buttons!


Caitlin – considering mischief.


Like touching more buttons!


Elliot – daring someone to kick him off the ship.  Security?  Anyone?

And, the coup de grace…

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to tinamarlin.

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Very exciting! this is one show I’m making time to watch. Since all my crazy lube changes I never watch TV anymore but I’ll be watching Dark Matter.

@tinamartin I hope you’re holding up


Damn auto correct! LIFE! LIFE changes.



Just catching up.
Akemi’s hair is fantastic. My daughter wants the same.

Love, hugs and pats to Jelly. Strength to you and Akemi to get through it all.


Wow! Buttons that actually do something on a tv show. I didn’t know you did that! Cool!


I’m inspired by Akemi’s hair. I’m trying to figure out whether I could get away with it. I’ve got kind of a conservative job. But my hair is pretty short. Maybe just some purple streaks on the sides…


Wow, what a mischievous production crew you’ve got there…


“When no one was looking, the gang from the production offices gained entry to the ship…”

Hope Elliot didn’t leave behind a half eaten Snickers bar…

“Natalie – caught in the act!”

She’s probably just tweeting for Dark Matter.

“Touching buttons!”

Okay, now she’s causing trouble. Hope she don’t launch something.

Caitlin – considering mischief.

Just like my beagle who will walk around the room, with a big smile on her face, eyes darting sideways, just looking for some trouble to get into, or something to steal.


That is a great review in that first article. I thought she was going to give away what The Kid’s skill was. But she didn’t. Damn.

So One is the chatty one eh? Dark Matter is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait!! Congrats Joe. I am so happy for you. You have worked so hard on this. I know it will do well!!

Panagiotis Karatasios

236.000 viewers now on youtube! It will definitely surpass the quarter million!

Margaret Clayton

Whoot! Button pushing!


Thanks for the links of the review for the show. I found Amy’s very enlightening.
I liked her description the power of a scene which little dialog took place. I am reminded of a DVD commentary discussion of a closing scene in Farscape in which the chemistry of the to main characters was so strong that it played out with no words. Not having seen the episode I can appreciate her description.

As for Melissa O’Neil I found myself thinking of movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” I recall the two main female characters. Both were unique in their attractiveness. I guess more might have been drawn to the younger character portrayed by Ziyi Zhang as she had the youthful energy and appearance. I was drawn more to Michelle Yeoh. She exuded a quiet self confidence and poise. That is what I see in some of the stills of Melissa. It is merely an impression as I have not seen Melissa in action or any of the other actors for that matter, the exception being Jodelle.

I am getting more exited about seeing the upcoming season opener as I read more of the reviews and your behind the scene pictures, Joe. Hmmm pushing buttons.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Wonderful review!

Did Ms. Jelly have a restful night?


This is one show that even my hubby is excited to see. So now we will have a new show to talk about.


OT rant: An injured dominant arm is a serious pain in the “mik’ta”.
(Facebook friends, see my posts since Friday.)

At least I’ll get to tell my orthopedist (also SG fan) about DM premiere.

Hope Jelly is comfortable.


I would totally touch the buttons and mess something up. Next season I hope there is a scene where the gang turns a corner and Natalie is just there, messing with the buttons.


I’d say Dark Matter could do an awesome “don’t text and drive” PSA, but that “don’t do drugs” ST:TNG episode had to be Wesley Crusher’s most awkward moment. Maybe you could do it cooler, though, and let Wheaton redeem himself.

I gleaned from a review that TWO will be the leadery type for the show. That was a nice curveball you threw there, making ONE the standard, square-jawed genre fiction white dude, then switcha!


Hey! I saw an ad for Dark Matter on Space tonight. It looked different from the SyFy ad, but I couldn’t be sure. It looked great nonetheless!

Now I’m curious…what happens to the sets during the break? Just closed down or are they disassembled and then reassembled again in the new season?


@ JeffW – I doubt they would dismantle the sets but they may want to drain the oil out of the shuttle, remove the tires and put it up on jacks until they come back next winter. At least throw a tarp over it. wink


Well crud, I wrote a comment. Witty at the time. Ugh.


I don’t know… shouldn’t they be working? 11 days to go….

Great question @JeffW. I’ve always wondered that.

Cheers everyone…. hope you’re well. *hugs* Jelly.

Byeeeeeeee…. Chev