Let me save you the trouble…

6. Montecito

Not bad, but not particularly good either.

5. Wahlburgers

Three different visits yielded three thoroughly underwhelming, overpriced burgers.

4. Momofuku

Uninspired Asian inspired fare.  Why would you serve fried chicken with caviar?  And “because you can” isn’t a good answer.

3. Ruby Watchco

With the exception of a very good chicken liver parfait, fairly unexceptional.

2. Sushi Kaji

Calling it “the best sushi in Toronto” is the equivalent to declaring someone “the best bullfighter in Moscow”.  Congratulations.  I guess.  But no.  Toronto (and I’d argue Canada’s best sushi) can be found on Harbord Street.  See below.

1. Luckee

The dim sum items are actually quite good, but everything else ranges from mediocre to downright terrible.

On the other hand…

5. Barque

Barbecue aint as simple as it looks.  But this place does it right.  Get the brisket.

4. Burger’s Priest

All hail, The Priest.

3. Buca

Topping the city’s list in the recent Canada’s Top Restaurants list.  And with good reason.

2. Splendido

Also making the top five in the same list.  The tasting menu is a culinary adventure.

1. Yasu

Canada’s best sushi.

10 thoughts on “April 25, 2015: Toronto’s Most Overrated Restaurants! And a few that live up to the hype!

  1. 1. Yasu

    Canada’s best sushi.

    Wow, that’s a pretty big endorsement. I’d say they owe you a dinner on them, at least.

  2. My local supermarket has a sushi station now. Not bad for rolls, and I can get inarizushi by request. But then, I liked Japanese 7-11 sushi packs, so my taste is less than refined.

  3. I once told a bartender he made the best margarita in France. It was one I’d have sent back as the wrong order if I’d’ve been served it at a Red Lobster, but the statement was true.

    Why order margaritas in France? It started out as just wanting a margarita, then morphed into curiosity of what mistranslations would end up on the table.

    Did you know there is a large-for-the-town seafood restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN (home of Dollywood)? Growing up in a half-Appalachian family, my main exposure to saltwater fish was my free Long John Silver’s birthday lunch (while my mom sipped a Tab and siblings stayed home). Why would you travel into the Smokies and expect to find seafood?

  4. What? No pictures to go along with these critiques? You’re slipping, Joe! 🙂

    Speaking of mistranslations of cuisine, when we were in Nepal in 2005 on our Everest Base Camp trek, it was fascinating (if sometimes a bit troubling) how the locals in the mountains interpreted common Western style food. A grilled cheese sandwich made with ultra pungent yak cheese was a real (stringy) adventure!

    So sad to hear about the stuff going on there right now with the earthquakes and aftershocks. I really grew a great affection for that place and its people during my time there.

  5. Wow. Just woke from a very detailed dream about critiquing a new Stargate series’ first 11 scripts. Joe, you were there, as were Michael Shanks and RDA.

  6. Thanks Joe, will have to try some off of the ‘good’ list. Maybe see you there!


  7. Maybe I should check out some of these… been a very long time since I ate out at any dine-in restaurant because of the expensive prices… everything just seems so costly these days.

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