Well, it’s actually a scifi series, but it IS a mystery insofar as no actual details have been released.  I’ve been told the network will only make an official announcement once the deal has been finalized – and it looks like those lawyers sure are being sticklers.  So…soon?

Certainly before we go to camera in early January.

I’m hoping.

To all those of you asking – yes, you’ll able to watch it when it premieres in summer of 2015.  Again, can’t offer much in the way of details but suffice it to say that if you’re able to read this blog, come next summer, you should be able to watch my new series.

Nothing in the way of real details, but I have told you that it’s a ship-based show. And that our cast will be made up of its seven crew members (six humans and an android).  Make of that what you will.

This Sunday, Paul and I catch a flight to Toronto where we’ll be convening with our fellow producers and department heads to discuss – well, on the docket: set design (interior builds, exterior VFX builds, the lighting concept, playback screens, exterior planet designs, spacesuits, weapons, special prop builds, and the general studio layout), locations, casting, production (directors, scheduling, crew, 2nd unit), post-production (schedule, editors, music), D.O.P. meetings, and budget.  And, when we have some free time, we’ll also squeeze in notes sessions on 6 to 9 scripts (depending on how many we’ll have completed by the time we hit Hogtown.

To this point, I’m not going to see it’s been easy (co-writing a pilot, developing a series, breaking a 13 episode first season, and writing four scripts), but I have been able to work from home, at my own pace.  But all that changes in October, first with those initial meetings, then when actual set construction begins at the end of the month.

I look forward to it but, on the other hand, am concerned about Akemi who will know no one in town and will be all by her lonesome (with the dogs of course).  It may not be a big deal during prep but, when production starts up and I’m leaving our place at 6:30 a.m. for a 7:30 a.m. call and not getting home until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., I’m sure it’ll begin to take its toll.  Unlike our last stay in Toronto, we’ll be there during the dead of winter meaning a simple walk to St. Lawrence Market for that day’s groceries will be a truly frosty ordeal.  Sadly, most of our former Toronto friends have moved away.  So – I know, I know – it’s time to make new ones.  Easier said than done though.  But in the hopes of keeping Akemi happy and busy while I’m at work, I’m thinking of checking out a bunch of organized events and activities in the 2+ months prior to the commencement of principal photography – dining clubs, doggy get-togethers, maybe even a few Japanese-themed outings – with a mind to making a few connections.

I start my research tomorrow.  Any suggestions?


33 thoughts on “September 30, 2014: My new mystery show!

  1. Joseph, while I have you 😛 and sorry for hijacking a bit but…

    I’m wondering if you can help me with confirming the order of symbols used to dial the Destiny from Icarus base? (are they in a script from the pilot episode maybe?) – wanting to get this as a tattoo but needs to be correct!


    Any help would be AWESOME, cheers 🙂 and looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Internet streamed linked up to my “televison” via a set top box of some sort?
    Netflix?…Microsoft?…Yahoo?…Google/YouTube?…Amazon?…or one
    of many others?

    Good luck with all of your upcoming production tasks/elements.
    Have a safe trip.
    Think happy thoughts.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more about the show. Seven crew-members huh? That reminds me of a story I’ve read somewhere…

    On activities for Akemi:

    I don’t know if Akemi’s immigration status will allow this, but what about a part time job? Barb had a receptionist job in the UK the last two years we lived there and she enjoyed it very much. Failing that, since Akemi enjoys cooking, maybe cooking classes?

  4. Looking forward to your new show.

    I’m sure Akemi will be able to make new friends in no time. I made some Japanese friends by just going to few of the Japanese restaurants, izakayas, sushiyas, etc., perhaps she could do that as well. I’m sure there are lots of activities downtown, but I live uptown / North Toronto, so downtown details I can’t help much. But on the side, in addition to hearing event news from friend, I also sometimes check out The Japan Foundation Toronto website and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre website for events.

  5. Doesn’t the EATON CENTER have 2 subway stops? — Get her a Metro-pass and your charge-card, she’ll be fine…
    Or just tickets to those morning talk-shows. And then she can decorate your appartment with Audience-Giveaways!

  6. Hmmm, well you’ve hit the “rumors of upcoming productions” stage of googling. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more.

  7. Unless it’s been suggested before could this mystery new series be based on Dark Matter?

  8. Hi Joe: For Akemi, Frances Fung suggested checking out the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre for events. How about taking that a step further and visiting the Centre. There may be some volunteer opportunities for her there. As well, she might be interested in volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations. Check out Service Canada or the non-profit websites for ideas.

    When you mentioned 6 people and an android for your show, I also thought of Star Trek. How about Carl Binder as the android. I think he’d be awesome.

  9. Check in with Michael Shanks..he’s there till 15th December filming “Saving Hope”…surely there’s a sports game or two you guys can check out…

    As for Akemi…well it takes me a whole day to do The Bay properly….it’s looking awesome…shop till you drop I say!

    Oh and try out the food at Richmond Station…I thought the place was awesome….great atmosphere too…

    I really miss the Bacon Butties at St. Lawrence…definitely the BEST in the world..and this is coming from a woman who lives in the “land of the fry up”…:D

  10. As far as Akemi goes,I think it would help to keep her busy. One month after Jeff and I got married we moved to the UK, where I did not know a soul. As much as I loved the UK, it was very difficult for me as it was the first time I had lived away from family (although Akemi has already experienced that). Jeff had a job there which kept him busy, but I did not have a job until a year into our stay there. We also got involved with the local church where we started establishing friendships. I also joined an American women’s group which had many activities. I am sure that even come the cold winter months there will be opportunities for Akemi. Barb W.

  11. Joe, if Akemi doesn’t mind a lot of flying, she can head down here to NJ for the day. (Since you’ll technically almost be an East Coaster) My wife and I will keep her busy. Sure, it’ll be costly. But figure 6-8 hours total flight time back and forth each day and a few hours in NJ and Phila., her days will be full of excitement!

    Don’t answer me now. Think on it and get back to me.


  12. Haha, Line Noise, I was going to say the same thing! If ONLY Joe & Co. were doing the ST remake instead of “those people”.

    I’m not familiar enough with TO to suggest specific stuff up there, but as you probably know the transit system is top notch which should make it very easy for Akemi to get around.

    Meanwhile here, I just got a wasp sting while walking down there street here in the city! Just out of the blue – BAM! And OUCH. On the back of my neck!

    *pities self*

  13. Okay, I know you can’t confirm, but maybe… Lost in Space? Did someone guess that already? It seems like it’d be about time for that show to be redone… And while it did have seven humans and a robot (according the picture on Wikipedia LOL)… no reason we can’t leave one off and have an android to update it… Just sayin’.

  14. Martial arts schools can fill an evening with activity. It can be a little community and she can help out with some kids classes or take multiple classes in one evening in some schools. It wouldn’t be too fun to walk home in the cold with sweaty hair, but many schools have classes pretty late and you might be able to pick her up.

  15. Summer is a great time for your show Joe, less competition, a little less people watching TV but more people looking for something good to watch. You’ll give TAR Canada some competition too, maybe some weeks you’ll get the number 1 spot for the week with most viewers 🙂

  16. I think a part time job would be good for Akemi. Like in a bakery, or restaurant. Maybe some place close she can walk to. She could bake cakes at a cake shop. Or consignee with a bakery, or a specialty shop like a card shop, coffee shop. She could cook it at home then deliver it to them. Or maybe teaching an English person Japanese. Babysitting other dogs for money, or even a little kid. Here in the US it cost an arm and leg to have someone look after your baby or child. She could make $100 a week and that would be a bargain for the person. It may pay more than that.

    What if they never sign off on Dark Matter the series and you have moved to Toronto and started everything going and spent lots of money? Do you have a backup plan?

  17. There are elderly who pay to have someone around them during the day. A few hours a day (or just 2-3 days per week) and she could cook for them and do light housework or laundry for them.

  18. Volunteer work is a great way to spend time and make new friends. I am sure that there are local animal shelters that would love to have some extra help.

  19. Maybe she could write that children’s book about pugs who act and talk like real people. You know… that book I’ve been wanting you to write.

  20. SyFly is going to run your Dark Matter TV series? It’s about time they got a quality show again!!

  21. Haha. Should have guessed it would be Dark Matter 😉 Putting clues together is not my strong suit – I blame my children eating my brain.

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