March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Goodies!

If spotted, please contact this blog.  They are greatly missed.

March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Goodies!

Welcome to Vega 5!  Through the ship’s docking collar to customs and registration.

March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Goodies!

Sub-level access corridor.

March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Goodies!

The latest addition to our whisky/whiskey club, resident Dark Matter badass, THREE (Anthony Lemke)…

March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Goodies!

Brings us the latest addition to our whisky/whiskey club: a local bourbon-style whiskey from Prince Edward County.

Came across this in the wardrobe department the other day…

March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Goodies!

I was tempted but, ultimately, passed.  How fresh could those shoulder pads be?

11 thoughts on “March 27, 2015: Dark Matter goodies!

  1. I saw a “the cat’s out of the bag” announcement on the Dark Matter Facebook feed about a guest star.

  2. Whoa…the set design looks amazing! Vega V is a pretty cool name. The wait is almost over to the big reveal of the guest stars…

    Whisky club…why not have a tequila club or a wine club? Oh but then folks might be too drunk to get anything done…

    Oh now I know what a docking collar is…heh

  3. It was probably a trick to get you to open the box, and one of the springy snakes would come out or maybe thats where they are hiding the name of the guest star?!?

  4. Good to see Anthony Lemke, THREE, looking better than he did the other day. He’s all healed up. He is wearing two guns.

    Joe the cat’s out of the bag and has run off. You can say her name now here and show her picture. She is very beautiful and an interesting person, to say the least.

  5. @DP, Ponytail: Joe could be referring to the casting announcement of the male actor that was going to be a recurring role. “Someone who has been in all three SG series…”

  6. 😆 on the shoulder pads.

    The sets look amazing!

    I hope you get to sleep late this morning. Have a g’weekend!

  7. Great pictures Joe, they all look pretty cool. Also I just read that Steins Gate is getting a TV anime sequel. It looks like it’ll be called Steins;Gate 0 and may focus on the Beta worldline. I guess they had to do this what with Chaos Child making no impact(It was a sequel to Chaos Head based a few years in the future). Pretty hyped for this.

  8. @ gforce – There is a guy and a girl on that milk carton. “They are greatly missed.” Ruby Rose is the girl. But who is the guy??

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